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@12/8/2015 Happy Mother’s Day!
@2/3/2015 Bangrajun Episode 1, Done! Yes! Part 9 took me hours O_O!!
@21/2/2015 Busy at the moment, for Bang Rajun recap, please check back around Thursday (^_^)!!
@4/1/2015 Yes! I finished Pob Rak *giddy gal dancing*
@1/1/2015 This part of the world, we have the privilege of getting into 2015 first, hehe. Happy New Year 2015!
@19/12/2014 Currently watching only ‘Pob Rak’ Wed-Thu on Ch3 ^^

@4/12/2014 Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 31) – Final Part…already posted! Not sure why it didn’t go on top^^
@12/11/2014 Aww…Joo Won in Cantabile Tomorrow was so so good!
@9/11/2014 She’s So Lovable’s ending was all right, at least we got Sena’s reassuring smile in the end ^^
@6/11/2014 Happy Loy Krathong Festival! Grab firecrackers and a Krathong and get ready for battle (with those monsters with firecrackers on the streets tonight!), haha.
@4/11/2014 What a satisfied ending for The Three Musketeers Season 1 except the villain had nth life, on to Season 2 next year, can’t wait to see a grown-up Tani ^^
@1/11/2014 Hello November! Currently watching Pride and Prejudice (kdrama) and waiting for three eps straight of She’s So Lovable next week! Also, the finale of The Three Musketeers Season 1 tomorrow! (^_^)
@21/8/2014 Roy Fun Tawan Derd first ep, OMG Yuji, Taishi (^^) Poor Ryu, he come to look at her everyday for seven years, and he said Takeshi was badly in love, hehe. Music background was so much better (though sometimes a little too loud), I want lots of action scenes cuz that’s how the Onizuka was in the novel. Ryu’s bodyguards were hilarious. So far so good…I just knew it’s from different producer but same director…aww…already felt the different…
@20/8/2014 *Standing Ovation* Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan ended with a superbly well-edited, well-acted episode. Love this episode so much! Also, a well-crafted sequence handing over the torch to the next installment – Roy Fun Tawan Derd…already the fans were amazed with Yuji (by Golf)’s cool opening scene…
@19/8/2014 Missed Khun Jannnn and Daooo (Dao Kiang Duen) T__T
@5/7/2014 Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan, all 4 leads were good in their roles, something about the directing which made the lakorn came out a little flat and slow imo, but production wise, it’s a neat one.

@5/7/2014 I saw Pancake, Tata Young, Boy Pakorn and his little sis yesterday in an event, can somebody tell me why he’s with beard? Why??? Argh!
@5/7/2014 Some said overall lakorn ratings dropped because viewers paid attention to many dara scandals more haha…
@26/7/2014 Falling in love with Dao Kiang Duan, hilarious, love both Dao (s) and Khun Jan (s) EP5 getting good! Haha…
@19/7/2014 Dao Kiang Duan ep 1, hilarious! Haha…
@17/7/2014 RRHLT ep2, Liked, and you think Nadech would beat Mario in terms of acting, oh no, Takeshi by Mario really impressed me, more than Ryu (well, wait until he’s the hero in his own story), Seiko by Taew – liked, Mayumi by Yaya – liked. Don’t know why I want more from Nadech. Love all Onizuka men and their neckties….how I hope their black suits were a little cooler…
@16/7/2014 Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan (RRHLT) ep1, liked, kudos to Mario and Nadech for pulling such a nice performance reflecting the characters from the novels very nicely. Already I felt sad for Takeshi, that’s how good Mario was in the episode. It’s funny to see Ryu choke on his food when his uncle told him he had Mayumi as his future fiance..haha….
@16/7/2014 Get ready for ‘Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan’ and ‘Roy Fun Tawan Duerd’ consecutively for 3 months! Meet the Onizuka cousins :Mario, Nadech, and their women: Taew, Yaya tonight (Wed-Thu) on Ch3!
@14/7/2014 I got World Cup trophy on my ‘Family Farm’, congrats to Germany! Both teams were remarkable last night but we’ve got to have the winner. On to the next: 2018 Russia ^^
@13/7/2014 World Cup 2014: Championship Match!
@9/7/2014 Slower update cuz I felt sleepy these days watching soccer, good grief, last night semifinal game Germany vs Brazil *gulp*
@2/7/2014 (July 4) Quarter-finals Germany vs France!
@26/6/2014 Hua Jai Thoen ep2, Om shaved!
@25/6/2014 Hua Jai Thoen ep1, overall tone was not something to smile about yet, and Raj’s beard got on my nerve, fear not, it will be gone tomorrow!
@12/6/2014 World Cup 2014, go Brazil/Germany/The Netherlands….. Go! Go! (and other teams too!)

@12/5/2014 Watched ‘3Zaaap’ with Kuan KaanTong main cast as guests, it was hilarious, everyone kept saying the real Por and Peet were the same, he’s playing to be himself, and AhLex was teased so much if he loved an older woman. Joy kept saying there’s nothing between them for real (hehe). Benz and Vicky were lovely gossiping their hubbies. Aun was praised from the viewers that he got ‘cuter’ in this role. Haha……
@1/5/2014 Watched variety show (3Zaaap) last night, Yah Leum Chan cast were there, Tik begged viewers not to hate Khemchart, cuz he would redeem himself with his sweet gag later, haha. The man talked with Tik’s usual style….
@29/4/2014 Bought a Cubic novel box-set with Bomb and Mint printed on the box today, woo hooo!
@12/04/2014 It’s a big holiday now, Songkran Festival (aka massive water splashing season), where everyone would prepare to get wet at all time. I want to sleep through it (Apr 12-16, to me) cuz I don’t want to get wet T_T
@11/4/2014 Sorry for Leh NangFah’s fans, I tried but I just couldn’t see myself recapping a bird ^_^
@3/4/2014 ‘Yah Leum Chan’ (Forget Me Not) ep1 (on air HD), wah…what a mega cast, Ann was good as always as a capable secretary, and Tik, was a jerky bad-tempered boss. If I’m his secretary, will poke his head with my iPad and quit. Haha. But I think it’s the twins who will steal our heart. Tik as Khemchart really reminded me of Kavee in ‘Sawan Bieng’
@2/4/2012 Pisudddd…! *swoon*
@29/3/2014 Cubic OST, ‘Waela Khong Rao’ Official MV updated in “Soundtrack: Cubic” post ^^
@28/3/2014 Sipping Chinese tea in ChaiHong Building, HK Island, SAR Hong Kong, waiting for Lan Se and Zhong Xin ^_^@28/3/2014 Today is Lan Se – the Cubic Day. Yes!
@8/3/2014 Sorry guy, will be busy for days to post anything ^^
@8/3/2014 Finally Cubic ep1, from a person who doesn’t really read the novel, I would say it’s fun at a certain degree, loved Mint as Nak a lot and most comments were in her favor, now the problem lies on Bomb as Lin Lan Se, he didn’t have the kind of aura of a huge mafia guy yet, it’s not his acting, it’s his speaking imo, even Chong Sin, his right hand man overshadowed him many times. Not yet impressed with the production as a whole, it felt like the editing was done in a hurry, the pictures weren’t clear or stable at time, background music was cool but too loud and too good for the kind of acting going on. All in all, will continue to watch and I think it could shine later. The director didn’t do a good job tuning everything to sing the same song ^^
@6/3/2014 Coming on Ch3 this Mar 8, Cubic, yes!
@6/3/2014 New lakorn, Look Tard (slave’s offspring) ep1-2, liked ^^ A little slow for some, Kaew (Ken) looked too clean for a slave for many, Namthip (Bella)’s face/complexion is too western for a Thai woman in that era for many. Creative directing, beautifully filmed, huge budget and abs (shirtless men). Love Khok (Mai) a lot…ahem!
@27/2/2014 OMG…Samee Teetra ep4, Pisud come to meeeee! AHHHH!
@23/2/2014 *Drum Roll* Best Actor in Leading Role of Supannahong Awards 23th goes to….Nadech Kugimiya from the movie Khu Kam, Best Movie, Best Director, and Best Screenplay all goes to movie Tang Wong, Best Actress in Leading Role goes to (a newbie) Patcha Poonpiriya from movie Marry is Happy, Marry is Happy. Congrats to all!
@22/2/2014 Falling hard for Pisud (Pope) in Samee Teetra (Wed-Thu Ch3). Ep1-2 were quite a hoot, already comments came pouring in that Pisud was worth fighting (or stealing from his wife) for. Haha.
@2/2/2014 Happy Chinese New Year! My radar is beeping for Micky’s upcoming Kdrama from the writer of Ghost ^_^
@25/1/2014 Will do Jao Sao Salatan Ep4, just need to relax my eyes a bit ^^
@25/1/2014 For Thais who are away from your homeland, social medias are the key to all. I walked in a street flea market (amid tourists) and got a good bargain of the flag collections – politics aside, it’s art in my mind and you won’t find it elsewhere in the world. Chill ^__^
@22/1/2014 Met James Jirayu accidentally during his fan meeting ^^
@17/1/2014 Watched ep1 of Fai Nai Wayu, Wieng Roy Dao, Nai Man Mek, all of them are interestinggg! Fai Nai Wayu was gorgeously filmed, the grass was green, the sky was so blue. I think I missed Akin (Saeng Dao Klang Jai) a bit, Phet in a uniform ^^
@5/1/2014 ‘Nai Suan Khwan’ premiered today on Ch3. This lakorn took me by surprise with its tone, Boy Pakorn was good in his role, the heroine’s daddy (Kob Songsit) will have your heart before you know it. After watching for a good hour, I realized it’s a romantic drama, not a rom-com, so prepare yourself for some heartbreaking dialogs. Already, in episode one, the story was rich with backgrounds of the leads. I don’t think I will translate or else my blood pressure will go up and up. Haha.
@2/01/2014 Oooof, Happy New Year! On midnight of Dec 31, 2013…I covered my ears with a blanket bracing myself for earth-shattering fireworks to come…and seriously I could hear the glass wall shaking once it did. Jeez!
@2/01/2014 ‘Answer Me 1994′, please allow me, Jae-joon oppaaaa, Happy New Year 2014! *whispering* I honestly spent my holidays watching Jae-joon oppa over and over *swoon*

@14/12/2013 On vacation ^^ Happy Holidays!
@12/12/2013 The Heirs’ ending leaves nothing to worry about for the OTP while YD and KW can come to me. It’s kind of strange but I think I’m going to  miss this weird highschool after all. No one’s going to beat Mi-rae’s Choice final, cuz the writer made you cling to the very last second even during the credits rolling, only to wonder whaaat??? Oh, right, right?
@11/12/2013 The Heirs, fav OTP-> KT/YD, smexiest award goes to KW, rawr!
@9/12/2013 Reply 1994, Team Garbage ^_^
@6/12/2013 As for ‘The Heirs’, not a regular but I just luff Young Do, hehe. I think the title of this drama should be, when the heirs fall in love -endure its weight ^__^
@5/12/2013 After some thoughts, for a meaningful ending, def Kim Shin. Haha.  *run to hide*
@3/12/2013 Head spinning from Mi-rae’s Choice ending, I’m happy as long as my Kim Shin is happy, and that’s that!
@30/11/2013 Rak Sud Rit (James Jirayu) premieres tonight 8:30 p.m. on Ch3 ^^
@24/11/2013 The first one of Look Mai Khong Phor batch, Tai Rom Bai Phak, will follow Chat Chao Phraya, premieres Nov 26 on Ch3 (Primetime 1, 6:30 p.m.)
@21/11/2013 It’s fun watching The Heirs ep13-14. I laughed and laughed, boys were stubbornly funny yet…are we heading somewhere?
@19/11/2013 Mi-rae’s Choice ep12, anyone want the writer kill off ahjumma Mi-rae ASAP? Urghhh…did she really come for the benefit of her present self?
@18/11/2013 Mi-rae’s Choice ep11, whoa…finally future Mi-rae tells the present Kim Shin what happened that made her sad, the fact that may cause him to think twice if he still wants to walk along the same path with the present Mi-rae in the future, and it’s about time Se-joo should show me already if he’s really capable of running YBS because so far, I haven’t seen him as one yet…sorry for SJ fans ^^
@18/11/2013 Couldn’t you believe it’s that time to vote for your best Korean drama of the year again? You may vote on as of now ^^

@17/11/2013 It’s Loy Kratong Festival here, hearing the sound of fireworks as I’m typing this ^^
@22/10/2013 Mi-rae’s Choice ep4, they still keep us in the dark about that man from the future. I’m afraid the leads fall for each other too fast that something sad might happen? And why every time in the dream (or the past or future) Mi-rae’s always in the hospital? Is she the one who’s dying? I think the future Mi-rae will fall for her younger Kim Shin all over again, and may get to know him better this time around. Lee Dong Gun has been pulling the role of an upright announcer very nicely. Will a girl sway a little if she knows for sure that that man is her husband-to-be in the future? Humm…
@21/10/2013 Mi-rae’s Choice ep3, O_O! [spoiler]Ooy..are we seeing the past or the present? Gahhhh..and is he the future Kim Shin hunting down his wife? Are we going to see wife-husband from the future face-off where they both will try to change/keep the present? Aww…quite a surprise, interesting indeed. Kim Shin’s dream, is he seeing the past or the future??? Such a sweet couple in the dream…
@20/10/2013 Reply 1994 (aka Answer Me 1994) ep1-2, what a fun boardinghouse it is, and that’s all it’s worth for me, Samcheonpo all the way! ^^
@18/10/2013 Went to The Sixth Sense Society Party today, I think I saw all five cute girls, Louis, the doctor guy from the series. I really wanted to see Grate, Top, and Film but till 5pm they didn’t come up on stage so I left, oh well, may be next time. I wanted to buy one of their T-shirt too, but I didn’t get any T__T
@18/10/2013 Heirs ep4, and I’m in lurveee with this drama. I was so nervous when Tan cracked open the kitchen door, the built-up was so good. ES didn’t really stand out as a character but she represented a normal human being in this story, the one who has to work and earn money to live! Aww..can’t wait for the school to start, boys and girls in school uniforms are going to be a hoot. Most importantly, LMH-KWB face off!
@16/10/2013 Heirs ep3, did ES just ditch LMH? feels good to see a hottie run after a girl for once, kdramaland. I felt sad for Tan already and it’s only ep 3, LMH eyes’ expressions were so good tonight….pretty sure the writer will bring these heirs together but to do what? You know, there are serious family issues testing these boys and girls’ limits, not sure what the writer had in mind…..
@15/10/2013 Mirae’s Choice ep1-2, zippy fun, two thumps up! Isn’t it fun when you have the chance to turn back time and meet your hubby before you got married, and you get to scold him about the things he doesn’t know the heck about? I literally sat up straight when ajumma Mirae faced Kim Shin’s her hubby (in her time) after all , haha…love the writing so far, great chemistry all around ^^
@13/10/2013 For “Medical Top Team”, can Joo Ji-hoon end up with Jung Ryeo-won??? Pretty please!
@13/10/2013 Mi-rae(s) and Lee Dong-gun are coming soon!
@12/10/2013 Taking precautions approaching Heirs (aka the brats), ep1-2 turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. Love every character (I really meant everyone) so far, all are intriguing making me want to see how their lives will turn out. However, Korea, next time come to Florida, how about Miami? Cuz I luff the east coast!
@12/10/2013 Juthathep Gentlemen Series Official DVD Box Set dues out Oct 16, start selling the limited edition (DVDs[all five series], BTS, postcards, photo-book etc.) by the five Khun Chai (s) themselves. Those who show up that day each will receive a poster with their signatures on it. Venue: Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, Bangkok. Give them bear hugs for me if you plan to go there. Hehe.
@11/10/2013 Checked The Sixth Sense II, from a person who didn’t watch part I, the pairing that caught my attention tonight (while reading a magazine and had to perk up) was Park Jun Ji (^.^)/Kornrumpa, and Nate/Doctor. Top Jaron was good as PongIn so far, I hope his chemistry with Kanna will get better and better. I heard there will be 20 eps? Ooy…
@6/10/2013 Master’s Sun ep17 (Final), Meow! Meow! Haha…
@2/10/2013 Master’s Sun ep16, [spoiler] tell you the truth, this go or not go didn’t really get me, but the scene when JW got up telling it’s the end, aww…SJS surprisingly nailed that scene. However, the scene I loved the most gotta be JW and the trashcan haha, just think of JW in ep1 and now he’s talking. I hope it’s not her forgetting him tmr, cuz that’s too predictable. I miss the old GS in earlier episodes, this depressed GS bored me at bit. I really want GS to be able to live happily with her ghost-seeing (and JW) instead of getting rid of it, or else what’s the point of the story?
@27/9/2013 Master’s Sun ep15, sorry, I don’t buy that [spoiler] what happened at the end of this episode is necessary. It’s not like JW at all to let…I really don’t like how the writer came up with a new character right toward the end of the series just because… Oh well, tell us already who is JW really? [end of spoiler]
@26/9/2013 Master’s Sun ep14, aww…love this ep so much, watched it twice already. This is the first ep that I was glued to the screen, amazed by SJS’s acting. He could make me feel his anger, frustration, pain, and lurveeee all in one neat package. Not sure if the remaining eps can surpass this one.
@26/9/2013 Back to reading novel, currently on “Hasta mañana” (in Spanish) of the same author of Fah Jarod Sai. It’s a novel in Thai tho, hehe.
@20/9/2013 Master’s Sun ep13, I thought this drama was going somewhere special, oh well, disappointed but I liked that JW kept his character for being sharp even after that……
@16/9/2013 FJS ep11, the final chapter of Sharif and Michelle has ended beautifully tonight. The editing felt a little rough, especially sound editing, but it’s understandable. I thought this episode would be easy, but Michelle’s lines were very long (think: translate). I was hoping for more dialogs between the couple tho. All in all, kudos to the cast and crew for taking a roundabout to make this series finish its airing finally. The BTS at the end was a plus, somehow soften the blow of saying good-bye. Love you, FJS.
@16/9/2013 I’m ready Ch7! Sharif, I’m here!
@13/9/2013 Master’s Sun ep12, O_O! Okay, the Hong Sisters had gone out of their way to surprise me (think: Hong Gil Dong). I’ve always thought all along that JW loves her more, this interesting turn pulls me in, because now JW’s feeling is much deeper and more meaningful in terms of body-soul than before. I would love it if he’s like that for a while, if it’s just a tease boo. SJS was so good in that last scene. GHJ is as good as always ^^
@12/9/2013 “First Love” James Ji’s first movie premieres today, still debating, go, not go, go, not go……^^
@11/9/2013 Met Shakrit Yamnarm yesterday at the opening of H.E. by MANGO, didn’t know the real him is this handsome (a married man at that). I reallyyy wanted to stick around but Sharif of FJS was calling me, couldn’t miss watching the episode live hehe.
@6/6/2013 Ton Luk Rim Rua (Love tree by the fence, as in, next door) premiered today (Ch3), episode one was fun, fun, fun. Mark and Kim were a hoot. Oh boy, Mark was way too cool!
@6/6/2013 Master’s Sun Ep10, me wolf already ate goat, SJSsssxxx *swoon* That ghost on aunt’s body in bed scared the heck out of me!
@5/9/2013 Master’s Sun ep9, omo, I didn’t see it coming so I literally screamed. SJS is now stealing the light from GHJ I’m telling you. It’s his eyes…aww…
@3/9/2013 Fah Jarod Sai ep8, it’s so sad how one person wants to get back into power, and puts his men into danger. Sharif fighting!
@2/9/2013 Fah Jarod Sai ep7, as good as you can get, but that, yunno, IT-scene, aww, love Sharif. People in Pantip teased the director, what was that campfire (cut scene to the burning campfire) FOR??? Buahaha….some said it’s Sharif’s burning fire! Tui as Sharif gets my vote for the award this year, he was spectacular in this episode. Everything went so fast in this ep that I had very little time to feel warm, love, sad all at once…but a sentimental episode nonetheless.
@2/9/2013 Ch7 Ready! Waiting for Sharif at the moment!
@28/8/2013 Fah Jarod Sai ep6, what a delightful episode to my relief that all went well, can’t wait for Mon-Tue!
@16/7/2013 Saw Pop Thakoon (aka Khun Aut in Khunchai Ronnaphee) today, wow, so handsome! I think I may some kind of fate with stars these days (^^)
@11/7/2013 Yes, I saw James Ma, so adorableee!
@10/7/2013 Checked James Ma’s schedule, will take a sneak peek of him today, buahaha……
@7/7/2013 Chai phi final ep, finally the old lively Chai Phi was back. Aww…will miss all of them.
@6/7/2013 Chai Phi ep9, so good! Ep10, Chatchaveeeeeee!
@29/6/2013 Felt better with Ronnaphee ep6, he’s kind cool ^^
@22/6/2013 Khunchai Ronnaphee ep4, decidedly Chai Phi and Khun Pranod shipper ^^
@21/6/2013 Khunchai Ronnaphee ep3, it’s getting interesting. After some adjustment with the directing, it’s a well-made series and Chai Phi’s so adorable by the end of the episode. He made me beam. It’s so like Chai Phi to stubbornly asked the girl. Haha. Why couldn’t they give Mark (cameo) a line to speak? He came in two episodes already. Tsk, tsk….

