KhonLaKhobFah Episode 3

It doesn’t make any sense unless you fall in love  🙂


Part 1

Ni tells Panan that Parichat will pick her up at the roadside in front of the house, to go to town. Chinnapat asks Panan where she’s going.

Ni translates Pantong’s brochure for him so he learns that she studied in the US. Ni says she’s an undergrad who didn’t graduate and she had to come back. Parchicat tells Pantong she will tell him later why Ni came back.

Pantong says he wrote the brochure himself to help saving the coral reefs among tourists. Ni says she doesn’t dive but she loves the sea.

Pantong is glad to hear that and ask her to join him in project of conserving the sea. They chat and Ni learns that Pantong and Chinnapat were friends and invested in this diving business together. Pantong says they both love diving. Ni asks what they fought about since they were best friends before. Pantong won’t tell and says it was a long time ago.

Chinnapat gets frustrated when Ni doesn’t answer his call. Pantong drops Ni home. Chinnapat says these days he dares coming to his place, must be because of a girl. Pantong warns him not to harm Khun Ni or he will put him in jail. Ni tells him he should leave for now. He tells Ni to call if there’s anything.

After Pantong leaves, Chinnapat is pissed that she brought a man home and tries to touch her. She runs to his desk and picks up his gun. She warns him not to come near then pulls the trigger. He couldn’t believe she just shot him.

Part 2

Panan tends to the wound on Chinnapat’s arm. Aunt Wad can’t take it anymore and tells him to chase her out. He says she probably didn’t mean it and tells Wad not to tell his mother. He says she must hate him so much to do this.

What she did worries her so when Panan comes knocking, Ni lets her in. She asks if her boss is throwing a tantrum. Panan says he couldn’t do that because of the wound. Ni is stunned that he really got shot. Panan says it’s only a scratch on his arm. Ni is worried and says she didn’t mean it.

Panan asks how she knew where he kept his gun. Ni recalls when she found the gun while cleaning his desk. Panan says Ni was wrong this time and there were blood and wound. Ni says she feels guilty. Panan says she did twice to him, slapped and shot. Ni says she didn’t mean to fire the gun and only wanted to threaten him. Panan says she injured him no matter what so she’d better apologize. Ni doesn’t feel comfortable yet.

Pantong is playing a guitar. Parichat says he didn’t touch it after Si died. He says Si loved to hear him sing. He thinks it’s time he climbs over the sad past to the bright light. She teases if that beautiful light lives next door. He smiles and says obviously. She says any girl who can make her brother be the same happy man again, she’s willing to accept her as sister-in-law. He smiles and they sing together.

Alone in his room, Chinnapat looks at the wound and asks if she hates him that much. Ni comes to the door but can’t make herself knock. She says she’s sorry by the door.

Part 3

Patnin becomes a plumber fixing the kitchen sink for Sansanee. He chuckles when his father sends him a funny footage on his cell phone. He recalls when he says goodbye to his parents and tells them he will support himself while studying aboard. He knows they use all their life savings to send him aboard. Dad says it’s Pat’s dream and he agrees it’s a good idea. Pat tells them he will continue with master degree right after his bachelor degree, and will work and save to build them a beautiful house, and he will take them to live there with him.

Back to present, Pat wonders when his dream will come true. He wants to build a home and bring his parents to live with him. San gives him her support. Knowing her for many years, Pat asks about San’s parents.

She says they went separate way when she was two years old. Her father married and moved to Lampang (a province in the north). After her father got married, her mother married to an Australian and he brought her to live there. She would call her father from time to time while her mother would call her only on holiday seasons. Her parents both have children with new families so she’s left behind. He asks who took care of her. San says it’s her grandmother. She says she was such a stubborn girl that her grandmother sent her here to live and support herself. Pat says it’s the correct idea and praises that San worked her way through undergrad and graduated.

San says she feels sad that grandmother didn’t live to see her success. When she’s a junior, her aunt called that her grandmother was in critical condition. When her grandmother died, she’s left with no one. Her mother flew back to Sydney after 7 days coming for the funeral.

Pat asks what about her aunt who called about grandmother got sick. San says aunt Arpa isn’t really her aunt, she’s her mother’s cousin. San says aunt Arpa is so kind and would take her for a meal at her hotel from time to time, she has an only son whose name is Chinnapat.

