Soundtrack: Nakee


A phenomenon for a song which sang in northeastern dialect to become such a hit. Song KhuKhong captures hearts and souls of lakorn Nakee viewers (including one here). Even when I stepped out of an arrival hall at an airport in Northeastern, this song was playing while a shop owner was busy with her daily activities.

Of course, Thais are now mourning for their great loss – their much beloved king. Sea of wearing-black has become a part of my life. Open closet and look for black, even a tiny white in black would make me feel – I haven’t done enough to show my deepest gratitude for someone whose life has proved to be the best for the country. An act from the hearts, people are trying hard to get by. People would smile but with sadness in their eyes. Households with elders would be in deeper sorrow. We would chat about how the elders would tear up every time the late king was mentioned and how we should keep our eyes on them. Some even refuse to watch or hear anything related, in order to live on. It’s like the country refuses to sit down and cry yet moves with heart in pieces.

There were years where the king would hand out degrees one-by-one for all state college graduates, his eyes would fix on you as though telling you to be a good person and do your duty honestly for the country. Just think how many millions had accepted their degrees from his hand, and how many would be in grief today.

Tourists are exception, color not-to-bright would be appreciated. People line up at the Grand Palace nights and days to pay respect to the king who reigned for 70 years, only with time will heal.

Song title: KhuKhong

Beautiful song for a lakorn ending with rating high.


Northeastern dialect all the way with central dialect subtitle on screen.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words of condolence. The Prime Minister has also been urging the citizens to carry on with their normal activities and stay healthy. The Bereau of the Royal Household has been very busy trying to accomodate everyone coming to the Grand Palace.

    My special concern would be the Royal Cremation which will take place in front of the Grand Palace (I think) in one year, not sure how people will hold it in. There could be a big crying session which is not good for anyone. After New Year Praying, the cremation site will start to shaped up and the nation will have to brace for its great loss once again.

    • Happy New Year…. I hope the new year brings with it strength, caring and compassion for all of you. I know a loss so big can never be compensated for or filled. However, I do hope that all of you are able to support each other when the time does come to say the final good bye to your most beloved King.

      Much love and prayers from me. I hope the activity and busyness of daily life will eventually help everyone to move on and heal.

      • Happy New Year to you too. Thank you for your beautiful blessings. I’d say things are moving along and people are adjusting.

        Decidedly, I went to pay my respects to the late king at the Grand Palace with my friend at night. The atmosphere that day was peaceful and it’s breezy ( 8:30 p.m.). It took me 2 hrs and a half sitting in a tent waiting to enter the palace. No one complained and all men and women were wearing black, dress code is quite strict for entering the palace ground. Long black skirt for women (cover knees but not too long that you would trip, no sandals).

        During the time sitting there, food and drinks were kindly handed to us by volunteers, toilets bus lined up the area. For 2.30 hrs, people were walking non-stop heading into the palace before we were told it’s our turn. Another 45 mins or so walking inside the palace until we reached the building, then we were advised to take off shoes and keep it with us, then up the stairs two lines each from two doors. Four lines entered and sat down on the carpet in front of His Majesty, then bowed down once then got up and left from another exit. Securities were tight the closer we got. As I remembered, as our lines got closer to the building, the quieter people became (entering the Grand Palace at night normally isn’t allowed). Taking photos or selfies in close proximity were prohibited as a respect for the late King. We were given HM’s portrait on our way out for keeps. It was a wonderful experience, everyone came with the same propose and got it done.

        Once outside the palace’s wall, buses were ready to accommodate people. On my way back, already more people from other provinces arrived and sat along the canal waiting for tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to get in line. It was midnight by the time I came back.

        70 years of HM’s hard-working is something to be told. I visited rural area recently and unexpectedly encountered here and there HM’s royal projects quietly hidden in the mountains, mainly agricultural irrigation such as reservoirs. Only the locals truly realized what he’d done.

  2. I am truly sorry for the loss of your beloved King. He must have been a great and fair leader for the country’s population to grieve so much for him. I do hope that with time, you and the other grieving Thai citizens are able to piece your heart together little by little. I can understand it must be very hard but the love the citizens have for the King can be a motivating factor to make your country even more prosperous and wonderful as a tribute to the King, the country and yourselves. May you find strength and inner peace.

    Your write up was very moving and it really does describe the immense love, respect and gratitude that Thais have towards the King. Thank you for sharing.

    My condolences once again.

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