BangRaJun Episode 18 (Final)

It’s been two years since my first post of BangRaJun, and your nagging shoves me back to the keyboard. Plus, I could squeeze in some time this hour, this week only šŸ™‚

Part 1

Jai says every Rajun was nice to him, especially Sabai. He loves her even if he knew it couldn’t be, but he will love her till the day he die. He begs her to run away with him.


She pushes him away so hard, “Go away! This is my home and I will die here!” When he tries to come near, she pulls out her sword and repeats that he leave now. Jai slowly turns around and walks away. Sabai wipes her tears and runs back.

Chote says the cannons cracked so looks like it couldn’t be used. Phra Thammachoti says Rajuns’ good deeds aren’t great enough to have prestige of having cannons. He tells them not to feel sad, and not having cannons doesn’t mean all is doomed. Chote asks how they could defeat them without it. The monk says their courage will be their protection. Mueang asks whether they will survive if they continue fighting. Thammachoti says it depends on the purpose, what they are fighting for.

A woman gets up and says she won’t fight, just look at her kid, don’t let him die in this war. She walks away with her kid and another woman. Thammachoti looks at them leaving and says be separated is just be out of something one used to, and feeling of love and worried are just feeling that that thing belongs to us, the truth is noting belongs to us in this world. He tells them to disperse according to one’s own good fortune.

Two women shout that they won’t stay here so let them get out of the camp, keep fighting and they will only end up dying. A women says whoever doesn’t want to stay, follow her. Khab shouts at them not to leave the camp, they will surely get killed since Ava troops already surrounded the camp.

Sabai walks over and asks what happened. Feng says the cannon cracked. Feuang says some villagers won’t stay anymore. Sabai says whoever wants to flee, she has an escape route.

Jun and Fliem hear that the cannon cracked. Fak takes Feuang and Juang to their mothers. Sabai tells two moms that she came to get them out of the camp. Juang asks if she really has an escape route. Sabai says she thinks so, but it’s not for the whole camp. Some women tell her to take them, they don’t want to die here.

DokMai says whoever has a burden to worry about, just leave, but he will stay and fight, and whoever wants to leave just follow Sabai. He shouts whoever wants to fight, follow him. Some men get up to be with him. Pliu weeps when her hubby decides to stay.

Thub tells Feng to go see their moms together.

Thub tells Sabai to take everyone out. Jun hugs Thub and asks what this is, she won’t go. Thub urges his mother to leave or she will be a distraction for him and he may be defeated. Jun asks if Rajun Camp is about to fall and insists to die together. Thub kneels down and begs then bows down at her feet. Jun weeps. Thub tells Sabai he will let her take care of his mother.


Fliem yells loudly that she wants to die here and won’t leave. Fak tells his mother to hurry or it will be too late. Fliem asks if Feuang will come with her. Feuang says she can’t abandon everyone here. Fliem wails. Feng tells her mom she will take her out.

Chote says they will have to use the cannons no matter what.

Sabai hurries them to move. Jun asks Juang to come with her. Juang holds her hand and cries that she can repay her favors only up to this point. Everyone ends up crying and hugging each other knowing it’s their last farewell. Sabai gets them moving and Feng will go with them.

Thub grabs her arm. She tells him not to worry, she will take care of his mom. He tells her to take care of herself, also their child. He cries and hugs her. Feng says she’s leaving and walks away. Thub hugs Juang while Fak hugs Feuang. They can’t stop crying.

Part 2

Meuang encourages all men to get out there and fight, let it be known that this soil belongs to Thais! Men cheer.

DokMai says they will fight even if they don’t win, for the pride of Thais, fight for their names to be remembered by next generations. Men cheer.

IN says they will fight to let the enemy see that they are willing to die, and won’t let them step on their pride. Men cheer.

Meuang tells them to move the cannon and use it, even if it’s cracked, at least fire it once. Men cheer.

All the while Phra Thammachoti is watching them and sighs. The men start moving the cannons. Khab sees Feuang and asks why she came back. She says whether it’s bad time or good time, she will never leave him. Khab feels overwhelmed hearing her so he gives her a peck on the cheek. She tells him to follow them.

Sabai and the group are trying to reach an escape route. Both moms yell that they forgot the Buddha image. Feng runs to the house and gets it for them.


They run to the spot where boats are waiting. They hurry and get on it. When both moms call Feng to get on, Feng explains that they must go first and she will hurry following them later. She tells her mom to be alive and wait to hold her baby.