San stops short at that. He tells her to go on. She says that concludes her sad life, a love-deprived one. He says she got a grandmother who loved her very much, that’s enough. She says love from a grandmother will never make up for parents’ love. She says a child whose hand held by parents when walking will never understand a child whose hand got pushed away by parents. Pat gives her his well-wish that she find a good man who will fulfill her life and hold her hand for the rest of her life.

Chinnapat waits for Ni to come down to his car. When she gets in, he says he will drop her at his office then leave to town. Panan and Wad see them leave together. Panan tells Wad to check it out that he got injured yet still didn’t do anything to her. Wad asks if she doesn’t get it or pretend to be stupid. Panan tells her to share what she knew. Wad says she won’t tell and will leave her in this stupidity.

Pantong calls Ni and asks when she’ll finish work. Ni says when she’s done with work, it’s when she will finish for the day. He wants to pick up for dinner after work. She says today isn’t a good time, she created quite a mess yesterday and doesn’t want Chinnapat to get mad. He asks what he did to her. She says Chinnapat didn’t do anything. She sees Chinnapat’s car parking so she hangs up.

Chinnapat walks in so she tells him that she’s almost done feeding documents of previous years (he told her to clear up and destroy old documents). He quickly takes a look and says it’s the receipts of last year. She confirms it and he told her to destroy older year documents. He yells that he needs it for tax payment this year. She says she doesn’t know that. He asks what she knows in her life, now he will have to ask his clients to do it for him again, what a mess!

He slams the file on his desk then cries out because of the wound on his arm. She lets out that she’s sorry, she didn’t mean it.

He turns his full attention to her and asks if finally she can say sorry, then he adds that he doesn’t want to hear it now however, with her daily troubles. She asks if his arm hurts a lot. He tells her not to change the subject. She nods and says she will ask him first before destroying any documents from now on. He yells at her to never touch his documents ever again, he will find her a new task, the kind which she cannot make trouble.

Part 4

Chinnapat wakes Ni up before the break of dawn. He keeps banging and yelling at the door that it’s time for her to get to work. When he says it’s 2 a.m., she asks what kind of work he wants her to do.

They walk in the midst of rubber trees. He says he told her to dress for field work but she didn’t believe him. Anan and others are waiting for them, wearing headlamps. She asks if everyone was woken up just like her this early. Anan says they wake up at this hour everyday.

She puts on rubber boots after Chinnapat said there were snakes around. She puts on a headlamp and takes time to arrange her hair. She asks if he wants her to work in a mine with all these gears. He says he wants her to do rubber tapping. She says she can’t do it. He says no one can do it since birth. He teaches her once and expects her to do it well.


They bicker how she should press firmly on the tree when tapping. Morning comes and she brags that she finished 9 trees all together (LOL). Chinnapat says how she dares tell him when others finished more than a hundred. He says the latex didn’t flow down which means she didn’t apply the right pressure.

He asks what she can do well when she couldn’t do household chores, office work and now rubber tapping. She argues how she will be able to do it well the first time. He says at least she should show her determination. Her tears fall when he calls her a namby-pamby. He says her another shortcomings is weepy.

He says even people with disabilities try to earn a living such as music band of the blinds, while she’s in perfect condition yet depends on father’s money all her life. He asks if she doesn’t feel ashamed. She argues that he also comes from rich family, with everything he has, what there is for him to struggle.

He says he’s been tapping rubber trees since he’s a kid. If he’s lazy, his father would spank him. Sons of other plantations didn’t have to do this. However, once he grew up, he realizes that what his father taught him had groomed him to become a person who could withstand things and endure hard work.

He says when he could do it and others could do it so does she. He says if she’s defeated just by rubber tapping then just hang herself under a rubber tree. She calls him a bad-tongued then walks away. He’s quite surprised when he just spoke to her nicely.

Chinnapat tells Anan to teach her, it’s boring that she couldn’t do this small task.

Anan tells her that Khun Chinnapat yelled at her because he wanted her to do it well fast. She asks if that means telling her to hang herself, he means well too. Anan says Khun Chinnapat is a man who talks badly but with kind heart. He won’t hold grudge but he hates lazy worker the most and would fire him right away. He tells her to work hard if she doesn’t want him to yell at. She says she will prove to him that he’s wrong to look down on her. She asks Anan to teach her again how to do it.

