KhonLaKhobFah Episode 5

What to like about Chinnapat, Chanika or Pantong? Oh well,…Why am I doing this?

Part 1

Chinnapat asks Ni the reason she still works for him. She says her answer is one word only, money. He asks what if Pantong offers her higher salary, will she work for him. Ni says the client is coming so she will go give them the receipt.

Chinnapat follows her into the plantation and repeats his question. She says she isn’t a good for sale, to which money can buy. He says however much higher the salary Pantong offer her, he’s willing to pay that amount. She asks how many girls he bought already, and because he couldn’t buy Khun Sirikanya so he harmed her.

He shouts at her to stop mentioning that name. She refuses to back down and says she and Khun Sirikanya are same kind, money can’t buy and only the heart can. He asks if she won’t stop saying that name. She asks if he means Khun Sirikanya.

He kisses her out of nowhere and when he pulls out, she tries to protest but he warns if she says more, he will kiss her again. He says that’s it and stop talking. She walks away. He yells that that’s good, a kiss makes her stop.

*Anan and Panan most of the time speak in southern dialect.

Chinnapat tells Anan not to wait for the client and looks like Anan has something to do in town. Anan says there’s a color on his lips, which is the same color on Khun Chanika’s lips (LOL).

Everyone starts laughing. Ni hands Anan the document and leaves. Chinnapat wipes the lipstick on his lips away.

Man, this is a cruel joke for an employee.


Ni cries alone in the office.

Meen pretends that a man is asking her out, a one-day trip out-of-town. She makes sure that Arpa hear it. Arpa tells her not to go with a man alone. Meen says it’s the brother of her friend. Arpa tells her to tell the man that she and her mother want to go with them to see what he’s going to say. Meen says certainly then turns around and acts like she’s making a call.

Ni isn’t in the office so Chinnapat complains that she disappeared again which always worries him.

Arpa calls her son. She asks when he will come to Bangkok. He says he’s busy so he won’t be going. She says rubber doesn’t sell well so what he’s busy about. He says he needs to stay and oversee his workers, they love troubles. She orders him to come tomorrow and have a meal with Rotjana and Meen. He sighs and asks for next month instead. She says it’s just the beginning of the month now. He says the earliest he could do is the end of the month. She protests that he disobeys her again. He says a stubborn kid is a clever one. She says that’s not funny then hangs up.

Chinnapat calls Ni but she hangs up on him. He wonders if she’s angry with him (LOL).

Part 2

Pantong is leaving for a diving trip and he will be the only one to spend the night. He asks Parichat if Ni calls her at all. She says she didn’t and says one day he will surely meet the right girl who isn’t belong to any man. He says if Khun Ni calls, let her know that he’s willing to help in everything even when she doesn’t work for him.

After the group leaves, Parichat picks up a call from Ni and says they were just talking about her.

Parichat rushes inside her coffee shop to meet Ni. She asks what’s matter and if Chinnapat harmed her. Ni says no, he didn’t but lately she feels that she encountered so many bad things in her life.

Ni tells her that she broke up with her boyfriend. Ni says it feels like she’s in a building which crumbled down and had no way out. Parichat asks if there’s anything she can help. Ni says by listening to her this way, it already makes her feel better.

Parichat drops her home and says she can call her 24 hrs, don’t keep it to herself. Ni thanks her and gets out of the car where Chinnapat’s angry face is waiting.

Chinnapat says Pantong knows that he’s kind to his sister, that’s why he made her drop Ni home. Ni says Pantong went for a trip to help conserving the sea, laying down man-made coral reefs. She says he isn’t a bad man like someone.

He follows her inside and demands that she apologize. She says she said ‘someone’ why worry.

He asks if he has any good side in her eyes. She says if not ‘bad’ then she has more options for him such as despicable, mean…He warns her not to pick his temper. She slaps him and says she won’t scold him anymore and will slap him instead. He kisses her which makes her walk away.

Wad sees them kiss so she calls Arpa.

