KhonLaKhobFah Episode 4

You can’t yell at your boss, can you? I mean he is someone who, you  know, put money in your bank account every month 🙂

Part 1

Chinnapat comes home with Anan. Ni is watering his plants. He calls her name and Anan expects him to tell her to stay. Turns out, Chinnapat says that kind of plant doesn’t need much water.

Ni tells him that she’s going to move out and will go take a look at an apartment with Parichat. She tells Panan to visit her and she will invite Parichat and Pantong over for a party. She describes how she will decorate her room and how she’s an expert when it comes to partying.

Chinnapat listens to her with disappointing face and walks inside. Anan can only bang his head on the car hood.

Anan gets into the kitchen and says why not say it when he wants her to stay. Aunt Wad says it’s good that she leave. Anan says he’s afraid that Chinnapat will go bring her back anyway, he’s never seen him this kind. When Panan keeps asking who they are talking about, Anan says Khun Chinnapat likes Khun Chanika. Panan gapes at that.

Anan and Panan don’t want Ni to leave but Wad is satisfied.

San follows Pat to his apartment and says he didn’t show up quite a while so she’s worried. He invites her in. His business doesn’t do well and he put all his savings into it. When San suggests he tells his parents for money, he says they aren’t  rich and his father has such high expectations of him. He doesn’t have the heart to tell them that he fell them.

San says it’s only the beginning and it’s normal to struggle. She tells him to rest if tired then get up to fight again tomorrow. She helps cleaning up the mess in his room.

Ni is online and wonders why Pat isn’t, when he always is. Chinnapat comes down and asks if she’s video-calling her father but when he sees that she’s chatting with a man, he switches off the power supply. She asks what he’s doing, she’s waiting for Pat to get online.

He says he installed internet for her to use it doing useful things. When he asks who that man is, she says he’s her long-time boyfriend who is now studying in the US.

Chinnapat is stunned that she has a boyfriend and didn’t mention it to him. She says he’s her boss and this is her personal life. He looks at her then says that’s right. He says he couldn’t sleep and came down to find something to eat (he saw her from the balcony so he came down).


He stands in the corner for some drink and wonders she has a boyfriend?

Part 2

San cooks for Pat in his room. He says it’s hard to believe that she doesn’t have a boyfriend when she’s so nice. She gives him 30,000 dollars she withdrawn from her account for him as a loan, and he can pay back when his business turns in some profits. That’s almost all of what she had.

He refuses to take it. When she says Ni invested in it more, he says it’s different because Ni is his girlfriend. He says a lot of friendships were ruined because of money.

At dining table, Ni says she can eat with Panan and aunt Wad if he’s uncomfortable. Chinnapat tells her to eat here and asks how it was talking to her boyfriend. Panan says out loud that she had a boyfriend and whispers to Wad that their boss must be heartbroken. Wad shoves her back to the kitchen.

Ni tells him that her boyfriend read what she wrote on FB but didn’t reply. Chinnapat tells her not to worry, he could be busy. He asks her frankly why her boyfriend didn’t help her about her father. She says he’s working hard for money to help her and if he had it in the first place, she wouldn’t have to come down here to work for him. Chinnapat leaves it at that and suggests they finish the meal.

Chinnapat walks in Pantong’s office and asks if Pantong likes Khun Ni to give her such high salary. Pantong says Chinnapat is never this nosy, it’s the same amount he gives her which means Chinnapat likes her as well. Chinnapat says he do it because his relative begged him to help her and not because he likes her. He warns Pantong to give up on Ni and insists that he means well for him.

When Pantong doesn’t listen to him, he says he’s still seeing him as his friend while he’s not. He doesn’t want Pantong to be upset later. Pantong says the saddest thing for him is having Chinnapat as his friend, when he made Si’s life end that way. Chinnapat yells at him to stop talking about that girl already, she’s dead. Pantong shoves him down the pool and says he will never forget Sirikanya, the girl he loved.

Chinnapat walks out and meets with Si’s mother who yells at him that he raped her daughter and she had to kill herself, law enforcement couldn’t put him in jail but his life won’t end well. Chinnapat lets her throw eggs at him, yell at and hit him. Pantong stops her and says it isn’t worth to let her hand tainted by bad blood. Chinnapat leaves quietly. She says she came over bringing him some sweets she bought, and didn’t think she would meet Chinnapat here. Whenever she sees his face, she would be furious.

Chinnapat comes home soaking wet. He asks Panan where Chanika is. She says Pantong’s sister came to pick her up. She says he smells bad with egg-smell.

He takes a shower then looks at himself in the mirror. He recalls how Si’s mother cursed him then he cries silently.

Part 3

Ni and Parichat walk into Pantong’s diving school. Ni thanks him for giving her a job with high salary. Pantong says Chinnapat came over just now and picked a fight. Ni asks him seriously why they stopped being friends. Pantong won’t say and walks away.