@15/6/2013 Khunchai Ronnaphee ep1, overall tone was a little sad so I decided not to translate this one for now , will try to finish Chai Lek first. Seriously, if Wieng Phu Kam exists for real, I will go to Nong Krai and cross the border to visit Chao Luang Rangsiman ^^
@31/5/2013 Khunchai Ronnaphee, heard will premiere on Jun 15.
@28/5/2013 Sorry peeps, will be busy tomorrow so Chai Lek ep2-3 will be really late ^^
@24/5/2013 Got Khu Kam box II (DVD- no sub) in my hands. Yeah! Ko-Bie!
@21/5/2013 People, Khunchai Phuttipat is a hit here already, and Jame Jirayu is now on the front cover of many magazines. I bought almost all of them hehe. Even people who didn’t watch the drama knows Khunchai Phuttipat through their wives and daughters LOL. They said their wives wouldn’t let them change channel, so the husbands are now busy gossiping about Khunchai Phuttipat haha.
@19/5/2013 Khunchai Phuttipat will end on Friday 24 (ep10), how I was hoping it could last a little longer *sigh*
@18/5/2013 The director of Chai Ratchanon said he wanted to kill them (when the men were together in a scene), his boss said it was like she’s in a nursery. Haha…
@12/5/2013 Khunchai Ratchanon (Kun Napat) MV added ^^
@11/5/2013 Chai Patttt! Love youuuu!
@28/4/2013 Man, Chai Ruj will end next week on Friday which will also be Chai Pat ep1. Chai Ruj ep12, was picking up all the loose ends pretty neatly tonight. I really can’t see Marathi with Chai Pat, it’s gonna be a huge drama before Marathi will let him go ^^
@26/4/2013 Not sure what happened, Khunchai Puttipat will premiere on May 3 ^^
@25/4/2013 Ai Khun Phee ep1, it was really scary, and it didn’t help either that the drama was airing at dusk…..if you’re really afraid of ghost story, the drama will do you some justice, haha…..
@20/4/2013 Khunchai Rujjjjj!
@16/4/2013 Today will be the last episode of Khu Kam, will def miss Kobori and Angsumalin….and Takeda….and Kesuke ^^
@13/4/2013 Happy Songkran festival! Put your mobile phone and wallet in a zip-lock, and let the water splashing sessions begin!
@10/4/2013 Omo…Hyun Binnnnnnn!!! Yes, I went to his Press Con and it was fun! I screamed and screamed. He’s soooo sweet and handsome. He came on stage with Secret Garden OST in the background. One fan raised a sign up high “Hyun Bin MARRY ME!!!” Haha. He walked down so close to the fans to hand out small flower garlands. I walked closer to see if he’s that good-looking, oh boy, gasped. He said he’s looking at the scripts now but his next project might be a movie. And he said Happy Songkran festival. I dug low in case there’s a buffoon wanting to already splash water today but none. Phew! Happy reminder : Songkran festival April 13-15, throughout Thailand. Play safely and have fun ^^

@8/4/2013 *cough cough* Hyun Bin press con, 5 p.m. April 10, Parc Paragon ^^ It’s freaking free haha!
@7/4/2013 I didn’t have time to follow M.R.Tharathorn but M.R.Prawornruj ep1 was lovely, looking forward to ep2, story in Switzerland!
@7/4/2013 Omo…Hyun Bin is coming to town. I think he must want to get wet, because it’s almost Songkran festival ^^ Have your water machine gun ready! *busy stocking up food to hide in a cave until it’s all over* I ain’t gonna get wet!
@6/4/2013 Maya Tawan ep1 done!
@5/4/2013 Maya Tawan ep1 (post) is not a complete one yet, and I thought it was, because the episode knocked me off to sleep. Sorry to say, it’s the same with ep2 ^^
@5/4/2013 Oh, nosssssss! The last episode’s pictures of Khu Kam (the series) start spreading around T__T And I heard the finale will not be on April 9 O_O! Give ma more of Ko-Bie and Ang-san, please!
@3/4/2013 Tonight will check Maya Tawan on CH3 ^^
@3/4/2013 Sorry guys, busy and tired. Khu Kam ep20 will come a little late cuz there’s time before the next ep comes rolling in ^^ Did I tell you Khu Kam DVD ep 1-10 is out? And it’s lying close to me now haha. Seriously, I’m scared of next ep T_T
@2/4/2013 People. Khu Kam ep20 tonight was really really sad. Why am I watching this series? Why?  T__T
@1/4/2013 Four episodes of Khu Kam done! YAY! Wake up listen to Kobori and type, skip lunch because he’s nagging his wife, miss the bedtime cuz Kobori is adorable, Takeda is hot, Kesuke is cute, Vanut is the-should-never-come-back-EVER, ^^ my day recently.
@27/3/2013 My beloved laptop crashed T__T only Nadech’s song could save me.
@13/3/2013 Khu Kam (ep15-16) post  will be really late ^^
@11/3/2013 Khu Kam ep13, new OST from Bie, the melody and lyrics are really beautiful…
@10/3/2013 The finale of Phonphrom Onlaweng was a romantic one, even though, I wanted to poke Dr.Vee’s head many times cuz he didn’t do or say much. However, it was surprisingly sweet once he said it. It’s good they showed the BTS of the little girl in the end cuz I missed her ^^
@9/3/2013 OMG…Phonphrom Onlaweng tonight’s episode was like watching a music video, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Dr.Pathavee doesn’t know how to woo a grown-up woman cuz all he did was staring at the window or the fire……
@8/3/2013 It’s a finale week for Phonphrom Onlaweng which got an extension for one episode and will end on Sunday. I have to admit to have fallen for Dr. Pathavee and his niece, Mayrin, more than the heroine which is odd cuz he will end up with the grown up one, and we all know that ^_^
@8/3/2013 In case you were wondering, Khu Kam(2013 series) ep 13 haven’t been broadcast yet, the time slot is Mon-Tue 20:30 (TST).
@5/3/2013 Heard something funny, of people who have watched Khu Kam; Japanese girls told Kobori to come back to Japan, there would be plenty of Japanese girls willing to embrace him; Thai girls said, to Kobori, just forget Angsumalin and take meee! Haha…
@13/2/2013 As you can see, I played around and got into this new look. It may need time to figure out how to get around a bit but something new always makes me happy hehe.
@12/2/2013 (Tdrama) Khu Kam ep6, everything felt so right in this episode, the balance of the tone, the acting, and the cute Kobori’s flirtation haha. I’ve come to the conclusion that Kobori is indeed a player ^^ Poor him, his Japanese lines in this ep were so long that I cracked up. There’s something about his eyes, yes, def his eyes *swoon*
@11/2/2013 (Tdrama) I just found out the official English title of Khu Kam (silly me, it’s written on the cover of the novel); it’s “Sunset at Chaophraya” where Chaophraya is the name of the famous river that runs through the heart of Bangkok to date. It’s a beautiful name yet sad. And Khu Kam ep5 left me with the emptiness in my heart. The leads were cute and sweet and I was beaming until the bombing scenes began. Well, the effect was not that great but the feeling of the war that started sinking in judging by everyone’s face on both sides, put me into silence by the end of the episode. I’m not sure why I’ve watched almost every remake of this classic out there, I guess it’s the bittersweet that made me come back for more ^^ Now on to the next!  *sad sadder saddest*
@10/2/2013 (Kdrama) IOM ep4, OMG, I love Hwang Jung Eum in this fat body. She was spot-on in this episode.
@9/2/2013 (Kdrama) Incarnation of Money ep3, finally, Kang Ji Hwan! Eh…not sure but I think he’s little weird/nerd/freak ? It’s not Lee Cha-don we saw in ep1 so what could have changed him? I’m not sure if I liked  how KJH portrayed his character but it’s still too soon *fingers crossed*
@7/2/2013 (Tdrama) OMG, I’ve never laughed this much watching a finale of Thai drama before; Tawan Chai Ni Man Mek last night broke the record. It was so hilarious the way the hero stubbornly held his ground that he doesn’t believe in love while all his friends tried to make him see that the heroine was worth fighting for, to which lead to rather hilarious face-off(s)…haha
@5/2/2013 (Tdrama)Khu Kam ep4, [spoilers] Kobori was shirtless again but this time due to the injury hehe. I felt sad for him already that he fell for the wrong girl. Those eyes of his when he said she hated him without him knowing the reason why. You know, it’s alright if you don’t like someone but knowingly let him walk into the ambush meaning to take his life is unforgivable T_T Kobori and Takeda are my fav right now, they have such good chemistry on screen. Now I have to wait for Monday to come T_T
@4/2/2013 (Kdrama) Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek ep1, all I could see was Addie Kang (Jo Hyun-jae) haha….Love the dynamic but not sure if I love all four leads. I’m not familiar with the lead actor but his acting was good as a confident man given that story is about a man climbing to the top. I hope the show deliver, cuz I would want to believe that he’s a genius ^_^ Due to my limited time, not sure will follow this one unless the competition in the Advertising industry become reaaally interesting O_O
@4/2/2013 (Tdrama) Khu Kam ep3, so good. I’m falling hard for Kobori, so adorable and so persistant. No matter how rude she spoke to him, he kept smiling and turned her words around in such a calm and soothing manner. Also love Takeda, the doctor. The duo (Kobori-Takeda) made me smile from ear to ear. And why did Kobori need to bath himself in every episode and always shirtless? Why? Hehe….

@3/2/2013 (Kdrama) IOM ep2, wow, so intense. I almost jumped off my seat! Park Ji Bin was so awesome that I wondered if KJH would able to pick up from the boy. So far, no one could be trusted, no wonder money is the main topic in this drama. The chubby girl was so cute. Can’t wait for ep3, it seems the chubby girl will pursue our boy haha..And I hope the boy will remember everything next week. The ending scene, just the word ‘mom’ was sooo sad *sniff*
@3/2/2013 (Kdrama) Incarnation of Money ep1, wah..a painful start for our hero (Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don). This episode had a weekend- drama vibe (you want to slap someone), and it’s awesome performance from Park Ji Bin (young Kang San in May Queen) as Lee Cha Don (young) that kept me to the end of the episode. The set up was solid and interesting enough to make you wonder what would happen to the adult LCD. And sure enough, the preview of ep2 cracked me up. The chubby Bok Jae In (our heroine) and Cha Don’s bickering seems to be a hilarious kind. Looking forward to ep2 ^^
@1/2/2013 Just checked bits of Can We Get Married (kdrama), Sung Joon (SUFBB) cute, cable dramas keep surprising me ^^

@28/1/2013 Omo..Khu Kam ep1, Kobori was so adorable. It’s a good introduction episode and jumped right into the heart of the story. Overall productions were serviceable. I was a bit annoyed by the music but the male lead really brought his character to life. Sorry kdrama, my Mon-Tue is now reserved for this one. I’m hooked already ^^
@24/1/2013 L7CS ep2, the leads were too loud and these freaking peeps will be working for the sake of national security? I know they are setting up the leads’ relationship for future story and I trust JW and CKH that they will pull it out okay but couldn’t they do it subtly? Comedy doesn’t need to be loud you know. The thing is the whole thing doesn’t feel real to me so, as of now, I’m signing off. It’s a 20 episode drama so I could come back anytime. It’s not that it’s not entertaining just that I’m not in the mood for this kind of story. So far, I haven’t started on any of 2013 kdrama, not sure why. Believe it or not, I still miss Han Jung-woo and Kang Hyung-joon (I Miss You), also not sure why ^^
@23/1/2013 Checked ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ ep1, not particularly thrilled. It’s really  the leads’ chemistry carrying the show. This is my first watching JW, he was good but his character didn’t really hook me just yet and CKH was already into her role but her character reminded me a lot of Protect the Boss which was fun in the first half (for me). I won’t lie I was taken aback by Mister the Spy (cameo by UTW *swoon*) the minute he walked out of the airport hehe. He was so cool, so much so that I wanted the crime/action to dominate the show instead. All in all, it felt all too familiar but it’s too soon to tell. BTW, I am a big fan of the movie, KJH with that tiny laptop hiding the password from his boss haha….

@26/12/2012 Will be on vacation starting tomorrow so a very Happy New Year to everyone! I will try to pick up IMY next year (as if it’s so far away ( ^__^ ). Best wishes to you all.
@26/12/2012 IMY ep14, [spoilers] lovely Christmas song, cute matching red scarfs, hawtt HJ, lots of footsteps, and cute Micky ever. I was busy looking at his smiles that I lost track of what he was investigating ^^  Why am I feeling the ending was out of character? It’s childish to poke a detective with a cane but it’s YSH so I will let it ride. Haha. Poor SY, she’s forced to be just friends with two good looking men, torture!
@25/12/2012 Last night I was busy decorating my tiny Christmas tree with glittering pink and green balls. Humming the song, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth…” Haha…Merry Christmas to YOU!
@25/12/2012 Did you see May Queen set sail? Wah..MQ ended on episode 38. [spoilers] KS tells her to let’s contribute to the country by increasing the birthrate. Buahahaha….cheesy proposal ever by KJW. I honestly didn’t have time to follow every episode but I loved KJW as KS. He made the character come alive. The last episode ratings hit 26.4 (AGB).

@20/12/2012 IMY ep13, I need time to process all the revelations happened tonight. It felt like they cramped three eps into one and I wonder why. [spoilers] I saw the preview and thought it would probably be the usual confession turned out the real sequence had more dept and the dialog of JW/SY in which the young and the adult intertwined was just plain beautiful. What the drama did well so far was how efficiently they used the flashbacks. Of course, some were repetitive but it kept us engage with the past. I was satisfied with how JW and SY turned into kids again, talked cheerfully, laughed openly, just like 14 yrs ago. The scene resonated the time waited had finally been fulfilled just like JW said that he finally felt the time was passing by (as it stopped for him 14 years ago). The way JW talked, it showed that he had been living his life figuring out in detail what he would do if he had his chance again, and he did it so well every second he had with her. I felt sad for HJ sincerely and this’s the most difficult love triangle ever to choose who she should end up with. It’s the battle of doom, Micky and YSH to me. That said, the forgiveness from SY that he left her behind that day was too easy and unclear. It’s the whole reason of her hatred in years where was that anger? The latter half felt rush  that it looked like the writer had something in mind other than what we had witnessed so far. Can I just say I loved the k-scene? The length was just right imo. It was meant to express 14 years of longing, 14 years of waiting. The actor and actress were a little awkward yet cute. Hyung-joon’s reaction was incoherent  throughout the episode which made me quite sad for the guy. He had 14 years in his hands and today he admitted that he, too, waited for her that long *sob* The crime and the chasing scene were serviceable , why did HJ need to be there at all? Come to think about it, at this rate, I think the writer has a plan to pick up the pre-assault story, the parents’ conflict. Today all leads were doing just fine holding their own so PCH3, YEH3 (loved her tonight, her indecisiveness was a part of SY from the get-go, YSH3 (so heartbreaking when he told JW to take her to him and was rejected). Didn’t you hear HJ’s footsteps? It’s him, it’s not him, it’s him, it’s not him….till next week TT__TT
@19/12/2012 I swear I just know today that there’s no IMY tonight due to the election in Korea. What to do, Jung-woo has been waiting behind a curtain from last week? Haha. BTW, have you ever run away from Santa? Yep, I am uncomfortable to take picture with every kind of Santa. Every time I saw Santa i.e. in the mall, I would avoid his eyes and flee. Why? Because only at certain age, say 9, would look cute with Santa, yunno.

@13/12/2012 IMY 12, [spoiler] New 70’s hairdo TT__TT I knew it, MOM..Man, just when JW accepted that she wouldn’t come back, HJ had to do this. He really wants JW to arrest his dad? But I can’t see his plan work without hurting SY. I think HJ is digging his own grave messing with the past. The truth about his mom ordered the kidnap would pop up soon unless he will kill everyone involved. And why HJ had to leave his cane so far away every time he sat that he had to ask someone to get it for him? Yunno, SY didn’t avoid skinship with JW but HJ. Interesting. Don’t throw brick at me PYC2, YSH2, eh….alright YEH2. Now we get down to who killed aunt?
@12/12/2012 Oh dear, PSH in CDD Alice, he’s quite sth, isn’t he? Haha.
@12/12/2012 IMY ep11. [spoiler] Let me say this first, JW, you could break the glass, yunno. And if you think it  couldn’t get sadder, you are wrong. I really like how the writer tried to reflect what it felt like for moms whose daughters were assaulted and how it effected their lives. Even though it’s hard to watch, it opens us to the world of the victims that we might never really pay attention to. This episode is about Soo-yeon being tested again and again if she wants to leave Lee Soo-yeon for good. The scene at the end was heartbreaking for both of them and thanks to the writer for a hug. Let me set up a performance meter for the three leads (1 for oh, well next ep, 2 for aha..that’s quite it, 3 for good job!). Today’s ep PYC3,YSH2, YEH1.
Also, I was wondering what that murder case gotta do with it. Eh..YEH’s nail color bothered me, sorry for the fan.

@10/12/2012 Noooo! MY Micky! I need IMY ep11 now!
@29/11/2012 IMY ep8, [spoilers] Why am I not buying what HJ’s doing? Why did he put that on her neck? I was feeling HJ was not playing a fair game all thru the episode. He also lied to both SY and JW. For SY, why did she think flirting with HJ would hurt JW? That’s the part I was most uncomfortable about. It’s been 14 years, too long for SY to think JW feel exactly that same for her. Am I missing sth? The acting all around in this episode was quite off or it could be the editing. I love how JW tried to smooth her anger because he knew he deserved it and felt satisfied that she let her anger shown. Phrase of the week, “If a person wasn’t coming, it’s not that he abandoned you, he’s on the way.” Awwwww.  So now the question of is she LSY is cleared then what’s next? Pls don’t tell me it’ll be about JW’s dad?Oy.
@28/11/2012 IMY ep7, [spoilers] Well, Soo-yeon has the right to be angry at JW but her mom? And it seems HJ has a great plan of revenge but I think it might turn around and hurt SY later. I superlove JW how he caught on and joined SY’s game and wanted to be her secret lover  (he knows that she knows who he is-he knows who she is but she doesn’t know, haha). Micky was so cute in that yellow umbrella scene  awwwww *swoon*
@22/11/2012 IMY ep6, [spoilers] This drama is def turning into a homicide case. This episode was a bittersweet, okay, bitter more than sweet. And Soo-yeon started to scare the hell out of me. Yunno, why can’t everyone let Jung-woo meet Soo-yeon? He just wants to say sorry for what he did so that he can move on. I felt sad for Jung-woo that , no matter how long, he couldn’t forgive himself. And how HJ’s going the fight the devil when he couldn’t even walk properly? JW and SY come to meet so fast so what’s the rest of the story? The impact of SY hearing JW’s name was less than I had anticipated, not sure why. Wed pls come fast, and pls no more rain, snow, wind and flashbacks O_O!
@21/11/2012 IMY ep5, [spoilers] Wow! This is why I love writer Moon. Now I get why YSH accepted this role. Hyung-joon (YSH) is such an awesome character, you don’t know what he’s thinking. He recognizes the name Han Jung-woo doesn’t he? Doesn’t HEEE? I’m afraid he might not be an honest man after all. Micky did well tonight as a badass cop who can’t sing? (Did you hear? Buahaha…). Jung-woo got through me tonight his longing and the way he tried to climb the wall at the end *sob* Nop, nobody is crying in this drama, it’s just the wind blowing. Love this episode, so beautiful. YEH did great with her conflicted personality. I’m afraid the money thingy continue? Ep 6 please! Darn, the preview almost made me swoon TT_TT I didn’t think they would come around so fast.