Pliu’s weight is too much for small boat so she hands them her small son. When the boats are full to its capacity, some women don’t allow to get on so they angrily run off on their own. When Ava soldiers come running, they shout at the boats to hurry and set sail.

The women fight with Ava soldiers courageously. Pliu even saves Feng’s life and shouts at her to run. Pliu dies by Ava’s sword. Sabai and Feng run back, no time to linger.

The men are busy putting both cannons in place to be ready to fire. Thub sees Feng come back with Sabai, he runs to her and holds her. Explosions seems never stop this time around. Feng weeps in his arms. He asks why she came back. She tells him that their moms are safe. He’s glad to hear that. Feng says she and their child couldn’t leave him behind. He lightly touches her tummy. She says she and their baby will die here with him. Thub can only hug her.


Thub pulls Feng along saying they are ready to fire the cannons. He tells the women to duck behind then runs to be with the men. Men are cheering.

Sang tells Thub he will let him see he’s firing the cannon. Let those Ava come and he will use the cannons to seek revenge. He orders the men to fill the ammunition. Everyone including the women are full of hope. Sang and Thub hold the torches high, on position to fire.

PunRueang gives them a signal by waving down a red flag. Both men light the fuse.

Part 3

They fire both cannons and successfully injure Ava soldiers. Suki walks up the tower full of surprise. Saya orders the soldiers to stop firing.


Fak tells Sang that the crack is running longer and they shouldn’t continue. Sang tells them to just tie a piece of cloth around it. Klerm tells Thub to check it out, the crack is getting longer. Thub says they can’t fire it anymore.

Sang yells at Khab to ask how his cannon is doing. Thub tells Sang that it’s dangerous, the cannon is cracked. Sang says it doesn’t scare him one bit then orders Aerb to refill the ammunition. Sang fires it, this time, the cannon exploded sending men flying.


Suki observes what’s happening. Ava troops stay put.

Sang shouts that it’s all right, they have another cannon. He orders them to refill it. Thub says this one is cracked too, they can’t use it. Sang says if they don’t fire, the enemy will. He asks if they will let them keep firing at them alone. Klerm decides to refill the ammunition. Thub holds a torch and gets ready to fire. Feng says the cannon is cracked, can they fire it again.

Khab tells Thub that the senior warriors ordered to fire, just give him the torch and he will do it himself. Thub hands it to him. Khab waits for the signal then light the fuse. Instantly, the cannon exploded which sends Khab, Thub and other men flying down the tower.


Through his spyglass, Suki says Rajuns are getting desperate, but they just don’t know how to make cannons. Saya says that’s great, now Rajuns will hide their heads inside the camp waiting for their army to march in and have fun chopping off their heads.

Ava troops resume firing their cannons.

Feng and Feuang try to reach Thub and Khab. Both men shout at them not to come.

Hopelessness fills the air.

SaengYai shouts at them not to be discouraged, they still have their swords along with their brave hearts, and BangRaJun will not be defeated!

“BangRaJun, at war!” SaengYai cries out.

“At war! At war!” men shout.

“BangRaJun, fight!” Thub shouts.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” men repeat.

They do a war cry.

Suki gives order for all cannon towers to keep advancing, and on the 15th waxing moon (full moon), the camp will be completely surrounded, and then, he will destroy it to pieces.

Part 4

Thammachoti is preaching that Dhammachakkappavattanasutta, Lord Buddha’s first sermon delivered on Asanha Bucha Day, the full moon of the eight lunar month – *is to find the cause of sufferings and the path to be rid of it.

*Just to let you have an idea, not the exact phrase from Buddhist teachings.

He says their sufferings now is losing cannons which were used to fight with the enemy, but the truth is, if they stay strongly united, they didn’t lose any cannons. If their minds are deeply bonded to protect the country then their two cannons are still here. Unity – the best weapon is what helped Rajun win 7 battles, which groomed their unity to become as strong as ever. Therefore, no matter where the enemies are coming from, do not be afraid. As long as they are deeply united, and with their determination to protect this land, with or without cannons, why bother feeling defeated.


Thub holds Feng in his arms. Feng says now, the camp is completely sealed by Ava and they surely won’t survive, and their good quality steel weapon, they gave it all to the cannon making. Thub feels sad yet says even without weapon, he will fight and die in this camp so that his name will be recognized by next generation fighters.

Feng feels his face and says they were born under the sky of this land so they must return their flesh and blood to it, and she never regrets it. She feels her tummy and talks to the baby that even the softest ray of sunlight shining through this camp, it will never be born to look at it. Tears streams down her face. She says the shade of this camp where it should be born…now it can only put hands together and die in her womb. She sobs.

