My first intention on starting this blog was to test run WordPress out of curiosity, just for fun. Then as I started to discover its features its capabilities, it’s fun playing around here. It’s like I’ve found my new playground.  Ideas keep flowing in, my years in computer world allow me to stretch the boundary a little bit further.  Blogger world become part of my life as I started my journey on Korean drama.

Last year I chanced upon a particular drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ , my whole Korean drama experiences were turning upside down, enriched by discussions among friends. My privilege to have met awesome solid bloggers to whom I cherished until today. All thoughts on this blog come from a non-Korean viewer, a person who begun traveling across countries at young age, having met with so many different cultures, the advantage, it somehow broadens your horizon, your perspectives change and never be the same again.

As I was thinking how I would to write this, good old memory surfaced. Many years ago, in a youth hostel Hamburg Germany, there was a song echoed thru the sleeping hall early in the morning at 7am, it was meant to  shake all the residents to join breakfast. With all those travelers from around the world sleeping right next to me, I thought the song was  so beautiful, just right for the moment. My only wish for this blog is you read, miracle happens, and you smile…….

Written July 19, 2011 / Fully published online July 16, 2011

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  1. Hi K
    I’m new here, I follow Yoo Seung Ho and his Warrior Baek Dong Soo until I see your blog. Woww really amazing place. I love the way you write your opinion and narrate the story…I feel like a kid who listen to your story intently. Thank you for sharing all of this, I’ll come to read your story again soon. ^^ Nice to meet you.

  2. I just got an email saying someone commented on this webpage
    i completely forgot i was subscribed to the comments lol

    this brings back so many memories of when you were recapping Warrior Baek Dong Soo and I was just reading some of my comments from all those years ago !!!

    hoep youre well ! its cool to see you’re still running this blog 🙂

  3. Wow, flash back to my hostel visit in southern Germany. I came across your site tonight as I was desperately looking for a recap of kiss me.. Epis 20. Anyway, I grew up traveling a great deal as well and like you, discovered Asian dramas a few yrs ago. Anyway, just wanted,to wish you the best and let you know how awesome what you are doing is. Happy New year!

  4. Hi K,

    Thank you so much for the HFL synopsis. We we’re wondering where to find the rest of the synopsis after Episode 25? My son found your wonderful blog and told me about it. Thank you for your time.

    All the best,

    • Sorry for a late reply. For HFL, it’s 66 episodes (if I remember correctly). I think you can still find a streaming site for this drama with Engsub. If you love the leading actress, I will recommend you “My Daughter Seo Young”, a 50-eppies yet so good, if you like family drama that is. You can also find this one with Engsub at the moment, Mr. Google will be able to help you 🙂 Can’t say the name (shush! It’s the rule….of late…)

  5. Love to see your website. I just seen “Khu Kam (2013 movie) Trailer”. This Thai movie!!.
    Glad to know you that you love Thai movies and Thai dramas. Nice to know you ^____^.

    And thank you for uploading 🙂

  6. Nice to meet someone who likes Korean dramas. I want to join your current giveaway, but it seems the music player doesn’t work for me. I wonder how it works.

  7. @ kcomments & maria – Chingus, how are you doing? I am enjoying watching the hilarious Rooftop Prince especially the Joseon F4 with their mother goose Park Ha but I am immensely loving King 2 Hearts! Have you watched the episodes? Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are the best! I love their on and off screen chemistry. ^^ Even their product placements are so effective that I have been looking for Dunkin Donuts lately and would even want to have that Samsung Zipel refrigerator! Keke! Aigoo, Lee Seung Gi is such an effective product endorser!

    • @zenti! good to hear from you again I haven’t seen rooftop prince yet but I do have it on my list for future watches and the king2hearts I have thought about watching as well

      • @Zenti
        Dear Docter, we are all busy trying to keep up with the new dramas 🙂
        I see you are loving K2H. I checked a little here and there but didn’t really sit down and watch the whole episode. But will try cuz you are making it sound so good specially Dunkin Donuts, haha, omo…the refrigerator too? Never has anyone successfully convinced me on that! Rooftop is hilarious, but loved the sageuk story more than the modern one. Waiting for the whole F4 to get back to the past with the Prince in a jean jacket and short hair haha.

