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If Tomorrow Comes Episode 8

February 18, 2012

I should say this for the record that, out of the four brothers, I love Seong-ryong the most. His heart is so pure and kind, and he always reaches out for everyone, in his own capable ways. OST Part5 – Only You EPISODE EIGHT Bo-bae wakes up and couldn’t find her husband. She looks in… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 7

EPISODE SEVEN Jeong-in, “My daughter Eun-chae, my husband Yoon Won-seob, I love you.”  He says, “I love you too.” They clink the glasses.  Eun-chae says she’s happy, she likes to be with her mom and dad, likes the way she’s standing in the middle of them. She feels like she’s become a little child again…. Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 6

This drama is not outstanding or exciting but strangely somehow I find comfort in telling the story. I love a family drama that gives me a new light of life, a whole new picture of reality….the world we live in. EPISODE SIX Won-seob comes inside the house, Soon-jeong tells him that it’s Won-ja here.  Won-ja… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 5

Here it comes as a surprise (to me too)  🙂 EPISODE  FIVE Il-bong runs fast trying to get away from his creditors. He climbs up the wall and settles himself on the rooftop. The gangsters are too exhausted from the chasing to climb. The guy tells Il-bong that he knows where he lives and tells… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 4

What will you do if  a relationship suffocates you, and problems arise in every step of the way? That’s what happened with the couple in this drama. They know they love each other but everything is making it hard for them to be together. There’s nothing wrong of breaking up when a relationship doesn’t work… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 3

From episode one, we jumped right in the middle of Yeong Gyoon and Eun Chae’s relationship. They’ve been dating for 2-3 years and they are now reaching the point of making a commitment. It’s strange that they didn’t try to introduce each other to their family during that time, may be deep down, they knew… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 2

The episode is not as dark as the picture chose, but the visual effects was so good that I had to honor the making. A family drama tends to have lots of characters contribute to the storyline. Sometimes, each has his/her own mini story, meaning, in one episode, we might get to see less of… Read More ›

If Tomorrow Comes Episode 1

Another family drama with 50 episodes. By all mean, no guarantee for the next episode recap. The reason I picked this one is Ha Seok-jin and another reason is..still..Ha Seok-jin 🙂 From the synopsis, it’s  about the love and conflict between a mother and daughter. The daughter is a kind-hearted college girl who thinks respecting… Read More ›