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Dao Kiang Duen Episode 9 (Quick Summary)

August 5, 2014

It’s entertaining to see cute men and girls running around here and there for two hours+ and talking nonsense (mothers aside)…once in a while. Before it gets lost in translation, Khun Jan spoke formally to everyone. His manners and speeches were kept in line with his upbringing, and for that, good job done from Ken… Read More ›

Dao Kiang Duen Episode 8 (Quick Summary)

I think the plot is going down hill but I will endure it for Ken Phupoom. The problem lies with the consistency of Darika’s character imo. I hope she won’t end up just another typical nang’ek. She was fun to watch in the first 5 episodes though. Episode 8 Part 1 Darika wakes up… Read More ›

Dao Kiang Duen Episode 7 (Quick Summary)

A little messy with all many issues went around and around the couples. Episode 7 Varang, Arty and her staff present the CF video for Phu Tawan coffee for their picky client, Khun Pat. They get scolded for missing the concept of the product, which is coffee for Thais, and the actor and actress used… Read More ›

Soundtack: Dao Kiang Duen (2)

This song uses rhyme and poetry-liked wording to describe one moon and one star. Song Title: Dao Kiang Duen (the star stays alongside the moon) Artist: Nan Watiya (feat. Pete Pol) Translation of the lyrics: (figuratively) When the moonlight comes visiting the sky, You make the sky more attractive and bright Everyone turns to… Read More ›

Dao Kiang Duen Episode 6 (1-2/9 Quick Summary)

This lakorn is full of hilarious slang and old-fashioned phrases (mostly from Dao). It made me laugh almost every other line, however, it’s hard to translate all of it though. Part 1 Jak brings his wife a tray of food. They made up. He wants her to quit from Grand Department Store. She says… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Dao Kiang Duen (1)

This lakorn was supposed to be a sequel to Dao Kiew Duen, where Khun Jan is the son of Khun Chai Jan and Prakai Dao. However, I’ve noticed names changed with something similar but not quite, so let’s say it another lakorn. The titles of the original novels are Dao Kiew Duen and Dao Kiew… Read More ›