KhonLaKhobFah Episode 2

Take a deep breath and you won’t get mad with boys and girls’ behavior in this episode. A spoiled rich girl fell down the castle then meets the devil.


Not sure why Patnin is always at Sansanee’s apartment. He opens a car-care with his friends and comes to help San with her thesis.

San looks at Ni (Chanika) and herself in a photo and recalls how she told Ni she found someone special but didn’t have the courage to talk to him.

Back that day, Ni says her boyfriend is coming and wants San to help make her look good because she is a party girl while he’s a nerd. It happens to be the same man San has her eye on. Patnin walks in and Ni says she’s the one arranged the table and went to buy everything herself. San keeps her mood in tact seeing them together.

Back to present, San says she loves him first so he must be hers.

At Chinnapat’s house, Ni tries to save herself from intruder at night. She drags a side table to the door but it opens from inside out so she sits on it to watch over the door instead.

Pantong can’t sleep so he talks to his sister that Chinnapat was his best friend, he shouldn’t have put down his guard. He didn’t know Chinnapat secretly fell for Si (Sirikanya) so, in a way, he opened the door for Chinnapat to harm her. Parichat tells him not to blame himself when he trusted Chinnapat the most, even Si’s mother doesn’t blame him for it. Pantong says a woman put her life in his hand yet he couldn’t save it. Parichat says to forgive oneself is the hardest thing to do, but one day he surely will succeed. He says that won’t happen in this life time.

Ni dreams that Chinnapat comes in her room and strangles her. She falls off the side table and is fully awake. Panan and aunt Wad come calling at the door. It’s noon so how long she will go on sleeping. Aunt Wad says Ni is just plain lazy, even needs people to wake her up. Ni says she couldn’t sleep but when she fell asleep, she had a nightmare. Panan wants to hear about her dream so she can use it to figure out lotto number to buy (LOL), to which earns her an ear-pulling from aunt Wad. Ni asks Chinnapat’s whereabouts. Panan says he drove to Bangkok last night.

Chinnapat arrives at his mother’s house. He got a call that she fell down in the restroom so he comes flying from down south. Arpa thanks her son for coming. She calls him by his nickname “Luk Nieng” (Djenkol bean) which makes me chuckle. He begs her to quit calling him that and he couldn’t understand why dad gave it for his nickname. They teased him even before he got into a kindergarten and now he’s without a nickname because, he forced everyone to call him “Chinnapat”.

Arpa says because his skin was as dark as djenkol bean so his dad called him that. Chinnapat says his color is as dark as her husband (LOL). She wonders if Chinnapat’s children will be as dark. She wants a grandchild so much. He tells her to wait until he married first. She asks if he has an eye on someone. He says none, then recalls how he first met Chanika.

*Skin color/height/weight isn’t an issue to talk or joke about at all for Thais for both side of the conservation since most people don’t take it as shortcomings. There are good side of all things.

Arpa tells Chinnapat to drop by their hotel to take care of business for her. He thought she wants him to only drive her there. She says she changes her mind.

It appears that Arpa wants to match him with Ahmeena, her friend’s daughter, and sees her as her future daughter-in-law.

Ahmeena is flirting with hotel’s manager in his office, who gets up right away when he learns that Chinnapat is coming to the hotel. Ahmeena gets frustrated when Arpa calls her. She picks up the call and sweetly answers. She makes face when Arpa tells her to take care of Chinnapat since she doesn’t know him. She asks which department he will come to see. Arpa says every department and tells her to show that she’s intelligent since her son is in favor of clever girl. When Arpa goes on and on instructing her about work, Ahmeena’s mood gets sourer.

She found a man instructing hotel staff this and that so she guesses he must be Chinnapat, picky just like his mom.

When Ahmeena sees him clearly, she finds him attractive. Chinnapat tells the manager to get more guards to watch over clients’ vehicles. Ahmeena greets him sweetly and asks where he will take a look first. Chinnapat says the restaurant. The manager whispers to Ahmeena to continue with what they left off after Chinnapat leaves. She smirks then says let’s stop here, a relationship in workplace will never work. She calls herself “Meen”.

Ahmeena asks Chinnapat if he will spend the night at the hotel, a room with single bed or double beds. She eyes him meaningfully. With a straight face, he says will go home to sleep. She fires him questions until she’s sure that he’s still single. She smiles then says he’s single so he’s easy to flirt with.

No matter how hard she tries, Chinnapat doesn’t take the bait. He keeps his face cool at all time to which annoys her.

Ni comes downstairs to hear aunt Wad calls her lazy for getting up so late. Ni argues that she’s like this at home and it doesn’t put anyone in trouble. Aunt Wad says here is Khun Chinnapat’s house, not hers, and she only stays here. Ni asks her to make something for her to eat, she’s hungry and isn’t familiar with hot food or southern cuisine. Wad tells her to go cook it herself, she’s an employee just like her not a guest. Ni explains that she doesn’t know how to cook. Wad tells her to gulp some air then.

