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Pob Rak Episode 12 (Final)

January 3, 2015

It’s time to say goodbye to Yeo and Namrin. It’s one of a few 2014 lakorns that I was with it from the beginning to the end. Now that Namrin got back in her body, she kept changing/wearing pretty dresses  🙂 Episode 12 (Final) Part 1 Yeo is having a dream of the past and… Read More ›

Pob Rak Episode 11

Hello 2015, and I’m still here with Yeo and Namrin. LOL. Part 1 Thara looks at a photocopy of a check payable to NubDao so she calls SongKhram, who’s saying that he will find out who deposited and withdrew the money. SongKhram tells Yeo that someone sent Thara information of NubDao’s bank account, and the… Read More ›

Pob Rak Episode 10

Episode 10 Part 1 Yeo and Namrin come home and see that Nan is there too. He asks Nan when she came. Grandma says she came since morning and was cleaning the house all day waiting for him. Grandma asks where he went on his day-off when he should spend time with his fiancée. Nan… Read More ›

Pob Rak Episode 9

It’s official now that the new lakorn airing the same time slot with this one Ab Ruk Online (starring Mark and Kim) will premiere January 7, 2015. Aww…so we are on the roll with Mark till next year 🙂 Episode 9 Part 1 Yeo tells Namrin to follow Mr. Liu and see what he’s doing… Read More ›

Pob Rak Episode 8 (Part 8-9)

Since I’m on the roll. Here is the rest of episode 8  🙂 Episode 8 (Part 8-9) Part 8 Grandma is asking where Yeo is, it’s almost an auspicious time. The guy says he’s still in his room. Yeo comes out with Namrin. They both are feeling happy. Yeo looks at them and asks why… Read More ›

Pob Rak: Dating Scene

From episode 8 part 5 Ghost Prik: “Life…is all about learning.” Namrin: “Aunt Prik, won’t you at least tell me the reason Yeo could touch me?” Ghost Prik: “I’m not Aubdul. Aubdul?” Namrin: “Yes!” Ghost Prik: “Can I ask?” Namrin: “Yes!” Ghost Prik: “Can you answer?” Namrin: “Yes!” Ghost Prik (laughs): I can answer only… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Pob Rak

Just watched episode 4 live and fell in love with Mark-Bella and this duet so here I am  🙂 Song title: Rak Thi Tam Ha (love I’ve been searching for) Artists: Max Jenmana & Tukta Jamaporn Official MV Translations of the lyrics: (man singer) Used to be…alone, with no hope to do anything Used to… Read More ›