KhonLaKhobFah Episode 1


A fun episode one.

(KhonLa KhobFah =on opposite end of the horizon)


-Chinnapat found Sirikanya killing herself and is accused of murder and rape. He lives on with a scar and bad name among the locals. No one knows what exactly happened.



-Chanika is studying in the US and spending days as a party girl. She gets a call from home that her father collapsed. She comes back to Thailand only to learn that her dad went bankrupt and his medical bills are rising. She turns to her dad’s relatives but no one offers any help due to conflicts over dividing inheritance in the past. She tries to get a job but 7 years in the US without getting a bachelor degree proves to be a big obstacle. She finally loses her house to a creditor since it’s a loan collateral.

-Sansanee is Chanika’s roommate in the US. She despises Chanika’s rich-girl attitude and secretly has her eyes on Patnin (Chanika’s boyfriend).

-When Chanika is in need of money, she calls Patnin for help. He doesn’t have any money because of his new company he started. He loves Chanika and wants to marry her and asks her to wait until his business makes profit and he will help. Chanitka, a spoiled (once) rich girl, gets mad and demands that they break up. Sansanee overhears it and smiles.

-Sansanee takes care of Patnin while Chanika is away and calls her relative, Chinnapat, to offer Chanika a job with a salary as high as a hundred thousand. Chinnapat refuses to pay that much at first but gives in later as it reminds him of the past incident, if he can lend a hand when someone is desperate for help.

-Chanika listens to Sansanee’s advice to go work for Chinnapat deep down south in Surat Thani province. With such high salary and coming from Sansanee she trusts, Chanika accepts to work for Chinnapat.

-When she arrives in Surat Thani, no driver will drop her off when she mentions Chinnapat’s rubber plantation. She walks around in frustration. She keeps a glass ball to her heart. It reminds her the time when her dad told her he would build a house for her just like the house inside it. Chinnapat meets her coincidentally when she drops the ball and he catches it and gives it back to her. He falls for her right away.

-Chanika walks to a small coffee shop where Parichat is an owner. She sits down feeling tired and orders a drink, a picky one. Parichat doesn’t like her, a city girl at that. Chanika meets Pantong – Parichat’s brother (also once Chinnapat’s best friend but now an enemy next door).

-Chanika witnesses Sirikanya (who died)’s mother shouting at Chinnapat accusing him of raping and killing her daughter. Chanika remembers Chinnapat car’s license plate. Pantong also falls for Chanika right away and offers her a ride. When he learns that she wants to go work for Chinnapat, he warns her that Chinnapat is a bad person to stay with. He drops her off and tells her he lives close by, in case she needs help.


-Chanika walks to Chinnapat’s house and when he comes back, she sees his license plate. She runs out backdoor pulling her luggage along. To Chinnapat’s surprise, he runs after her into his rubber plantation making it more like he’s coming after her. He tries to calm her down and make sense of all things since she is Sansanee’s friend who is in need of job. His temper rises (his nature) so he throws her over his shoulder and walks her home.



-At home, he yells at her wanting to take a look at her leg since she’s limping. She shouts at him not to touch her calling him a murderer who rapes. He asks what she’s calling him now. She says it again. He shouts at her to get out so loud. She runs outside and it starts to rain.

-Chinnapat’s housekeeper reminds him that she’s not a local here and there’s no bus at this hour, and it’s raining so someone could harm her. It reminds him of the past so he gets in his car and goes look for her. He found her luggage but she’s not there. He drives to Pantong’s house and found her. He shouts at her to go back to his house. When she refuses, he grabs her wrist and pulls her along. Pantong and Chinnapat engages in a fight when PanTong tries to stop him. Chinnapat shoves her in his car and drives away.


-Inside the car, Sansanee calls so she tells Chanika that people misunderstood Chinnapat and tells her not to listen to them. Chanika trusts her roommate so she agrees to stay and work for Chinnapat. Sansanee hangs up and smirks, she hopes Chinnapat will finish Chanika just like how he did to Sirikanya.

-PanTong follows Chanika to Chinnapat’s place only to hear from her that she will stay with Chinnapat. He comes home and tells Parichat (his sister) how strange that she changes her mind.

-At home, Chanika refuses to sleep upstairs and wants to sleep with the housekeepers. Chinnapat yells at her to sleep in the guestroom as he said.

-Back to the past where Sirikanya left a letter saying that she’s pregnant because Chinnapat raped her. It causes her mother and boyfriend (Pantong) to hate him until today.

-Chanika refuses to go downstairs for a meal. The housekeeper tells her that Chinnapat is a good man and she’s been living here for years, he never wants to rape her (LOL). Chanika eats in her room. Chinnapat comes to the door which spooks her. He tells her to cease this madness. When she still doesn’t trust him, he tells her to keep her ears open all night for the sound of unlocking the door because he’s the owner of the house and he has the key to every room. With that, he turns around and leaves.


Their bickering was fun and natural. Hope the story keeps getting better. Not sure will do more. It’s holiday seasons! Yeah!

Pics cr Pantip

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