Ni couldn’t believe that Pantong and Chinnapat loved the same woman. Ni asks Parichat to tell her what happened.

Parichat says both men were best friends since they were kids. When they graduated, they came back to run their family’s rubber plantations. P’Si also moved back here from Hat Yai, she’s very close to both men since she’s a kid. Ni asks if it’s a sad love story involving three persons.

Parichat says Pantong liked P’Si so much and courted her and had her as his girlfriend. The three were together all the time.

Flashbacks, the three establish diving school together.


Parichat says her brother meant to be together with P’Si for 2 years then they would marry, but unexpected incident happened. Si shot herself and died in Chinnapat’s plantation.

Ni asks what happened. Parichat says she was raped by Chinnapat. Si wrote a suicide letter saying, before her wedding day, Chinnapat raped her, and it’s too shameful for her so she killed herself. Ni asks if Chinnapat raped his friend’s bride. Parichat says from what the suicide letter said, P’Si got pregnant with Chinnapat and didn’t dare tell Pantong so she shot herself in the rubber plantation.

Ni says she feels sad for Si. Parichat says the one who was burning alive is her brother, he felt guilty that he couldn’t take care of her, and law enforcement couldn’t take care of Chinnapat because no evidence of raping and Si took her own life herself. Ni gets mad that one woman had to die suffered and one man suffered staying alive.

Pantong calls and asks Ni to go to the market together.

Part 4

They walk in a fresh market. Ni offers him her condolences and apologizes for mentioning Si. Parichat says she told Ni about it. He says it’s a deep scar he will never be able to forget. Parichat leaves them to buy some cake flour.

Anan spots Pantong and Ni and reports it to Chinnapat. He says they looked like husband and wife. Chinnapat asks how she’s with him when it’s Parichat who came pick her up. Anan says must be that she took Khun Ni to him. Chinnapat says just leave it, she will leave to work for Pantong in a matter of days.

Ni is cooking for Pantong but she won’t get it done fast. He says how many hours it will take, he can wait.

He drops Ni home and suggests she leaves Chinnapat’s house tonight and she can sleep in his house. Ni says he offered her a job, it already made her feel gratitude. Chinnapat is waiting for her at the door.

Ni says she stayed here for almost a month now and she thinks Khun Chinnapat won’t harm her. Pantong tells her not to let her guard down and she should leave right away. She says it’s only few days more and tells him not to get out of his car or Chinnapat may pick a fight.

Pantong warns Chinnapat to never touch her. Chinnapat asks if she’s a statue in a museum or what not to touch. She tells Pantong that he’d better leave.

Inside the house, Ni yells at Chinnapat that he raped his friend’s bride because he couldn’t accept that she chose his friend over him. He warns her not to mention that girl’s name. She won’t listen so he walks away. Wad and Panan warn Ni not to say that girl’s name in this house, it’s off-limits.

Chinnapat sits down in his room frustrated then as if talking to Sirikanya, he says she punished him the worst way possible.

Part 5

Chinnapat gets mad that Ni comes down to go to work late. She says she’s only one minute late. He says she can’t be late not even a second. She says must be she isn’t as lovely as Khun Sirikanya. Ni adds that she heard from Parichat that she was a sweet and kind girl.

He warns her not to shove him into a corner. She asks what he will do to her if she does that. She says he won’t harm her like that when he did it because he fell in love with Khun Sirikanya. Chinnapat is lost for words and gets in his car. They leave for work together.

In his office, Chinnapat couldn’t concentrate on his work. Anan begs him that their office needs someone to handle all the work so just ask her to stay or he can ask her for him.

Chinnapat tells him to put up a hiring announcement in town. Anan says anyone who comes work for him would last only a month or two, he should be more lenient and keep his temper at bay. Chinnapat says he scolds them because he wants them to work well so anyone who can’t take it then quit.

Anan says Khun Chanika takes his temper rather well so she should be able to work for him for a long time. He tells Anan to stop talking about her when her heart is no longer here. Anan says he uses his heart to bring her back then. Chinnapat says she’s his employee and not someone who owns his heart.

Panan complains when they will come fixing the washer. Ni sits down and helps her. Wad comes warning Ni not to mention that girl’s name in this house ever again. Ni gets up to leave as soon as she hears Pantong’s car approaching.

Chinnapat asks Pantong where he will take her to get dressed up. He asks him seriously if he likes Chanika. Pantong asks what’s the problem he says yes. Chinnapat says she has a boyfriend. Pantong stops smiling but keeps cool when Ni joins them.