Thub consoles her that no one can escape death, even a big tree come down, so how they can run away from death. He says but she is a beloved wife, a warrior’s wife, a woman’s sword slashing a man is such an honor. It will be known far and beyond that Rajun has a woman warrior die watching over it.

She holds his face with both hands and slowly leans on him. They both cry.


Juang and Sang sit together. She says, in front of this holy pond, she swears, that her next life she shall be born…as Thai. Sang wishes to be born as soldier, die protecting the country and Thai citizens.

He turns to her and says he wishes to be born and meet with Juang, his beloved wife, in every life. She also wishes to meet him every life she born into.

Together they pray to die next to each other. He holds her in his arms and sheds tears.

Part 5

Khab prays that he be Feuang’s life partner in good and bad time for a hundred, a thousand lives, and that the good deeds he’d done for this country will eliminate all his bad deeds, not to follow him to the next life. Feuang looks at him but doesn’t say.


Narration: it recounts 7 victories of BangRaJun whom courageously withstood the enemies for 5 months in total. After defeated for 7 times, the Ava had to halt the battle and appoint Suk-kayi as an army leader with 2,000 troops and cannons. With war strategy, he kept advancing and destroying Rajun Camp. For Ban Rajun, with forces left of 500, everyone is willing to pick up his/her swords to fight, to pay homage to the land even though they knew they will not survive.

At Ava Camp, Jai is now dressed in Ava soldier uniform. Saya tells him that battle this round, Suk-kayi (Suki) wants him to be in the frontline, and Suki doesn’t believe he’s blind and wants to see him kill Rajuns. Saya orders Jai to do just that and let them witness it.

Suki tells Ong Nai (Jai) that he’s giving him a chance. He says it’s reported that Ong Nai kept sneaking out to meet with that Yodia woman. Therefore, if he’s still Ava and thinks of pay back to their land, he must bring the head of the woman named Sabai to him, and if he doesn’t succeed then do not bring back his own head.

Suki adds that war has no mercy. He says in Burmese, “Ong Nai, our way, having mercy is forbidden.”

Saya orders the troops to march forward.

Sabai and other women and being taught to fight. A teacher says this isn’t a practice, and war is to kill, if they don’t kill them, the enemy will. Women can also cut off men’s heads. He tells them to grasp the swords tight then slash it!

Sabai looks at her sword and talks to her father, to let her use his sword to protect this land. She begs his soul to be near her while doing it. She says with a short time of her life left, there’s nothingĀ  left for her to miss. She says let her show her gratitude to this land on behalf of her father, and to protect Rajun Camp to deserve to be born as his daughter. She tells her dad to fight together with her.

Part 6

Sang and Juang, Khab and Feuang, and Thub and Feng are waiting for the inevitable.


Thub says goodbye to his horse Lao. He says they joined many battles together, and tells her to run off and hide deep in the forest, do not let the enemy use her as its war horse.

Feng tells the horse Thub let her go not because of hatred but love. He urges Lao to go away, go as far as she could. Lao runs off. Thub holds back his tears so Feng holds his hand.


At the temple, Aerb tells the monk that, this battle, he won’t be returning alive to ordain as a monk for his parents. Chuang begs the monk for a sermon for their souls to rest in heaven.

Thammachoti says to behave and observe the Precepts and cleanse their minds are already the good deeds, and death is to Fall to born again. He says all things Arise and Fall, Samsara, nothing last.

He tells Aerb and Chuang to come forward. The monk returns each their prayer book and a set of three robes (for a Buddhist monk), and says don’t leave it with him when Buddha’s grace is the most glorious, and they should tie it around their bodies like before.

Both do as he suggested. Aerb can’t hold back his tears.

Klerm asks Thammachoti what he will do when all Rajuns die. Fak wants to know too, Ava will probably barge into this temple soon. The monk says he will wait for all of them here, at least let him pray…(for their bodies, what monks normally do in the funeral) for them.

Klerm says he will get out there to die, do not bother with his corpse. Thammachoti sprinkles holy water at them as blessings. The men bow deep with gratitude.


Feng tells Thub from here on until she dies, this sword will never leave her hand. Thub holds her hand and says this hand of hers he cherished, so do not let them abuse it. He kisses her hand.

She leans in his arms and tells him let her cry in his arms for the last time, and from now on, he won’t see her tears again.