Smoke gets out of the kitchen. Wad stops Panan from helping Ni fry an egg. Ni says she won’t endure it if she doesn’t need money for her father.

Ahnan, a foreman in the plantation, walks in the kitchen and stops short. A beautiful girl is sitting there. Wad tells him loudly that it’s Chinnapat’s new lazy worker, and he even let her stay at his house, water and electricity free of charge. Ahnan smiles and says his boss is quite manipulative.

Parichat tells Pantong not to worry about that woman since she chose to stay with Chinnapat. He says he doesn’t want any girl to end up with the same destiny like Si. She begs him not to have anything to do with that woman. She doesn’t want him to fight with Chinnapat again. He nods and gives her his word.

Pantong climbs over the fence to Chinnapat’s plantation. Ahnan and his man stop him by pointing their guns at him. Pantong shows himself to them. Ahnan thought it’s a thief since last night someone broke in. He asks why he came here breaking the rule. Pantong says he took a shortcut route, to take a look at the water by the mine. Ahnan tells him to get out right away no matter what his reason is, and he’s lucky that Chinnapat went to Bangkok. That’s the news Pantong came for, he asks when Chinnapat will return. Ahnan says he doesn’t know and shoos him out.

Man, everyone looks suspicious.


Ahmeena is at Arpa’s house. She wishes Arpa to get well soon. Chinnapat gets bored and knows what his mother is up to. The more his mother praises Ahmeena, the funnier Chinnapat feels. Arpa wants her son to teach Ahmeena about hotel work. Ahmeena says  it’s quite far from Surat Thani to come teaching her. Mom says the road now is good and he can drive here in no time.

Mom invites her to have dinner with her son. Chinnapat says he will leave for Surat Thani now and won’t join her dinner. Arpa says it’s already four in the evening, he will reach there quite late so why not stay the night. He argues that she just said that the road is good and he can reach there in no time (LOL).

After Chinnapat leaves, Arpa tells her to come have dinner next time he comes here. When alone, Ahmeena smirks if he thinks he can run away from her.

That night, Ni walks outside the house and tries to find phone signal, no Wifi which means no chatting on LINE or FB. Panan begs her to go to bed so that she can lock the door.

Ni says here is so quiet, no neighbors, no convenient stores and no vital signs. Panan says she’s still alive and breathing. She says people here will turn off light and go to bed around 7-8 p.m. Ni says she usually goes to bed late and it is day-time now in the US. She asks Panan when her boss will come back. Panan says if he leaves for Bangkok, he will not be back for several days, or the day after tomorrow the earliest. Ni tells her to go to bed and she will lock the door for her.



Chinnapat comes home and finds Ni sleeping on his sofa comfortably in the living room. He lets out, that’s great. He walks over to lock the door for the night. She wakes up and quickly gets back to her room. She realizes that her outfits reveal too much for stranger. He says alone, so she’s so scared of him then follows her. He tells her to open the door to talk. She says talk tomorrow. He asks if she wants him to open the door with spare key. She says she asked Panan and she told her that he didn’t have one.

He asks if she wants money, 100,000 baht. She tells him to put it by the door. He gets frustrated and says he will do it, but if it gets lost then it means she will have to work for free. He says he’s putting it down now and he’s leaving.

She slowly opens the door only to find him there. She screams. He looks at her and compliments her figure, he didn’t see it coming. She calls him a pervert and punches his nose then slams the door at him.

Tear brimming her eyes, she counts the banknotes. Now she has money for her father.

Chinnapat comes down for breakfast. He tells aunt Wad to prepare  a lot since he has someone to join him breakfast. Wad says Khun Chanika left to town a while ago.

Chanika calls aunt Saeng and says she deposited a hundred thousand into her account so she can use it to pay her father’s hospital bills. She tells her to call if there is any progress on his conditions.

Pantong sees her and reminds her again to beware of Chinnapat. She asks why he’s here this early. He says 9:00 a.m. isn’t early around here. She says what to expect from a girl who always wakes up late. She tells him to call her “Ni”. He invites her for a cup of coffee.

Chinnapat sees them together. Ni sips coffee and it drips down on her chest. Pantong offers to wipe it for her but she pushes his hand away. Chinnapat gets inside the coffee shop in time to witness it. He shouts at Pantong for sexually assault his worker. Ni gets up and says wherever he almost touched, it’s her business and has nothing to do with him.

