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Thang Dern Haeng Rak – An Introduction

December 23, 2014

Let me introduce you to this lakorn just a tiny bit  🙂 (from episode 1 part 1) “We live in Bangkok, the beautiful capital. Sometimes Bangkok could be quite busy. There are four of us. We are friends. The first one is Pee Sasi, or Pee Si…our eldest one. Pee Si is very kind but…”… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Thang Dern Haeng Rak

Thang Dearn Haeng Rak (I would interpret it as the walk/path of love, it’s that thing you have to work it out once a relationship started…as a couple, friends or more, or husband and wife), its production house been criticized a lot for ,yet again, letting down its viewers when they were always able to… Read More ›