BuangAthittan Episode 1

At an excavation site, each archeologist is being assigned to work on different land plot. A man discovers an artifact buried in the ground so he calls for his team leader to check on it. Thunder storm suddenly appears, heavy rain comes pouring. Smoke surges high from the ground scaring everyone who witnesses it.

Inside a mansion, Kasin is asking Krieng, who is checking what seems to be a broken piece of a decorative bangle, how it is. Krieng asks how he could get a whole of it. Kasin says some villagers sold it to him and said it’s from an excavation site. Krieng says it is ‘Jantharapura’.

Kasin gets excited and asks if it’s surely a genuine one. He has heard the name for a long while but isn’t sure if this (ancient) city really exists.

Krieng gets up and says Jantharapura was once there but fell many thousand years ago. Kasin asks if it isn’t only a tale. Krieng says a tale is based on facts.

Kasin picks up the broken piece and says a broken piece is this beauty so Jantharapura must once be a prosperous city. Krieng turns quiet then in his mind, as if telling someone, that that person is now been released (from imprisonment). He seems troubled by the fact.

Back to the excavation site, the team leader greets his daughter who is just arrived. He asks why she came when he told her not to. She retorts that who will cook for him then. He calls her a stubborn girl.

She (Yo) is amazed to see all artifacts they found and says it’s all worth it. He says these should be able to turn the hypothesis which said Jantharapura is just a city in a tale around because it looks like this city really existed, especially with this particular piece. He unveils a stone inscription to her, what written on it he can’t read but he thinks it could be a record of how the city was built.

Yo says she knows now what work she can lend him a hand, photographing all of them. He welcomes her help and says he was so busy that he didn’t have time to put in photo records.

Back to Kasin’s mansion. A man (Krit) walks in calling for his dad then he notices the broken bangle so he takes a closer look.


It has his full attention so he reaches out to touch it but stops short when his dad calls him. Krit says there’s still time before they have to leave and asks if he had acquired a new piece of antique. Kasin says he couldn’t resist it and Krieng already checked it out and said it’s many thousand years old, probably from Jantharapura era.

Krit doesn’t recognize the name so Kasin explains that it’s an ancient empire which they said it fell apart and disappeared ages ago, and those archeologist freaks are trying to discover it.

Krit says that could mean it’s a national treasure. Kasin argues that if he doesn’t keep and hide it, surely it will fall into Westerner hands, so it’s better to keep it here in Thailand. He adds that, who knows, one day after he learns all the knowledge behind them, he might hand them all to the government.

Kasin says it’s time to leave but Krit still lingers on the piece wanting to touch it. Kasin urges him to leave now or they will be late.


Yo takes pictures of  the artifacts. That night, while checking on her work, a woman shows up in one frame. It spooks her a bit and she wonders how it could get in there when the woman wasn’t there when she took the photo. Then her computer screen switched off by itself. She manages to switch it on again and finds it’s back to normal.

A staff tells Athin (Yo’s father) that they almost run out of coffee so Athin tells him to go buy some more. Yo comes out of her tent and asks her father exactly what era the City of Jantharapura was in.

Athin says he still isn’t sure about it because what they’ve found so far could only prove little, and they didn’t find any shines or places of worships to make a reference. She asks if if that stone really recorded how the city was built, then they should be able to figure out all the mysteries. He says that’s right but the alphabets used are the problem. He’s certain he’s never seen them before and he’s not sure if there are any academics who could interpret them. She asks how the city fell apart. He says it’s only in a tale which said it’s due to a curse.

Mae is serving the family some desserts. When she kisses her boyfriend (Kwin, Krit’s younger brother) on his cheek. Krit teases when they will get married since they got engaged almost a year ago. Dad says that’s right and they both can move in here so that this house won’t be too lonely.

Kwin says he’s waiting for Krit first. Krit tells him not to wait since he still hasn’t found his bride-to-be. Dad asks if he hasn’t been too picky. Krit says no, he hasn’t, and he thinks his bride may haven’t been born yet.

Kwin says  he won’t wait then and hopes Krit won’t complain later how lonely he becomes. Dad asks Krit if all the girls he’s been with never was the one for him. Krit protests how the subject turned on him then says the truth is for a spend-his-life-with relationship, no one came close. He says he believes she’s somewhere in this world. Kwin chuckles and says it took this long, she’s simply on Mar for sure.

Krit is listening to music by himself. Mae walks by and joins him. Kwin shows up so Krit seats him down next to her instead. Krit takes off, saying he doesn’t want to be someone who interrupts their moment. Mae’s eyes fix on Krit while he’s leaving.

At the camp site, while sleeping, Yo sees herself walking to a pond then a lot of black hands shoot up from the water and one hand grabs her ankle and tries to pull her down the water. She screams out then wakes up.

Yo gets up to drink some water when a woman’s voice calls out a name ‘KateArPa…’.She looks around and sees no one.

She walks to the pond she saw in her dream. A fierce spirit of a woman shows up  in front of her and shouts. The spirit demands that all of them get out of her territory.



The next day, Athin says Yo probably gets mixed up with a dream. Yo argues that a dream is a dream but she saw and heard with her own eyes and ears, that spirit chased them out of her territory. Athin says all should be fine since they had done a ceremony to appease all gods and spirits protecting this site before start working here, that they came with good intentions for the purpose of preserving national treasures. She says she will try to think it that way.

Athin says in a few days, it’s time to close this site due to this-year budget running out, what worried him is this place may become ruined by thieves, so they must hurry. Yo says just tell her what work he wants more of her help. Athin just puts his arm around her shoulder.

