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Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 11 (Final)

July 14, 2013

A little late on this episode, I didn’t have time to continuously do it. The drama ended with high ratings in the last two episodes (the ratings improved from episode 9 onward). I would like to thank Channel 3 for taking such a risk to do five series consecutively all at once. It was a… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Khunchai Ronnaphee OST

People were talking about this song Make It Right. Now they would say, Chai Phi-make it right. Haha. It feels good listening to the song. Khwan says, “I have something I must tell you. Khwan and Khun Aut, we are getting married.” Artist / Lyrics : Patee Sarasin (aka Sgt. Lamai in the series)

Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 10

I really don’t want the Juthathep series to end  T___T Episode 10-1 Chai Phi cries his heart out thinking of Phieng Khwan. Pranod reads the news to Khwan about Chai Yai and Chai Phi’s coming weddings. Pranod says Pee Phi loves Pee Khwan so much, he wonders how Pee Phi will be able to marry… Read More ›

Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 9

Aww…a really good episode, great acting from James Ma, Mint, Esther and everyone, and best editing by far in this series. Esther was so so good that you hated her yet you felt sad for her. Episode 9-1 Aut tells Khwan that he heard about Phi. She says she never felt this way with a… Read More ›

Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 8 (Highlights)

Finally the turtle got out of its cave. What a sad episode it was for me. In episode 6-7, Ronnaphee was busy rescuing our Phieng Khwan from two monsters (mom’s long time admirer and Phieng Kwan’s former film producer). Rumpa was busy putting initials (P & R) on Chai Phi’s scarf (she claimed she made… Read More ›

Book: Khunchai Ronnaphee (the novel)- Final Chapter

Fair warning: if you don’t want to spoil your current watching Khunchai Ronnaphee, you may read this post after the series ends  🙂 Juthathep Gentlemen series OST – track 1  (Khunchai Tharathorn) Summary of the last chapter Mom Eiet’s close friends and the Juthatheps are attending her 80th birthday party. The English garden in the… Read More ›

Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 1-5 Review

Highlights: Episode 1-1 Love the opening scene. Chai Phi gets home and is happy that all of his brothers are at home too. He greets everybody. CPhi: You are all here. CYai: (beautiful smile ever from Chai Yai) How are you, Chai Phi? When will you stop being a por phuang ma lai (an old… Read More ›

Soundtrack : Khunchai Ronnaphee OST

If you’ve been following this series, you should have known that it’s getting harder and harder to watch. It’s so sad watching Phieng Kwan family’s back-story unfolded to our eyes, and you can’t blame her for not wanting to love anyone. I felt sad for Khunchai Ronnaphee every time this song came up. Song title… Read More ›