Arpa is surprised that that woman still works for her son when she said she would quit by the end of the month. Wad says she loves to pick his temper and seduces him, and he even kissed her, she saw it herself.

Ni calls aunt Saeng and says she doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t want to stay in her boss’s house anymore. Saeng tells her to move out and find an apartment. Ni says she’s afraid he will get mad and fire her, she needs money. When Saeng learns that her boss is a hot-tempered, she tells Ni to quit tomorrow. She asks if there’s a hiring contract. Ni realizes there’s a contract so he can’t fire her just like that.

Anan walks into the kitchen and asks if there’s more exciting scene. Panan gets excited that Khun Chinnapat kissed Khun Chanika. When Wad talks badly about Ni, Anan asks why she’s so mad at Khun Ni.

Wad says she doesn’t want Khun Chinnapat to be heartbroken, he had such an ill fate with women. She says his first girlfriend had another man and after many years without girlfriend, he was framed of raping by Khun Pantong’s girlfriend. Anan says from what he sees, Khun Ni is lovely unlike those two women. Wad asks how he know, even a naive girl like Khun Pantong’s girlfriend, she indirectly killed Khun Chinnapat alive.

Panan says now she knows why aunt Wad is single still, because no one is good in her eyes. Anan teases Panan that she’s also single. Panan laughs that he loves to tease her with the obvious.

That night, Ni recalls how she’s kissed and says she hates him. Chinnapat also thinks of how he kissed her and smiles. A call comes in and his face turns serious.

Part 3

Arpa gets out of a van. Chinnapat comes out and asks why she didn’t call, he could have picked her up at the airport. She says she did call for him to open the door. She forgot to bring the house key.

When he sees that Meen is also here, he turns to look at the luggage and couldn’t hide his annoyance.

Meen pretends to be a kind and sweet girl and it works well with Wad. Arpa tells Chinnapat to take Meen and her luggage to the guestroom.

Wad tells Arpa that she came just after Chanika went to bed. When Wad calls Ni a seducer, Panan argues that it’s Chinnapat who fell for her first, Khun Chanika didn’t do anything.

Arpa says her son has bad luck with women. His first girlfriend had another man and left him in agony. Wad thinks Chanika is a gold-digger, she’s once rich but turned poor  and can do nothing. Arpa says she doesn’t want such kind of daughter-in-law so she will do whatever so that woman won’t succeed.



Ni comes down and meets with Meen who introduces herself as the daughter of a friend of Chinnapat’s mother. Arpa shows herself to Ni saying she’s Chinnapat’s mother. Ni greets her.

Arpa asks why she’s still here when she said she would quit. Ni says he asked her to stay and help with his work. Arpa asks if she knows that he is her only son. Ni nods and says yes. Arpa says it’s normal that she’s posessive of him so any woman must get pass her first, and she won’t consider a woman who is hungry for money, stick-faced and overly aggressive.

Ni walks into the kitchen and asks if aunt Wad called Chinnapat’s mother to talk about her in a bad way. Panan says the latest would be last night. Panan tells Ni not to get angry at Khun Arpa, she’s scared that Khun Chinnapat could be heartbroken again.

Ni says every mother loves her child but she wants to let Arpa know that it’s never in her mind to try to get pass her.

Chinnapat comes home and sees that Ni is waiting for him. Before he can get to her, Meen and his mother come out of the house. Meen wants him to take her to try rubber tapping. He says it’s quite wet in the plantation so it’s better that she doesn’t go there.



Ni tells him she will leave for the office first. He looks at the time and it’s still early. She says there are a lot of work she wants to get done. He offers to give her a ride but she says she will walk there, it isn’t far cutting through the plantation.

Pantong comes home and Parichat greets him with the good news that Khun Ni broke up with her boyfriend, who sneaked behind her back. He asks if she’s all right. Parichat encourages him to work it, it’s time to win the girl’s heart. A call comes in and it’s Ni. He’s delighted that Ni asks if he comes back. Parichat asks what time she wants her to pick up. Pantong beams.

