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Fanmade MV : I’m Kang Young-geol

May 13, 2012

Credit to YT uploader. This video expresses most of my thoughts on Kang Young-gul as a character in Fashion King. The sequences of the video and the song used, in a way, narrates the life of a young man who would never give up and , at any cost, would stand his ground to fight the… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 8

Oh dear, what am I getting myself into? That’s how I feel about this episode especially Jae-hyuk’s arrogant manner toward everyone.  Young-gul provoked Jae-hyuk intentionally, I know, but how would we feel to be called a piece of trash every single time? Not saying Young-gul was right, just understandable. I could only hope the story… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 7

Remember the concept? Don’t try to guess the pairing then you should be alright  🙂  All of the characters in this drama have never been black or white but a little shady, just enough to make you guess their real intention, which is fun? Everybody has greed, of course, but how to keep it in… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 6

The trick is, don’t try to define the relationships between these four leads or else you will end up banging your head.  Each character is hard to read including Ga-young.  Just let the story flow and hope the writer know where it’s going. Fashion King OST – I’ll Be Waiting EPISODE 6 Jae-hyuk asks, “What… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 5

Although Madam Jo as a character is the worst of mankind, the actress who has been portraying the role is just plain awesome.  The drama still keeps us in the dark of what is the story behind Madam Jo’s boutique and Ga-young’s parents. Fashion King OST – The Greatest Love EPISODE 5 He thinks of… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 4

Let me warn you that this episode is a little hard. Things got messy and a hero deserved a punch (or more). EPISODE 4 Young-gul happily walks out. He runs into Anna on his way out, things she’s carrying fall to the ground. He wants to help but she says not to touch it. Young-gul… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 3

The fact that, so far, Yoo Ah-in kept taking his shirt off  in every episode (not saying it’s a bad thing)  helped calming my inner spirit that the recaps are coming along quite nicely  🙂 Fashion King OST – Dreaming of  You EPISODE 3 Young-gul grabs his collar and yells at him. Jae-hyuk tells him… Read More ›

Fashion King Episode 2

From the last episode, two persons are struggling to survive; Young-gul and Ga-young. I always admire people who are making their way into the world by themselves, most seem strong with outstanding capabilities to endure hardships. So tears from such would mean things must have been really hard to handle. EPISODE 2 In the ocean,… Read More ›