@15/11/2012 NG ep20 (Final), I was out of town and just got back and..couldn’t help tuned in for NG and got like the last half hour of the episode (also haven’t watched ep17-19 yet) so not sure what’s what. There was a moment that I gasped, the scene was painful but beautifully done that I couldn’t help admiring the filming art of this drama althrough its 20-episode run. The ending reminded me of Will It Snow for Christmas (the writer’s previous work) where the hero narrated at the end that if he has the chance to choose again, he will happily go through the same (painful) path again as long as he has this woman walking in front of him. For NG, the last bit was beautiful that [spoiler] Maru found his place at last.
@25/10/2012 NG ep14, hands down, [spoilers] the first half hour was really difficult to watch, however, thumps up for the leads’ acting. And I really wanted MR to punch JH’s face this time around, she was terrible in all aspects of human kind. Her manipulative skills were fascinating (tears, kneel down) that I thought MR would def fall into her trap (cuz I would) but no, good for you MR! When he told her he wanted to puke, that was the highlight of SJK’s career imo haha. I won’t lie tho, I was disappointed that the amnesia dragged on. It would have been so good if after she threw things the bad memory of MR flooding back *sigh* I’m not sure how I would feel if EK is able to handle business successfully without her past memory, it would be like an anti-climax, no? One thing tho, nobody can beat MR cuz he knows he will not live long so he can risk everything he got, and he even wants EK to hate him afterward, so what he gotta lose? I love that lawyer Park lied to EK that he didn’t tell her MR was bad and all, cuz that could have accelerlated her into a trauma. After this scene, I have this tiny hope that this drama might end with EK not getting back her memory cuz then she could be happy and MR’s illness is enough for us to brace ourselves for  what’s to come TT_TT

@24/10/2012 NG ep13, *pick heart from floor* so good so intense. Watching this drama every week was like walking on a thin wire, if you let down your guard, you will fall cuz of the unexpected. Everybody is hiding something from somebody. And lawyer Park, you should let your love be known already! Oh dear Maru, I don’t know how you’ve lived everyday with EK not knowing when she will remember. [spoilers] I wanted to headdesk when EK opened the door for JH, and MR drove the longest route of all kdrama heroes ever to get home. SJK played his part so well that you could feel his heart/anxiety every time EK blinked as if her memory was coming back. It was so sad when MR told EK not to find her memory then(as in it’s okay to be this EK foreverrr, me too MR, me too). I’ve never listened to every word the amnesia talking with doc until today, it was like my heart would stop with every word she spoke, dang, the amnesia plot has gotten through us, hasn’t it? And the cliffhanger with no preview, who are you? Who ARE you? Tell meeeee! Well, their eye contact told it all, she remembered everything, right?!

@23/10/2012 THH ep8, [spoilers] GH and JN are getting closer working together. GH tells her his name, Baek Gwang-hyun. The name reminds her of her GH so she’s kind of pissed hearing the name, she doesn’t tell him her name. JN hides the fact that she came from a high-class family so GH thinks she pretended to be from the high-class when they first met. There’s a man fell off a horse, both the man and the horse are injured. GH rushes to the horse first while JN takes care of the man. GH comes help her and is fascinated by her skills with needles curing human body. Later when the man is safe, JN accuses GH of caring more for animals than human and because the man is a servant not from a high-class, GH tries to explain that he’s not like that (well, to be fair, he’s a horse healer not a human doc). GH puts his hand over his heart and says so this is how human heart beats. Princess SH visits GH using her cat’s sickness (not that it’s sick) and meets JN there, and is surprised that JN is a nurse. SH tells JN that she likes GH and JN gasps cuz of their class differences. SH asks JN to tell her about GH daily life cuz JN works in the same place. JN gets all dirty cuz of working with animals so she needs new clothes to wear before she goes home but her smell is too strong the merchant shoos her out. A man comes and buys clothes for her, it’s Sung-ha (cute). They greet each other happily and GH sees them, he thinks she knows many high-class men. The vet and co come to live in Tosung with GH so they all go eat at the famous place. The chef in the kitchen is GH’s teacher from the island, he is happy to see GH. GH asks about what he asked for his help, to find Young-dal. The teacher says he couldn’t find info on YD and asks GH to give up. But GH says he cannot do that. JN also visits her friend (when she was Young-dal, I guess) who works in the restaurant(same one?). Later, both GH and JN stand on bridges that they used to go and think about that day they made a pinky-swear that he would be back. Next day, a cow illness breaks out so the king orders the cause to be found. GH and JN look at the cows in each household to see if the cow is sick. While doing that, they find a person who falls sick with the same symptoms of the cow. And they are panic that the illness has moved from cows to human (end). What I like about this drama is how they brought in many kinds of cute animals and filmed them, and I have to say Cho Seung-woo was really really comfortable with all kinds of animals when acting making it felt so real that he’s a gifted doctor by the heart ^^
@22/10/2012 THH ep7, [spoilers] GH saves the horse just in time. MH is impressed by GH’s skills as a horse doc. JN comes to take exam and JM lets her get in Hyeminseo. JN asks MH’s lackey if GH really died years ago cuz there’s a person with the same name/age. The lackey goes to GH and asks if he really was raised in the farm and not somewhere else. GH remembered how his dad was chased so he lies and JN overhears that and is disappointed that he’s not GH she knew. GH receives a royal order and gets to work in the palace. IJ sends JN to the horse doc department so GH meets JN again. Preview, JN and GH with animals (cute), JN greets Sung-ha while GH looks at their happy reunion, GH touches his pounding heart ^^
@18/10/2012 Arang ep20, [spoilers]not sure what happened but tuned in just in time to catch the mini-sato/arang, haha, they were so cute. The way she nagged so like arang, and mini-sato said she’s the beauty of all haha……will catch the whole ep later. Get ready for I Miss You (replacing Arang next week)? The preview of the young cast was promising and Micky’s tears TT_TT
@18/10/2012 NG ep12, [spoilers]Ooooh Maru turned guardian angel and I do believe, at this point, he can sacrifice everything for EK. Oh no, don’t you die on me, we have 8 eps more to go, you can puke/faint/moan in pain but don’t die, you hear me! I noticed the doc treated EK’s amnesia was also MR’s teacher in med school in ep1 (remember how MR diagnosed the kid and he was right?), so can it be that MR will find the way to cure himself in the end? Oh pls, let it be that. I love this couple more and more. Their date in this ep was beautifully done yet so sad with MR narrated his own regret to his dad *sob* I think EK is such a strong girl, she will be able to cope with the truth and still love him, right?Right? No preview TT_TT
@17/10/2012 Just started on Answer Me 1997, buahaha…
@17/10/2012 Arang ep19, yes, I saw Jade in a fine yellow garb, and yes, I saw the magistrate and two kids. Drama, pls don’t give us hope and take it away tmr. Jade and Hades’d better be good tmr *angry face*
@17/10/2012 NG ep11, Yes! Maru go! GO! Now I really want a happy endinggggg! Okay, I know, his past will come back to haunt him but this is such a great twist so let me enjoy it for at least a week more? I love how the amnesia EK is still kind of the same confident old EK and Maru’s wall has finally cracked? Oooh, SJK is so hot in this drama and writer-nim, you are so cool, that last bits were totally unexpected.My heart almost stopped when JH stepped into the house. And why Maru has to have that thing growing in his brain?Why? TT_TT
@16/10/2012 Yeah! Micky (JYJ) ‘s new drama, I Miss You, and from my dear writer Moon (Can You Hear My Heart)! Tho, I’m kind of wary of 20 eppies (current dramas, none imo needed that long to tell the story). But Micky’s melo-tears is a must-check-it-out hehe.
@16/10/2012 THH ep6, [spoilers] GH helped JN and SH out of the bar (hugging JN to him while they hide). Afterward, GH tells them how they could go into that place (for Joseon women). SH gets angry and declares she’s Joseon princess, only to get laughed at by GH and his co. Someone calls GH to treat his dog, SH and JN follow and see that he’s able to treat a sick dog. When they get back to the palace, SH summons GH and his co into the palace (soldiers tie them like criminals). SH tells GH if he can treat her cat, she will pardon him. GH looks at the cat and asks for a warm water, the cat is reluctant at first but drinks it (that the cat didn’t eat or drink these days). SH is happy, GH says it’s cuz the cat’s teeth and he can fix them. MH tells JN it will be difficult what she wanted to do but she insists. At Hyeminseo (place treating sick/poor people), Joo-man(Lee Seon Jae) is the head there and IJ is working there too. One patient doesn’t want IJ to treat him cuz she’s a woman but JM tells him that she’s the famous one. JM tells IJ to accept JN and teach her but IJ doesn’t want to cuz JN’s from a high-class. JN walks into Hyeminseo and meets IJ, IJ rejects her because of JN’s status and that other nurses went through tests and hardworks but JN wants to use her status to get in. IJ says if JN wants to get in, she will leave the place. IJ tells her to go to other places. JN walks out thinking back when she saw IJ treated SH at the farm, and later saw her treat sick people. JN thinks that it’s because of her(IJ) that she wants to get in Hyeminseo, she wants to learn from her. GH and his co get out of the palace and see the vet from the farm and that the sick horse was taken to the palace. The horse is sick (important horse for the convoy or sth) so they locked the vet in jail. The king is informed that the horse is sick but the horse is the chosen one (given or for some envoy?) so the horse must be cured. SH tells JN about GH treated her cat, JN hears the name and asks her again. SH says it’s Baek Gwang-hyun. MH goes to see the horse himself and wants to punish all the vets (officers) but GH runs inside and asks for his chance to treat the horse, not with med but needles which contradicts MH that needles won’t work. The envoy will come in 4 days, so GH asks for that time (the sick dog got better even when she didn’t take med as instructed and didn’t die, GH got some idea at that to treat the horse). JN is outside thinking about the name GH that it can’t be but his name is Baek Gwang-hyun, she’s pacing back and forth. MH tells GH if it’s unsuccessful he will take GH’s life, GH agrees (end). Preview GH tries to heal the horse finding med in the mountain, JN asks the officers about years ago if GH died. The officer reads an order (decree?) to GH and he’s surprised. SH comes back (Lee Sang Woo!) and JN is happy.  Humm..not hooked yet, what I loved was how they filmed animals, so cute. It’s not an easy job at that ^^

@15/10/2012 THH ep5, SH was kicked by the horse(named Young-dal). IJ comes to the farm and asks the owner about a 12 years old boy, he says none and tells her to leave. Later he wonders if the boy is GH but thinks it can’t be. IJ sees JN so she helps SH using her medical skills (needles) and JN is impressed by that. IJ tells JN to remember what she did to SH (telling her she’s a nurse). MH comes over to see his son but IJ already left, and JN tells him a nurse treated SH. MH brings SH back to his work place and starts treating him himself. He wonders what the nurse did was perfect, he asks if she’s from the nurse office but no one went to the farm. Then he realizes this good skills could it be IJ’s? The horse gets slashed cuz it harmed SH, GH brings her to the forest doc, he resists that he’s a human doc not horse doc, they argue and he concedes but he makes GH thrust the needle to make the horse sleep. Later GH gets back to the farm with alive YD, the vet and co are happy. GH tells them it’s cuz of the doc in the cave. The forest doc meets with IJ, he’s her teacher. She tells him she has to look for that boy, he tells her to do it but do not give up med. He tells her about a skillful boy he met (tho the boy doesn’t know his own potential yet)  and tells her to teach the boy, what if he becomes a better doc than him? He says the boy saw the dying one got back life, because of that he will become a doctor. ZZZ..grown up GH loves saving many kinds of animals. They need new med for a horse so they are going to Tosung. JN also grown up learning needles. She is a good friend of Princess Sook-hwi (Kim So Eun), she wants JN to save her cat, but JN doesn’t know about cat. They go out of the palace and get in a kind of Japanese bar, GH and co also get in there too. Men try to harm JN and SH so GH intervenes and helps them. He grabs JN’s wrist (JN grabs SH’s wrist) and makes them run (end). Preview, SH tells JN that he’s GH (his name), JN looks at GH from afar. Phew! I won’t lie I was a bit bored during the healing of the horse, and the bar scene was a bit overdone imo. I didn’t feel any of the adult cast  but too soon to tell  ^^

@14/10/2012 MQ ep18, [spoilers] CH pushed HJ away and turned zombie (he ended the relationship, as in he dumped her, so to speak, it’s not HJ had the change of heart), HJ turned damsel, KS said the usual (Are you alright? What happened? Is everything alright?) Aww that KS holding hand, KJW, he gets me every time with that kind of look (he learned later that they broke up). For what it’s worth, pls watch DS broom-chased DH ^^
@13/10/2012 MQ ep17, [spoilers] The break up was confirmed alright. CH told HJ it’s cuz of daddy and all so she accepted it. She thanked him for being there for her all these years. HJ was surprisingly stronger tho, she showed up at work even though bled inside. KS made me smile with his frankness as always, well, the cow chart made me laugh like crazy. What a way to woo a woman and her family! Haha. On the other hand, CH took the break up in a rather weak way, drinking, yelling, kicking a man and spending time on his bed not doing anything. KS felt something but just be there for her. At the end, CH’s dad turned around wanting his son to be happy so he told CH to leave with his HJ. Again, while HJ was with KS, CH drove over and took HJ away (man, one of these days HJ will realize KS’s worth). CH took HJ to the airport meaning to leave the country. They argued. DH kicked CH’s dad into a puppy and called CH, also he sent a pic of the car’s plate to HJ. She got it and wondered what it’s all about (end). Well, I’m sorry but CH took an easy way out leaving in dad like that, can he not guess what DH would do to his dad? And where is my KS’s story? Preview showed CH kneeling down to DH, he kisses IH. Meh.
@11/10/2012 NG ep10. Erghhhh! The cliffhanger! Can’t they give us like 10 secs more? Dear Maru, we gave you 10eps to brood over your tragic life, pls get up and move on already! I can see clearly now that he loved EK before the accident, his life’s such a mess that he let her go. Oh JH, climb down alreay, it’s not that hard to live a normal life like normal people do. I really hope to see some actions next week from Maru, pls give me that drama. Also, you can’t have a melo without a fatal illness, right? Thanks for telling us like 10eps before hand TT_TT
@10/10/2012 NG ep9, now Maru is officially the worst hero in my kdrama history. If it’s not for SJK, I would have asked long back if this is a guy who should be put in our hero-world. And JH should get locked away in a cell tied with huge rock and get dumped in a really deep ocean. I was hoping for the amnesia bits but didn’t think it would be this sad, I mean the new EK would want the history to repeat itself with Maru? C’mon, the guy is doomed. I don’t see how this drama could have a happy ending even with a super long time-skip. Talking about that, time-skip no.1 checked! Story aside, the acting was spot on, SJK rocks!
@9/10/2012 THH ep4, not as exciting episode, BUT the preview for next week, eeep!, omo…Cho Seung Woo, Lee Yo Won! So they will grow up next week? I will miss the kids tho.

@8/10/2012 THH ep3, so good! I’m now hooked and def will see through Gwang-hyun’s journey to become a great docter. The writing was tight and gripping even with the kids’ story. I was at the edge of my seat because there were just two persons who knew DJ had a son and not a daughter. I couldn’t believe I grinned over kids doing CPR haha. Can’t wait for ep4!
@7/10/2012 MQ ep16, oh dear, how can you not love KS? He made me grin while enduring dramas from other characters. Omooo…he’s still afraid of height? Haha, KJW was so funny. I like that KS stood up to HJ defending his own heart that it’s not hers to feel sorry about. [spoilers] Ep16 in a nutshell. KS learns about his mom/dad from GH. KS tells GH his feelings about IH and rejects her suggestion. CH quits his job after learned the truth. IH tells CH to marry HJ (tho I’m pretty sure KS won’t come to her anyway). KS tells HJ not to mess with his heart (as in who he likes or doesn’t). KS goes to HJ’s house with gifts for her mom, they all like KS. HJ tells her mom she loves CH. CH breaks up with HJ (end). MQ is somewhat a lite-makjang. The story is pretty easy  to follow. Man, pls let IM fall hard for YJ. They were fun to watch. It’s funny how they sunk CH/HJ ship right at the half point of the drama. Would that mean the remaining 16 eps are for KS/HJ? Well, yunno, I felt sad for CH but KJW is too cute to not be happy for him when he’s happy ^^

@4/10/2012 I betrayed Arang and NG for TTBY tonight *still beaming*
@4/10/2012 TTBY ep16(final), Weee! I squealed, I screamed like an idiot. Despite its flaws, I’m in LOVE. Tonight is the night for TJ, EG,HJ,HJ(twice), SR, Dorm head 1-3, Hanna, did I say HJ?, teachers, and humm..JH. HJ ends up to be the most developed one and he shines side by side with TJ and EG! Now where is SM? I didn’t see him at all, did I miss something? I grinned ear to ear the whole hour and almost jumped into the track field myself haha. Even though, the last bits were a bit rush imo, the show successfully delivered lovely highschool youth, all fun and carefree, at the same, know how to forgive, to let go and move on. I miss Genie High already. Oh dear, I’m falling hard for TJ, EG, HJ, SR. They were all cute for words. As far as adaptation goes, the Korean has done pretty good job in its own way, yunno, Kdrama way. I love both Sano and Tae Joon though I love Mizuki a little more *coughJaeHeecough* Will looking forward to their next project, they all have long road ahead *sob*
@3/10/2012 TTBY ep15, my new OTP EG/HJ hehe. Poor EG, you were doomed from ep1. Aww…Min-ho ..TJ’s confession got thru me, be still my humble heart. And SR, you and that panty, love you haha. JH bored me lately, not sure why, I know she’s the object of affection? Aww. will def miss them all. I like K-adaptation cuz TJ expressed more of his feeling for his girl and they spent time together after both knowing. Though Sano is always a Sano in my heart.

@3/10/2012 NG ep7, *sob* EK you are my girl. JH broke my villian meter tonight, she was way off chart. The drama took an unexpected turn only tmr preview kind of reduced my excitement a bit. There were minutes that I asked myself “Am I watching a soap opera or may be a makjang?” Dear writer, there’s a thin line in between, pls make sure the drama does not cross that line. And Maru, pls make up your mind soon cuz  I’m a bit impatient when it comes to a hero doesn’t let go of tragic first love.
@2/10/2012 THH ep2, don’t want to give out spoilers so all I can say is ep2 was interesting with good pace, young cast moved in and they were all cute and cool. I think I will take time following this one since it’s a long ride. Enjoying it so far, looking forward to the next ep ^^
@2/10/2012 Oh dear, I just realize Lee Sang Woo will be the hero’s rival in Horse Healer. I luff the man too (Feast of the Gods) so two hot actors against each other? What to do? Humm..I have some doubt about Lee Yo Won but we’ll see.
@2/10/2012 Oohlala Spouses, buahaha, oh my, Kim Jung Eun really represented a Korean ajumma while Shin Hyun Joon took the role of the husband. These veteran actors were spot on especially KJE. Can’t wait when they switch body haha…
@1/10/2012 The Horse Healer ep1 (50 episodes), solid and intriguing episode. Just wanted to check on it, now I really need to see episode two hehe. It’s as good as it can be for a promising sageuk this length. The story’s in the parents’ phrase and the young cast will come joining in tomorrow (if the preview of ep2 didn’t fool me ^^)
@30/9/2012 MQ ep14, Kang-san pls don’t be sad and come to meeee. I even wanted to put my money on your propeller haha. Now I really want a loveline for IM/YJ, pls redeem the guy and let him find love! Dear writer, how could you make YJ steal IM’s money and show us nothing? How I wish the story move faster, makjang or not. And eh…can anybody tell me what happened between CH and HJ in that hotel? I mean…? Huh? Oh no, why I kept thinking HJ was really similar to JH (To the Beautiful You)? Their wide-eyed were clues, no clues.  I’m hanging on KJW here, pls get on with your grand plan already, and please we had enough of the propeller.
@29/9/2012 MQ ep13, I want one Kang-san when I’m feeling down *coughKJWcough* Why is he so cute? Poor CH, you’d better fix the problem first before rushing the girl into marriage. This episode felt a little slow imo. I hope KS wasn’t serious about IH. Also wonder who is KS’s mom?

