Movie: FanDay

Watched in theater and it was love, FanDay..a couple just for a day

Official Trailer :

“Have you ever felt like me, that you were just a dog?”

“My name is DenChai, an IT dog servant.”

Some staff tell him of their IT problems.

A girl says she came to thank him for taking care of her IT problem. DenChai says there’s no need to thank him since these days even an elementary school student can fix that. His boss slaps his mouth and asks if he realizes that he’s made IT Department’s image be damn. Heads turn to him.

DenChai: “A dog like me has bad mouth, which is why no one wants to be near me. Even Nui, a plane (a dog looks up at a plane flying high) I’ve been looking at all this time. She never sees me until…”

“This year outing, it’s just a trip to…HOKKAIDO!”

A friend tells Denchai he watched Tik Kanyarat’s show and it said whoever rang this bell could wish for matters of love.

DenChai says, “For one day is good enough.” then rings the bell.

Accident happens and Nui wakes up remember nothing. She asks DenChai if they knew each other. A doctor tells Denchai what her conditions is called.

Nui wonders how she could be alone with a man. DenChai explains that their office took them on a trip which they decided to stay behind for more sightseeing. Nui asks if it’s just her and him.

The doctor says it will last only one day.

DenChai lies to Nui that he’s her boyfriend. She gets annoyed by his touch and complains that an amnesia is bad enough and now to find a man like him as her boyfriend. He asks what it’s like, a man like him. She points at him from head to toe. “This!”

On screen: “One chance”

DenChai: “I really like you, Khun Nui.”

On screen: “And one extraordinary day”

“I like your eyes.”

On screen: “Which a dog like him”

“And your smile as well.”

On screen: “Be able to grab a plane.”

Nui: “All right, I will let you try courting me all over again.”

DenChai: “It’s so wonderful to see you this close.”

Music: “You are a dream come true, which my heart yearning for for a long time….”

DenChai: “This whole day is just a lie. A useless man like me and a girl like you, it can never happen.”


A man has a deep crush on this girl in his workplace for so long. He dares not expect the impossible, but when one chance comes along…what will you do?

When credits rolled, bittersweet feeling resonated and I realized it must be hard on any man to expect, at the same time, get ready to confront rejection. Once in while, a movie came along which made us girls feel guilty for being…too picky. Hehe.

This movie reflects social life, which will get you. Find out yourself 🙂


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