Part 6

Parichat tells Pantong that may be Chinnapat is lying about it. He says probably not, what’s the reason to do that. She says she will find out for him. He stops her, if she knows that he likes her, she might feel uncomfortable. Parichat says it’s too late, what he’s doing, a woman can tell.

Parichat talks to Ni and realizes she has a boyfriend who’s now in the US. Ni says she tried to contact him but he doesn’t reply back at all. She asks Ni if they fought. Ni says there’s an issue where they misunderstand each other but they didn’t break up. Ni says she doesn’t get it why he didn’t contact her at all.

Pat is lying on his bed and won’t pick up the call. He thinks how San encouraged him so he comes to her apartment. They drink together. She says for a business in service segment to grow, it needs time to gain customers’ trust. He says he saw all the messages Ni’s left on his FB and others but doesn’t want to reply or they will fight again, that he doesn’t try to help with her father’s med bills.

San couldn’t agree more that he should stop contacting Ni for now or they will fight, and he should know well if Ni doesn’t get what she wants, she never tries to understand others. He says she’s the only one who understands and feels for him. She says she is worried about him all this time then puts her head on his shoulder. He touches her hand which is holding his face.

Ni tells Parichat that she’s together with Pat for 3 years and have a plan to get married. Parichat says for such a relationship, he will surely contact her soon.

Ni says actually as a shareholder, she should help him with the business they invested together, but father fell sick. Parichat tells her not to think much and suggests they go take a look at an apartment. She will ask if her brother wants to come along.

Pantong hears it all so he won’t go with them. He spends time alone feeling disappointed.

Part 7

Ahmeena sees that her mother, Rotjana, is selling a ring. She says that’s the ring her father gave her on their wedding anniversary and she loves it dearly.

Rotjana says they need money and she feels embarrassed to go sell it at the shop, so she sell it for a cheap price at home. She warns Ahmeena that they are about to be broke.

Rotjana tells her daughter to marry Chinnapat, Arpa’s only son. They are rich people. Ahmeena says even though he refuses to take her baits, she will catch him and won’t let him slip away, for such a perfect man.

Rotjana is having a meal with Arpa. She says there’s a womanizer comes courting Ahmeena and asks her not to let him pick her up at the hotel if he shows up. Arpa says she loves Ahmeena like her daughter and already booked her for her son, so no one can have her. Rotjana beams and says she’s afraid Ahmeena will fall for that man because he keeps coming to see her. Arpa becomes worried.

Ahmeena call Chinnapat. He picks up and talks to her sweetly when Ni comes in. After Ni walks away, he cuts off the conversation and hangs up. Ahmeena is mad.

Rotjana comes home feeling delightful that she made Arpa worry about a man courting her daughter. Ahmeena says Chinnapat shut all doors on her however. Rotjana says she knew Chinnapat well, he may be stubborn but takes his mother’s feeling to heart.

Ahmeena says they must use Arpa to get Chinnapat. Rotjana tells her to continue with her lie that she wants to start seeing the man, so that Arpa will bring Chinnapat to Bangkok right away. Mom teaches her daughter that a woman must be wise.

Panan helps Ni packing. She wants to cook her farewell dishes but aunt Wad won’t allow it saying it’s a waste. Ni says it’s good enough that aunt Wad doesn’t burn chilies and salt to curse her to leave.

Ni says finally she can leave this house. She turns to see that Chinnapat hears them talk. Ni walks to the door and closes it on his face.

Panan asks where her apartment is. Ni says it’s near Pantong’s office, small but safe and she already paid the deposit.

Ni gets a phone message from Pat so she’s happy. It turns to be a photo of him sleeping on a bed shirtless.

Part 8

San types a text underneath to declare that now Pat is hers. Ni doesn’t see who sent the text so she calls San. Ni asks if Pat has someone else. San asks how she knew. Ni asks who she is, she sent her his photo showing that they slept together.

Ni asks if San knew about it. San tells her to calm down and says she didn’t mean to hide it from her, it’s hard enough about her father. San says Pat had someone else since Ni went back to Thailand.

Ni says she came back only a month, he couldn’t have someone else so fast. San says she’s his friend in college. Ni asks for her name when she knows all of Pat’s friends. San says it’s a friend of a friend and tells Ni to accept that Pat belongs to someone else now. Ni weeps and says she can’t take it and how he could do this to her. San smirks.

San deletes what she sent Ni from Pat’s phone.

Chinnapat sees that Ni is crying. He asks if something happens to her father. She tells him not to curse her dad. He says it’s 1:00 a.m. right now and he’s about to take a shower to go to work when he saw her crying here. She says she is brokenhearted. He crosses his arms and says, women, they think their boyfriends want to break up only because he didn’t pick up her call.

She says a woman sent her a photo when they were in bed. She sobs louder and says she never thinks Pat would do this to her. She says they promised to watch over each other forever. Chinnapat just stands there doesn’t know what to say or do.

