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Kiss Me Episode 20 (Final)

December 8, 2015

Oh my, his hair! Why didn’t it happen sooner? Episode 20 “How many times have we kissed?” Taliw holds King’s hand and says, “I love you, love you the most. No one has ever done things for me like you.” She pulls her hand away from his andĀ  he sees that his ring is now… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 19

It’s never easy to hurt the good guy when you have to. Episode 19 “It’s time to make the decision” Taliw looks at the ring on her finger and thinks of what happened. Han knocks the door and says he wants to talk with her. Han sits down on her bed and says thisĀ  morning,… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 18

Well, back to square one? Again? Episode 18 “Love someone who loves us is the best” TenTen comes down and sees that his mom is still upset. He grabs a toast then gets in his car and leaves. Taliw is browsing at the photos in the exhibition. She reads the tagline at one photo which… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 17

Aww…King won me over! Episode 17 “Let’s play a couple” King walks in and sees Taliw so he asks why she didn’t tell him that she’s coming, he would come and help her. She says even if she didn’t call him, he could come to help anyway. She apologizes to him about yesterday. He tells… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 16

King is back in the game! Episode 16 “Happy New Year, everyone” Kaew greets TenTen who is walking down the stairs. He sits down next to her so she asks if he’s hungry. He says not yet. Turbo asks TenTen if he’s going out today. TenTen says no then asks where everyone is. Turbo asks… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 15

King is losing his screen-time. Poor guy. Episode 15 “We don’t suit each other” Kaew tells TenTen and Taliw to go change their clothes so that they will start a word-hint game. Taliw is delighted and says she’s good at playing this game. Kaew says Taliw surely will be the winner. The game starts with… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 14

Finally, a nerd made his move! Episode 14 “I won’t concede easily!” NamKang is working at the same coffee shop with TenTen. She is sweeping the floor and says a part-time job during a semester break is quite tiring. TenTen says then don’t do it. She says how she can give up so easily. She… Read More ›

Kiss Me Episode 13

It’s time Taliw muster up the strength to fight for her dream. Episode 13 “From now on…we are no longer connected.” Taliw arrives at her dad’s restaurant and sees that Paeo has balloons tie to her wrists too. Taliw asks if they did it to her as well. Paeo says of course, Arm came to… Read More ›