        • Dear doctor Zenti, didn’t you hear, RP beated K2H (Ratings)?! Buahaha…The Joseon Power Rangers ! May be you should try Micky’s ramyun instead…kiss me darling….la la la….

          • what is it with koreans and the song kiss me darling kiss me kiss me tonight I mean I have heard it pretty much in every korean drama lol the singer isn’t even korean lol

            • I’m pretty sure he isn’t

              • @maria
                I meant the song from Micky’s CF, he sang the song himself. It’s an instant noodle (ramyun) commercial kekeke….If you watch Rooftop Prince live, you will see the commercial.

                • I know lol I just seen the cf he was singing the same song I was talking about kiss me by blink the song is literally everywhere in korean shows lol but I think micky said kiss me darling kiss me kiss me kiss myeon or something lol

          • @ kcomments – Haha! I am still loyal to King 2 Hearts and Lee Seung Gi (come what may, keke). I am getting dizzy already with RTP on its genealogy! Who is the mother of this and who is the daughter of that. I took a peek of Equator Man and despite my love for Uhm Tae Woong, I had to roll my eyes and lament on the medical what the heys in the drama!

            At first I heard RTP was also airing 2 episodes but it got announced at the last minute that it would be one episode only for this week. There are rumors that RTP is on live shoot already and so maybe that is why only one episode is aired.

            • @Zenti
              Haha, the funny thing is, we are always on a different ship i.e. CYHMH, but we’ve never really disagreed. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who got confused of who is the real daughter of who! Although tonight ep was fun and all, the pace of the story was so slow. I think it’s about time they move on to the murder of the Joseon era, it’s the bone of the whole story we are waiting for, and how Park Ha connected to Bu Yong.

              I thought that they would air 2 eps too, but oh well.
              I took a peek of EM too, they were only boys when I jumped out hehe.

              • I finished shut up flower boy band it was amazing! but now I finished it I am at loss of what to start next I thought the rooftop prince but I think I’m going to wait I’m curious about the new drama with lee jun ki and shin min ah arang that’s out this summer so maybe I’ll watch that hehe I will just have to keep look out for new kdramas that spark my interest

    • ah new chingu ~ howdy 😀 im Anisah the girl who dissapears on a regulr basis xD

      ah youre watching K2H, its sooo good right ! i love LSG he is awesome~ and HJW is soo cute :3
      i havent seen the latest 2 episodes yet D: but omg i really wanted to punch LSG when he was eading her on !! I WANT HIS HEART TO BREAK *feels evil*

      • @Anisah
        Isn’t it fun trying to guess who was answering to who on this page? Haha….
        It’s okay to disappear once in while cuz I did that too hee. Did you mean you got an A in chems? Congrats! So cool, I was having a hard time trying to calculate the mole thingy, errgh! We are now rambling on and on about Rooftop Prince, also Zenti on K2H. I’m not a very faithful fan of LSG so…*Shush! Hear,hear Zenti*
        Are you on RTP? Micky? 🙂

        • I actually only have seen one thing with lee seung gi which is my girlfriend is a gumiho with shin min ah it was cute lol

        • @ kcomments – I actually do not mind (because it is to my advantage) that you prefer Micky and his noodles over LSG and his doughnuts, refrigerator, and other product endorsements he has. You have Micky for yourself and I have LSG for myself! Haha!

          @ anisah – Annyeong! Don’t worry about Kim Hang Ah because she knows how to deal with Lee Jae Ha. Have you watched the episodes 7 and 8? Gaah, I miss King Lee Jae Kang! His character was so well – written and acted!

          • @Zenti
            Buahaha….let me show you my current fav RTP Fanmade MV, thanks to YT uploader 🙂

            The thing is the song used. It’s from Wild Romance OST “Hurts”. So watching this reminds me both of my love for Wild Romance and the cute Micky. Seeeee, he’s so cute! Haha….

            And to be fair, giving you LSG’s long time CF,

            • Aww … I miss Wild Romance! I actually love that song!

              Micky is fit to the t for sageuk. He is more cute on sageuk garbs! Haha!

