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Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (2)

July 27, 2014

My long time favorite song in Dao Kiew Duen. Song title: Len Khong Soong (reach for the thing so high) Artist: New & Jiew Translations of the lyrics: I know it’s risky, but I’ve got to try I know it’s tiring, if I reach for the thing so high But let me try at… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (1)

I watched the current airing Dao Kiang Duen and wondered how the parentsĀ (Khun Chai Jan and PraKai Dao) got together in Dao Kiew Duen, so I marathoned it and liked it. It’s a story of a perfect woman (rich, pretty, successful career – a professional photographer) but failed in several relationships. She loves kids so,… Read More ›