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Tai Ngao Jun Episode 14 (Final)

October 1, 2015

Aww….nice! Episode 14 Don asks why Tho doesn’t talk at home but here. Tho says he will send him abroad to study, he’s afraid uncle Mek might harm him again, and he thinks that grandfather’s fall was uncle Mek’s doing so he doesn’t want Don in danger too. Don says he can take care of… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 13

It’s time for Pabu to make her choice and be strong  🙂 Episode 13 Don sees the news on the net about the building collapsed. Get walks to him and gives him a coconut juice. Don thanks him and says he’s taking good care of him more than a five-star hotel itself. Get asks if… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 12

I saw Great in an event by chance. He’s on the stage and I stopped in my tracks because he’s very very handsome. I mean I didn’t think he would be this swoon-worthy! Episode 12 Pabu is preparing the bicycle and Get runs to her and asks what she thinks of doing. She says she… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 11

I appreciate how friendships played an important role in this lakorn, very endearing. Episode 11 Part 1 Ton tells Don to stay in this snooker place for now, it’s safe here. Don asks if he ran from a tiger only to face with a crocodile. Ton says this place may not look that safe but… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 10

Episode 10 Part 1 Get invites both men to join them a game of badminton. Get says Khun Tho can discuss work while playing the game. Pabu says they surely don’t have proper outfits with them. Buri says he loves to exercise so he carries sport outfit in his bag all the time. He asks… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 9

Way behind but still here, hehe. Episode 9 Part 1 Pabu asks her stepmother where her father is. Kate says he went to the restroom. Pabu asks how the food is. Kate says it’s good and congratulates Pabu that finally she got something done. Pabu says she has to thank her for being her inspiration,… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 8

I’m way behind and this lakorn will wrap up this Wednesday, and for that, you can choose to read comments below (if any) at your own discretion since I won’t be able to tell everyone, not to post any spoilers (all episodes behind this one), and I can totally understand that sometimes we need a… Read More ›

Tai Ngao Jun Episode 7

Episode 7 Part 1 Pabu comes with Get and tells the lady at the front desk that she came to book a room in the employees’ condo. The lady says every building is now fully occupied but she can leave her name and they will call her if someone moves out. Pabu gives her her… Read More ›