              Omo! My Lee Seung Gi! Love, love, love LSG on suit! ^^

  8. hey @kcomments how have you been lately haven’t heard from you in a while,,,, I finished dream high 2 a couple of days ago and to be honest I have no idea what I thought about it in the end it wasn’t the greatest I mean nothing really got resolved in the end it was just so open lol anyway @kcomments are you still watchin Operation love I am I’m on ep 11 but I know what happens in the end I don’t know what to think of it I’ll know probably when I finish it but I’m kinda finding the show a bit sexist and hypocritical in some ways I mean it’s like baek ho is trying his best to make the relationship work but yi seul isn’t really doing anything I mean I thought it was a bit sexist that it’s like basically baek ho does all the work but yi seul doesn’t It’s like the writers are basically saying that girls are useless and the guys have to win the girls hearts when it easily could be the girls winning the guys hearts and I felt it hypocritical with yi seul she wants baek ho to work for her but what exactly does she do nothing really I mean I know she tried to help baek ho with getting back into baseball but relationship wise not really but bear in my mind this is simply my opinion

    • @Maria
      I was really really busy, and very tired, didn’t touch my laptop for days. As for OP, to be honest, I checked the ending and didn’t feel like going back watching the rest of the episodes. I don’t like the twist at the end (but it may serve your complain of how YS didn’t participate) and the video confession. I love the J-version what Ken did in the end at her wedding, and love the moment after that, but again I didn’t watch every episode of OP. Sorry for YSH’s fans, I think YSH’s acting was good but it just didn’t connect with his co-stars, or may be the other way around, or may be it’s just me hehe.

      • kcomments@ well I am glad to hear from you again xxxx :D,,,,,,, yeah I also checked out the last ep and when I’m not seeing it subbed dramabeans always helps with the recaps I went straight there to try and understand the ending and the writers did a bad move by making it makjangy it really reminds more of boys before flowers when gu jun pyo get’s in an accident and can’t remember jan di but I guess thats when we have yi seul try and do something for a change I mean she does absolutely nothing and baek ho is going through pain so much for her and also I don’t like her much now I don’t hate he but I’m not fond of her either and whenever she says kang baek you don’t know anything it just irks me now or maybe it’s just because of all the negative comments about her but I just find yi seul a complete hypocrite

        • @ maria – I think it may come out that it was only Baek Ho exerting efforts on the relationship because the story was told in his point of view. The premise of Operation Proposal is that it takes two to tango in a relationship and if only one tries to work things out it may not come out as expected. The drama is trying to convey that at the end when Yi Seul realized she should have not let fear overcome for her to invest and take a risk with Baek Ho. But I agree with you that the makjang elements may not be that needed to send the message across and had only become fillers to extend the run for 16 episodes.

          • ahhhhh thanks zenti I see it a bit different now it’s just that yi seul has just gotten on my nerves now I liked her at first but now for me personally she is just too much lol

          • @Zenti
            Hi, for OP, I didn’t like he confessed through the video and the amnesia *sign* But looking forward to YSH’s next project hehe.

            • yeah I finally finished the drama the ending I guess made up for it in the end but it felt so unnatural he all of a sudden remembered on dramabeans they said that yi seuls gramp gave him back his memories I also thought the whole video thing was silly I mean it was really sad and cute but I was like does he really need to confess technically he confessed in ep 11 lol but it seems like all the time he went back to the past he confessed lol I also thought the slow motion running wasn’t necessary at all it made it look cliche and funny also baek ho pretty much kept reminding us why he was going back to the past in like every ep that wasn’t needed I mean I know the writers wanted it to seem dramatic and give it purpose but I mean we got the point already even dramabeans stated this lol but overall it was a cute watch,,, and yoo seung ho will be appearing in one of gu hye suns short movies something called fragments of memories or something like that

              • @maria
                I loved the J-version’s confession at the wedding in the end, he confessed through his tears during his congratory speech. That needs courage, so full points for a guy for me. And he walked off thinking it’s too late. But then I didn’t see every episode of the Korean. And I’ve decided to say bye-bye to Love Rain (for now) after 4 episodes. I think I sticked with the PD long enough, let me know if you love it.

