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Ruen Rissaya Episode 13 (Final)

July 18, 2014

I couldn’t believe I last till this episode (based on my records so far). Oh well, let’s be done with it. It’s kind of sad that Panu was left as a side dish when he could be a fun main course  🙂 Episode 13 Part 1 Nun looks at her torn mother’s picture (written on… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 12

The reason I’m still here with this lakorn is its execution and dialogs. There were meaningful words from both sides, good or evil, and it always came down to greed, but then you just couldn’t blame them once you saw their suffering past, and that is called good writing in my book. Episode 12 Part… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 11

I missed Panu so much, but there are so many loose ends around the house to pick up. I can totally see that. Episode 11 Part 1 KratPat comes in and asks Nun why there are policemen all over the house. She tells him there’s someone breaking in and trying to get to her bedroom…. Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 10

It’s funny to see Krit do an outrageous thing while insist that it’s all for the right reasons. Episode 10 Part 1 Nun comes down and Ron wants to have a talk with her. She says she has nothing to talk to him. He grabs her wrist and says he came to negotiate with her… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 9

In Thai culture (the one I’m familiar with), if you have the elders in your house and just disappear and spend a night with a man alone, it would mean the man and yourself don’t give them a respect (the man would be blame more though). How to fix the damage really depends on how… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 8

It just occurred to me that Rit’s ‘I love you‘ was totally different from the norm. Episode 8 Part 1 Rit pulls Rumpei into the house that night. Morning comes, Rit sits down with her and says he’s sorry. Rumpei: How could you do this? How could you hurt me? Why did you do it?… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 7

I love the bromance – Panu and Krit, give me more! Episode 7 Part 1 Panu and Krit arrive at Tia’s mill. He tells Krit that that man is Tia, and he’s well-known to have a strong influence on rice trading around here. They get out of the car. Krit: There’s only one way to… Read More ›

Ruen Rissaya Episode 6

I’m out of words for the upcoming matrimony. Episode 6 Part 1 Rumpei recounts the moment Rit wanted to give her the gold bracelet. She wonders, “Rit, what should I do?” Rit is kneeling in front of RaeRai and says, “I know I am a poor man with no future. That’s why I never looked… Read More ›