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Soundtrack : Yah Leum Chan (2)

April 11, 2014

To be honest, I didn’t feel anything for this song when I first heard it, but after 3 episodes in, the song starts to make more sense so my sentiment changes  🙂 Song title: Khon Phae Thi Mai Mee Namta (defeated one without tears) Artist: Bird Thongchai McIntyre Official MV Translation of the lyrics: It… Read More ›

Yah Leum Chan Episode 3 (Wee Bits)

I finally got the picture of this series. I think it’s a melo, a so stressful one to watch too. I’m not sure I will complete this one if it continues with this tone because Kemchard could turn into such a boring character in no time. I don’t think this is Khemchard that I know… Read More ›

Yah Leum Chan Episode 2 (Wee Bits)

Episode two came out better, having Ann smiled more felt so much better. Viki is subbing this one just fine so I will do only the scene that got me. Oooh, I love Somkid and Vibul. They are such a comic relief in the time of needs. Episode 2 (Part 9/9) Start from 4:35 mark… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Yah Leum Chan (1)

The long anticipated lakorn Yah Leum Chan (Forget Me Not) premiered last week. It’s from the novel under the same name from the author of Khu Kam. The novel is very popular among generations. I remembered reading the novel a long time ago and fell in love with it. Only one episode aired recently, so… Read More ›