                • I haven’t seen love rain I’m still kinda unsure about it to be honest I mean it seems like the drama is going to be really tragic, yeah that for me is really respectable to just express your feelings like that I mean the whole video thing that baek ho did was sort of cowardly for me personally it takes a real man to express his feelings outwardly even if everyone is in the room instead of in a video

  9. Hello, this is KWave magazine. I would like to ask you some collaboration works with us. Please contact me! Thanks!

  10. I just seen all the eps that have aired so far for shut up flower boy band I’m all fired up for ep 9 and 10 BRING IT ON!!!! lol but I feel really bad I am behind on operation proposal I have yet to see ep 5 and 6 subbed also bachelor’s vegetable store eps 19 and 20 subbed and the moon that embraces the sun ep 15 and 16 subbed sometimes I start too many dramas that I can just about only just keep up with but shut up flower boy band will be the last kdrama for now until I finish my other dramas like american dramas I got two eps left of one of my american dramas same with my british drama so once there out the way I may watch the rooftop prince and love rain I’ll just have to wait and see hehe

  11. HAHA Watching episode 6 of shut up flower boy band and they mentioned yoo seung ho what a coincidence lol

  12. @mariaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Check OP ep6 gahhhh *swoon*

    • hehe I know I checked it out thursday I will watch properly when subbed but I really wish I would get spoiled by looking at the pics of yoo seung ho because it showed (SPOILERS!) *cough kiss cough*

      • I mean I wish I wouldn’t get spoiled because I’ve been seeing the preview pics on tumblr lol and the pics showed *cough kiss cough*

        • @Maria
          Do you remember the time we were forever waiting for a kiss in WBDS?
          The benefit of not-seeing the preview was that the kiss totally surprised me. I went OMG OMG I was waiting endlessly for this in WBDS, and now it’s here! he old enough to kiss like that? Haha…..

          • HAHA weill actually I wasn’t really waiting for a kiss in WBDS I did see the official MV where dong soo and ji sun *blep* but I wasn’t waiting for a kiss at all but if there a kiss between yeo un and ji sun or dong soo and jin ju or both lol for me it would have been the icing on top of the cake lol but I wasn’t waiting around for it lol is yoo seung ho old enough to kiss like that I think he his lol to think this august he’ll be 20 in korea and 19 in the uk it was one of those really sweet kisses but I think if it was a tongue kiss he’d be too young lol but they don’t really have tongue kisses in korean dramas so I don’t know lol

  13. Hi KComments 🙂 -hope you remember me-
    I just popped down to see how you were, kinda missed you and your blog :3
    So how are you?

    ah by the way, are you watching Bachelors Vegetable Store?

    • @ANISAH!!!!!!!!! How come you didn’t mention me hehe been missing out chats lol we should talk more are you watch Bachelor’s vegetable store too? I have been as well I have been enjoying it but I think the first half was better because it was alot more happier and fluffy but then the second half is just all depressing and blah blah blah and tae yang he was such a joyful sweet character in the beginning but now he just looks pale and depressed lol apparently it’s extended by 5 more eps so it’s now finishing with 25 eps which I can understand because it would be hart to condense the ending in one ep also anisah@ who’s your OTP I have shipped tae yang with ga-on/jin shim but I do love dan bi she’s really nice I though she was going to be the mean trouble-maker character but she turned out fine thank goodness lol also anisah@ have you been seeing operation proposal I have I’ve been loving it but every time I see yoo seung ho I think yeo un lol it’s just not the same anymore I think yoo seung ho’s and ji chang wooks memorable roles will always be yeo un and baek dong soo the memorable team up of yoo seung ho and ji chang wook lol I have sort of moved on from warrior baek dong soo now well not completely it’s still in my mind lol and yeo un and ji sun will always be my OTP same with dong soo and jin ju and dong soo and yeo un it will always be in my heart and probably one of the main kdramas I’ve been obsessed with it probably was the most biggest highlights of the year 2011 for me anyway to think I started to get really obsessed with the show at the end of ep 11 when yeo un stabbed his friends (I remember I seriously bawled my eyes out to that part lol) and that was august 2011 I’ve been obsessed with the show for like 7 months I think it’s the longest show either ever been obsessed with next to boys before flowers anyways enough of my ramblings of WBDS,,,,, anisah@ what other kdramas are you watching other than bachelor’s vegetable store I am watching
      bachelor’s vegetable store
      dream high 2
      operation proposal (korean remake with yoo seung ho)
      the moon that embraces the sun