@27/9/2012 Arang, *knock knock* come to your senses, the hot magistrate  loves you so and you are freaking running out of time! Aww, finally the mountain training. Madam evil is cracking out of shell, don’t cha know the magistrate is Jade’s boy. I just love LJK as the magistrate but not sure if it’s the character or the actress that I find Arang losing her color and bored. One of these days I might end up pacing the night under the moon myself if the leads keep on this facade, haha.
@27/9/2012 NG ep6, okay there’s just one thing that I won’t be able to take it, that is, if they make MR as JH’s son dad. So please dear writer, I’m asking you for this one thing DO NOT do that. This is the first episode that I started having doubt whether I would be able to go through 20eps. I mean it seemed there was so much depth going on between JH and MR in the past that they might be of the same sort? Bad vs Bad? And EK seemed capable of that too once she set her mind to be bad. If I were lawyer Park, I would probably quit the job cuz everybody is weird in one way or another (wait, may be Lawyer Park too has his own agenda, like not gay?). MR was so cruel to EK in this episode, famous line (of baddies) ‘You can’t beat me because I have nothing to lose” yep so true. I nearly jumped off my seat watching this episode, so intense. I think I saw sympathy in MR’s eyes looking at EK but very briefly though. What I understand now is that MR wants to use EK to make him become richer than JH so JH would come crawling back to him? Right? Now I really want the amnesia plot cuz I want EK to forget everything MR did to her (should she learn the truth) Oh, man, please don’t make them kill each other in the end. Who’s thinking the letter MR wrote to JH in the past was plain scary? High degree of obsessions? He wrote he would never let go of her (JH) hand, dun dun and he recalled that letter while kissing EK , just great *headdesk* Even the cute of TTBY wouldn’t help lessen the pain tonight. I really want to see MR fall hard for EK, and nothing he can do to make it happen *evil laugh* SJK, you are cruel  T_T

@26/9/2012 TTBY ep13, and I thought TJ couldn’t get any cuter, now he’s hawtt too. TJ didn’t hide his feelings yet our dear JH didn’t pick up any clue. Love that EG’s roommate had his own episode to shine. Poor EG, he’s way to cute to not get the girl. Love the backhugging, it’s hot, and Min-ho conveyed his love for her very nicely. JH, you wake up already, the boy loves you so. Omg, the preview-the kiss? I guess it’s about time he tells her he knew she doesn’t know he knew? Haha.
@26/9/2012 You know, SJK was complaining a while back that his role in SKKS, there’s no lovelines. But now, Ma Ru hot-kissed  with someone in every freaking episode. The man must be proud ^_^
@26/9/2012 The hardest thing for Wed is which drama should I watch it live? SBS? MBC? KBS2? Once the choice is made, same will apply to Thu cuz they love to give you cliffhanger that you def will come back for more. Tonight was Nice Guy for me cuz I really wanted to know who planned to do what to who? Who is the most manipulative one? Here is my thoughts while watching ep5[spoilers], wah..MR is really a bad dude he planned everything-> ex-med reading biz accounting sheets, okay, I’ll let it ride cuz SJK is cute->Poor EK, she’s falling hard for MR-> Oh, JH is worst than MR cuz she’s manipulating three men! Her ‘Kang Ma Ru..I’ll come back to you” gave me goosebumps->Omg, MR didn’t fall into Madam’s trap, serves you right JH, six years def gave you wrinkled face->Omo, find her MR, run!->OMG, the hawtt kiss *swoon* ->the preview, more hot kisses but with JH???->Omo, EK falls in love for real->NoOoo, EK sees picture of MR/JH->Omo, looks like MR falls for EK too? But he sees she sees the picture. Ack! Tmr def will watch this one live ^^

@25/9/2012 Ma-ru, Ma-ru (Nice Guy tmr), can’t wait!
@25/9/2012 I missed the first half of ep15 last night and didn’t have time to pick it up yet, but did catch up on the finale (ep16).[Spoilers] It seemed everybody had his/her share of the screen-time, some predictable (coughSeNacough), some unexpected (during shareholders meeting). And a hero is a hero, you have to see for yourself how KKW was able to switch between NH and TS in, say, every 2-3 lines? And he did it so precisely that you would recongnize which one right away. All I could remember that so cracked me up, Haeundae’s style proposal haha, and the ending that they made So Ra say that too buahaha. All in all, the drama ended as it should be being a rom-com, and made me laugh till the very last minute. I really appreciate how this drama gave me the joy of being able to laugh out loud every week. I love how the writer was be able to jump from dramatic to hilarious and so forth in one single episode and still entertaining.  I know I’ve said it many times but I have to say it again that I love KKW and his dedication to his character; pre-amnesia TS, NH, post-amnesia TS/NH, TS/no NH then back to TSandNH-all packed as one. KKW, please come back to dramaland soon, don’t spend too much on the big screen. I’ll def look out for your next project. Love So Ra, the uncles, JH, and even BJ. Solid acting from all-great Haeundae team. The writing might not be the best out there but you can’t help falling in love with the drama. I had such warmth in my heart watching credits rolled, def will miss seeing TS/NH every Mon-Tue T_T
@24/9/2012 Eeeep! HL ep15 is airing! So tomorrow’s ep will be the finale!
@24/9/2012 HL ep14, KKWooooo nailed every single sec,[spoilers] how can a man make me feel sooo sad and then crack up, then sad again at the end? In one hour, what a roller coaster ride! This is the first time hearing a super long wish-you-well list from a man to a woman he loves so dearly in the breaking up scene. Then KKW turned himself into the very same cold TS in ep1 just like that! So funny when he reunioned with his teammate and the guy called his  wife saying THAT guy  is back, haha. But what’s great was that tho TS came back with the same cold manner, he’s a changed man that he allowed his co to go home. The dad was cruel and Se Na too. I’m sure with time she will let him go, right? Cuz it’s no fun married to a zombie who loves another. So sad at the end, it seemed  every time TS’s asked to go home or where is his ‘home’ , he would get confused and think that it’s Haeundae Uncle Fisheries *sob* The cliffhanger, he just feeling sleepy or is it something else? *Gulp* Eh..will he lose his memory again second time around? If so, will he wake up as TS or NH or a totally new dude?
@23/9/2012 I also tuned in for Five Fingers tonight, oh well, what a heavy drama it is (competition time). Watching In-ha screamed and yelled while Ji-ho whose face never cracked (only with the girl), was quite *gulp* an experience. How I hope Ji-ho would smile more because it’s so hard to root for him with his most-of-time-expressionless face tho I could understand where it came from. Not gonna lie, the brothers’ jealousy was quite hard enough, they were going to fight for the same girl too was too much for me.

@/23/9/2012 May Queen ep12 [spoilers], *sob* so sad for KS and also for CH. Dear KS, although your tears didn’t fall that you got your heart broken at ep12, I felt your pain so come to meeeee! KJW played KS so well especially when KS tried to cope with the fact that the gal didn’t love him. What a man of him to go confirm the fact with CH then HJ, he even asked CH since when they started seeing each other only to learn that from 15 yrs ago? It’s sad yet funny when KS kind of blamed his grandpa why sent him to the US, haha. KS asked CH why he didn’t leave that house as he told him, if he wanted them to be enemies? (or along that line) KJW’s eyes expressed so much whether it be sorrow or happiness, I hope he won’t hovering around HJ as a bodyguard too much tho. And CH, oh dear, he’s doomed already cuz of what his dad did to HJ. HJ and CH were so cute together, so many cute scenes for the hearts of CH-shipper yet we all know the rules, too much sweetness = dooms day. What I loved so far is that I could feel that KJW and JH were so happy acting together (they are friends in real life)  that all of their scenes were like good friends reunioned. What to do, both CH and KS were so cool in terms of love? I also liked that HJ told KS frankly that she’s very much in love with CH long back. Man, when KS asked if she’s happy, HJ smiled so brightly saying very much, just so sad for KS that I was amazed he stayed composed and let her leave. Way to go May Queen, makjang yet addicting. Can’t wait to see how KS will win HJ’s heart cuz, as of now, CH and HJ declared to  the world that they are in love to the point of getting marriage. Aww…the ratings is up again from last week.
@22/9/2012 May Queen ep11, all I could see was KJW’s new haircut *swoon* And omo…the ending, a prosecutor and an MIT grad face off. I didn’t think KS had fallen hard for HJ when they were young but it seemed otherwise, and he seemed to be the kind that’s playful yet love only once. I hope CH would not end up an indecisive second lead.

@20/9/2012 Nice Guy ep4, it was so good cuz everyone in this show po/rtrayed their role with such great intensity that an hour just flied by. I believe Choco was right that MR had no time to see other girls because of JH. He should find the one he really loves. And Choco could see through his mind that he does feel sth for EK. The thing is MR still has this habbit of running to JH whenever she’s in trouble, and I’m sure that issue will come between our leads until he realizes that someone else means more to him than JH. And what a performance from SJK, he fully turned actor not just a cute boy imo. A man doesn’t want a hand shake but a kiss to part, what will you do? What a player, luff you. Pls keep it up!
@20/9/2012 Buahaha…Arang ep 12, and they ended the episode just when he’s about to say IT with no preview! It’s just when EO opened his mouth they cut it that cracked me up. I was thinking today if Arang didn’t step up the game in romance, it might lose to Nice Guy cuz that one was such a hoot. Finally, it happened and from the hard-headed magistrate at that. I don’t think he will let her leave easily. We’ll see.

@19/9/2012 What am I doing three dramas in one night every Wed-Thu? TTBY ep11, wah..way to go EG. Poor SR haha. Oh, I missed the fun, pls come back soon. And John, I luff youuuu.
@19/9/2012 Arang ep11, all was smooth until this drama tried to make an impressive cliffhanger haha. I cracked up cuz I was wondering for while now how the PD of this drama picked a scene to end an episode. I was like are you seriously going to end here? You know, my secret hope is that Jade come down to earth, and he did tonight. Does that mean EO gets to live for a certain time cuz Jade gave him life like Arang? This magistrate is trying hard to suppress his sadness that she will eventually leave. He kissed because he wanted her to wake up asap, he can’t(and won’t) take the sight of her dying aww. But how many times Arang has to die really?
@19/9/2012 Whoa….amazing writing. Nice Guy ep3, amazing, the pain was sooo good. And SJK/MCW’s chemistry was good. [spoiler] Now that more backgrounds told to us, I now love both MR and EK, in a way they were so darn cute together. I knew it, I couldn’t trust JH. She really meant it when told EK they are totally in different league, and here she is. Now I remember why I luff writer Lee Kyung Hee so. The directing was just WOW. Love the scene in the car so much when MR turned on the music while Choco wept, and it just happened to be the same song playing in the lawyer’s condo. Great way to connect viewers’ sentiments to the story and characters. Love this episode so much how all characters weaved together. Next episode please. Really want to know who will win this game? Who will end up the worst one? EK and MR, team up and fight JH! SJK was good he played his charm so well as a player, his eyes even sparkled *swoon*
@18/9/2012 Faith ep12, *pulling hair* can’t the PD make the fighting scenes cooler? That ES popped up between two fighting men, it could have been done better. Now that the leads are getting along, why do I feel one of them might give up his/her life protecting the other one in the end cuz that’s how warrior’s story always be? Young’s life would be too predictable, eh..ES?
@18/9/2012 HL ep13, [spoiler] this episode, there were so many revelations. TS to JH: I’ll never forgive you. Are you having fun? Aww…cool I wanted to ask that too. JH’s so manipulative at this point. And Se Na noooo! She used her dad’s power to get what she wanted. Poor TS, the way he told So Ra she doesn’t know how his life was like, was so sad. Although it’s sad for Se Na, I like that TS tell both girls his feelings straight away. He made it clear to both so no misunderstandings there. The way TS told his dad about his own happiness, and the way he talked to So Ra trying to smooth things out between them tenderly felt so nice and sincere. And KKW, how he turned back to the prosecutor (black suits!) yet maintained bits of Nam Hae was cool. And he’s back to the same TS with his dad. I just want everybody to give the man a break, he def needs time to sort things out. And why did he faint? Writer, pls not that. Aww..I just love KKW so….his concentrations to portray  his character is remarkable.
@17/9/2012 HL ep12, [spoiler] ack! the truth is all out and JH got it all. Now how TS will solve all these. It’s predictable but when it actually happened, it’s sad for TS nonetheless. I want to see how he really feels for Se Na when he gains all of his memories back

@16/9/2012 May Queen ep10, you know, this drama def calls for a shipper war. And KS stealed a kiss buahaha..slime fox. who is HJ’s first love? Dear HJ, when a man proposes, just grab it while it lasts cuz his dad is going after you. The fact that, HJ is not ready to get married, wonder if she wants to get a job and all or it could be that she’s not in love with CH because she was surprised hearing his confession. Ah-ha.KS, there’s still a chance for you. Though three boys and one girl reunion was fun, the things between them are such a big mess. I’m a bit bored with the mom thing and CH’s dad. CH should move out from that house like KS told him years ago. Well, the adult cast brought more color to the show imo, so does the ratings. And no, I’m not watching for the story. Who ship KJW? Meee! Who ship JH? Me…
@15/9/2012 May Queen ep9, yeah! Jae Hee, Jae Won and Ji Hye. The adult cast seems fine and HJH’s okay so far. I really don’t  care much about the shipbuilding industry or who’s the daughter of who, but I do love Kang-san (KJW) a bright playful boy from the get-go. Hae Joo(HJH) and Chang Hee (JH) are already a couple in this episode (no surprise there) but I’m more excited to see how KS will fit in the picture, and he seems to be a persistant kind too, so may be he will try to woo HJ no matter what? Poor CH, his hands are tied by his own dad  and he’s on the wrong side from the beginning. Dear KJW, although that red suits didn’t do well in my head, you got me there that you’ve been keeping your crush (HJ)’s headban all these years. The trick is you turn the volume down when you watch weekend drama, that way you will be fine with all the yelling/screaming ^_^
@15/9/2012 Busy, preparing to meet Kim Jae-won tonight (?) (May Queen) Kyaah~
@13/9/2012 TTBY ep10, a man in a tux looking so fine telling you that he’ll wait, a handsome young boy asking you not to leave, who will you choose? Kyaah…I would steal both and fly to Canada haha. So the angst begun, it’s about time since we have six episodes left. I guess I will join the crowd and ask JH, what in the world you keep in your room in a boys’ dorm? Jeez, I know it’s the writing. Is it just me finding JH’s acting more to a girl lately? And EG, say it already. I think it’s about time for JH to leave? And how many times do we hear boys tell Hanna that she’s NOT suppose to be in this all boys schooool??? Anyway, I find Min-ho’s acting improve a lot the way he expressed through his eyes. Did you guys see EG cry? Aww…..
@12/9/2012 Totally forgot Arang hehe, just finished ep9. The way Arang walked behind EO like they both holding on to each other, even though they bickered all the time, made me grin. It indeed reflects the drama title that it’s really all about, Arang and the Magistrate. Even if their feelings not yet defined, the way each would run to each other’s side when the situation called for already tell. Every time EO yelled her name “Araaanggg!” like he was afraid that she would disappear on him forever, really tugged at my heart. I hope the writer will have mercy on us and let them end well, or else Jade and Hades might have to intervene and write the ending themselves ^_^
@12/9/2012 Nice Guy ep1, I didn’t expect this big strong punch in the first episode. The story went straight to the main plot so quickly I need to adjust a bit cuz SJK’s face was so sweet and yummy that I didn’t feel his (bad) character (busy drooling over his face) ..until that last bit. Wow, nice set-up, and like the acting so far. The cinematography/directing was not boring (ahem Faith?) given a melo premise. I’m interested to see how far our hero would do with the beauty heroine, or rather, how far he would break his own heart for this revenge cuz it’s clear to me that he’s totally smitten at the first sight of her.
@12/9/2012 TTBY ep9, *giddy gal dancing* my cheeks hurt from grinning for one whole hour! Aww..a new pretty boy in town and he really heated everything up. Love this ep, they all so cute. TJ stood up to the challenge. Oh, cooome on JH, you should know by now that he knew you’re a girl! I know, I know JH needed to be saved in every episode but I’ll let it ride since I got to see the jealous/sweet TJ! Gahh….my heart is still pounding cuz of these pretty pretty boys….

@11/9/2012  There’s a football match on KBS2 so I tuned in SBS for Faith ep10. Gotta say, something intrigued me something bothered me. After 10eps, I think now I can understand the whole picture where the writer wanted this drama to be or rather, its tone/premise. As I was watching the episode, I was mad of what this show could have been with better directing! Yes, I’m mad because better directing will lift up the story and impact on viewers to a whole new experience. But I have to say, with the premise, the acting of the whole cast didn’t live up to it just yet. Sorry for the fans, IDK it needs more of everything, energy, powerful deliver, mooore. Oh well, I’m not a regular FAITH I could be wrong. It still have time to build up the ratings since it’s a 24ep drama. I just hope ES will not end up a regular time travel. If anyone, I feel for ES the most. If I were her, Young or no Young, I would jump cliff (aka Dr Jin) if I could get back to 2012 cuz I’m not freaking belong here! Haha…
@10/9/2012 Omoooo May Queen (ep9-10) preview, it’s Kim.Jae.Won, Jae.Hee. Finally! Ok, I would think that could happen in ep10 but still weeeeee!
@10/9/2012 HL ep11, lots of cute OTP scenes. And we all know (kdrama rules) that  that would only mean big storm is surely on the way.  Sure enough, however, the ending (with no preview) made me feel relieved that finally the main conflicts surfaced up though my heart goes to TS, if he’s going to remain in the dark while everybody gets all work up. I hope TS’s prosecutor instincts will help him get out of this giant of a mess. I was a bit disappointed that the writer turned JH around so sudden even though I knew he would have his good share of a hero, right?
@6/9/2012 TTBY ep8, cute TJ, awkward TJ, hero TJ, seriously I could watch these boys goofing all day. I’ve been keeping my silence on Hanna but I can’t help it now, she popped out of nowhere like they needed to give her some screen-time. I think the girl’s acting was a bit too serious for this kind of drama making her character sticking out. I was grinning like an idiot watching the epiosde even though there’s not much going on, and my heart goes to all those teachers who spent time of their lives grooming young boys haha. Thump thump, the sound of my heart beats over EG’s roommate, he’s hot!
@5/9/2012 TTBY ep7, eh…the story was everywhere. I guess it’s more about TJ and EG’s growing attraction on JH? That breaking glass scene was a little too much but I guess I can take anything as long as Min-ho keeps smiling ^^ Also, besides the boys, I think the PD and the writer gone back to highschool too. This k-version might end up having the sweetest hero ever *gasp at the ending*

@4/9/2012 HL ep10, I seriously choked on my drink because of the funny music in the beginning of the episode. The writer sure loves to include drama cliches in every episode, that wiping cream from the lips, and the slack-jawed make over, so hilarious. And what’s with JH and So Ra’s friend this week? Aww, the two wives were so cute together, can TS end up with two wives? They made them all so cute together. The lying-on-the-bed scene was so cute and swoonworthy. The ending, omo, it’s about time So Ra know how much TS feels for her, woohoo! All in all, more angst this week but I’m happy they kept the funny. Six more eps to go. Man, I was at the edge of my seat cuz of Se Na.
@4/9/2012 Omo. Last episode ratings of Faith (AGB Nationwide, Seoul) 9.8, 10.9 and Haeundae Lovers 9.9, 10.5 Wahh….
@3/9/2012 HL ep9, Omoooooo, man, it’s a nice round up how TS picked up how he feels for So Ra. KKW is so cool wearing suits and all, suddenly he turns so hawwttt in my eyes haha. So this is what’s like when you have a prosecutor as a gangster’s boss. KKW made me feel sad and LOL at the same time, the man is good. After all these, it would be so sad when he realizes he’s a married man. Gahhh..and the ending, I knew it!  *swoon*

@1/9/2012 Five Fingers ep5, eh…sorry I think I’m checking out, already In Ha(CSW) cried like crazy, the mom is def crazy, and Ji Ho(JJH)’s hairdo kept bugging me. And things just weren’t hard enough for the viewers, two men had to fall for the same girl? Btw, isn’t she from Bridal Mask? May Queen is also busily setting up a tragic story of its own with two boys by her sides, nop, boys still, hope to see KJW soon so that I can check out of  this one too? Haha…
@31/8/2012 HL ep8, did you hear how TS got that star butt-mark? Man, I couldn’t believe the writer would go this far to make us laugh haha. Oooh, the remaining 8 eps would be fun. I mean TS is a prosecutor, a gangster’s son and a husband of the daughter of an enemy, plus he’s married to another. I can see the writer is having so much fun. For  8 eps, if you couldn’t feel Busan by now, I don’t know what will ^^
@30/8/2012 TTBY ep6, yunno, I’ve never thought I would get excited over high jumping but I did tonight, cheering all the boys (like a good sis should do, ahem). I was grinning from ear to ear for almost one hour straight, Miss Genie shows were hilarious, and either Minho getting cooler or I’m all for cute boy anyway haha. Oooh, I like the scene when TJ teased EG about his girl-girlfriend hee.

