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Soundtrack: Look Mai Khong Phor – Nai Man Mek

January 23, 2014

Let me take a break capping lakorn and translate this song, FonPhram JumKheunJai (light showers…I memorized), Nai Man Mek OST Translations of the lyrics: That day with light showers, I memorized Never erase, all those great things Never forget, and always think about it…every words you said *[I may be drifted and let you be… Read More ›

Nai Man Mek Episode 1

I know I have loads to translate but I just loved the opening of this series. Nai Man Mek is the fourth series of Look Mai Khong Phor Series. I hope it’s all right to weight in just one episode. I will take time doing each part so you may check back laterrr  🙂 Part… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Look Mai Khong Phor

Song Title: Look Mai Khong Phor (father’s fruits), soundtrack of Look Mai Khong Phor, HM The King Honor Celebration Series Translations of the lyrics: Father (HM King) endures hard works for such a long time, for us (We) Have never seen even for one day that father becomes discouraged So that every child (of father) will… Read More ›

Update: Teaser Look Mai Khong Phor Series

Look Mai Khong Phor Series is the adaptation of the novels Look Mai Khong Phor Series which contains five novels from five authors in appreciation of His Majesty King Bhumibol’s remarkable intelligence and kindness to the country and his people by depicting HM royal initiatives and projects. Below is five teasers for upcoming five series… Read More ›