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Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 10 (Final)

May 26, 2013

Episode 10-1 CP: Kaeo, are you busy? K:  Khunchai! Did you come to do some business around here? CP:  What business do I have except seeking reconciliation with my wife? K: Khunchai. CP: Kaeo, if you are not going back, that will leave me no choice. K: Khunchai, what are you going to do? CP:… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 9

Chai Lek, are you ready? Buahahaha…… Episode 9-1 Kaeo runs after Marathi. Piengporn and Yosawin wonder where Kaeo is. She says if Kaeo went out to eat, she already has something to eat over there on the table. Kaeo is captured and Marathi laughs her heart out. G-On: Tell me, what the truth is. You… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 8

Episode 8-1 CP: This is the only way to protect us from Thun Pinit. K: Khunchai, this is a serious thing, not a joke. CP: Yes, it’s serious. K: But we….we are not suitable for registering a marriage certificate. CP: You don’t want it? K: Yes, I don’t want it. CP: All right. You just… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 7

As much as I love all Khunchais, my heart almost dropped to the floor every time one of them outrageously put their family in danger. Mom Eiet must be a patient women to groom the boys into such fine gentlemen and full of  spirits too. Episode 7-1 Bai Bua whispers into Pinit’s ears that she… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 6

Episode 6-1 They are making kanom jeep, and Kaeo is telling them to softy put the stuffing inside or the wrapping will break. Kaet says because Kaeo is here, she gets to learn more recipes to make new dishes for Khun Chin, especially, kanom jeep, it’s selling really well. Kaeo says she taught Kaet only… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 5

If you are wondering why the dialogs of the lead couple come in full sentences, well, that’s because these Khunchai(s) stay in an era where people still speak with proper nouns and pronouns, especially, coming to and from a noble family. No matter how playful all Khunchais were, they would still speak politely to each… Read More ›

Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 4

I’m rooting for Chai Pat to find his true love but Krongkaeo’s situation is too dangerous for him to get involved without coming out bruised and blue. Unless, Power Rangers get behind the scene 🙂 Episode 4-1 Kaeo cries out as if in pain, as loud as she can. A nurse says, it’s just a… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Juthathep Gentlemen OST (Various artists)

One song from various artists for five gentlemen. Song title : รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา (True love stands the test of time) Khunchai Tharathorn [Artist: Pop Pongkul] Khunchai Prawonruj [Artist: Dome Jaruwat] Khunchai Phuttipat [Artist: T Jetset’er & Rose Sirintip] Khunchai Ratchanon [Artist: Kun Napat] Khunchai Ronnaphee [Artist: Crescendo] Lyric:  (From previous post) Time that passed by, changes… Read More ›