He grabs her wrist and tells her to go home. Parichat begs him not to pick a fight inside her shop. He pulls Ni outside. Pantong follows him outside and yells that a woman isn’t a prisoner. Chinnapat says she’s his employee so he can shout or scold at. When Chinnapat punches Pantong’s face, Ni wants to check on him. Chinnapat pulls her back and says she caused all this yet still doesn’t stop. He shoves her in his car and drives away. Pantong wants to follow them but Parichat begs him. She says Chinnapat gets mad because he messes with that woman and if he doesn’t stop, it will put her in worse situation. Pantong grits his teeth but nods.

On their way back, Ni climbs to the backseat. Chinnapat scolds that he’s not her driver. She demands that he pull over and let her out, she will go back on her own . He says if he does that, she probably will run away with his money. She argues that she won’t run away from a boss who pays easily like him. He yells at her to get back in the front seat. She says no then secretly grabs a screwdriver from the front seat pocket and keeps it with her.

Parichat warns Pantong to think carefully. She doesn’t want him to fight with Chinnapat over a woman all over again.

Chinnapat notices what’s in Ni’s hand and takes it away. She says she needs to protect herself over a man who raped. He asks what she heard from Pantong and what accusation he said. She says Khun Pantong is a good man and he’s only worried that she works for him. Chinnapat asks how long she met Pantong to know that he’s a good man. She says judging by what she’s seen him so far, Pantong is much better.

Chinnapat yells at her that Pantong didn’t pay her yet got to touch her chest, while he paid 100,000 to her so he should get to touch something. That earns him a slap on his face. He asks who she thinks she is to do this to him. She fights back who he is to look at her such way. He says so what if he looks at her like that again. A second slap at that. She runs upstairs leaving him furious.

Chinnapat walks outside the house and starts throwing and kicking things. Panan says she never sees him this angry. Wad says of course, she slapped him twice, how dare she. Panan says Chanika is such a lucky girl, if others, Khun Chinnapat would have killed her.

Right away, Wad calls Arpa and tells her what happened. Arpa is mad that Sansanee, her niece, introduced this woman to work for Chinnapat. When she hears from Wad that that woman calls her son a murderer, she couldn’t believe Chinnapat let her when he never backs down to anyone.

Arpa calls Sansanee in the US and wants to ask her but San says she has a guest and will call her back. San asks Patnin what Arpa talked to him about when he’s the one picked up the call. He says nothing and he won’t pick up any call for her anymore, since she appears uncomfortable.

Arpa calls Ahmeena  to go to Sarat Thani with her. Ahmeena starts packing but her mother tells her not to wear sexy clothes, Chinnapat won’t like it. She tells her to grab this chance and join hands with this family. They agree to go shopping for appropriate clothes.

Chinnapat grabs his car key and walks out. Panan thinks he must go for a drive, he do that every time he’s in a bad mood. Wad says his mother never slaps him, who Chanika thinks she is. Panan says when Khun Chinnapat is nice, he is very nice but when he’s mad, it’s scary.

Panan tells Chanika to apologize to Chinnapat, he’s very mad this time. She says for Khun Chinnapat, if a person who is wrong apologize, he will definitively forgive. Ni argues that she’s not the wrong one. Panan says since she has to stay in this house, she should do it for a happy living here.

Pantong is looking for someone to translate his leaflet promoting the correct way to dive, to save coral reefs. Parichat says she will ask among her friends.

Patnin’s car-care business doesn’t do well. He put all his savings into it and if it goes under, he will be broke. San gives him her support, to think positive.

It’s now after midnight and Chinnapat still doesn’t come home. Wad and Panan are worried that it never takes him whole day to get back in good mood. Wad tells Ni that if he had an accident, it’s she who causes it. Chinnapat comes home and tells Wad that he went for a breeze at ‘Cheow Lan Dam’. Panan whispers to Ni to apologize to him. Ni tries but ends up saying she’s retiring for the night and walks away.

In the morning, Chinnapat bangs at the door to wake her up. He tells her to get to work. When she asks if she has to start working already, he says if not now, when, and she already asked and got her salary in advance. He tells her to get dressed and he will wait downstairs. After more than and hour, he has to knock at her door again and says they are going to work not for a fashion show.

He takes her to his office and says his previous employee just quit and left all the documents lying. He tells her to clear it up. She asks practically everything he orders how to do it. He tells her to type a hiring contract for him, he’s hiring more workers. She asks how, so he tells her to look for an example on the table then leaves to take care of something else.

Ni calls Pantong for his help. She found his phone number in office phone book. She asks him how to type a hiring contract since he also has rubber plantation. Chinnapat cuts off their conversation and hangs up. He accuses her of flirting around. He says he will come back in the afternoon and orders her to clear up all documents by then. After he left, she asks if he knows good mood at all.

