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Soundtrack: Mor-phee Cyber

June 15, 2015

Cute leads…liked. Song title: Hai Jai Rao Khui-kan (let our hearts do the talk) Artist: Achariya Dulyapaiboon Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Couldn’t reach my hand out to touch Never say how I feel But my heart could feel it, It’s love Only silence there may be, But there’s a story behind it The… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Girl Who See Smells

This is a Korean drama which now I’m enjoying. There are a cop (Park Yoochun), a serial killer and a girl who sees smells (Shin Se Kyung), and that’s about it   :) Song title: First Time Artist: Kye Bum Zu MV The leads are so cute together and the story is engaging. I hope… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Kolkimono

Pee Bird, period. Song title: Dok Mai Nai Jai (flower in my heart) Artist: Thongchai McIntyre Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Did you ever know A life without you, Is a flower deprived of water Living with a deep lonely heart for so long Every minute passing is waiting * [ Each night has… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Luerd Mungkorn – Seua

This song didn’t catch my ears at first despite coming from my favorite singer, but when it was inserted here and there each episode, it started to pull me in and the lyrics are quite cool too. Song title: Hua Jai Li-khit Artist: Asanee Chotikul Official MV Translation of the lyrics: It may be… Read More ›


Soundtrack: BangRaJun (3)

I teared up watching the last episode (no spoilers please!). It’s very well done and heartbreaking, and sad to say goodbye to great story and characters. My appreciation goes to the cast and crew, the director and (especially) the editing team, also the music director (for both scores and soundtracks), and channel 3, for daring… Read More ›


Soundtrack: BangRaJun (2)

Another beautiful song from Bang RaJun. Song title: Phrak Rak Artist: Jennifer Kim Translation of the lyrics: As long as the sun stands firm being on the horizon, One heart will stand firm on loving you When fate destined us to meet, Will love only you and remain unchanged * [ Whatever ups and downs,… Read More ›


Soundtrack: BangRaJun (1)

What a great production from Channel 3 for “Bang RaJun” and the songs… Of all pairs, my favorite goes to “Sabai” and…her man *sniff* Song title: Bang RaJun Artist: Pete Pol Translation of the lyrics: Born as Bang RaJun villagers, Our hearts hold strong on our pride, On the land we honored, we live as… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Kill Me, Heal Me

If you ask what I’m currently watching, well, well, it’s this one – Kill Me, Heal Me (Korean drama). The hero suffered having many personalities and the heroine (a shrink-in-training) had great chemistry with all of them. On the bright side, she got to be in love with several persons and you can’t say she’s… Read More ›