When Anan tells her to stop for today, she says she will go home and sleep. Chinnapat says she can’t go to bed just yet.

Anan wants to help Ni carrying a bucket of latex. Chinnapat tells him not to saying it’s just latex and not a log. She angrily carries the bucket without looking ahead and bangs into a tree, to which the precious latex splashes on her. Everyone looks at her.

Part 5

Aunt Wad and Panan leave for 7 days to attend the funeral of Wad’s sister. Chinnapat wants to drop them at the bus terminal but someone is already on his way to pick them up. He gave them money for the funeral. His kindness surprises Ni.

Chinnapat tells Ni that she has to do all household chores since both aren’t here.

Ni realizes she will have to live in this house with him alone so she keeps herself inside her room. He bangs at the door and tells her to get out and cook for him. He’s hungry. When she says she can’t cook, he says he can eat anything.

She serves him a bowl of instant noodle. He protests that at least add some meat. She says he said he can eat anything. He gets up and says he will eat out today. Ni sits down comfortably to have a house to herself then eats.

The washer broke down so Ni has to wash her clothes the old way.

Days go by, Ni adjusts herself to her new working hours and wears working clothes. She still serves him a bowl of instant noodle but with eggs and meat. When finally the latex flows down the tree she tapped, she shouts yes!

On her day off, he bangs at her door again that she still has to cook breakfast for him and now it’s 8:00 a.m. He turns around to find her behind him and already prepared a spicy stir fried instant noodle for him in the kitchen. He praises that she knows how to cook the dish (LOL).

He will leave and she needs to wash his clothes and get it done by the time he return.

She scrubs his shirts and steps on it angrily and tears it in the process. She doesn’t know how to sew it back and braces herself when he returns.

Part 6

Ni spends time with Pantong. When he sees skin peeling off her hand from hard work, he suggests she quit. She says she can’t because she took the salary in advance. Parichat shows them the brochure Ni translated.

Ni talks to aunt Saeng on the phone then her father gets worse so she cries. Pantong offers to give her a ride to Bangkok after Parichat said all flights were fully booked.

Chinnapat learns from Parichat that Chanika and Pantong are heading for Bangkok together. He speeds up to catch up with them. When Pantong pulls over, Chinnapat pulls Ni to his car. He yells that she uses her tears to beg Pantong to drive her, but she can’t leave because she took his money.

Aunt Saeng calls again and says her father’s conditions are out of danger now so Ni doesn’t have to come today, and she can wait for her day off to spend more than one day with him.

Chinnapat realizes what happened. Ni tells Pantong to drop her home after shouting at Chinnapat what happened to her father.

Part 7

Ni thanks Pantong then walks inside. Chinnapat asks Pantong if her father is in critical conditions. Pantong tells him hard-working she can endure but he should be kind to her heart. Chinnapat tells him not to teach him. Pantong says he can’t be taught when it’s in his blood.

Pantong feels sad for Ni about her father. Parichat tells him Ni has to earn money to pay hospital bills, and that’s why she risks herself with Chinnapat. Pantong says now he found the girl to become her sister-in-law.

Chinnapat brings home some pizza but Ni refuses to eat. He leaves it at her door. Ni misses her father. She tells her father that he kept his words of building a big house for her but she spent her days away partying, yet he didn’t mind it saying if she’s happy, he’s happy too. She promises him she will do whatever it takes for him. Ni cries on her bed hugging the glass ball.

That night, Ni comes down to go to work with him. He asks if she isn’t angry with him anymore. She asks if she has the right to be angry at her boss. He says she doesn’t have to go tapping rubber today. She says she needs money because her father’s conditions isn’t good. If he fires her, she won’t have money for his medications. Chinnapat can only nod.

While working, she collapses and faints. Chinnapat catches her in time.

Ni wakes up to find herself in her room wearing fresh clothes. She screams calling Chinnapat’s name thinking he took off her clothes.

Part 8

Chinnapat finds Ni crying in her room. He asks why crying. She thinks  he took advantage of her while she’s unconscious, and tells Panan to leave with her, she shouldn’t work for a bad man like him.

Panan insists that he didn’t do anything, and it’s her who changed her clothes. Ni realizes  she judges him wrongly so she lets out an apology. He says she shouted so loud when scolding him. She yells her apology at him.