Chinnapat and Pantong are at it again at association of Surat Thani rubber plantations. Chinnapat tells him not to bother teaching his worker, he can manage it himself. Pantong says then why she called him up and  suggests Chinnapat take a metal rehab course. Before things get out of hand, Manod interrupts them. He suggests they get inside for the meeting.

In the meeting, Chinnapat suggests reducing rubber plantations will help balancing demand and supply, and the market price should come up, while Pantong says reduce means less income. He suggests they look for new market such as Africa. Chinnapat insists that reducing rubber plantations will solve problems in long-term. Manod calls for a round of voting which turns out to be even.

Ahmeena is ready for a trip to Surat Thani. Arpa cancels the trip and forgot to tell her. Ahmeena gets Chinnapat’s phone number from Arpa and calls him. She says it’s unfortunate that she doesn’t get to relax in Surat Thani. Chinnapat says he’s in the meeting and hangs up. Ahmeena says great, the harder it gets, the more challenging it becomes.

Pantong says Chinnapat doesn’t want to look for new markets because he’s not good at it, unlike his father. Chinnapat warns him not to mention his father. Pantong says he means to say that his father was a good man, unlike his son who touched a woman who was about to get married. Chinnapat says Pantong always accuses others and why not look at himself, how he didn’t take care of his bride good enough and let she came bothering him. Pantong punches his face right away. Other men stop them.

Chinnapat comes back to his office and starts yelling that she doesn’t get things done. Ni says a mess his previous employee left behind. He scolds her for not cleaning the place. She says she’s not a housekeeper. He orders her to dust the place. The way she does it, looks like she never do any household chore. She says she did. He asks what she did. She says put dishes in a dishwasher (LOL). He says that isn’t a household chore.

He says he heard from San that she’s once a rich girl and got everything without having to work for it, but now things change so she must adjust and stand on her own feet. Once she can do useful things for herself, she will be able to do it for others. After a round of arguing, Ni ends up saying he is her boss and not her owner.

He grabs her wrist and takes her home then throws her a broom. She says she’s not a housekeeper. He argues that with the amount he pays her, she must do every work he says. She says she will write a hiring contract so that he can’t make her work for things which isn’t on it. He tells her to put down 10,000 as her salary as well.

She says he can’t go back on his words. He says he never said he would make her do only office work, so she must do all jobs he says.

When she falls down holding his vase, Chinnapat takes it from her hand and lets her fall on the floor (LOL). He scolds her that it’s expensive. Wad tells her to clean the kitchen instead before she breaks it.

During dinner, when Chinnapat notices that Ni isn’t familiar with hot southern dishes, he asks Wad for a fried egg. Ni enjoys it so he smiles.

At the office, Ni asks Ahnan to help her type in Thai since she’s slow at it. Ahnan types even slower than her. Chinnapat scolds him if he doesn’t have things to do. Ahnan gets up and leaves. Chinnapat takes a look at what she’s typing and asks for invoices, his client is coming. She says she finished one and shows it to him. He is stunned at what he’s seeing, then shoos her to wait for his client at the warehouse, he will type it himself. She turns back to ask where it is. He sighs and says there are signs.

When she isn’t at the warehouse and there were thieves the other days, Chinnapat tells everyone to get out and search for her. It appears a sign fell off.

Ni is sitting inside Parichat’s house. She got lost so she climbed over the fence and headed here. Parichat warns her, if not a local, never walk in the plantation alone, everyone gets lost.

Parichat tells her to find a new job, it’s too dangerous working for Chinnapat. Ni tells her that she needs money for her sick father, family business went under, creditor took her house. She has no one to lean on, doesn’t know where to go, how to live. Parichat tells her not to give up when she has her sick father to take care. She offers to be Ni’s friend and she can come to her whenever she feels sad. Ni thanks her.

Chinnapat  and his men search for Chanika high and low until Ahnan says may be she climbed over the fence to their neighbor. While he’s on the phone with Wad, Chinnapat hears that Parichat drops Ni home. He marches back.

He scolds Ni and yells that the rule here is never climb over the fence to the neighbor plantation. She argues that next time, if she wants to see Khun Pantong or Khun Parichat, she will go there by road instead.

He asks if she will go offer her body right at the man’s house. She says it’s her body so she has the right to choose who she will offer it to. He yells that a prostitute has more pride than her. Oops! That did it.

Ni weeps in her room while Chinnapat feels guilty all over. He says he’s sorry but away from the door. She doesn’t hear it (I think).



It’s Panan and aunt Wad who made me chuckle. Both would stand there and hear it every time, and gossip about it. To think that a rich girl has lessons to learn while a working man also needs to calm down and care, it’s worth to keep watching how both will change for the better. Not sure will follow all the way through but it’s fun so far. Although, wrist-grab/slap-kiss isn’t my cup of tea, something predictable at this hour is quite a relax 🙂

Pics cr Pantip

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