Part 7

All Rajuns get together. PunRueang delivers his last word to them. He says he bids farewell to all to die. The sky will be over their heads only this daylight, and not until dark, the enemy will come and besiege their camp, but who will allow them to rob Ban Rajun! If they don’t come trading lives for lives, who will ever let them march their army near.

SaengYai shouts, let RaJun Field be his witness, if he cannot protect this land then let Rajun green grass turn red. If there’s no rain for a hundred, a thousand days then he will use blood to grow rice, for the whole field to produce grains in red. When plowing the field, next generations will find bones, to remind them how much they loved this land!

They cheer.

Suki orders all cannons to fire.

ThongKaew shouts that now the enemy already moves their cannons right next to the camp wall, do not let the enemy step on them. “This is our land, I and Rajuns will fight!” he cries out.

IN tells everyone to stand their ground, do not retreat, and fight till they die. Chote says he will protect all Rajuns in this camp. Let them climb over the wall, he will be the first one to die. Mueang shouts, “I will fight to death!” Rajuns cheer while cannon balls keep dropping and exploding.

Jai stands behind Suki, tears form in his eyes. Saya orders the troops to attack and kill all. Ava troops and gun fighters attack the camp. Both sides engage in fierce fight.

Suki declares that, from this moment on, Ong Nai isn’t Ava any longer. Saya looks around and realizes that Ong Nai disappeared.

Rajuns fight like crazy but they are greatly outnumbered. Thub orders Aerb and Chuang to go with Klerm and help him at the camp front. Both accept his order.

Klerm and other men bravely ride their horses out of the camp, to attack the enemy at the frontline. Suki looks at them and orders softly to kill them all. Mayi-woon and his horsemen ride out to fight with Klerm and his men. Senior warriors also run to meet with Ava troops and fight.

In the midst of heavily sword-fighting, Jai marches into the combat zone and skillfully beats whoever in his way. Feuang got slashed many times and a spear lunged into her body. Feng cries out and runs to her. Rajuns fight with great speed, still, they aren’t fast enough to handle so many swords at the same time. One by one got injured and wounded. Saya even blows a poisoned dart at SaengYai and smirks. SaengYai falls to the ground in a daze.

Feuang tells Feng to run away and save her child. Feng says she will stay with her. Khab sees her so he calls out to her. Both Thub and Khab run to their wives and protect them. Feuang begs Thub to let her have Feng and her grandchild. Feng yells no. Khab tells Thub to take Feng and run, and save his child. Khab kept yelling at him to flee, but an arrow plunges into Thub’s chest. Thub breaks the part sticking out of his chest away and gets up to fight.


Part 8

SaengYai cries out in pain then pulls the dart out. Saya waits for the right move and when SaengYai is weakened enough, he slowly urges his horse forward and slashes SaengYai’s throat.

Jai calls out Sabai’s name and asks where she is. Sabai spots him and walks over. She says, before she dies, let her slash an Ava like him at least once. Jai is stunned. He tells her to run away, and just slash him if she wants him to die. She do just that. Her sword cuts through his flesh then she thrusts it into his mid-body. He seems quite in shock.

She pulls out her sword which pains him even more. She weeps then asks why he came back. Saya orders his soldiers to capture that woman, and if can’t be done alive, then dead shall be. Jai pushes her sword out of him completely then grabs her behind him. He fights along with Sabai, and even kills Ava soldiers.

Arrows hit Juang. Sang holds her and fights on.

Jai yells at Sabai to flee. Saya sees both of them. Jai begs him not to kill her. Saya moves his horse to him and slashes him hard. He calls him a betrayer. Jai gets slashed many times by Ava soldiers. Sabai cries out his name. While she’s stunned, Ava horsemen with guns come behind and shoot her. Saya uses his small gun to end her life. She collapses. Jai holds her in his arms crying.


Saya walks his horse over and asks what it feels like when the person who made him betray him and Ava is dying. It’s deserving how Jai betrayed their country. Saya says Rajuns held their pride high and loved their homeland, while Ong Nai had none of it. Saya says Jai is now dead from Ava Kingdom and he will let him burning alive.

Khab yells at Thub to get Feng and run. Decidedly, Thub grabs Feng and pulls her away. Khab holds Fueang to him. Feng struggles to free herself to stay with Fueang.

Juang gets hit by several arrows. Sang holds her to him. One by one Rajun fighter gets killed mercilessly. Suki even fight with PunRueang and ThongKaew himself.

Klerm and Mayi-woon end up fighting bare-handed.