Part 4

Pat comes to see San. She yells at him that he didn’t pick up her calls and she went to his apartment and he wasn’t there. She says she’s not a girl in bar for a one-night-stand relationship.

He asks what she wants him to do when she’s Ni’s friend, and it happened because of his drunken stage. He says she must be feeling guilty also since she’s Ni’s best friend, is she not.


He says no matter how he tries, Ni refuses to talk to him or contact him. He asks if San told Ni about it. She asks why he slept with her then. He says sorry, he was drunk and couldn’t control himself. She asks if he wants her to tell Ni and she calls Ni.

When Ni picks up, San lets Pat speak to her. He asks Ni why she didn’t talk to him. San tells Ni to tell Pat that she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to break up with him. Pat asks if that isn’t true. Ni says it’s true, she wants to break up with him after what he did. She lost faith in him. Ni tells him not to contact her anymore. Pat asks what he did to make her this mad.

Before Ni can finish the sentence, San hangs up.

Pat asks why she hangs up when he still doesn’t know why Ni would break up with him. Pat calls Ni from his phone but Ni hangs up on him.

Ni cries and says this will be the last time she waste her tears because of him.

San tells Pat not to call Ni again when she already said she wanted to break up, and he must take responsibility of her. He asks why she knew that Ni wants to break up. He asks if she knows something and didn’t tell him.

San thinks about it and says Ni called her and said she lost faith in him, he didn’t help her about her father. He asks if Ni said that. San tells him to accept that when he couldn’t help her, he means nothing to Ni.

Pat says he never thinks the love between him and Ni will end this way, they were together for a long time. San argues that her secret love for him lasted much longer. He says one day she will find someone who is perfect for her. She says she loves him too much and asks if her love can’t make up for the love of a woman who left him without even care.

Anan and friends try to take a peek at their boss and Chanika. When Chinnapat asks what they are looking at, one staff says to watch him kiss Khun Chanika. Chinnapat tells him to kiss his fist instead.

Ni gets up to leave for today. Chinnapat says it’s only 4 when 5:00 p.m. is the time to get  off work. She says she came one hour early so she will leave at 4. He asks if she comes 10 minutes early, will she not leave 10 minutes early as well. Ni says even one second, she will do that. When she walks out, he wonders who’s the boss here when she dictates her own salary and working hours.

Part 5

Chinnapat comes home and asks Panan where Chanika is. Arpa says she moved out and it’s Pantong who came to pick her up.

Arpa recalls how she meets Pantong, and Ahmeena introduces herself to him and Parichat. Chanika comes out with her luggage and tells Arpa that she’s moving out to an apartment in town.

Chinnapat asks his mother if she let her go. Arpa says she’s an employee and where she will stay is her choice. He learns from Panan where the apartment is near and rushes out.

Chinnapat shoves Pantong and his sister out in the balcony then pulls Chanika along, and if she resists, he will kiss her for them to see. Once downstairs, she says she will ask Khun Pantong to drop her here again. He threatens to fire her. She shows him the contract that he can’t, or she will report it to the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. He says he will hire her for another position, household supervisor, and another 10,000 added.

She asks for 150,000 salary. He asks why so much when med bills are only 100,000 installment per month. She says she will save it for a house down payment, she lost her home to a creditor and she needs one for her father. When he agrees, she writes down her new salary on the contract and tells him to sign it.

Parichat and Pantong run after them but they already left. Parichat says she doesn’t get it why Chinnapat wants Ni to stay at his house. Pantong says he knows why, Chinnapat wants to get back at him about Si. He says Chinnapat liked Si but she chose him so her harmed her, and now when he likes Khun Ni, Chinnapat won’t let him be happy.

Pantong says aunt Arpa is at Chinnapat’s house so Chinnapat won’t dare harm Khun Ni.

Part 6

Chinnapat tells his mother that he brings Ni back to help with the household chores. He tells Wad that, from now on, Ni will oversee all household chores. Wad asks if it means she is her boss now. Chinnapat says not that, Wad is getting old so Ni can help her. When Arpa hears that he gave her a raise, she is lost for words. He tells Ni to get inside and follows her.