@30/8/2012 Arang ep5, ooooh are we in some kind of demon story? Cool, get creepier please ^^ Did I say I luff the Jade Emperor? I did, didn’t I? Is this whole thing just a game of the Jade Emperor? Wah…
@29/8/2012 TTBY ep5, I think the problem is not the boys but the adults (i.e. writer ^^). I have to give TJ some  credits that even though he knew JH is a girl, he gave her such a comfort zone while keeping a watchful eye (instead of freaking out hehe). I like that TJ is changing little by little, he’s kind of growing on me more than anyone. What’s missing from K-version is the friendship between TJ and EG cuz Sano and Nakatsu were fun to watch in J-version. I hope the writer will explore  more on that.
@28/82012 Man, I luff Kim Kang Woo (HL). He never failed to make me laugh each week haha.
@26/8/2012 At this hour, I’m going for the fresh. After two weeks of newly premiered, my heart went thump thump over TTBY the most and now I’m looking forward to ep5. Others were good on their  own but they weren’t able to make me squeal. Next in line is the Jade Emperor hehe(Arang and the Magistrate). As for Five Fingers, will take a long break to breathe, really intense melo, but will come back to check on Ji Ho [spoiler] how he got the biggest shares of the company in the opening, and will brothers get along in the end. I re-watched I don’t think it’s Ji Ho who set the fire.

@23/8/2012 Omo, Nice Guy teaser, SJK kissed? O_O My Yeorim (SKKS), he finally got his own loveline, dark and intense too. Can’t wait!
@23/8/2012 Arang ep4, table has turned, awesome episode, dare I say epic! I didn’t expect this drama to be this good, music/writing/editing/directing/acting were so beautifully executed. I won’t lie, I luff the Jade Emperor the most, no, add the Underworld Lord too haha. They are the real OTP imo ^^ Of course, Arang and the new magistrate are such a fun couple to watch too!
@23/8/2012 TTBY ep4, I think this drama has finally found its footing. Minho’s acting was so much better this week, and when the lead is a hoot, everything just got better. All the boys are doing so well now, and the writing suddenly got  tighter and closer to the original. I’m afraid that this drama has now woken the YAB fangal in me, Tae-jooniiiiii why so cool?!
@22/8/2012 Weeeeee! TTBY ep3, Minhooooooo so cute! I take my word back, oh my, now that he smiled more, thump thump, sound of my heartbeats. I think the drama is getting on the right track, the boys now seemed comfortable in their roles making it such a fun watch. I also got Hana Kimi vibe in this episode which is good, at the same time, the K-version is holding its own very well imo. Now I’m totally hooked and want moRE. This is cool, KTJ, he knew, right? Right?
@21/8/2012 Can’t wait for writer Moon (Can You Hear My Heart) ‘s new project and Micky? Wah…the man’s been moving fast taking all the goods from the industry. HL ep6, NO Preview! Didn’t you see NH’s about to move forward? What’s he gonna do? Well, until next week haha. Sorry peeps, I’m losing faith in Faith, will watch it in batch rather than live, problem is LMH’s acting didn’t surprise me, his character is a great man, good is not enough a powerful/grand acting is needed for this role, will keep my eyes open tho ^^
@20/8/2102 Faith ep3, wake me up when CY decides to take care of his wound *run to hide*
@20/8/2012 HL ep5, [spoiler] buahaha, that Winter Sonata music, what a gag from the writer! I’ve never thought I would laugh this much for a person wakes up with amnesia, kudos to KKW. This episode solidified my love for this drama, yunno, it’s not easy to write the funny and cute yet sad, and some mystery as a garnish. Love!

@19/8/2012 Two eps in, I would say Five Fingers is strangly addictive, with really beautiful instumental pieces. Already, in ep2, In Ha played piano with FIVE FINGERs haha with one hand injured (I know, right?). Ji Ho reminded me of Maru(Can You Hear My Heart), the boy wants the mom’s love even though deep down he knew there’s price he has to pay. Surely the mom will break his heart later and may be even ruin his life, no doubt he set fire in the opening. All in all, I spent my weekend watching the to-be-ship-builder kids(May Queen) and the to-be-genius-pianist kids(Five Fingers) scream and cry. I think  I had enough, will come back when (if) they all grow up ^^
@19/8/2012 May Queen(ep1-2) didn’t really grab my attention except I’ m falling hard for Park Ji Bin as the young Kang San (later KJW), he’s such a bright character. Not really interested in the main girl story, and ,sadly, the ship industry.
@18/8/2012 Five Fingers ep1, yunno, you simply can’t watch a weekend drama without having your eyebrows knitted together, and after the episode ends you just have to untie them wondering how it gotten there. It’s the usual set up; rich/poor boys as brothers, angsty mom/dad but it’s done beautifully using piano scores to establish the tone, as if taking viewers on the musical ride of the ups and downs. What I don’t like is they made bad boy out of In Ha (JCW) from the get-go to the point where I thought, I get it that he’s jealousss of JH(JJH). Can’t wait to see JCW portray the role (though I couldn’t hate him, the good boy just pops up and is good at everything). Episode one left me wanting more of the story, and I doubt the mom’s love of JH was sincere,  I believe she’s the key player here. That said, the opening was awesome, brothers’ piano duet, more on that please ^^
@17/8/2012 Jump on board TTBY, okay, I want to see Tae Joon jump again, and love Jae Hee for her earnest. It’s more serious  than the J-version tonally. The drama embraces hope, dream, friendship and young love all packed in one. I just can’t help smiling with these boys and cheering them on…Dorm2! Dorm2! GJH! KTJ! CEK (haha)!
@16/8/2012 Arang and EO are def for each other, and the Great Jade Emperor (YSH) is def for meeee! They make us giddy over how cute the OTP is only to break them apart later, right? Can we have an ending with a hero having a ghost wife?
@16/8/2012 TTBY ep2, oh man, I already felt sad for the football boy that he wouldn’t get the girl. So far, the pacing was slow but everybody’s acting was ok, the football boy was the most natural one imo (for idols). Only MH that I think he needs to step up a bit, and I was annoyed that the girl got into the boys’ school so easily, also why did they make JH fall down so many times? And I believe guys won’t grab each other by the wrist, no? The ending made me stay on board hehe. I have to say this, for two eps, the editing felt short; it jumped from scene to scene just like that, may be it’s the reason why the story doesn’t flow.

@16/8/2012 HL ep3-4, when TS (KKW) said he’s going crazy, it cracked me up cuz that’s how I felt too haha. The last two eps got right down silly but I just can’t break up with KKW, his acting/energy amazed me and I ended up wanting more of him. As for So Ra, she’s too naive for my liking but her moments with her dad were touching. Even though the writing wasn’t that strong, there were lots of hearts in this drama that I’m willing to stay on to the end.
@15/8/2012 Saw another Five Fingers trailer on SBS, dun dun just a glimpse of JJH and that’s it for me. See you this weekend FF!
@15/8/2012 Forgot to mention, it’s YSHoooooo (cameo) in Arang ep1, how I wish he could be the main cast TT_TT He’s always awesome in sageuk.
@15/8/2012 Humm….TTBY ep1, it’s as good as it can be for this kind of story. I loved the school doctor and the football boy. MH was a little stiff imo but I felt his potential. The problem is CSR, all I could see is a girl not a girl dressed as a boy, and that made a whole lot different. I’m a fan of Hana Kimi, so far the K-version didn’t disappoint me. There were depth in TJ’s story that I feel comfortable to stay on board for now. All in all, for this many idols, I think it’s good enough. However, in terms of ratings, it  def will be hard to compete against Arang and Bridal Mask.

@15/8/2012 A solid episode 1 from Arang, what a performance from LJK and hats off to SMA as a cute sageuk ghost ever. The dynamics between the leads and of  the supporting cast were so good. I was surprised how well the drama was executed and it’s only ep1, the music, the editing/directing were good, and this is how ,imo, CG was used in an effective way (whereas CG in Faith didn’t impress me much) and just right for each scene. What a fun story from the get-go! Love, love.
@14/8/2012 Why am I a little giddy waiting for JJH in Five Fingers?
@14/8/2012 YES! Faith ep2, epic! Love, love. Oh wah…great twists, great conflicts, and I foresee an epic love story. Finally, the music gets in line with the framing, everything felt better and oomooo LMH was awesome and hawtttt!  Yeah!   *giddy gal dancing* (and for HL ep4 [spoiler], an expected twist happened at the end).

@13/8/2012 Faith ep1, first, I was hoping to hear LMH do sageuk talk (I think he didn’t, oh well), didn’t expect this much CG in the first ep, it’s cool but at some point cheesy? It’s not as epic as I thought it would be, and LMH’s hotness didn’t work on me tonight. The female lead was kind of too loud. I’m not sure what the writer was thinking but overall tone was quite a mess (with respect to LMH’s fans), or it could be the directing/editing . I was thinking Lord of the Rings + Dr. Jin + Batman (and I did switch to KBS2 for breezy Busan, boy, KKW was totally on something haha). Hope ep2 will put everything into place but why am I still worried about this show?
@11/8/2012 If you love watching kdrama LIVE, here’s math for you next week; (Mon-Tue) Haeundae Lovers or Faith, (Wed-Thu)To the Beautiful You or Arang. And for weekend drama, (Sat-Sun) May Queen or Five Fingers. My suggestion is, split screeen into two for each channel, and have one eye/ear on each, this way you save your time and your soul *crazy laugh*
@10/8/2012 Buahaha…the good news is I’ve found a drama that I enjoyed after Ghost. It’s Haeundae Lovers. Ep 1-2 were promising for a rom-com, KKW’s comic timing was kick in the butt; you don’t know to laugh or cry because he’s so freaking hilarious when he thinks he’s serious, can’t wait for the amnesia to kick in haha. Now the bad news is the first one out of the new batch and I’m hooked, what to do with the rest? T_T To the Beautiful Faith, it’s Arang with Five Fingers and May Queen that is a Nice Guy?
@9/8/2012 Ghost ep20 [Might contain spoiler, and I missed some details in the beginning of the ep due to the show aired earlier today] Aww, I’ve never thought a crime/investigation drama could have such a beautiful ending, the kind that tugs at  your heart and makes you feel proud that justice has been done. Ghost ep20 (final) surprised me with how dramatic it can be when a cop and a culprit sit for a decent talk, recalling all the incidents happened. It’s like they guided the viewers through their reasons/logics of how/why they did what we had experienced for the whole 20 episodes. I’m satisfied with HM’s story and he managed to make me love him even with all the killings. I also admired the writer for not leaving things unexplained, tiny details were picked up very nicely. The ending scenes of  the cyber team were cool (specially Hades). It brought me hope and joy that good cops stay good. It’s been a long time I felt completed after the final episode, and for once the ID-swap concluded realistically and neat. Kudos to the writer, and the two leads on both sides, SJS and UKJ, these two made the show alive, and to the cyber team, the mad cow and his buddy, the reporter, and KM. If I have to nitpick, it would be KM, she could have spiced her character up a bit, though her acting was acceptable. All in all, I’m feeling good and already missing the show. It’s good that I have To the Beautiful You to look forward to , the cross-dressing, bring it on!

@8/8/2012 Didn’t I tell you I’m ready for To the Beautiful You starting next week? Weee! Just Cute boys, oh no, you get in line behind meee!
@8/8/2012 Whoa…Ghost ep19, what a face-off! Couldn’t sit still for the whole hour. From the preview of tomorrow, couldn’t guess who will win or lose, both sides took turn to get panic. I have to say I love the cyber teammates, including the stiff newbie. He was so stiff in every episode that I gave up and loved him anyway hehe. In this episode, turned out screen time was shared among the cast equally that I wanted more of SJS and UKJ. And I guess it’s too late for any romance now T_T

@8/8/2012 Ghost ep19 tonight! Right? Am I right? Woo hoo!
@29/7/2012 Ghost ep 18, what a cliffhanger! And Olympics! After 18 eps, I would say a well-written drama. It seems the writer planned well ahead, and flashbacks has been used to remind us layers of fact effectively. Flashbacks of KY and WH resonates the drama title, Ghost, very nicely. That said, with this kind of story, it’s really up to the last two episodes to either make or break hours we spent from ep1. From ep18, it looks like the wrap up has already been well thought of, and there were hints KY might not survive or he may choose to terminate himself? Cute moments between mad cow and the reporter were totally unexpected(in a good way). For the last 3 eps, some undertoned romance between the leads was hinted, with sad song in the background which suggested a sad ending? I wouldn’t mind a romance-free drama, just that SJS can be awesomely sweet with romance scene that I feel his talent hasn’t been explored to the full extent. I’m now hoping for a great wrap up of KY/HM, hopefully something to show us that they are both great hackers. Thanks to Ghost, I’m no longer trust my own laptop or any computer related things. We are no longer have so called privacy from day one we decided to get on-line.
@29/7/2012 *Head bang desk* Anyone was disappointed with the shower scene of SJS in Ghost ep 17? I mean why he had to wear a robe…whyyyyyyy?
@28/7/2012 Saw the trailers, getting reaaally excited for  To the Beautiful You!
@28/7/2012 Trying to catch up with Ghost (currently on ep16), the writer sure loved to have KM chase after the suspect haha, and omo SJS in black! Can’t they give us a little romance? TT_TT

@26/7/2012 Big’s endiiiing……eh……..
@19/7/2012 Faith, Aug 13, my beloved PD from Legend and my LMH, a little weird outfits, but omo the music! Can’t. Wait.
@18/7/2012 To the Beautiful You, Aug 8, as a Hana Kimi fan, I’m excited! BTW, after long thought, I’m now a Samsung Galaxy Note owner purely cuz of Kdrama, can you believe that? TT_TT
@9/7/2012 Short trip (again). Hellooo Hong Kong, busy busy, rain/cloudy/sunny/ hot ^^
@6/7/2012 I wasn’t particularly excited about new SJK drama, Nice Guy, until I heard the writer’s previous work is Will It Snow for Christmas! I’ve been missing her work and will probably dive in deep with this one (with Kleenex box in hand, of course). Who did not shed tears for Go Soo in WISFC? I hope SJK will pull it off just as good or better ^^
@5/7/2012 Ghost ep12, Nooooos! Who??? Drama, you can’t just end the episode like this! As soon as this drama crossed the half-line, the death toll keeps rising and that makes sense too. I didn’t know SJS is this good, his eyes’ expressions could change from shock to smile to anger within seconds, soo good this drama. Gahh…who??? Tell meeeee nowwwwww…….
@4/7/2012 Ghost ep11! See it people! It’s sooo good, effective flashbacks, the dead becomes the hero, backstory on the ghost, and the ending! So cool how the writer kept playing with our minds using facts/ flashbacks, and at the same time moving the main plot by the team investigated the team! Wah….I didn’t want the episode to end….how can a dead man come back in flashbacks and make me love him more? Strange as it is, SJS is so good that he’s made me believe that he’s really KY and seconds later made me feel WH, same face but  in a very quiet way different, that no one could not notice. Love love. I didn’t think I would say this but Mad Cow, pls stay alive to the end, you are getting cooler ^^
@2/7/2012 *Busy mode unlocked* Darnit !Darnit! Ghost ep 10! The story is getting to feel so real that the ‘Ghost’ is behind everything and everyone as we see the real culprit lurking in the background. It’s getting to the point where I’m not sure who’s telling the truth or lying and I don’t feel anyone could be trusted including Ki-young. If KY turns around on us in the end, wouldn’t it be cool? Wahh…cool writing! *busy mode relocked*
@22/6/2012 The more I watched Ghost, the more my admiration meter on the writer went up. Love ep7-8, the high school case. This is my first ever on K-crime/investigation drama that I didn’t cringe and am totally hooked. The way the writer revealed/followed up on the main plot along with an individual case each week was surprisingly intense yet refreshing, not to mention a gorgeous hacker Gi-young (aka SJS) which I would welcome him to hack my computer anytime hee. Didn’t know a man in front of a laptop could be so smexy *fanning self*
@21/6/2012 *Gulp* SJS’s new short haircut, sizzling hawttttt or whattt? Ghost keeps getting better and the OST (instrumental one) played during the intense scenes was very nice, love it!
@19/6/2012 I adore Suzy haha…
@18/6/2012 Eeep! Anyone interested in Moon/Sun D-cut Eng-sub, is now accepting preorder! Whoa…D-cut !
@14/6/2012 Awesome ep! Ghost ep6! Revelations, back story on GY and WH, more Daniel Choi, so cute. Why am I feeling Daniel Choi is the hero here? Dun dun the ending with no preview, now now it’s fun when GY and HM were equally clever, if only SJS could smile more….
@13/6/2012 I was a little giddy in the beginning of Ghost ep5, why? When SJS talked to UKJ, the camera would turn back and forth between two faces, when SJS smiled I smiled, when UKJ smiled I smiled too, didn’t pay attention to what they were talking at all. And that darn song annoyed me to no end, “….sing once again with me….the Phannnn-tom of the Opera is hereeeee….” Gah…please dear writer, stop it right now!
@13/6/2012 Having watched BIG for 4 eps, I have to be honest that I’m not quite happy. There has to be sth for me to root for for the drama to hook me. I asked myself  “What (or where) is the storyline? What is the point of the drama?” other than the cute stuffs with the swap-body thing.  I agree GY is doing a good job showing the kid side (tho not quite connect with the cool KJ imo), and the doc side, and I really appreciate his efforts. The thing is I’m not comfortable rooting for KJ/teacher pair, and to root for YJ/teacher, I’m not seeing him enough plus the second lead gal’s story was all too familiar. I’m also not excited if the boy falls for his teacher or vice versa, or if MR falls for the wake-up YJ in KJ’s body, or later they all get broken-hearted, or they all grow up and move on with their kid/adult lives. So I decided to wait on this one, for now, at least until a new interesting development comes up and excited me i.e. YJ is really YJ in his body but acts like KJ? Or KJ turns around and stalks MR hehe. I really hope LMJ would enhance her character more, when one important lead doesn’t make you love her, then you don’t really want to know who she will end up with. May be it’s too soon to decide, but my years on Kdrama makes me a bit impatient, and I guess that’s just me ^^ Also, why in the world the teacher is busying taking care of the kid when her real love is in the hospital unconscious? She knows all too clear that that man is not her boyfriend.
@11/6/2012 Big ep3 (spoilers) OMG I luff ZUZY! She brought life into the show, what a cool gal! Her acting improved a lot from DH. I love Zuzy with GY, amazing chemistry. Oh dear LMJ, I couldn’t love her character just yet, not sure it’s her acting or her character. I love love the flashbacks of YJ’s love at first sight, so cute, making me hope the guy is truly in love with her after all. From this ep, I think I foresee the pairings, YJ/DR and MR/KJ at the end? Can’t wait to see KJ( in YJ) get jealous of MR (Zuzy). Haha, laughed a lot cuz of GY and Zuzy. Gah..the Phantom of the Opera song, are the Hong Sisters making fun of Ghost? Heard the song, it just cracked me up.
@9/6/2012 What to do? Can’t look at a necktie the same way anymore, kept thinking ‘The purpose of a necktie’  and BD’s voice would pop up in my head gah….
@7/6/2012 OMG, I just found this, “A Minute Explosion Scene in ‘Ghost’ Costs about 200 Million Korean Won (~ USD $175,000) to produce.”—OMG.
Now that I’ve calmed down a bit from QIHM, Ghost ep4, this drama never failed to keep you on your toes all the way through. And finally we saw a glimpse of WH’s heart before he died. And I’m in love with both versions! Bonus is, WH(GY)’s flashback would be Danial Choi, isn’t that cool or what? Two hotties into one bullet hehe. One thing tho, The Phantom of the Opera’s music would never feel the same for me, at first it’s annoyingly cheesy but in this ep, it managed to freak me out! Now where is Uhm Ki Joon? Oof, he’s here at the end, yes! SJS vs UKJ, heated up my screen ^^
@7/6/2012 [Spoilers] Awwwwwwwww……QIHM ep16(final), I was literally biting nail watching the episode. It really felt like the writer slapped me repeatedly with the necktie, couldn’t believe I would go up and down with just one darn necktie! Tbh, was a bit disappointed in the beginning cuz it felt a bit draggy or it could be my heart wanted to know the real thing already. All in all, thanks to the writer, the cast and crew, it’s been an awesome ride for me from the beginning till the end. HJ and BD’s love story shall truly stay in my memory for a long long time. A Classic piece of a time-travel story imo. Not sure any time-travel story could top this one. My heart was really with both of them tonight, cheering them on, and it’s not good for your health really with this kind of drama. Now I need to go and have a string of pasta and think of Kim Boong Do ^^
@6/6/2012 Team Ghost, am smitten by SJS’s eyes. I know the risk of having a bad ending based on ‘Sign’, but as soon as SJS looked straight into my eyes, I knew I have to go through with it ^_^ Can he be the real master-mind behind all these? Who would want to use the internet after watching this show?
@6/6/2012 [No spoiler] QIHM ep15, not gonna give any spoilers at this point, a good episode as always. This drama, so far, has broken the record of providing such a high qualitty script from ep 1 to 15 nonstop *sigh* I shall miss my dear scholar Kim Boong-do.