Fak gets several gunshots and falls down. Feng wants to get to him but Fak tells Thub to take her and run. He says on this land, his grandchild must get to live. Thub has to drag Feng away while she refuses to leave. After they left, Fak slowly closes his eyes and passes away.


Part 9

A soldier cuts Chuang from behind, the yellow saffron he holds dear fly out from the packet he tied around him.

Klerm tells Mayi-woon that this is his ancestors’ land, he will never hand it to him. He kills him on spot.

Senior warriors die on battle ground. Chuang runs to wounded Aerb and holds him.

PunRueang is heavily wounded but still wants to get to Suki. Suki pulls out his gun and shoots at his forehead then walks his horse away. PunRueng and ThongKaew lie on the ground and finally pass away.

Aerb says it must be his time now. Chuang says no, and they must become monks first, for their parents. Aerb says his parents must get to see him wearing yellow monk robe, but looks like he will never get to do it. Chuang tells him not to say that and they must die together here. Aerb asks if Chuang dies then who will be ordained on his behalf.

Aerb says he regrets it, he regrets that he won’t get to see Chuang wear yellow monk robe. He says in his next life, let him born under Buddhist monk robe and get to listen to sermonsĀ  and dharma eternally. He passes away in Chuang’s arms. Ava soldier comes behind Chuang and kills him.


Thammachoti is sitting inside the temple. Ava soldiers barge in but see no one. They set it on fire. They leave and Thammachoti is still sitting there.

Khab and Feuang are painfully pinned together by an Ava spear. Sang gets shot many times. Feng got slashed on the back. While Thub is busying fighting, his horse runs into the area. Ava soldiers keeps shooting at the horse until she drops dead. Thub sees it all.


Juang screams and orders Sang to get up and stay alive with her.

Sabai tells Jai that she can’t take it anymore, she’s in enormous pain. Jai cries and holds her. When she says in the next life, he adds that they will love each other and he will love her only. She smiles and nods then says she believes now that he loves her.

Khab tells Feuang that he can protect her only at this point. He says he loves her so much then asks if she can say that to him too. He says she never says she loves him at all. She says she’s dying in his arms.

Juang tells Sang don’t die.

Thub looks at his dead horse and asks why she came back. Sang passes away in Juang arms.

Khab tells Feuang that he wants her heart as well. Feuang begs him to let her loveĀ  only Thub in this life. She asks of him only this one love and do not let others see her as a two-timer. She says she will love him in the next life. When she passes away, he cries out her name.

Sabai tells Jai to hear her, that she now believes him. She passes away in his arms. He tries to wake her up.

Khab and Juang die in due time heavily wounded.

Finally, Thub gets to be face to face with Suki, the Ava army leader. Saya throws his spear at Thub while Suki coldly shoots him with his gun. Thub falls to the ground. Suki and his men simply leave the spot.


Feng wakes up. She screams when she sees Thub’s conditions. She tries to reach him by crawling due to her wounded stage. Thub smiles at her and reaches out his hand. She reaches out her hand to him the best she could, but he dies before her hand could touch his. She cries out, “No! No!”

She inches towards him and finally puts her head on his chest and hugs him, and wails.


Thub’s voiceover: Feng, tell our child that Rajun land, the Rajuns had protected it with their lives. Tell our child, no love is greater than the love for our country. It’s my fortunate luck that I can pay homage to this land with my life.

A man narrates: Ban Rajun, from setting up the camp to fight the enemy and was defeated is 5 months. Rajun warriors were deeply united, sacrificed their flesh and blood to protect the land and the independence, and let Thai lineage continue eternally. The thunderous compelling sound of hailing shall forever be recounted throughout the Thai kingdom.

Jai ordained as a (Burmese) Buddhist monk. He walks in a paddy field and recalls the face of each Rajun senior warrior (and statue of each).

On screen:

A quote:

A nation emerges from ancestors in countless numbers sacrificed their flesh and blood, and their bodiesĀ  piled up and filled it. “Rajun Villagers”, our ancestors, were willing to sacrifice everything even their lives to secure and handover this land to be inherited down to us. The question is…how we will be able to secure and handover this inheritance to the next generation.


Seriously, part 9 was the most difficult watch. The ending was done well and the editing of every fighting sequence definitely was in capable hands. Even though the story was purely sad, the writing made it compelling and engaging.

The world today seems to take more and sacrifice less, and may be it’s the starting point of it all. It could beĀ  šŸ™‚

If you are wondering how KrungSri was doing at that time, the series NeungDowFahDeo (in the making) will show you.

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