Update: NeungDowFahDeo


This is the book cover of the novel making into a period lakorn NeungDowFahDeo. It’s from my favorite author. I felt uncertain at first which actor would fit the role of the hero, and finally it’s out.


I must say, from it appears, it’s a relief.

The story of a man who disguised himself as an eunuch in royal court for a great purpose. He met a cheerful girl who loved to tease him not knowing a man he still was. He tried hard to keep his status in tact when fate let them meet again in palace where his life was on the line. No one must know and he must make no mistakes.

You know, falling for a cute girl while everyone was looking and trusting that he shouldn’t have any feeling for any woman. The kind of trust from the king which earned him access to all areas where men were forbidden.

Aww…getting exited!

Pics cr Pantip

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