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Samee Teetra Episode 13 (Final)

April 2, 2014

I didn’t follow every episode so I could miss something while translate. From previous episode, Siva and Pheung got into a fight. Pheung fell down and had a miscarriage. Pisud left for the US. He told his mother that he’s exhausted and wanted to take a break and rest. Episode 13 Part 1 New York,… Read More ›

Samee Teetra Episode 12 (Last Bits)

Previous: Pisud tells his mother he’s leaving to work in the US. Siva and Koi (Kang’s sister) is getting married. On their wedding day, Pisud’s mother comes to tell Kang that the only mistake of Pisud is, not telling the truth to her. Kang says not telling is the same as lying. Pisud’s mother tells… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Samee Teetra

This lakorn will come to an end tomorrow. It’s well-received with good ratings. To say farewell to Pisud, Karat and Pheung…ahead of time, here’s the song Kerd Ma Pheua Ja Rak Ther (born to love you) by S.D.F. Translation of the lyrics: (From 0:29 mark) The love that I’m giving to you, whichever day it… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Samee Teetra

I’m falling hard for this lakorn at the moment. The cast is doing such a great job making it hard to resist translating this song, Who will understand if (you) don’t hurt like me (translated from Thai song title). Overview Karat (Ploy) and Pheung( Jui)are celebrating their 12 years of friendship when the news hits… Read More ›

Samee Teetra Episode 4: Proposal Bits

After some accusing words of Karat being a widow for three times from people around Pisud, she decides to leave him alone. Pisud comes to her fashion show with a huge bouquet. He even gets on stage to confess his feeling for her. Karat thinks of what his mother told her, that she didn’t want… Read More ›

Update: Samee Teetra Teaser

I think I’m on the role here so I might as well translate Samee Teetra Teaser. Pisud’s mother : “How the failed marriage could create a scar on your life…Don’t hand out that scar to a good man like Pisud….” Pisud to Karat: “Stay with me, laugh with me, cry with me, all right, Kang?”… Read More ›

Book: Samee Teetra (the novel)

[The latest cover of the novel Samee Teetra] After watching episode 1-2, I rushed to the bookstore to buy this book out of curiosity, how was the story actually written? Title: Samee Teetra Author: Navika (not sure about the spelling) ISBN: 978-616-508-707-0 (4th print) Karat (nickname Kang) is a rich woman who already married three… Read More ›