      I’ve decided I’m going to have a go at shut up flower boy band every one is talking about it and I have not heard one dislike so far and I already pretty much have an idea who I OTP hehe *hyun soo cough ye rim cough cough*
      love rain with jan geun suk looks interesting the release date is sometime this spring I think march and also rooftop prince I may have a go at micky yoochun is in that one and I have never seen him act before so could be interesting and loads of people like sungkyukwan scandle (please correct me if I got the spelling right or not hehe)

      • @maria
        Good grief! And I thought today is the finale of the veggie boys, nooooo, you mean 5 episodes more? For what? To redeem the mom, and make our CJW cry more? Jeez! And ahem…it’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal 🙂

        • so I heard from cherkell@ she posts alot about ji chang wook and after ep 19 she said 5 more episodes to keep climbing,,,, I also thought too that we were at the ending too but then seeing how ep 19 was I can see why they decided to add on 5 more episodes to pan it out more because if todays ep was the last you can honestly tell that it’s going to be a rushed ending that doesn’t complete it when they could add more lol

      • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~ i didnt forget youuuu <333 i was going to FB Inbox you, as soon as i got home from school, but by then you'd already been here xDDD
        how are you my lovely ?
        i missed our chats too, especially your crazy long posts LOL yupyup watching and loving BVS 🙂 i still love tae yang, i wanted to hate ga on for making him sad but she's hurting just as much i honestly think she wants to be free from it all, i can totally understand why she went with mrs choi in the first place but i dont tihnk she wanted to stay with her as time went on, its not the life she wanted 😦

        obvssss taeyang/ga on is my OTP i love Dan Bi, but i odnt want her with Tae Yang, she deserves someone though 🙂

        its really hard seeing YSH and JCW without their long hair and swords but i like it, i miss DS and YW still though, they will always be in my heart ❤

        OMG its like we think alike, im also thinking about watching Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and Sungkyunkwan Scandal 😀
        but only once my exams are over 😦

        • OOOOOOOOO WOW WE REALLY DO THINK ALIKE I WAS READINg YOUR POST AND WAS THINking WOAH WERE SO MUCH ON THE SAME PAGE ALSO WHEN IT COMES TO THE COUPLES AND THEN YOU SAID WE THINK ALIKE wow we really do lol,,, yep I have been good,,, going to start shut up flower boy band I will then tell you my OTPs hehe but will of course be better when you start watching lol dan bi I reckon should just be with seul woo it’s simple lol

          • hehehehe~ thats so cool 😀
            great minds think alike deary ! i’m going to start SUFBB in about two weeks when my math GCSE exams are over.
            i wanted Dan Bi with Seul Woo at first but now he’s just annoying and i hate him, kind of :/

            • I sometimes find it so annoying when the second guy starts hanging onto the girl even the girl says no I love somebody else but the second guy won’t give up I know it must be hard for seul woo to accept that but he will just get dang annoying

    • Yoooooooo! @Anisah, where have you been? I can’t really say I’m watching B-V store, I’m more to watching JCW hehe. Did you see Operation Proposal? It’s good, the story won’t make you jump high but it’s the kind that creep into your heart, and YSH was amazing so far as Kang Baek-ho. Also, I’m giddily waiting for Micky, the Rooftop Prince in March. Let us know if you fall in love with any drama, it’s nice hearing from you 🙂

      • i’ve beeen kidnapped by me2day :O and exams after exams after exams
        im in my final year of school so i have LOADSSS of exams and no time for Korean stuffs or japanese for that matter. 😦
        hehe~ i dont think i would even considered BVS if not for JCW xD

        @Maria too, as much as i loveeee YSH im still getting used to him with short hair, also this sounds silly but i am a MAJOR Yamashita Tomohisa fan, and well he was the main guy in the original version and i refuse to watch remakes of his dramas ^^;;
        i know the story line is good, i really liked the Japanese version, (if you haven’t watched it, its a must)

        the funny thing is, Yamapi was also in a drama called Dragon Zakura and YSH played his character in the Korean remake of that as well.

