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BangRaJun Episode 18 (Final)

February 24, 2017

It’s been two years since my first post of BangRaJun, and your nagging shoves me back to the keyboard. Plus, I could squeeze in some time this hour, this week only 🙂 Part 1 Jai says every Rajun was nice to him, especially Sabai. He loves her even if he knew it couldn’t be, but… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 17

Be warned: approach this episode with a smile then you should be all right  🙂 Episode 17 Part 1 “KrungSri Ayutthaya” Thub is detained. He says, “I did my best, my RaJun fellows…” Cannonballs continue to hit RaJun Camp. Thub says, “I could repay you only this much….” Sang and Khab duck the blast. Feng… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 16

It’s hard to say goodbye to this series so I’m taking my sweet time doing it. Things are getting worse for Rajun Camp and it’s time to put their unity to the test. Part 1 Jai is begging ThongMen not to leave the camp then he speaks in Burmese without realizing it. ThongMen pauses at… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 15

I tried to put myself in their shoes and asked myself what would I do? Flee or fight? Tough question, isn’t it? Then I decided I would go with the majority, do things with a large number of people might turn fear into courage. I think. Part 1 Jai pauses mid-air then kicks Thub on… Read More ›

Soundtrack: BangRaJun (3)

I teared up watching the last episode (no spoilers please!). It’s very well done and heartbreaking, and sad to say goodbye to great story and characters. My appreciation goes to the cast and crew, the director and (especially) the editing team, also the music director (for both scores and soundtracks), and channel 3, for daring… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 14

Do you want me to do this lakorn to the end? I mean already I read viewers cry rivers this week. Does anyone still want to inflict pain upon yourself? Part 1 Jai says it’s just a small wound and it will heal soon so she shouldn’t worry about it. Sabai says it’s their wedding… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 13

I was debating between doing episode 1 or 13, then decided to do both. I read that this lakorn would end on March 9th, so there are three more episodes (after episode 15) for us to rejoice over the pain  🙂 Part 1 Thub, Sang and Khab come to the meeting. Thaen tells them to… Read More ›

BangRaJun Episode 12

This episode was compelling enough. Episode 12 Part 1 Sabai tells DokRak that our land is so prosperous, good soil, good water, and rice could be nicely grown filling up the whole field, and they would never die starving. DokRak looks at the rice on the plate and says the name of his possessive rice… Read More ›