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Update: NeungDowFahDeo

February 21, 2017

This is the book cover of the novel making into a period lakorn NeungDowFahDeo. It’s from my favorite author. I felt uncertain at first which actor would fit the role of the hero, and finally it’s out. I must say, from it appears, it’s a relief. The story of a man who disguised himself as… Read More ›

Update: Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Teaser

That’s quite a long name, which is, in short, let me be the bride and be delighted for once. Phew! This lakorn adapted from the novel under the same name, from the author of Kha Ba-din. I hope Great and Matt won’t disappoint us. Official Teaser “When you don’t have a hundred-thousand million in your… Read More ›

Update: Impressions On the Newly Premiered

In case you may want to know whether or not I checked out the newly premiered lakorns, well, I did, not many though. Lom Sorn Ruk (Ch3) Sorry, the first episode didn’t win me over. I read the novel a bit and didn’t remember feeling annoyed with Patrin, so I was disappointed, and Nadech’s curly… Read More ›

Update: Ab Rak Online – Last bits

While I can’t say I love the ending, the message sent to the viewers in the end is quite interesting. Episode 15 Part 9 (summary) Lipda and Saya come up with a plan for Pranon and Phrao to meet again and reconcile without them knowing. Pranon gets ready to leave for Munich, Germany. He calls… Read More ›

Update: Ab Rak Online Teaser

This teaser (not another one) makes me feel better. Please leave it here if you know which blog is going to recap this one, so that others can enjoy the show. Teaser “Who are you talking to?” “A friend.” “What’s the name of the person?” “AbRak.” “Are you talking/chatting with someone you don’t even know… Read More ›

Update: Fun Fueng (2014) Teaser

This one looks pretty hilarious. Teaser “Khun Chai !!” “The driver !!” “Swap status to defeat love” “The maid !!” “Young Miss !!” She introduces him that this is Pee Mon, her personal nanny. The driver is asking why Khun Vee is willing to continue to be his (fake) driver. “Could it be because of… Read More ›

Update: Phirun Phram Rak Fitting

I went ahead of myself getting excited for this lakorn. Taew Nattaporn and Bomb Tanin are back as leads again after the popular Juthathep Gentlemen Series: Khun Chai Ratchanon. Did I tell you that the year this lakorn airing, the name ‘Ratchanon’ was among popular names the parents registered for their new born? In Thai… Read More ›

Update: Ruk Tong Aoom Teaser

Here comes the new romantic comedy starring Great Warintorn and Matt Peeranee. Great looks mighty fine in pilot uniform  🙂 Teaser “Everybody, watch out!” They see there’s a baby in the box. “No matter what, we must take the baby to the police so they will look for the parents!” “No!” “Stop saying ‘no’… Read More ›