At the market, Si’s mother learns that there’s a woman living at Chinnapat’s house. She tells Pantong to warn her about Chinnapat. He says she chose to work with him and it’s been almost a month, things are fine. Si’s mother asks how many years Chinnapat knew Si, still he did it to her. Pantong agrees that may be Chinnapat is waiting for Ni to feel comfortable with him first. Si’s mother says they must do something and not let anyone become the next victim.

Panan checks Ni’s temperature and Chinnapat says she has no fever so it must be fainting due to fatigue. Ni describes her working conditions to Panan. Chinnapat rolls his eyes and crosses his arms listening.

Chinnapat calls for a WIFI to be installed right way when Ni mentions she hopes to see her father while making phone call.

Chinnapat even cooks for Ni but won’t let Panan say that he made it. He takes a peek while she’s eating. Pantong calls Ni and says it’s too risky for her to stay there so he has an offer for her.

Part 9

Pantong tells Parichat that Khun Ni will come work for him. Parichat asks if Chinnapat won’t get mad. He says Ni said she would talk to him herself. He tells Parichat to look for an apartment in town for Ni and take her to take a look. She asks why he won’t do it himself. He says he doesn’t want to pressure the girl too much or she will run away. Just give her some space to breathe. Parichat asks how serious of him with this girl. He says he can’t say he loves her, that will need time, but his sense is telling that she has that good side for him to love. Parichat says she will take his side and anyone he loves, she will too.

Ni comes down and Chinnapat asks if the dish tastes great since she ate it all. Ni says the rice wasn’t tender but she finished it for Panan not to feel bad.

Seeing it, she’s glad that he’s installing WIFI. He allows her to use it. She says now she can do video-call with her father. She tells him she would like to resign at the end of the month. He is stunned.

Arpa is scolding the hotel manager again. Ahmeena walks in and says it’s also her mistake as an assistant manager. Arpa says she’s new here so she can’t blame her and says they will leave for Surat Thani on an evening flight together today.

Ahmeena says there’s a seminar in the evening under her supervision. When she insists it’s her responsibility, Arpa says she will go alone and tells her to follow once she’s done with her work.

Ahmeena threatens the manager not to tell anyone about their secret relationship or she will tell his wife. Then she adds that he needs to take care of the seminar for her today unless he wants her to ask his wife to come with her to Surat Thani. He says he will do it.

Arpa calls Chinnapat and Ni picks up. She says she’s Chinnapat’s mother and asks if her son is good to her. Ni says he’s…nice but she will quit this month to work with Pantong. Arpa asks if her son didn’t try to make her stay. Ni says he allows her to quit and, for her job, he can easily find a new person to work for him. Arpa asks her to stay  because she wants someone to help him work. Ni insists that he will find a new worker in a short time. Arpa says it’s regrettable that they don’t meet since Wad called and praised that she worked hard. Arpa wishes her good luck. Ni thanks her.

Ni wonders if Wad really praised her. Arpa lets out a huge sigh of relief.

Ahmeena tells Arpa that she cleared up her work to leave for Surat Thani with her. Arpa says she’s going to tell her that she won’t go because the problem will be solved by the end of this month.

When alone, Ahmeena is so mad.

Chinnapat sits by himself in front of his office. He recalls how Ni said she would quit. She says she got a new job which Pantong offers her. Chinnapat asks if he’s going to give her the same salary. She says yes. She says thank you so much for letting her work and giving her salary in advance.

Anan walks over and says Chinnapat normally doesn’t come to office on his day off. Chinnapat says no one works in the office so he has to do it all, even on weekend.

Anan suggests that he tells KhunChanika if he doesn’t want her to quit. Chinnapat says why bother when she doesn’t want to work here and just hire a new one. Anan says he’s afraid that Chinnapat won’t like the new one as much as this one.

Chinnapat says he’s fine with anyone who works hard. Anan asks why waste his time interviewing new worker when Khun Chanika knows all the work. He says if he were Chinnapat, he would give her a raise and ask her to stay.

Anan waits for his response. Slowly Chinnapat lets out a smile.


I will have to guess that Chanika is quite naive beside partying. It’s the only way to make sense of the storyline. Also, Chinnapat must fall deep for her and see through her outer shell that she’s quite innocent and kind. If not, then it’s fate, to come crash and burn. Ha.

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