Chinnapat gives her a dish full of food. He says they say you should eat when you have a broken-heart, tasty food will make you feel better. She argues that they mean eat some cakes or ice-cream and not rice with curry. He says it’s only what  they have in the kitchen. She thanks him for his kindness but please put it away.

He insists that she eats at least a spoon for the sake of his kindness. She accepts the plate. He tells her not to cry while eating, people in the south believe it’s a bad sign that you won’t find your mate in this life time. Ni quickly wipes her tears away which makes him grin. She asks if he teased her just now. He says it shows that she’s all right because she gets scared that she won’t have new boyfriend. He leaves to get her a glass of water. Once alone, she says thank you.

Anan and Chinnapat look at Ni working. Anan says her sad face indicates that she doesn’t want to quit. Chinnapat says she had a broken-heart. Anan asks if she has a boyfriend which explains why he didn’t try to persuade her to stay. Chinnatpat says they broke up last night. Anan says now she’s available for him to court and she will leave tomorrow to work with Pantong, who surely will promote her to be his girlfriend. Chinnapat says that’s for sure since Pantong likes her. Anan says Khun Chinnapat also likes her. Chinnapat tells him to lower his voice.

Part 9

Ni and Chinnapat come home after work. Wad wants to hand over mopping the floor to Ni but Chinnapat says from now on she doesn’t have to do household work, and since she’s a quick learner on rubber tapping, he wants her to get back to office work.

Ni says she will leave tomorrow. He says he will give her 10,000 more from what Pantong gives her. Wad’s eyebrows are twisting. Ni asks if she’s that precious. He says a human’s worth judged by his work. He adds that she works well so any employer would love to hire her.

Ni argues that Khun Pantong already has a position waiting for her and she paid the apartment deposit already for several thousand. He says he will cover it all for her and asks if she will stay, 10,000 is a lot. She says she needs to think it over, she feels bad towards Khun Pantong.

Ni calls Pantong and says she will go see him and see what her work is, to consider about it. When she arrives at his office in town, he went out. She learns from the staff there that every rubber plantation’s owner has an office in town, except Khun Chinnapat.

While waiting, the staff complains of how Pantong will give a newcomer 100,00 baht a month which is far more than everyone here. Moreover, there’s no job  opening right now so new staff will have no work to do. Ni doesn’t feel comfortable about it.

Ni calls aunt Saeng and says she just learns that her new boss took her in because he wants to help, but there’s no job opening and his staff doesn’t like her. Saeng tells her to keep working the same place. Ni says she wants to quit because the boss scolds a lot. She says now she’s alone in this world because she broke up with her boyfriend, whom she had hoped he would help her paying her father’s bills, which means she may have to keep working here until her father recovered.

Saeng tells her to solve one problem at a time. About her job first, if she wants to quit then quit, and if the new boss is just kind then accept his kindness. Ni says she doesn’t want to accept high salary and work little. Saeng asks what she will do then. Ni says she’s confused right now then says she has to go and hangs up.

Chinnapat comes to Pantong’s house to take Ni home. Pantong says she isn’t here and didn’t come to his office, and didn’t pick up his call.

Chinnapat doesn’t believe him and wants to look inside. Pantong says he will shoot if he doesn’t get out. After some talking, both men rush out to look for Ni since it’s now 10:00 p.m. and there’s no more bus.

Till midnight, both men couldn’t locate her. Chinnapat calls home and asks Wad to find Ni’s photo in her room and send it to his phone, he’s going to the police. Wad asks how she can do that when Ni is in her room and locked her door. Chinnapat is surprised to hear that.

Chinnapat comes home and asks where she went and why carry a phone if she won’t pick up. Ni says she went into a movie theater and turned off the phone sound. She came home and forgot to turn it on. Pantong asks if she realizes how worried he has been. Chinnapat says she had a great time, just great.

Ni says she watched a movie to reduce her stress. She took a stroll after that then hired a car to drop her home. She apologizes to both men that she didn’t think it would trouble them this much.

Pantong says it’s good enough that she came home safely then says he will pick her up tomorrow at 7 a.m. and help her move out. Ni can’t look at him and says she won’t go working for him. Chinnapat can’t stop smiling.

Pantong comes home looking down. He tells his sister that Khun Ni changes her mind, she said she felt bad for her friend who got a job for her. Parichat says it doesn’t sound right when she already put down the deposit for the apartment, and she should have said before if it’s about her friend. He says no matter what, she made her decision and he won’t force her.

Ni is back working in the office. She is better with the documents and even types her new hiring contract (with 110,000 salary) for Chinnapat to sign. He can’t help asking why she’s still here working for him, if it is about money or something else.


Don’t judge and keep watching for fun then you should be all right  🙂

Pics cr Pantip.

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