Arpa calls Ni a woman money can buy. Meen pretends to understand Ni that she must have her reason. Arpa says Ni is a gold-digger and plans for a long stay.

Pantong hears from Ni that she got a raise with more loads of work. Ni apologizes for wasting his time, she really needs money.

He tells his sister that a woman like Ni, money can’t buy only a heart can, and he will use his heart for hers.

Chinnapat gives Ni 20,000 baht for monthly house expense, and if there’s left by the end of the month, add it to the next month, but if it’s not enough then ask him for it. She takes it then asks why he gave her a raise so easily.

He says she’s San’s friend and he’s rich, and dogs and cats on the streets, he had helped. She criticizes his temper until he threatens to kiss her that she stops and walks away.

Pantong has a fever but he tells Parichat that he’s as strong as a superman.

Ni asks Wad she will go buy groceries, what she needs. Wad tells her to find out herself and walks away. Panan complains that Ahmeena makes her wash her underwear, not a lovely girl at all. Ni says it’s OK for a G-string but the color and pattern indicates the taste and who a woman really is.

Chinnapat complains what took her so long then tells her to get in the car. Ni says she will go by bus. He asks how she will carry all groceries home. Arpa comes out and tells him to take Ahmeena along. Meen says she needs to buy hair conditioner she forgot to bring. Ni notices what Meen’s outfits. Arpa asks why she keeps staring at Meen. Ni says her skirt is pretty.

Chinnapat asks Meen what brand she needs and he will buy it for her, it’s hot outside. Meen says she wants to choose it herself. Arpa gets louder why he can’t take her along when she came all the way here. He concedes.

Part 7

At a supermarket, Meen begs Chinnapat to come with her finding hair conditioner section. He gets annoyed and says it should be over there. Meen insists that he walks with her. He has to go along when she brings up his mother.

Pantong and Parichat show up and Ni says she called him to meet here. Meen notices how Chinnapat gets all worked up because of Pantong, over Chanika.

Pantong tries to woo Ni by offering to bake her a cake, which he never did. Ni can guess what he’s trying and tells him not to bother.

Ni tells Chinnapat that she told Panan what to put in the fridge so she won’t go home with him, and will go with Pantong. Meen says she is the housekeepers’ boss so she should oversee it herself. Ni says whatever job she does, there must be a day off.

Meen tells Chinnapat that Pantong and Ni seems perfect for each other, and she must like Pantong a lot to call him to meet here. Chinnapat is pissed off so Meen knows that he gets jealous.

Meen calls her mother and says Chinnapat didn’t talk to her all the way home, he likes Chanika and it’s obvious. Rotjana says they still have Arpa on their side. Meen argues that her job becomes harder when a man likes another woman, lucky though that Chanika has another man who likes her as well.

Rotjana says that doesn’t sound good, it means that woman has quite a charisma. Meen asks her what to do. Rotjana says men love sweet lovely girl so be attentive. Meen says it’s all right then since these two men fight quite a lot. She says she has her mother as her advisor so it’s clear that she will win this war.

Part 8

Chinnapat doesn’t buy Meen’s sweet gestures but endures it for his mother’s sake.

Pantong tries to bake cake for Ni but fail. Ni says she will go back after they are done baking or her boss will throw a tantrum. Pantong invites her to his house tomorrow but Ni says she will work on the house’s ledger since aunt Wad never has one, and she will go pay the house bills.

Parichat says she has more work so it’s harder to see each other. Ni says she can join them only once in a while. Parichat says she can’t visit her either, she’s scared of Chinnapat’s temper.

Parichat and Pantong greets Arpa and say the cake is for her, fresh from the oven. Chinnapat wants them leave fast but Pantong resists when Arpa invites them in. Ni tells him not to be rude with his mother’s guests.

Meen comes out with the curry she made but Chinnapat says put it away, he will eat the cake first so that the guests will leave already.