@6/6/2012 Finished BIG ep2, not sure how to feel about this drama, 2 freaking eps and the doc didn’t wake up (he will, right?). Thought gonna see zuzy but not. I didn’t feel the young soul in GY’s acting just yet, the real doc is also a mystery, different than other Hong Sis(s) dramas. Will wait until the other guy wake up and see which way the story go, also, hope LMJ will get herself together and be a stronger lead. Could it be that the real doc’s soul is also in the body simultaneously with the boy? Yeah, sounds crazy, then who will be the OTP? *scratch head* And I thought the time-travel confused me enough.
@6/6/2012 Finished BIG ep1, oh-oooo! Hong Sis’s signatures were everywhere. This year has been tough for me ^^ I’ve been dealing with three time-travellers (and one more ‘general’ (aka Faith) is on the way) and now the swap-body thing. Gotta say I loved the boy more than the cold doctor atm, the chemistry with his teacher was great and hope GY would be able to pull that off just as good. I haven’t seen much yet about the doc so the boy portrayed the doc would be easier. Lots happened in one ep which is another thing of the Hong Sis drama ^^ And oh what a way to *gulp* zzzZ…GY’s chest, etc…
@6/6/2012 Weeee! It’s finally Wed, QIHM’s finale week! Ahem..I know *roll eyes* I should check out ‘BIG’. In fact, both  eps are in my laptop, I just need to click on it. Right?
@3/6/2012 Wah..Ghost ep2, what the….can I say I loved DC more than the expressionless SJS? Is it possible, that kind of operation? Even the voice? Who is Mr.Phantom?? I’m sorry I laughed (as a fan of Phantom of the Opera) when the music came on at the end. [Major spoiler] So are we going to keep seeing two faces in one or what? If you know what I mean. Really hope SJS would crack a smile at least once in an episode ^^
@2/6/2012 Checked ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ (3eps), had a good laugh.
The ajussi-4 were fun to watch, kind of like Do-jin(JDG). He reminds me of HB’s character in Secret Garden. But I really had a hard time with KHN (as Yi-soo), overacting? Her acting felt forced. And tbh I don’t like the make up in this drama. It made everyone look quite old. Not sure how the writer will fill in 20eps. It seems too long for this kind of story.
@1/6/2012 Yep, I survived the ending of FK. Good thing I had QIHM ep11on repeat. Saw most of the newly premiered, not really into them yet, tho it’s too early to tell. My mind is on next Wed, QIHM last two eps, so can’t concentrate on other dramas right now hehe ^^
@21/5/2012 Will take a vacation from tomorrow, and won’t be able to watch any dramas during the time. Hope you all have fun with RTP, K2H and others that will end this week. Aww…I shall miss Kim Bong Do!
@21/5/2012 FK ep19, eh…hum…this writer is obsessed with using violence when it’s clearly unnecessary. At this point, I don’t see why two men chasing after GY. She didn’t even make me love her. I really ship YG/JH now, so hawttt (aww). Did you guy see JH push YG against the wall? *gulp*
@17/5/2012 QIHM ep10, I was like ‘dear PD, I don’t care how, just give that talisman back to BD already’ And he did. So romantic when he got back in the modern time and started running…….
LOL, if my friend cries over a guy from 300 yrs ago, and reads the annals when she misses him, I would question myself how to handle her too haha. YIN is really cute in this role.
@17/5/2012 RTP ep18, *pulling hair* Buahaha…why am I still here? Micky, of course, Micky, of course ><! The ending scene and the music were very well played, clever way to take us back to Joseon’s case without going back to Joseon  *dream of the prince in sageuk garb myself*
@16/5/2012 RTP ep17, I really really miss the Joseon part. QIHM ep9, be warned, just watch, do not try to think cuz it might hurt your brain. This drama has really good editing peeps or else it would turn out really confusing with all the time zone and the cutting into CFs.
@16/5/2012 TODAY is…Wed! Yeah…RTP then QIHM continuously! After RTP finishes, you can tune in TvN for QIHM. You can use Solive to watch TvN live, just use Google Chrome (for translations), DL the program (I tried Mirror4) , and register with your email, password then you will need to confirm the email sent to you, then you are on. Have a lovely time watching! (Take the usual precautions when DL) Also for main station dramas, try for dramas with live subtitles.
@15/5/2012 FK ep18, can I just say I loved every JH/YG scene? Haha. At this rate, I think both Anna and GY should stay put and let the boys take care of their own issues, cuz any move from Anna or GY would only mean betrayal. I don’t think YG trust Anna at all, this guy is too clever. Man, why did the writer do this to JH’s character? For 18eps, the writer kept him in circle. Felt like there’s more to YG’s plan, just have to wait, may be his plan will benefit  everyone ^^
@14/5/2012 FK ep17, phew! almost dumped GY on spot when she let JH put a necklace around her neck like a doll. She was that close to a two-timing gal in my book. Her brave decision saved her character tho. I hope Anna wouldn’t  fall for Madam Jo’s scheme, a good chance to redeem her character. Fingers crossed on the rest three eps, a decent ending p-please!
@13/5/2012 It’s time to fasten our seat belts again for FK ep17 tomorrow. I reserve my rights to stay silent after it aired if errgh! happens….^^
@10/5/2012 QIHM ep8, no spoiler, what a romantic yet sad drama of kdrama history. The way they integrated the history into the time-travelled story, so far, was awesome and unique. When they gave us such sweet scenes, we should all know that the mishaps are def looming ahead. And are they going to end it in just 16 eps? The story could go longer than that. And where can I acquire a charming  Sungkyunkwan scholar like BD? Someone should give me a talisman, and I shall start chanting……
@10/5/2012 RTP ep16 [spoiler],  *swoon* Micky wearing glasses and he’s so sweeet with PH. It’s good that the parting didn’t last long, and the story went by so fast now. The new plot introduced working well in this episode, even without the Joseon part, the plot would still be entertaining. Micky portrayed the real TY very well and he changed speech when back to LG. His acting was smooth in this ep that it didn’t make me confuse. Kudos to Micky. Boy, LTS is also good at being the villian.
@9/5/2012 Seriously, that kiss(es) last night from FKep16 stayed in my brain the whole day! I was wearing red slacks with blue jean jacket today, not that I thought of YAI in FK ^_^  No man ever hit it well with such odd color-mixed like he did.
@9/5/2012 RTP ep15, omo…did the green man say oh my gaddd? Haha. LG and PH were so cute; he’s always with her now. But the fading thing really scary, right? I think this drama is running out of budget cuz they wouldn’t film more the sageuk part, kept giving us the same scenes again and again. What works for me in this drama are the cute leads, the ducklings, and Micky’s smiles. As soon as the episode began, I saw Micky’s smiling face and I realized that is all I need. I did watch it live, just after that was trying to catch on QIHM ep7, which aired after. Oh my,  Boong Do was so sweet, I squealed.

@8/5/2012 FK ep16 [spoiler] I should have kept a cushion on desk, jaw’s dropped at the beginning, was it 1 min or more of that eh..that? This is the first episode that I think the writer went  too far with the lovelines! I’ve been defending this drama for a while, but this ep really disappointed me (round and round we go). What ‘s with JH/Anna? Why tried to seperate two people who are in love and hurt themselves along the way? And YG turned 180 degrees was a little hard to digest in one hour. As a viewer, everything went by so fast that I didn’t have time to enjoy. I have the right to enjoy the drama right? Writer?  And if GY goes back to JH again for the sake of YG next week, I will be so mad.  Not sure who should I feel sad for? JH did the wrong thing by forcing them apart, I really think, at this point, part of it he wants GY so bad but part of it is all about YG. I want it to end already. Does anybody think about dying, killiing, committing suicide or sth along that line at the end? *shudders* I think both ships sank tonight, seriously!
@7/5/2012 FK ep15 *hug pillow with joy* Wahh…everything is falling into place now, boys’ deal revealed, the past revealed, this drama goes by fast with the blink of an eye in every episode. I want to poke YG’s head; if he loves her that much, why can’t he say so? Looks like FK is getting back on track (I hope). Why can’t the writer give Anna some character development? Poor her. Hey, the ending gave me hope that my ship would not sink, and it’s not that YG and GY sneaked away, it’s fateeee hahaha…..
@6/5/2012 Preparing to fight the odd of FK-ep15/16. A cushion on desk  to bang my head on, just in case.
@5/5/2012 Did anyone marathon QIHM like me? Six eps within one night. Well, why not? It’s sooo good. It’s all I was hoping for in RTP. And repeated the library scene too *swoon* The guy is hawttt!
@4/5/2012 Wah…watched Queen In-hyun’s Man ep1 and love it! What a fancy editing and color palette, tho the split-screen thingy was overused a bit, hurt my eyes at some point. But the overall tone was engaging and refreshing, love the Joseon era more. Love the moment he ended up in 2012, he observed quietly before he could say a thing, and all the noise was quiet down creating such a nice effect on the viewer. Well, on to the next  now ^_^

@3/5/2012 Eh…I’m half way of recapping FK ep9, sorry to say that I really had a hard time how Jae-hyuk manipulated Ga-young’s mind to his own benefits that I had to stop. Not sure when I will pick it up again. I’m aware there’re lots of JH’s fans out there but if you listen to him word by word continuously like what I was doing, may be you might love him less. I truly believe he feels for Ga-young but there’s always that wanting her talent for his business and stepping on YG hidden underneath his smiling face. And Ga-young appalled me with her indecisiveness both with YG and JH.  That said, I’m enjoying this drama a lot and will follow to the end. The writer created such complex characters that intrigued me where their lives will turn out at the end. All the drama/angst that happened, so far, were reasonable to me where business/money is at stake. All the twists and turns were fun to watch because the acting/directing and execution were good. And because all the recent episodes have come out already with subs, so there should be no problem finding the rest of the story. This is the first drama this year that inspired me to recap 8 episodes straight , and really enjoyed doing it. Not saying I will not complete 20eps, just that it might not come out in a timely manner ^_^
@3/5/2012 RTP ep14, *sigh* I’m not sure why the writer stalled the plot for 14eps, if it had come sooner, I would be more excited. Anyway, it’s nice that the prince finally is able to connect the dots. I hope to see more of Bu-yong’s story with the prince in Joseon, that we haven’t seen yet. Or else how could he conclude the murder? If the writer gives me more on that, I will forgive her for making me wait this long and endure the grandma. I’m sorry to say it’s not the drama I was looking forward to at the beginning, but I do hope all will be well with PH and the prince in the end. I will def miss the ducklings (specially the green man) ^^
@2/5/2012[spoiler] RTP ep13, So more misunderstandings between the leads, from Mon (FK) thru today (RTP) for me this week, I need a ticket to NY too to rest my brain a bit. Though I’m not sure why they all went to NY. Though I love the cute moment between Park-ha and LG, I would love it more if the story moved faster, get it all out already! And I’m so glad they made up very quickly. But what I want to know is, what TM did to (my) real Tae-young? I so want him to meet Park-ha.
Is it just me? The editing seemed odd. It was like LG jumped from here to there with his supernatural or something, but I got to say Micky was so cute with his eyes sparkling. So, draggy or not, it was alright hehe.
@1/5/2012 FK ep14, Ackkk! Have to wait another week! I must admit that this is not an ordinary drama, you can’t guess what will happen next. Being the main leads doesn’t mean that they are good persons. And Ga-young is such a mess now that I want Young-gul to teach her some lesson. I expect very intense six remaining episodes from this writer. Already today’s ep, the story went by fast and I like that time was fast forward by everybody was back doing his/her best at work, and Young-gul successfully established his business. Will we see Jae-hyuk’s (or J Fashion?)down fall next? Wah….

@30/4/2012 FK ep13, *head bang desk* I so love it! Buahaha…that’s Young-gul my man! First time really feel uncomfortable with the heroine and want her to just stay away wahh…a good twist!
@28/4/2012 Mission impossible : FK ep13 preview  kyaaah~ Not yet?
@26/4/2012 Humm…RTP ep12, I think the writer wrote the episode when she’s a little drunk because she  turned the prince into a frog, how could he not recognize Bu-yong right in front of him? Gah…and grandma, I gave up on you and your company. The last scene stired me awake hehe *sigh*  Just 8 eps more, and still no sign of Micky in sageuk garb TT_TT
@25/4/2012 Wahhh….thumps up for RTP ep11! Less angst and more to the main story, I hope it will get better and better! Micky did a great job in this episode, he showed the authority of The Crown Prince in every words he talked to Park-ha, so much so, that I felt he’s wearing sageuk garb talking to his lady in court. Love love!
@24/4/2012 FK-ep12, Am I seeing fan-service scenes for JH’s shipper tonight? The writer kept tossing the girl between two men, I think the real OTP is Young-gul and Jae-hyuk haha…just like JH said, it’s the problem between a man and a man. But I won’t lie, I want to see JH get beaten up by YG the way he suffocated the poor like they were worthless, sorry for the fans, just sayin ^^

@23/4/2012 Eh…Seaweed soup plus cooking, plus a designed dress by Yoo Ah-in (FK-ep11) on my birthday please!  ^^
@23/4/2012 Wahhh…..Fashion King ep11, what a roller coaster!  Love love all the twists and turns, love Young-gul in this episode, his character is starting to shine whereas Jae-hyuk is showing his true color!
@23/4/2012 If Tomorrow Comes has ended with the total of 51 eps. All in all, a nice family drama with good writing. The ending rounded up to the opening scene in ep1 which I loved. The one who should be punished, was punished. The mom and the daughter’s bonding was never broken through out the series long. The Mom and daughter got their own story of a happy ending, and when the daughter hugged her mom at the end and said, I love, the scene completed the whole series for me *sob*

@19/4/2012 Wahh…now that’s what I’m talking about! RTP ep 10 love the ending Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
@19/4/2012 Two doses of the Prince on the roof tonight ^^  Wee..ep10 is coming up.
@19/4/2012 Omo..some fierce arguments are going on regarding YG and JH (Fashion King)’s business ethics and moral codes whether they deserve the girl..haha..I still believe there’s something behind YG’s decision that he did it all for her….ep11 pls come fast! Seriously, in the dept store, I thought of  Young Young Apparel. Dear Yoo Ah-in, if I stay true to Fashion King till the end, you’d better give me a rom-com or be a decent king or a nice gentleman in your next project. Something I can beam with pride watching you, deal?
@18/4/2012 RTP ep8, buahaha the Rooftop Palace. I’m sorry but I really really didn’t like the ending. It’s out of nowhere coming from grandma. The thing is, each week the story has been fun but never really fulfilled my expectation in a big picture, don’t know why.
@17/4/2012 Fashion King ep10, gahhh….the ending, nooo! One more week to know what will happen!  It’s halfway of the drama and Young-gul is still as stubborn and rude as ever TT_TT
@16/4/2012 Fashion King ep9, I’m giving up guessing what will happen next with Young/Young. There were so many conflicts between the leads. Each lead has so many layers, and they all hidden their true feelings/motives underneath their smiles. The writing reflected the human nature and the competitive industry very nicely.

@14/4/2012 Omo..the trailer of Tasty Life, the new weekend drama that will be replacing If Tomorrow Comes on SBS is looking good.
@12/4/2012 Rooftop Prince ep7 was cute and fun, but sad that the Prince was willing to stay faithful to his dead wife. Man, is this called two-timing from the Joseon Crown Prince? (Sad though only one episode tonight.)
@10/4/2012  Oh man, Fashion King ep8, I’m in loveeeee! Felt like watching the Godfather, and Yoo Ah-in nailed every scene, also his sample fashion shooting OMaaaaaaaa *peel me off floor*
@4/4/2012 Rooftop Prince ep5, apart from that cracking ketchup nobleman, I kept wishing the Prince and Park Ha would fall from the roof back to sageuk land, or  after that photo snap shots that surely will be used in sageuk time. I missssss the sageuk time. I will be honest that my eyes followed LTS every move, he’s hawttt. And the green man-the brain caught my attention too. Micky needs to step up, it felt like he was in/out of his character, resulting in an unbalanced cast. And I’m not sure I like where the story is heading.
@3/4/2012 Love Rain ep4, and I thought I would feel better with JGS’s hair in the present time story *sigh* Finally the turtle speed, the past part ended to my relief…but then eh…the first encounter of the present day couple, when the voice of JGS started counting 1.2.3 that scared the hell out of me. Please no flashback of the past love story, p-please!
@3/4/2012 Fashion King ep6, thumps up for Lee Je Hoon, his range of emotions was amazing. Loved that more to fashion this episode, I seriously laughed at ‘Young Young’ but it’s understandable. Young-gul and Ga-young’s bickering was fun, but the next week preview! Nooo! The thing about 20-ep drama is that you can’t guess what will happen next because there are 14 more eps to go.

