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Soundtrack: PlerngNaree

September 11, 2016

Ahem!…Tik and Mai and that’s it. I mean I didn’t pay attention much other than a princess hiding identity in order to take revenge on whomever responsible for her bitter past. Song ‘PidBang’ (concealing) by P’Bird 🙂 For every moment being near you For every moment I had, every minute is meaningful I don’t know if… Read More ›


Soundtrack: PirunPramRak

Although this lakorn already ended last night, this song (Wan Fon Prum) keeps me humming all day. A man showed up covering with blood while she’s walking back to her apartment. He kept refusing to go to the hospital so she fished him back to her place and tended to his wound (she’s a doctor… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Buram PramPra

Currently watching this lakorn, a fantasy with lots of CG. It’s hard to understand the story at first but it kept getting better by the episode. The main plot is driven by parts and characters from the famous Thai literature, Phra Apai Manee. SudSakorn, the little boy, jumps out of the literature world to the… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai

Great’s role as Pur (Poon) here is quite similar to Khun Tho (Tai Ngao Jun) but the pain just cut deeper. Song title: Chi-wit Jing Mai-chai Ni-yai (real life, not a fiction) Artist: Ton Thanasit Chaturapush Official MV Can be just someone, who doesn’t have the right to love (you) That’s all I can be,… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Miss Thong Soi, the No.1 Maid (2)

I watched the ending of this lakorn and it was cute, and put a smile on my face. I heard this song inserted here and there and loved it, but couldn’t find it in the list of soundtracks for this lakorn, so I searched by its lyrics and there it’s found. Love to share it… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Miss Thong Soi, the No.1 Maid (1)

Miss Thong Soi, a famous columnist from a wealthy family, ran away from her wedding, then she has to disguise herself as a maid, speaking in dialect,  and lives in Khun Klang’s house. I didn’t follow this one but took a peek here and there, and thought Khun Klang and his driver were a perfect… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Tai Ngao Jun

I love this song. It’s lovely. Title: Dai Khae Rak (could only love) Artist: Max Jenmana Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Don’t be uneasy, please don’t doubt what I do Even if I don’t speak at all, will you ever know, how much I love you * [ Just like the sunlight, just like… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Mor-phee Cyber

Cute leads…liked. Song title: Hai Jai Rao Khui-kan (let our hearts do the talk) Artist: Achariya Dulyapaiboon Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Couldn’t reach my hand out to touch Never say how I feel But my heart could feel it, It’s love Only silence there may be, But there’s a story behind it The… Read More ›