        which i find cool, but i hope he doesnt remake all yamapi’s dramas, because i wont be watching any of them XP

        hehe~ i shall let you know first when i fall in love with a drama :3 ]
        its nice hearing form you too, and im glad i havent been forgotton ;P

        • WOW that’s another thing as well I actually said that to kcomments ages ago aswell that yamapi was in dragon zakura and funny thing is yoo seung ho did the korean remake for it hehe and I agree too I wouldn’t of watched bachelor’s vegetable store if not for ji chang wook hehe and anisah@ you mot certainly are not forgotten hehe literally I wondered why we stopped talking I thought I may of annoyed since kept sending fanfics haha lol and also remember the youtube dedication that’s literally always been in my heart

          • no way ! this is seriously awesome 😀
            we’re dramaly connected 😉
            yeah the BVS story line wasnt attractive but JCW was!!!

            awh~ im sorry, i just got really busy, im hardly ever on FB nowadays, but it was DEFINATELY not because you annoyed me 🙂 i loved your fanfics !

            hehe~ and im glad it’ll always be in your heart 🙂

        • @anisah
          I love the J-version too, specially the special episode. I was thinking that the J-male lead was cooler, until Baek-ho’s love/regret started to tug at my heart. I need to catch up with the K-version though, life’s been busy since New Year, wish you all the luck on your exams!

          • back with the uberly late reply, sooo busy D:
            my exams are finally over for now 🙂 i got an A for Chemistry which im really happy about, now i just have to wait for my other results 😦 reallly scary

            i only realised recently, i thought i was in love with Yoo Seung Ho but actually im in love with Yeo Un, and i just cant watch him in any other drama because it breaks my heart 😦 and its just not the same.

            i finished BVS today finally, i think the end was awful. i mean i liked it, but it made no sense.
            please help ^_^

            1. they couldve explained a little what exactly happened with her mother, it was like one minute shes in hospital then we dont see her at all in the episode and the next time we do see her she’s in a mental hospital … i think

            2. how and when did they get the shop back? it was like one minute theyre selling out of the truck the next their back in the shop :S

            3. how was jin shim able to marry tae yang and work for her fathers company? this was the most confusing. didnt her dad tell her to cut ties with tae yang if she wanted to be his successor? i really dont understand at all,

            im thinking either somehow awhoe chunck got cut out of the one i was watching or it just made no sense D:

            • hey @anisah first of all congratulations on getting an A for chem I am proud of you don’t worry about the rest I sure you did amazingly well and even if you failed one exam don’t worry it’s not the end of the world in the end all you can do is try your very best but I am sure you have done amazing x,,, yep I agree on yoo seung ho and his new drama it’s not quite the same anymore all I can see is yeo un same with ji chang wook and bachelor’s vegetable store all I can see is dong soo it’s not the same anymore now I actually read your comment yesterday but I though i’d comment back after I finished the last ep of BVS the ending to me was good well sort of it was alright just about satisfying to my tastes since in the end all I wanted was tae yang and jin shim/ga on to end up together not really caring for the store since I knew he was going to get his store in the end anyway yes alot of pieces didn’t make sense but at the same time did make sense I’m guessing in there was a time skip so thats why alot of the last ep felt like there was chuncks me like when jin shims dad and jin shim was going to london for a while I think the rest of the ep took place after that time so we have a time skip so possibly tae yang patched things up with jin shims dad during the time skip or he simply just doesn’t know since he didn’t appear right at the end but I assume because he patched up everything with jin shim he maybe accepted tae yang in the end now the fake mummy I don’t know really what happened with her it’s obvs she ended up at some kind of psychiatric hospital I guess since ep 22 to ep 24 she officially lost her mind but in the end she somehow did redeem her self a little and slowly patching things up with jin shim but it will probably take years but I don’t think in bum (jin shims dad) ever did forgive her though (of course you can understand with all that fake mummy lied to him about) I mean when you see the scene of fake mummy outside looking at the sea she mistook her lackey as her husband she possibly was waiting for him the whole time now about the shop like I said time skip it’s probably because they were just selling the veggies before the time skip and then through the time skip either tae yang got permission from jin shims dad or he earned enough money to buy it for himself and the others but I think it’s possibly because jin shim is now the head of mok young group and her dad isn’t anymore so jin shim gave tae yang back his store and married him,,,,, I’m also guessing the writers didn’t want to delve deep into all these things they didn’t really tie loose ends but kdramas are notable for terrible endings some worse than others but it would of taken more eps if they wanted to completely make us understand but then there’s also yoo bong and seo young so cute they were I didn’t get how seo young just magically seemed to get rid of her husband that was abusing her and I assume that yoo bong and seo young did end up together in the end.

