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KhonLaKhobFah Episode 4

December 20, 2016

You can’t yell at your boss, can you? I mean he is someone who, you  know, put money in your bank account every month 🙂 Part 1 Chinnapat comes home with Anan. Ni is watering his plants. He calls her name and Anan expects him to tell her to stay. Turns out, Chinnapat says that… Read More ›

KhonLaKhobFah Episode 3

It doesn’t make any sense unless you fall in love  🙂 Summary Part 1 Ni tells Panan that Parichat will pick her up at the roadside in front of the house, to go to town. Chinnapat asks Panan where she’s going. Ni translates Pantong’s brochure for him so he learns that she studied in the… Read More ›

KhonLaKhobFah Episode 2

Take a deep breath and you won’t get mad with boys and girls’ behavior in this episode. A spoiled rich girl fell down the castle then meets the devil. Summary Not sure why Patnin is always at Sansanee’s apartment. He opens a car-care with his friends and comes to help San with her thesis. San… Read More ›

KhonLaKhobFah Episode 1

A fun episode one. (KhonLa KhobFah =on opposite end of the horizon) Summary: -Chinnapat found Sirikanya killing herself and is accused of murder and rape. He lives on with a scar and bad name among the locals. No one knows what exactly happened. -Chanika is studying in the US and spending days as a party… Read More ›