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Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 7

December 11, 2013

Let’s clarify about Nu Na’s name a little bit. “Nu Na” literally it’s how rice-field rats is called [nu= rats, na = rice field], but for this series, it could be that “Nu” is an endearing prefix whereas “Na” is a shorten name of “Lanlana”, so her parents call her “Nu Na” as her nickname┬á… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 6

I guess I should introduce, at least, the actor and actress who portrayed the main couple: Puen Khanin as Jirametr (Jim) : Sara Legge as Lanlana (Nu Na) Before this lakorn aired, viewers didn’t expect much from Puen because (they said) he’s not good-looking, or that he’s a newbie (kind of) but now I started… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 5

There’s no guarantee that I will able to do every episode, time is the key here ­čÖé and already I’m way behind the current episode┬á ­čÖé Part 1 Jim looks at Nu Na’s wet T-shirt. Nu Na crosses her arms and asks why she needs to take off her shirt too. Jim smiles and asks… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 4

Some said it’s a pity that this quality lakorn aired in an early evening time slot (6:30 p.m.) and not during evening prime time (8:30 p.m.), but the younger viewers said it’s good so they got to see it after coming back from school. Humm..I agree with the later, why not have some good lakorns… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 3

The story has been on the fun side so far, I hope it will stay that way. Part 1 Nu Na asks Jim what his father’s name is. Jim: “How about my mom’s name?” Nu Na asks when he will talk like a human being. Jim: “You know, the money you’ve been receiving every month… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 2

This lakorn has a lovely location. I think Jim will gradually change for the better that money isn’t everything. Again, choose your own site as you wish for the video. Part 1 Jim says it’s nice to meet him here. Delanza thanks Nu Na for giving him pleasure. Nu Na says you’re welcome, it’s… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Look Mai Khong Phor

Song Title: Look Mai Khong Phor (father’s fruits), soundtrack of┬áLook Mai Khong Phor, HM The King Honor Celebration Series Translations of the lyrics: Father (HM King) endures hard works for such a long time, for us (We) Have never seen even for one day that father becomes discouraged So that every child (of father) will… Read More ›

Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 1

Title: Tai Rom Bai Phak (underneath the prestigious leaves) [one of the five series of Look Mai Khong Phor Series] Air time: Mon thru Fri 6:30 p.m. (daily lakorn) on Channel 3 The first episode, I found it to be a light-hearted love story. If you are wondering why there’s no synopsis here, well, no… Read More ›