              now my overall opinion of the series I thought it was really nice to start with it was like two worlds in one we have poorer side and the richer side with all that hard makjangy stuff it was a surprise to me from the first half of ep 1 I was smiling it seemed like it was going to be a fluffy and sweet drama with no heavy drama but it ended up being both for the first half of the series then the last half in the end it got boring to me just dragged out it felt lifeless I don’t know how to put it but the show just seemed lifeless in the end maybe thats because tae yang one main character was such a happy go lucky guy who always seemed happy and had this bright spark to him that just made you feel warm and fuzzy inside but then for the last half of the series tae yang was so pale and lifeless made me think is this the same tae yang we saw from before just like dong soo from WBDS we had him in the beginning sweet, kind, lovable and an idiot but then he’s transformation like a completely different person, in the end I would say the show was good but really was the makjang stuff necessary? in my opinion I don’t think it need 24 eps it should of just stuck to it’s original plan which was 20 eps they dragged out the ending a little but then again they didn’t what I really didn’t get was ep 20 ending I’m pretty sure there was a car about to run-over tae yang but he seemed fine in the next ep which I thought was really strange then we have jin shim/ga on I don’t what to think about her after 24 eps I’m still at loss of words I still thought wang ji hye did a fairly decent awesome job it was different than seeing her play a childish role like she did in protect the boss or that really evil b***h character in personal preference much more of a mature role but after 24 eps I’m not so sure what to think about her lol she cried far too much in the series which just made her seem too weak I understand she was in a lot of pain well I can’t say I do understand but anyway I didn’t understand why she just didn’t leave her fake mummy but I guess maybe it was just because it was too hard for her to leave her fake mummy but dan bi did an even better job while she was in deep pain she was crying on the inside but tried to stay strong I thought jin shim could of tried to stay strong it pains me to say though that in the end jin shim didn’t finally stick up for her self until about ep 19 when I thought she could of at least tried to make an effort to stick up for herself. sorry for the really longgggggggggggggg rant I just had to say what I though happened at the end and vent out my opinion of the whole show in total anyways @anisah you should have a go at shut up flower boy band it is really good my latest couple obsession is hyun soo (myungsoo) and ye rim (kim ye rim)

              • Thanks maria, I didn’t try to understand the mom at all buahaha…..
                What I was disappointed was the story could have projected only on how the veggie boys become successful, not about the swapping names/IDs!

                • YEAH I very much agree to be honest I really thought it was going to be a really sweet fluffy show with of course romance but I wasn’t expecting all this stuff I mean I never have seen a makjang so I guess BVS was my first dose of it I also checked out flames of ambitions/desire with yoo seung ho I didn’t watch it because there’s 50 eps but I skipped through It and what I saw was enough to put me off it way too much crying I mean makjang seems worse than even a drama like the really heavy kind of drama that makes you feel depressed in the end

                • and the pabo returns 🙂
                  how are you all?

                  @maria thank you so much for explaining, even though i still feel like a lot of the drama made little sense hehe~ do you have easter holidays right now? well i guess theyd be over now ^_^

                  @kcomments totally agree, the synopsis said the drama was about how he made a small veg store into a nation wide franchise :/ i waitined for that sucess right to the last minute of the drama not pleased when it didnt happen. hehe~ also im still wondering, since it it partially a true story, i wonder if the id switch was real o.O
                  btw i was wondering if you dont mind me asking where are you from? do you celebrate easter?

