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Lom Sorn Rak Episode 6

March 22, 2015

I went out of town and came back, was secretly hoping some kind soul already picked up this one. I  meant to stop watching, mostly because I disagreed with Pranon the way he treated both girls. I love Pran, who seems to be the only one around here, insisted that he remain who he is…. Read More ›

Lom Sorn Ruk Episode 5

I’ll give it a shot but not sure will do all the way  🙂 Part 1 “Can you marry Pran?” PasuWat asks. “What?” Anna is confused. “Now Sinthorn is trying to push Thanart to be equals to Pran, and every director backs Sinthorn up while Pran has only me. I don’t know how long I… Read More ›

Update: Lom Sorn Ruk

Lom Sorn Ruk is the name of Nadech’s new lakorn and he is going for twins this time. Ah-ha, so we will get 2 pairs in one series which means two lovelines for  two Nadech(s), meaning, we will see him fall in love with 2 leading ladies! So much for Nadech on-screen, right? Nadech(I) is… Read More ›