@2/4/2012 Love Rain ep3, buahaha…it’s a drama that made me want to shake my screen hoping the leads would move/talk faster, but once I settled myself with this PD, it’s alright only JGS’s hair gotten on my nerve. Now that the preview showed the main leads in present day  i.e. JGS with earrings, I’m getting excited to see how the story will be unfolded. It really felt like a movie that would end in two hours, only it’s not.
@2/4/2012 Fashion King ep5, eh…dear writer, I understand that bruised faces of the two leads equal hardships to succeed, but to go on walking and talking with those faces is ridiculous. Makjang elements started kicking in, but darnit, Ah-in and the second lead guy were so awesome whenever they were together! Can’t wait till the four become one team heck of designers! They will become one, right?
@31/3/2012  Omoooo…out of the new premiered OMG Yoo Ah-in from Fashion King! Impressive! Also, Love Rain a little slow, brought back memories of Winter Sonata, something quite charming from JGS.
@29/3/2012 Checked Operation Proposal (Final ep), I didn’t follow along every episode, judging only by  the finale, the K-version was sweet and fulfilled but it didn’t give me that wonderful feeling I had with the J-version. May be it’s just me, there was something not quite there between the leads. [spoiler] the twist towards the end destroyed the beauty of the original imo, yep, maybe it’s just me.
@29/3/2012 [spoiler]Rooftop Prince ep4, wow…unexpected twists/turns, kept me on my toes! This drama has been doing a great job mixing a little of makjang/comical/sadness, all wrapped in one hour. One minute I was laughing like crazy (thanks to the costume Panda dances), then before I could stop laughing, the next scene gave me heart-wenching feels. Of course, I think the prince might try to be Tae-yong, wouldn’t that give us more hilarious thoughts on the future episodes? Love how they connected the past and the present with the right touch of music and editing. Love the episode!
@28/3/2012 Rooftop Prince ep3, what a sweet and refreshing drama. Every time the prince cried for his wife, my heart skipped a beat. Micky has been doing a very good job as the Crown Prince deeply in love with his wife. Though there were lots of laugh-out-loud scenes, there were also some sentimental moments that kept you wonder what it’s like to be in a strange place trying to find your lost loved one. The cast are solid, LTS is good and strong, love the green man (he’s shining next to the prince), I hope everyone will encounter his own crush.  I didn’t expect a date of the main couple this soon so I suspect the flashbacks of all these will tone down the prince’s love of his wife later on. Can’t wait when they all go back to the old time, and the story that will be unfolded about the murder/ or accident (?). Love love so far. Love every character. It’s fun to hear Micky doing the sageuk talk while hitting a jean jacket and the (prince) boots, haha.
@26/3/2012 Wahh…checked Rooftop Prince ep1-2, gotta say interesting set up in ep1, loved all the sageuk time. And Micky surprised me with his acting, he keeps getting better. I’m on board for now.  Also, been real busy this time around ^_^
@15/3/2012 *Beaming* Moon/Sun ep20, [spoiler] buahaha laughed so hard cuz of HS’s solo. Love that the writer gave us enough of the cute moments which is quite rare in a sageuk drama. I didn’t pay much attention to the tragic death of everyone, but  fully alerted during the wedding night scene, it was cute the mirroring of the previous scene, And oomo…don’t cha think KSH’s kiss at the end was quite hawtt and eh…more professional? Can’t say it was a great ending but the story ended just as beautiful as it begun, a love story, a sageuk fairy tales.
@14/3/2012  Omo..Moon/Sun ep19, whaaat? Granny queen? Seol? Buahaha, I seriously almost dropped my iPad feeling so sleepy ^^
@8/3/2012 Currently hibernating in a den waiting for Moon/Sun finale. Then will follow The Crown Prince Lee-gak (aka Yoochun, Rooftop Prince) back 300 years to Seoul haha.
@1/3/2012 Moon/Sun ep18, best ever gotta be Crown Prince Hwon scolded at King Hwon. Man, I would cry buckets like Hwon too if my sis did that. Even if it wasn’t her intention at the time, but the knowing all these years, happily gotten what she wanted while her brother, her husband and YW have been silently crying all these years, is too much to simply forgive her. And is there a possibility that both brothers will sacrifice themselves, even the throne? And I really really want that royal gift wrapped up with the king inside, these two were just kids when they are together. Truthfully, I don’t care much of how they will right the wrong, just give me a happy ending that make me grin from ear to ear, I will be satisfied.’s indeed a lovely day cuz granny queen collapsed buahaha *KSH’s kingly laugh*
@29/2/2012 Moon/Sun ep17, [big spoiler] *swoon* two kisses in one ep were quite a record, I was beaming from ear to ear. Also, I gave up trying to make any sense and will just go by ‘just a love story’ from now. It’s for my sanity that the writing didn’t do justice to Hwon’s character at all. But the cuteness was back tonight, the bickering was cute enough for me to hang on for another 3eps. And KSH did swordfightings too O_O  *gulps*  The editing help that after I brinked he was done with the fight hehe. Ga-in disappointed me a bit, she could have expressed more in the reunion scene (supposed to be the climax of the drama, right?) And Seol finally revealed herself to Yeom. Now that grandma queen stepped up the game, either YW or the princess, hopefully Hwon will be able to take care of his granny this time, after all the drama is about to end soon. I still couldn’t see YM in the picture, but he will surely help putting things back into place, I hope. Also, love that YW told YM to let go, jeez it’s about time!
@27/2/2012 Checked Feast of the Gods ep6, I’m in trouble, personally I think Fermentation Family got prettier cuisine but storywise, Feast is more addictive (though due to makjang elements). But the problem is two guys were equally HOT! Do Yoon (Lee Sang Woo) was hot with his stern face, while Jae Ha (Joo Sang Wook) has such expressive eyes, now who will get the girl (Sung Yu Ri)? Whooooo? seemed tragic either way. This one slated for 32 eps on MBC ^^
@26/02/2012 Omg..just realize..interesting new dramas will premiere in March; Rooftop Prince, King 2 Hearts and Fashion King. Someone is going to be happy that  Yoo Ah-in is coming back to the small screen huhu….
@26/02/2012 Just when I started to grow attach to the place, I have to move again. You know, the stage of packing and unpacking has become one of  my expertise now *sigh* But I def will put everything down and sit in front of my laptop come Wed for Moon/Sun ^_^ That preview is about time to go on air, right?
@24/02/2012 Can I just say, I’m still feeling sad for Hwon up to now? I mean the guy has been suffered cuz of his bride’s death to the point he couldn’t breathe hearing her name, and YM’s accusation eight years ago stayed fresh in his mind. And now this, he was harsh with Wol because he tried  so hard to move on, only to realize that it’s YW all along *sob* My heart reaches out to Hwon, that he will find a way to forgive himself for all the things happened in YW’s life.
@23/02/2012 Moon/Sun ep16, the ending was so sad, and KSH nailed the scene perfectly. It should hurt that much when you realize you have been torturing the love of your life with your own two hands while your heart longing for her that much *sob*  This drama always pulls such a great cliffhanger every week!

@23/02/2012 The ending of Wild Romance was so cute, pretty bow-tie for everyone. You gotta see which team Eun-jae was cheering, the Red or the Blue, buahahahaha. This drama now has become my favorite rom-com of this year atm, the story is nothing new but the execution was fun and hilarious. Of course, LDW is the one who carried the show, but others also were doing a great job. Simply love!
@22/2/2012 Gahhhhh! PD-nim, I want the kiss, not the cliffhanger like this! Who is Moo-yeol going to save first? And who is who in that clothing? I was at the edge of my seatttttt at the end of the episode! Tomorrow come fast! Moon/Sun, can I just say the queen is digging her own grave by bringing Wol back into the palace?
@22/2/2012 Is Wed/Thu good or what? So many dramas to watch. And are we in the finale week of Wild Romance and the Veggie Boys? Getting excited! Dear PD-nim, I demand great kisses from Moo-yeol because you made us drool for three times in the last episode! Also, dear Moon-/Sun, my mind might not be with you tonight cuz I want to see LDW kiss his former bodyguard, and a sweet kiss from manager Kim with Dong-ah in SILK hanbok buahaha!
@16/02/2012 I seriously hope for a big baseball match between the Red Dreamers and the Blue Seagulls at the finale of Wild Romance, can’t wait to see which side Eun-jae would be taking, also how Moo-yeol will lure her to sit for his game, gahh….

@16/02/2012 Omo….Wild Romance ep14, I squealed and squealed, I shrieked, the kisses go-around, haha…..
@15/02/2012 Weeeee! Wild Romance ep13, Moo-yeol is in love, so cute!
@12/02/2012 Checked Proposal Daisakusen, original J-version of Operation Proposal, wahh.. love, love, Ken (Yamashita Tomohisa)  was so cool, Kang Baek-ho (YSH), fighting!
@10/2/2012 Wild Romance ep12, had me laughed so hard, that boxing scene, what a way a hero realized his love, by sweats/punches, buahahaha…..
@9/2/2012 Oh WOW, Operation Proposal ep2, YSH was just amazing, whether it’s laugh or cry, he made you feel it. The story got bone, and is moving along nicely with some touching moments.

@8/2/2012 Operation Proposal, the opening was similar to the Japanese version, though I knew the story, YSH made me feel sad for him, and wondered how he messed up to lose her in the first place. But then the guy got his chance again and he was so happy like no one could, making me beam all the while. Now it’s up to the chemistry of the leads, will stay tune on this one for now. You def can’t help wonder how he will fix his past to get the girl.
@8/2/2012 What a night, moon/sun *swoon* KSH my man, Wild Romance omo getting intense, and the preview, Moo-yeol/Eun-jae, awkward couple haha. Now wait for Operation Proposal, veggie boys, Fer-family.  Why they all crammed up on Wed-Thu?
@6/2/2012 Wow, what a beautiful ending for What’s Up? with a long musical performance we’ve been waiting for, will def rewatch from the beginning! Oh Man-suk was just awesome in this drama and Im Ju-hwan, you are my man! Actually love everyone of them, hehe.
@4/2/2012 Feast of the Gods ep1, errgh! Totally makjang, reminds me of  the Veggie boys. The moms and dad are all crazy, a bit dizzy at the end of which girl is actually which, girls’ id crazily swapped. It’s the preview of the adults that made me check on this one, it’s him from TEN,and Sung Yuri is always my girl. However farewell for now Feast, will come back when you grow up. My stomach feels sick a bit now cuz of  the tragic-packed episode.
@1/2/2012 Wild Romance (ep9) tonight had me laugh again, Manager Kim and Dong-ah, the hilarious misunderstanding love square, haha.
@1/2/2012 Yeah, it’s Wed, moon/sun-KSH-on-the-BED, WR let’s see what Moo-yeol will response to EJ, can’t wait!
@29/1/2012 Hooray for Love has ended tonight at ep57, couldn’t believe it’s been over half a year with this drama. Feast of the Gods will start next week starring Sung Yu Ri (32eps).
@26/1/2012 Omooo….LDW is no longer wearing a mustache (WR ep8), so cute, this drama has never failed to make me laugh out loud in every episode. MES ep8, darnit, the king smiles *swoon*, he’s clever too! Loving both MES and Wild Romance so far ^_^
@25/1/2012 Weeee! Sooo happy with MES ep7, compelling with unexpected surprise! Wild Romance ep7 was so sweet, LDW’s eyes *swoon*  Now waiting to check on the veggie boys’ new ep, wahh, my heart is still pounding from KSH’s compelling performance tonight. And HGI was good too! The chemistry was good so far, though I felt their age different a bit but as long as the king is happy, I’m happy haha!
@22/1/2012 Omo…trailer of Sung Yuri’s new weekend drama on MBC came up, looking good!  (will be replacing Hooray for Love) ^^
@21/1/2012 Gahhh….who wants to kill Moo-yeol (WR)? Reporter Go? Hyung? Ajumma? His mom? This drama kept me on my toes! I need to see them kiss asap!
@19/1/2012 MES ep6 *gulps* Eh….KSH’s sageuk, I think  I need time getting used to, won’t lie, felt awkward and a little drop from the young prince, hopefully he will be more comfortable as the story goes. Though HGI came out at the last min, already missed the young one, a smooth transition would be JIW, he did sageuk before so needless to say about his acting. And what’s with both MBC and KBS, no preview for next week TT_TT
@18/1/2012 MES ep5, Prince Hwon’s crying tugged at my heart, how is it that a boy this young express love so beautifully? Def will miss the young cast, already felt sad when saw KSH in  the preview, wouldn’t mind at all if the young cast stay till the finale. WR ep5, oh dear, LDW, how could you play the role so outrageously? Haha!
@13/1/2012 Ackkk! Veggie Boy ep8 so cute, skipped the mom’s thingy zzzz……rewind digging from ep1 Buahaha..all the boys are mine!
@12/1/2012 Jumped into the Veggie Boy at ep7, oh CJW, you are wonderful, and all I got from the episode was..CJW hehe. Why can’t the writer just focus on the veggie boy become rich? Why the mother, secret thingy? Errgh!
@12/1/2012 Weeeee! Wild Romance ep4 amazing chemistry, the writing has more depth than I thought, suspense, romance, hilarious and omo….the preview of ep5 can’t wait! Moon/Sun ep4, hands down, romantic sageuk ever, sorry to say, I started having doubt that KSH would be able to win over this young crown prince, the boy was amazingly wonderful (didn’t like him much in WBDS). But I have to say, WR had my heart pounding tonight which is quite rare for a rom-com. Aww…LDW and his eyes!
@11/1/2012 *sigh* Moon/Sun ep3 seems to be heading in the direction of an epic love story with the usual, the palace forbidden love. A bit uneasy and wary of the love squares/angst already shown in the young cast tonight. All in all, well executed and really pretty to look at. Loved the last 5 mins  *swoon*
@5/1/2012 Wah…bravo! Moon/Sun Ep2, now, this is the writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal we’re talking about. The dialogs were beautiful, my love for the young prince shot up heaps and bounds, the young cast was great (shush..I loved the currently king ajussi too). However, some part I almost fell asleep. The pacing was quite slow, but I foresee a compelling love story from KSH already! The preview for ep3, omo…..the prince charming, can’t wait, nop, they haven’t grown up yet, sorry TT__TT And for Wild Romance, can’t wait to see they fall for each other and kiss, woo hoo!
@4/1/2012 Wild Romance ep1, love, everything felt so right for a rom-com, the leads have tons of chemistry together. LDW was surprisingly good and hilarious, reminded me of him in My Girl. The lead girl was also surprisingly cute and hilarious. She acted so well in her part as a bodyguard. So this one, I’m def on, a little worry on how the bickering will carry out through its run. And for Moon/Sun ep1, it felt like an intense sageuk during  the first half hour i.e. conspiracy, the killings, the politics and the king. But when the young casts came in, their first moments together were beautiful and the scripts were beautifully written. The second male lead as a shaman, not sure if I liked his story. By the end of the episode, she knows what she should know, while he’s hoping to meet her again. Something held me back, its the intense politics. Overall tone, it felt like a sad story. It’s now up to the adult casts, if they could pull the right sageuk act, because the tone feels sageuk. Didn’t expect this kind of intense story, and because of  that somehow made the adult casts seem too young for the roles. Fingers crossed on this one ^^

@3/1/2012 Spent time trying not to bang my head on the wall, ITC ep 19 left me speechless, the writer suddenly wanted to bring out the worst of everyone in one hour, like dump and dumper, everybody refused to listen/see what the other had to say/do except his/her own thinking. I know the title “If Tomorrow Comes” is hinting at an awful miserable tragic storytelling, but I had/will hope things would be reasonable.  But the worst is, I just want to stop doing everything and wait for Saturday  to come O_O!
@1/1/2012 Darnit, the preview of moon/sun came up after HFL, omo..KSH’s sageuk gahhh, how many episodes for the young casts to grow up?  Two dramas tonight, I need my rom-com fix  TT_TT
@1/1/2012 Happy New Year! Best Wishes to you all. Today, ITC ep19 zipped energy right out of me. And HFL ep49 is going on right now, eh…….better have some popcorn while enduring all the screaming.
@31/12/2011 As I’m typing now, sounds of fireworks, peeps shouting celebrating New Year, hum…to think about it, just another night but it’s special because we set the date, we set the name of  the day and because we said so. Oh well, I would like to invent one too, a recap-free holiday, all bloggers are not permitted to type/caps, have to rest their hands and eyes, and enjoy a hand-massage for once, don’t cha think?  ^__^  Ouch so loud, that things called fireworks! Happy New Year!

@27/12/2011 ITC ep2, eh…not saying will cover 50eps ^_^
@26/12/2011 I know this is the ‘greeting seasons’ , and eh…strawberries are good, they’re red, yummy, and lovely. However, when practically, it’s strawberries everywhere…eh, thanks, but can I have something else too this season? ><!
@25/12/2011 Officially my new crack, ‘If Tomorrow Comes", so good, so sad, so satisfying!
@24/12/2011 It’s suppose to be a joyful holiday today, but the Korean writers didn’t think so, two dramas tonight for me, both were so sad and depressing TT__TT tho so good!
@24/12/2011 Six eps in and I’m jumping on this bandwagon, Fermentation Family. Hilarious, suspense, love, tradition and kimchiiiiiiiiiiiii of various kinds!

@22/12/2011 Update the dvd winner in Randomly speaking….
@18/12/2011 HFL ep46 was soooo good! JS outperformed everyone imo, first time felt sad for the guy. However, DW is still my love in this ep. Really hope there would be no extension, one thing this writer has been doing so well, she cracked one conflict after another,  you just want to know what will happen next!
@10/12/2011 Omo…check out Stupid Cupid in What’s Up ep3, so cute!
@10/12/2011 Picked another drama, Fermentation Family, loved this pairing, Mr.Jumong peeled cucumbers, just cracked me, haha. Shush! working on…still.., yunno, that…two boys final ep  *run to hide*

@6/12/2011 Checked Padam ep1, the guy was eating chicken for approx 1.20 min eh…*gulp*  Intense weepie?? Then, Color of Woman, my Jin Ju is one of the main female leads, eh…..girls’ fight *roll eyes*, next, Queen In Soo, scene opening, one min of bowing to the king, eh..sageuk…might come back. Then Heaven’s Family, Kim Sae Ron and the little girl from DH as her sis, and the boy (KJW’s youth) from CYHMH, not sure if  he  just did a cameo, family weepie?  What’s Up ep2, stylish editing, will check ep3.  Report to you my tiny peek of each, this is to save time for this glittering seasons hehe.
@3/12/2011  Omo…What’s Up ep1, got that feeling of Dream High in college. The Big Bang guy inspires me to continue when he sang, and the guy from Tamra Island was kind of interesting and cute….but be warned the directional style was kind of stylish, the college audition scene was interesting ^^
@30/11/2011 Change of plan, sorry, attempted HFL ep25 and failed, will try again. Hope I could finish WBDS before Christmas TT_TT
@28/11/2011 Sorry, been busy, strange thing happened, HFL ep40, I forgave HD O_O!  I need time to figure that out, my heart just got soften, oh noooooo!
@23/11/2011 Skimmed thru TEN ep1, woo hoo! What a cool cinematography. Cable dramas are making those big station dramas become pale in comparison ^^
@22/11/2011 Ooooh….nothing to watch on weekdays??? Why am I not into any current dramas on weekdays? Whyyyyyyy?