                • anisah@ yh I have easter holiday it’s saturday now and unfortunately coming to an end lol,,,, I actually thought tae yang did succeed in the end I guess he didn’t lol I don’t think the ID switch happened in the end I mean it could of but it might of just been added in for dramatic affect lol

            • Congrats on your chems A, never gotten around with chemistry hehe.
              I’m planning to check out Operation Proposal’s finale, though not really followed the drama. Then I should know how I feel about YSH as Baek-ho.
              As for BVS, sorry, I watched only for the main guy and tried to avoid the story as much as possible, so the only thing I knew about the ending is a red pepper with a ring inside, so sweet from a veggie man 🙂

              • HAHA don’t worry kcomments I tried my best at deciphering the ending and the series in a total in my own opinion hehe actually I’m really behind on operation proposal one the last ep comes out today which I may check out in total I have 6 eps to watch,,, because I was trying to catch up with the moon that embraces the sun (finally finished) now I have three eps left of dream high 2 then I’ll finish operation proposal and save the best till last the last 4 eps of shut up flower boy band kcomments you should of continued with it’s probably the most realist kdrama I’ve seen if that even makes sense,,, kcomments what did you think of the moon that embraces the sun in total in the end I still don’t know what to say about it the only good point of the show for me was pretty much all of it they managed to tie loose ends in the last ep which surprised me it was very much a shame about seul I mean seriously the writers didn’t give her a better chance I mean she was mean’t to be the warrior girl and seriously I thought there was something between her and un what a total waste but kcomments what do you think??????

                • For Moon/Sun‘s ending, just loved the last half hour of the last episode, loved that the writer gave us Hyung-sun funny dose at the end. I repeated the kiss(s) at the end too, KSH has grown up, I would say 🙂 Lost tracks of how many times Hwon kissed, but he waited for 8 years, so the kisses were justified (^^). The worst part gotta be Seol’s unnecessary death, Prince YM’s death was expected (since he’s another sun) but to kill himself in front of the king nah..I rather had him died protecting the king. And the grandma queen’s death was too easy with no funeral(?).

                  All in all, I said before I hoped for a happy ending with YW in a beautiful hanbok, and I got it all so I’m happy. It’s a beautiful love story between the sun and the moon imo (if we were to look at just their story), and love love the ending scene, it felt like the ending of fairy tales, a happily ever after (which is hard to find in a sageuk land).

                • Yeah I agree about the last part of the ep I was happy it had a happy ending since most sageuk dramas just seem to be tragic throughout so the ending for TMETS was a nice touch the deaths in some way felt unnecessary but it did tie loose ends seol I ended up being disappointed about I hoped to see more from her and a relationship with un but no lol

              • thank you 😀 i hate chem with a passion~ seriously i was getting D’s (not proud) im suprised i ended up with an A hehe~

                is OP over now? how was it?

                ahaha~ its okay about BVS when i tihnk about it im not really sure why i kept up with the stroy line, i shouldve kept to watching veg store bits xD

                the proposal was okay . . . a bit randomly out of the blue ocnsidering they never told the audience how theyre able to be together and her still work at the compay D:

                • I finally finished operation proposal and to be honest it was okay not the best but I ended up really getting annoyed with yi seul the main girl I mean it didn’t seem like she was doing anything and she kept saying to baek ho you don’t know anything and in the end they really pulled some makjangy stuff with the whole losing memories thing

  14. I was just wondering weather do you have twitter accounts since there is something that i want to ask you..

  15. HAHAHAHA lol so thats what we can call you i didn’t know lolz just called you k comments lolol i love warrior baek dong soo obsessed with it lol and i’m glad i’m not the only one thats addicted and obsessed with it lolz

  16. hi K! I really like your article on Korean food. hope you’ll continue to write about it!

    oh, and your name reminds me of Royal Family. the heroine is also called K 😀

  17. Lol! Alright, K.
    And I just want to say I love your site’s font. ^^

  18. Hi there! Discovered your site yesterday and I was squeal in delight because you do recap WBDS. So thanks a bunch!

    Just wondering though, what should I call you and your ‘playground’? Is it both popv?
    Sorry if I ask something silly.

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