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Soundtrack: Girl Who See Smells

May 5, 2015

This is a Korean drama which now I’m enjoying. There are a cop (Park Yoochun), a serial killer and a girl who sees smells (Shin Se Kyung), and that’s about it   🙂 Song title: First Time Artist: Kye Bum Zu MV The leads are so cute together and the story is engaging. I hope it… Read More ›

Soundtrack: Kill Me, Heal Me

If you ask what I’m currently watching, well, well, it’s this one – Kill Me, Heal Me (Korean drama). The hero suffered having many personalities and the heroine (a shrink-in-training) had great chemistry with all of them. On the bright side, she got to be in love with several persons and you can’t say she’s… Read More ›

Soundtrack: She’s So Lovable

I’m aware of unfavorable comments throughout about this drama, but I love Rain, Krystal and L in this drama. Not a perfect drama but a subtle sweet one, and I just love this song when it came up in the episode. Since next week is its finale week (16 episodes totally), I feel like leaving… Read More ›

Soundtrack: She’s So Lovable

I haven’t talked about Korean drama soundtrack much this year so I’m picking one that I love listening to it these days. My love for ‘Rain’ during Full House days come back full force because of this drama. Sometimes telling story a simple way, simply acting from hearts, with some nice breezy songs, could turn… Read More ›

Korean Drama Currently Following

Let’s start with Sunday-the torture…yes, one episode per week on TvN. The Three Musketeers Season 1 Eeep…the most intrigued one for me is the Crown Prince (by Lee Jin Wook). Other three men were awesome too but well, you know, Lee Jin Wook…that’s that. Let’s hope his loveline with the Crown Princess will wrap up… Read More ›

Korean Drama: Cunning Single Lady

Since the beginning of 2014, I haven’t talked about Korean drama at all. I watched three series at first: Three Days, Emergency Couple, and Cunning Single Lady. Due to the universe of time, it came down to one which I’ve been watching diligently now. It’s Cunning Single Lady. The series itself doesn’t have an outstanding… Read More ›

Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 12

You know, that Mi-rae gets to be a writer now should, in fact, already change the future, right? So whatever future Mi-rae is saying which had happened may also be different now, right? May be what happened from episode one till now is also fated? Ooy…it’s in the mathematics, I would say. I think the… Read More ›

Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 11

I’m still having a hard time trying to understand the logic why future Mi-rae wants present Mi-rae to marry Se-joo when it’s clearly that she still loves her husband (Kim Shin). I mean why it has to be Se-joo and not someone else? The problem is we’ve been hearing future story from future Mi-rae only… Read More ›