@20/11/2011 lunching style, just for fun, I’m no fashion expert, but I’m def on fashion trend so why not share it with you all ^__^
@19/11/2011 Sorry for the delay on both HFL and WBDS. Thought WBDS would be easier now, but it’s not. They talk different in sageuk which sounds beautiful but then you go, what did he say?  O_O! @18/11/2011 Don’t know why I kept checking on med drama, watched BRAIN ep1, this time I lasted around 12 min (WOW), when they started marking the skull for eh….the skewer? I jumped out  hehehe……
@17/11/2011 Checking on ‘Late Night Hospital’ ep1, stuck at around 10 min.  allergic to those doc’s needles and tubes, but it  looked interesting, premiered on MBC with 10eps, on SAT around midnight KST.  Created by 5 directors (2 eps each) about a surgeon, his wife was killed by an unidentified man right in front of him. He quits his job at a university hospital and searches out for his wife’s killer. He opens a secret late night clinic to catch the killer.
@16/11/2011 My not be able to catch up with HFL and WBDS has gone from worry to relief, coz now I can say, I’m reallyyyy busy to start (write up) a new drama… through Christmas (and probably New Year)  (TT_TT)
@15/11/2011 Just updated apps on my iPad, and found out VIKI apps, you can watch Kdrama (Eng subs) that featured for free, and KOREA.COM apps, gives you update on K-pop. To watch the video you need high-speed net tho, such as WI-FI. I tried VIKI watching  The Princess, it worked real fast. They have Miss Ripley, and some US, UK , J series too. It’s all for free, sharing you for fun, if you haven’t downloaded already ^^
@13/11/2011 *sigh* HFL, mom’s whining is getting on my nerve, 14 eps more and I haven’t done even half of it TT_TT
@12/11/2011 Picking up ‘If Tomorrow Comes’, (50eps) watched only for the male lead’s loveline, did skip the rest ^__^

@11/11/2011 WOW! so today is 111111, WBDS ep25 is served, I’m soooo behind TT_TT  Don’t know why, I couldn’t finish the whole ep in one go, so better spit it in half, or else nothing will be up for daysssss…..
@10/11/2011 OMG…first time watching French TV with Eng subs, a historical comedy drama, so hilarious. A really nice change ^^
@9/11/2011 *dug high and low* I KNOW, I’m really behind HFL, but now you know that I know buahahahaha……..
@6/11/2011 Survived through Sunday hair pulling HFL ep34, my complains aside, the story is closing up with revelation after revelation this week, with 16eps to go, the writer has been doing a good job with the pacing, solving the conflicts one by one ^^
@5/11/2011 Just finished my hair pulling session HFL ep33, anyone noticed, JM’s clothes were all nicer, she’s also prettier too. I want her to start kicking some a* , should start with JS ^_^
@3/11/2011 HFL ep22, JS and my blood boiling session ^^
@2/11/2011 Nothing to watch lately O_O May be it’s my laziness to start on ep1 and it wouldn’t help that HFL ep31-32 failed to impress me (to which you def need a comb after your pulling hair session ^^)
@29/10/2011 Decidedly, will do WBDS and HFL one episode alternately, so now working on WBDS ep24 such great cinematography ^^
@28/10/2011 Watching only HFL for now, anything good please share ^_^

@27/10/2011 How nice is it that I have Kim Jae Won waiting for me (CYHMH DVD) when I got back? Woo Hoo!
@26/10/2011 Dear peeps  *waves*
@10/10/2011 WBDS finale left me speechless, farewell my dear Sageuk, the casts were great, just that the writing…Also sighing off for approx two-week vacation, thanks ^^ , please take care.
@9/10/2011 Omo..Ryu Jin and the girl were so cute tonight in A Thousand Kisses. HFL ep26, more angst, really felt uneasy with JH/HD/JR storyline, hope the remaining eps won’t disappoint us *sigh*
@8/10/2011 HFL ep25 (half way), angst vs angst , poor DW TT_TT
@7/10/2011 Ouch! WBDS so late hehe, bien…^^
@6/10/2011 Omo…..the Princess’ Man finale….it’s safe to say no tragic death of the OTP wahhhh……..tho her beautiful hanboks are gone….WBDS you’d better end well like this!
@5/10/2011 TWDR (Tree with Deep Roots), saw a bit of ep1, impressive Sageuk, if you love JH that is, but I’m not ready to start on this one yet hehe.
@3/10/2011 WBDS, the name of the drama is Baek Dong Soo right? Or may be, it was meant to be the life of  Baek Dong Soo, I really couldn’t come up with any heroic story of  DS atm, only that he’s Joseon’s best swordsman *sigh*
@2/10/2011 Man! HFL ep24, I need to rannnnnt JS really wants to come back to JM, even throws the words into DW’s face! *blood boiled*  gahhh………
@1/10/2011 Chanting HFL sleep-over scene, any minute now hehe. OMG…the morning kiss *swoon*  Is it just me? LTS is getting hotter and hotter by the episode.
@30/9/2011 Counting down to KJW weee!
@28/9/2011 omo..omo Ryu Jin in A Thousand Kissess ^^
@27/9/2011 Four more eps on WBDS thennn KRW! woo hoo!

@26/9/2011 Really couldn’t guess how the writer will end WBDS, no clues at all, the story’s shifting in every episode….you don’t know what will come next, the guy is good or what!
@25/9/2011 DW is back hehe ^_^
@21/9/2011 Pushed and pushed, finally WBDS ep22 ^_^
@20/9/2011 After seeing WBDS ep24, I couldn’t help  but think that the writer has been stalling the main plot all along, should this drama end at ep24, the Josam and treason case would not be needed. This unexpected turn tonight should happen long back without the extension. I was thinking before the episode aired that it’d better be good, cuz I was losing the grip, then the last 20mins is what this drama is all about! Also busy busy this week, things will be late late  ^_^ Checked a bit of Poseidon ep1, eh……
@19/9/2011 Those who wish for Cheon not to die first, it might come true with the life of GT tho haha, may be, tmr let’s see ^_^
@18/9/2011 OMG..HFL ep20, hands down, addicted to this show, next week preview gah….
@18/9/2011 Joseon best swordsman is back! ep21 hehe, my renew strength to fight the Sageuk to the finale with the help of DW’s hawttt kiss hehe
@17/9/2011 Omg..HFL ep19  DW  *swoon*  ^^
@16/9/2011 Sorry, really need to do HFL this week, will take it slow for WBDS ep21/22 ,otherwise will end up edit and edit hehe.
@15/9/2011 Not sure why it took me so long to do one episode, kept thinking, be brief, be..brief! But when I watched the scene I forgot about that hehe ^^
@14/9/2011 decided to do HFL ep15 first, otherwise (including this weekend) I’ll be 6 eps behind, and it’s getting heavy on my shoulders like a delicious hamburgers that I couldn’t eat ^^
@13/9/2011 WBDS ep22 was sooooo good, very intense and gripping, and the ending…gahhhhhh one more week nooooo!
*back to finish typing* ^_^ sorry, miss lots of scenes cuz of the connection tho. WBDS is getting so good.
@12/9/2011 WBDS ep21, kept me at the edge of my seat for the whole hour, if the writer keeps this up, it will be worth the extension, but I have the feeling the ending might be awesomely sad, this writer seems to be good at that. Onto the next ep ^^
@12/9/2011 Yep, yep WBDS ep21 will air tonight ^^
@11/9/2011 WBDS poll just for fun ^_^ We see different shippers in this drama, the one that surprised me would be Yeo Un/Jin Ju, really hope the writer will give us more on these two hehe.
@10/9/2011 May be it’s just me, I find it’s getting harder to follow WBDS story, it’s like I was forced to accept the fact that didn’t make any sense…TT_TT and 10 more eps? TT_TT
@9/9/2011 Omg…WBDS the ship case really knocked me to fall asleep, ep19 was a little draggy imo, but don’t cha worry, the Prince keeps me awake hehe ^^
@8/9/2011 I’ve found  WBDS recent episodes were not as solid as the earlier ones, not sure if it’s because of the hectic shooting schedule or the extension (seriously YU looked so skinny and tired, DS hardly smiled, and where is that cute funny Cho Rip?) . But additional casts i.e. the young Prince, Hong Do the painter are refreshing to drool hehe ^_^
@7/9/2011 sorry, too sleepy to finish HFL ep13, I would end up typing weird conversation hehe, PTB is losing that fun and zippy vibe which made me jump on board in the first place…..
@6/9/2011 WBDS ep20, the man knows how to play his charms, just simple nice words, he’s able to claim the girl’s feeling back. YU, you’d better say it dude, let the girl knows already, how many he has saved JS till now? Can the history change and let YU be with JS? Pretty please…..
@5/9/2011 WBDS ep19,  I loveeee the P-Princeee, they should have his loveline too, and I want to see YU-JS kiss *swoon* Will the PD hear me from here? ^_^
@5/9/2011 Phew! Sorry for the delay of WBDS ep18, had to push myself to enter the ginseng trade hehe…Will Ji die tonight? Let’s see *rubbing hands*  If the PD gives me a kiss between YU and JS, I’ll be goooooood ^_^
@4/9/2011 Argggh….HFL ep16 Oh my DW *swoon*
@4/9/2011 Sorry, not very happy with WBDS ep18, *pulling my hair* about the ginseng story, somehow it’s not convincing how they try to destroy the evidence. And the King, should he has more than just Dae Ju and the Queen’s father consult him to rule? …..><
@3/9/2011 Did anyone check The Musical ep1?.. Eh…I shrunk smaller and smaller every time she sang…..^^

@2/9/2011 Attempted WBDS ep18 last night and gave up, yup, sorry to say, the facts DS is searching for, is hard to understand, trading terms O_O, need to understand some key points, but so far, something wasn’t quite right, will try to do before Mon tho ^_^  Oh, and Can’t Lose, is it too much to ask for a song from Osca? ^^ @1/9/2011 Hello September ^^ Please let me introduce you Prince Jeong Jo (Yi San, later King Jeong Jo) seriously the boy is creeping on me!
@31/8/2011 CL ep3, liked it a lot and laughed a lot, the leads’ chemistry were so good, and the writing is still solid. I’m rooting for the hubby tho, but may change my mind later, it also helps that all supporting casts are strong. Just that, this drama is airing in the tough time slot, rating wise ^^
@30/8/2011 WBDS ep18 dunno what’s going on with the palace but omo…Cheon such a sweet assassin ever, and so sad. The writer is torturing us , keeping them apart, DS-JJ / YU-JS , six eps more, can’t wait to see the ending. For the writer, as his first time as a script writer, has done a good job with the ratings ^_^
@30/8/2011 Despite my rant, awaiting WBDS ep18 tonight *rubbing hands*  Cheon-JJ  ^_^
@29/8/2011 Gahhhh…WBDS ep17 *pulling hair*  What’s with the writer? And IF, after tonight, In-dude comes back safe and sound AGAIN…@*#&#^%*#!!!!    ^^

@28/8/2011 OMG..OMG HFL ep14!…Woah..make over time! LBY with straight hair ppl! I’m starting to see the talent of the writer…this episode made me squeal and squeal, woo hoo!
@28/8/2011 HFL ep10..porridge! porridge! next meal? ^^
@27/8/2011 joining live chat with BlueBell, it was fun only that I couldn’t type fast enough haha. Working on HFL ep10 ^_^
@26/8/2011 I’m not sure why WBDS ep15-16, I felt so sleepy typing, only the last 10 mins of  ep16 that I totally woke up. May be cuz lots of flashback ???  ^^
@25/8/2011 I seriously almost doze off with my two hands on the keyboard doing WBDS ep15 buahaha…the episode is ok, but it’s the sleepy me! Any incoherent writing please disregard hehe.
@24/8/2011 Loving Can’t Lose episode 1, jump on this bandwagon for now. ^^
@24/8/2011 HFL ep9 is done, phew! ^__^
@23/8/2011 WBDS ep 16, just when I’m a little bored, the story took a swift turn, taken me by surprised. I’m so madddd, why does the writer still keep “In” alive? One thump, one hand, now what? One leg? Gahhhhh………..*head bang wall*
@23/8/2011 for WBDS 16 (quick note), if net is down, I will put it up when everything is back to normal, gotta say this, just in case hehe.
@22/8/2011 WBDS ep15 (quick note), the first 20 min is already filled in. ^_^
@22/8/2011 My connection was on and off tonight, WBDS ep15, Ouch! the King and the young Prince talked a lot TT_TT lots of explanations on screen too TT_TT
@21/8/2011 HFL ep8, what a mess, but really wanted to get pass the divorce thing because the interesting story begins from there, when JM starts her new life. ^_^  Oh, no, WBDS new episode is coming tomorrow gahhh….
@20/8/2011 HFL ep7 took me so long  to finish TT_TT
@19/8/2011 WBDS ep14, sorry, problem with the net, had to redo some parts TT_TT so a little late. ^_^
@18/8/2011 WBDS ep14 pic, sorry if that’s a spoiler, but skinship of these two were so rare, I had to make good use of it, hehe ^^ Please disregard if Dong Soo shows up in HFL instead of DW buahaha. Most frequent words typed, WBDS ‘sword’ HFL ‘divorce’ haha.

@17/8/2011 WBDS the writer did a good job with Yeo Un and Cheon, both are the same, shady with some kind of moral, you never know whether or not they will kill. It’s really hard to judge them on regular basis, kind of cannot love but cannot hate…^^
@16/8/2011 WBDS 10 more eps to go, who will stay alive at end is what keeping me on my toes. At least DS will stay alive, right? o_o
@16/8/2011 WBDS ep11 is fully edited, by far the toughest episode. TT_TT
@15/8/2011 Wahhh…WBDS tonight, unexpected turns and love that the Prince’s son is moving in cuz then I could see a possible not so sad ending (thought the whole group would die with the Prince^^) and more back story on JJ too. ^^
@14/8/2011 Did anybody check Birdie Buddy on TvN? Here checked ep1-2 ouch! pretty filmed but I’m no golf-er hehe, HFL ep10 oh la la, the otp loveline is picking up, hang in there HFL peeps, DW was so cute with the ajumma this week  ^_^
@13/8/2011 HFL ep9, woo hoo jumping on board, gotta see this ajumma and the playboy lawyer  fall in love haha.
@13/8/2011 PTB ep4! Aww..JS’s eyes, when he emotes love *swoon*   and JJ in a suit to the amusement park, so cool!
@12/8/2011 HFL ep5 , this drama felt so real, it’s a family drama so well…it’s about family(s)  ^_^
@12/8/2011 Eh…I feel sick in my stomach a little re-watching WBDS ep12 killing scenes many times. *time out mode*  Yeo Un TT_TT
@11/8/2011 Dear friends, if I ever attempt Sageuk again, please poke at my head. What the heck are they speaking? The King O_O The Prince  -_- Dae Ju >
@10/8/2011 Man, WBDS ep11 was so hard, could not remember how many times watched and re-watched each scene today, decide to put it up anyway to move to ep12, but will come back and hit on details later. *sweating*  ^_^
@9/8/2011 Sorry ^^, a little late for ep12 quick note, connection was down again, WBDS ep12 was very sad, how Unnie will repent in the future? One for the killing, the other for love and country *sob sob*
@8/8/2011 WBDS ep11 OMG..My Yeo Un TT_TT
@7/8/2011 HFL ep8, net was down, so don’t know what happened, but it’s getting harder to watch when ppl who once loved each other start throwing hurtful words to one another, realistic but sad, did not watch SoW at all but the Ratings are looking good ^^
@6/8/2011 HFL ep 7, don’t know who’s right or wrong, the one divorced already, the one who not-so divorced. The writer makes the “ex-” mean so much more. Aww..PTB had a solid start with Ratings for both episodes TNmS ep1-2 Nationwide 12.1(6th)-13.4(4th) , Seoul 14.5(4th)-16.3(4th), congrats to all the fans. ^^
@5/8/2011 Happy Friday! *sob sob* A bit mess WBDS ep10, but better take it out of my shoulder before Mon, the hardest part would be the Prince and the Norons, will edit details little be little hehe. Have a nice weekend!
@4/8/2011 Wah..PTB ep2, the chemistry just hit the roof, the story was interesting, added depth to the boss, Jae Joong so cool, I’m jumping on board this one for now. It’s  hilarious but also has hearts, I laughed but felt sad at the same time for daddy boy. Oh, Ji Sung, he is totally into his role ^^
@3/8/2011 Love PTB ep1 LMAO, solid acting from the otp, Jae Joong was good too and cute! He won’t get the girl tho *sob sob*
@2/8/2011 Ooo! added a new Fanvid page on the header, so other (weekday) dramas airing could be seen, so broader range of choices for you to enjoy. Making a video is a nasty job that requires skills imo, so space of exhibition just for fun heehee.
@2/8/2011 Got inspiration last night for CH from CH OST(I-II) I got in the mail, the inst. pieces were too nice to ignore. Hope to say sth for CYHMH but really analyze-out on Soompi and Softy’s blog for 30eps straight. Now thinking of Jae Joong in Protect the Boss this Wed huhu…
@1/8/2011 WBDS ep9 Unnie so cute, he’s getting better in his role, more natural ^^ . Aww…it’s Aug already! Finished The King’s Speech last night love love, will try to put that up ^^ and WBDS ep 9 tonight, hope the King and the Prince won’t be using difficult words TT_TT, also new characters in ep8, DJ’s son and nephew. *sob sob* They do love to add new chars, don’t they? O_O!
@31/7/2011 Yeah! finally a song featured in Hanamizuki post, happy Sunday ^_^  @30/7/2011 Ouch! My dear master B-Blue *waves* Dear master, I’ll be good hehe. ^_^

@29/7/2011 HFL ep2 huhu..let’s take it one by one ^^  I’m telling you, WBDS is becoming harder to sum TT_TT tho I laughed a lot cuz of DS alone. But I just have this crazy thought.. omo..what am I getting myself into? ^^
@28/7/2011 Wah…CH, what a gripping final episode, awesome ending, two thumps up for LMH and daddy, Nana is such a hard core heroine. I don’t see it as an open ending, the story’s concluded nicely between the OTP, enough for a hero story, a happy ending imo ^^
@28/7/2011 Sending my warmest hug to my friend in Seoul, it was on the news this morning, hope you are holding out ok *hug hug* Tonight is the night, CH the final episode *rubbing hands* hope everybody gets to live LOL (ep19 Ouch! my dear prosecutor)
@27/7/2011 Kyaah~ WBDS ep7 *sweating*  fully-packed episode, WBDS TNS Ep8 Ratings Nationwide 18.4 (3rd) / Seoul 20.2 (1st)..
@26/7/2011 So happy WBDS ep8, didn’t see the King tonight,  WBDS TNS Ratings ep7, Nationwide 17.9 (3rd) / Seoul 20.7 (1st),  Gye Baek (new 30+ep drama on MBC replacing Ripley) 7.5 / 9.6 (13th)…
@26/7/2011 My Kang Fu Panda is finally hereeee! Love this one so much. After ep4, really like HFL, what to do? Dun..dun..dun
@25/7/2011 Kyaah~ my new SG special OST, a book with two disks and lots of pics..Happy Monday! @24/7/2011 HFL ep4 was good, better than yesterday, just love family elements in this drama. Both JM and DW will change little by little because of each other, still trust this writer, so far so good  ^_^

@24/7/2011 I know ^^, Hooray for Love, right? Only one episode so I could stay sane, love her mom in that field so much to let go, currently on ep3 a bit slow last night, hope tonight the pace will pick up but again it’s a 50ep drama so…not sure Dong Woo will invalidate her divorce and validate it later or not, LOL.
@23/7/2011 I feel sad already, City Hunter LMH will end next week, been seeing him in action for months, CH TNS Ratings ep17/18, Nationwide 17.9(2nd) / 18.6(1st) Seoul 19.6(1st) / 20.3(1st).
@22/7/2011 LOL, I’m done with ep6 but when I perked up, new episodes are just around the corner TT_TT, dear recap-per friends, pls accept my bows, I just realize what you guys’ve been through. The thing about Sageuk drama is, they keep adding new character in almost every episode, and all they did just put name on the screen, you don’t know you will see that face again or not  LOL, Sageuk drama uses so many specific terms such as one word for quarter a month, one word for over a month, then Historic terms, names of old cities etc. which make it hard to follow, but both DS and YU are so fascinating, it keeps me going ^_^

@21/7/2011 Oh no, listened to CYHMH OST made me feel sad /TT/_TT DH D-cut cha!
@21/7/2011 As I was doing screen caps for WBDS ep5, there were two things that I had noticed. First, there were lots of well-thought camera angles that I didn’t see in the earlier eps, Second, even though I said YU looked hotter, his screen cap turned out to be a bit dull compared to DS, there was life in DS every cap, not sure why….
@21/7/2011 Kyaaah! Got CYHMH OST in my mail today, seeing KJW on the cover just makes my day! Total 17 tracks including Inst. pieces.

@20/7/2011 OMG OMG OMGeee! Kim Rae Won come back project “Thousand Day Promise” with Su Ae (via DB) *giddy girl dancing* @20/7/2011 Wah…WBDS TNS ep6 Ratings Nationwide 16.5 (3rd)/ Seoul 18.1(1st), now I think about it how about YU pairing with JJ? Cuz they are both connected to the assassin guild, really want to hear YU’s Sageuk more, he just glared all the time LOL, DS the adult reminded me of the kid so he must have done sth right. Anyway it’s still a nice change to see swords/arrows flying. Also not gonna check out The Princess’s Man tonight, I can take Sageuk one at a time ^_^

@19/7/2011 WBDS ep6, the adult casts are ok but love the long hair one more, love JJ, the actress is beautiful. The ending scene was not very interesting. The slo-mo thing is starting to get to me, some fighting seq was not convincing, the PD should see more Chinese Kang Fu movie LOL, he wants the fight to be intense but beautiful at the same time?..still hanging on @19/7/2011 Kyaah~ WBDS Ratings TNS ep5 N: 15.0(3rd) , S: 16.8 (2nd), first time ahead of Ripley 12.4(4th)/15.5(4th), still not sure about DS the adult, we’ll see tonight. I should get this About page done, but what’s about the About anyway….^^
@18/7/2011 WBDS Yeah! the adult casts are out, what a great episode!
@18/7/2011 WBDS ep5 casts please!
@17/7/2011 Enjoy Hooray for Love ep2, nice family drama, first time rooting for the older pair 🙂

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