Parichat and Ni look at Chinnapat and Meen. Parichat asks if Chinnapat’s mother is trying to match him with this girl, she’s such a sweet girl. Ni describes her underwear so the girls grin knowingly.

Pantong asks Arpa’s permission to come see Khun Ni. She asks if he’s sure that she’s a nice girl and warns him to take more time. She says he can come anytime to see her and if Chinnapat throws a tantrum, he can mention her permission.

Arpa says she wishes to see him and Chinnapat be friends like before, they were like siblings in the past. Pantong says they can never return to the way they were. She says she’s certain that Chinnapat didn’t harm his girlfriend, it’s a misunderstanding. He says he understands that she loves her son so she must believe what he says, and he also loves his girlfriend so he must believe what she said as well.

Part 9

Meen is busy chatting on LINE with a man. When Arpa knocks the door, she is back to the sweet girl and lies that she’s praying. Arpa tells her to pack for a trip.

Arpa comes to visit her resort. Meen says it’s lovely and wants to work here. Chinnapat cuts it off and says it’s good for her to work in Bangkok close to her mother and his. Arpa gives him a glare.

They drive to Cheow Lan Dam.

Arpa lets the two take a boat trip in the dam. She warns him not to let Meen fall into the water. He waits so Arpa asks why not get on the boat. Chanika arrives with Anan looking frustrated. He says he forgot to bring clothes and it’s her job to bring it to him. He tells her to wear a life jacket. Since she’s here, he confirms that it’s marvelous out there.

On the boat, Chinnapat pays more attention to Ni than Meen. When they get off, Anan rushes to Chinnapat but can only say that Arpa is waiting at the usual restaurant. Ni wants to go home but he tells her not to be rude when an elder is waiting for her to join the meal.

Pantong is there with Arpa and Ni smiles. Meen tells Chinnapat that Ni’s mood gets better when she sees Pantong, must be that she invites him here.

While eating, both men bicker like kids which earns them each a scold from Arpa. She tells both to stop it and eat, she can’t swallow the food because of them.

Meen walks to the restroom and calls her mother. She’s mad that Chinnapat even brought that girl here. Rotjana tells her to take a stroll with him, just them two. Meen says he probably drags that girl along.

Meen says if she doesn’t have to pretend to be a sweet innocent girl, she would have yelled at her to get lost. Rotjana asks what to do to make her have a moment alone with him. Meen says she has an idea and will report it to her when it succeeds.

Meen tells everyone that she wants to swim. Arpa says she didn’t bring her clothes. Meen says they can buy it at the shop, the water is so clear. Arpa tells her son to go buy it with her. Chinnapat tells Anan to take her instead.

Chinnapat’s eyes are fixed on Pantong and Ni. Arpa tells him to get in the boat with Meen and paddle for her. He says he doesn’t like paddling and tells Anan to do it instead. Arpa scolds him but Meen says she can do it by herself, and refuses to wear a life jacket saying it’s uncomfortable for paddling.

Meen jumps into the water and pretends to be drowning. Both men dive to help her. When she opens her eyes, she hugs Chinnapat tight and says she’s so scared.

Meen tells Arpa not to tell her mother or she won’t let her take a trip out-of-town again. Arpa says she won’t tell and tells her to get changed.

Anan tells Chinnapat that it’s strange, she drowned for only few seconds so she shouldn’t lose her consciousness, and when she’s awake, she should have choked up with a lot of water from her mouth, but none of it. He says he had saved many before.

Chinnapat tells him not to mention it anywhere. Anan says he dares tell only him.


The plot seems moving around in circle so not sure will do more, but let’s keep watching  🙂

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  1. I hear you, still busy…busy 🙂

  2. Hi K,
    how are you? I hope you are doing well. Are you going to continue with the recap of this lakorn? Please do so! I like this lakorn and I’m very curious to know what happens next. You are the only one who’s recapping it. Please continue with it🙏.
    Thanks in advance.

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