Krit is taking a closer look at the broken bangle, a yellow precious gemstone in the center and another missing half of it suddenly appear before his eyes. The bangle now is in full shape, perfect and captivating. Krit can’t take his eyes off it.

Krieng comes up behind him and asks if Krit starts to have an interest in antiques like his father. Krit says not that, it’s just while he’s looking at it, it…He stops short when the bangle is now broken like before so he says he thinks it’s kind of pretty. Krieng asks if something is wrong. Krit says no, this bangle in its complete form should be huge in size, which means people in the past were quite large.

Krit says Jantharapura City was an extremely rich city for sure. He asks Krieng to take look at the setting for the center gemstone, it must be for a honey-liked color gemstone. He asks Krieng what honey-liked color gemstone is called. Krieng says it’s ‘ButSaRaKham’ (yellow sapphire). Krit smiles and says that’s it.

Krieng asks how he knew that the missing gemstone must be a yellow sapphire. Krit says it’s just his guess then asks if Krieng has an appointment with his father, he will bring him here for him. Krit puts the bangle back in place and leaves the room.

When alone, Krieng says out loud, so you all have returned, then must be that it’s time.

Yo found something buried in the ground so she calls out for her dad to come take a look. She asks what he thinks it could be. He says it looks like a piece of jewelry. He says he can’t pull it out, so Yo asks to let her try. She pulls it out so easily that everyone is surprised including Athin.

Yo takes pictures of it. Athin says if in its perfect form, this bangle must be so exquisite. Yo recalls a woman wearing it so she asks if it could be an armlet instead of wearing it on a wrist. He says it could be and asks how she knows. She smiles and says it’s just a guess. He says its owner shouldn’t be a commoner since it’s solid gold. Yo says what a pity, half of it is missing, she really wants to know where the other half had gone.

Kwin teases his brother by asking where next for his next date, that’s Khun Risa, the most attractive lady of the year, pretty and well-educated, no need to mention her family lineage. He asks if Krit still thinks of doing nothing. Krit asks what to think. Kwin says at least he could try to get to know each other more in the mean time. Krit says not in the least of his mind and starts to walk away.

Kwin grabs his arm and suggests he consult a shrink, he could be confused with his own sexual gender. Krit shrugs him off. Kwin grabs his arms and says whatever Krit is, he can accept it, only Krit makes it clear so that he will know how to behave. Kwin then bursts out laughing. Krit shoos him to get back to work.

Athin’s team is busying packing. Yo asks when they will come back here again. He says he’s not sure, it could be next year. He has to request for budget first. Yo is quite disappointed, if next year, this site could be full of holes because of thieves.

Athin says if they can interpret what’s written on this stone, the government may see the importance of this site as where the fallen Jantharapura located and approve the budget must faster. Yo wishes that would be the case.

That night, Yo walks out of the restrooms wagon and sees dark cloud rushing inside one tent. She walks in there and sees  dark fumes lingering around one of the trunks. She shouts for her dad. The fumes surges up in the air then gets thicker and turns into a face of a furious woman staring right at Yo.


The spirit says, “It’s actually you, KateArPa. Finally, we meet!” She laughs out loud then sweeps across the tent to put her face against Yo’s face. Yo is so scared that she collapses to the floor.

Athin looks for Yo at the restrooms then his staff calls out that he found her. Yo opens her eyes looking disoriented. Athin picks her up and seats her down. He asks how she got here. She says she heard voices. He asks what kind of voices. She says she doesn’t know but it’s calling her here. He thinks she thinks too much and tells her to go back to bed. She agrees and says she might be sleepwalking.

After the tent is empty, the spirit shouts, “KateArPa, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? It’s time I settle all past disputes with you, you b***!”


In the morning, the team is leaving the site. Yo takes pictures of the pond for the last time. Athin tells her to sit in his car and tells his staff to drive hers instead. The team heads out with their cars forming a long line, and without realizing it, the spirit trailing behind.

At home, Yo cleans her dad’s shoes and says after her friend’s job (PhakBung) this time, she will buy him a new pair of shoes. He tells her to buy something for herself better, dressing like this, who will have an eye on her. She says she doesn’t know who to dress up for. He gets up to leave for work. She tells him today’s dinner menu, Kaeng Tai-pla and Khai-jio (Spicy Fish’s Kidney Soup with Fried Eggs – a popular southern dish).

Krit is also leaving his home for work. Busily talking on the phone, he gets in his car leaving his briefcase on the car roof. Trying not to be late for work, he takes off without realizing it.

Yo gets in her pickup and leaves her house. At a traffic light, she sees Krit’s briefcase on his car roof so she tries to alert him. Krit thinks she’s trying to pass his car, he says what business the driver is so in a hurry for, go ahead and pass his car, why keeps following him. Yo is exasperated that he’s still clueless. She says she can’t call him anything else but a dumb man.

Krit’s briefcase finally falls down so Yo has to pullover to pick it up. She parks her car alongside his at a traffic light and hunks the horn. Krit tries to ignore her saying he has no intention to pick a fight with anyone, so please do not. He rolls down the windshield then their eyes meet. He appears quite stunned seeing her face. She waves his briefcase at him and says she saw it since not-sure-which traffic lights.

Krit gets out of his car to take it from her. He thanks her. She says you’re welcome but do not be this absent-minded again. He says thank you so much. When she turns back to the wheel, he tells her to wait, he still doesn’t repay her for this. She says he already thanks her for it. He says he wants to pay her back with something else, then he reaches down his pants’ pocket. She warns him not to look down on a person’s kindness. He says he doesn’t mean to. She says he must be used to exchange everything with money, she suggests he keeps his money to pay (traffic) tickets instead. She asks if he realizes he parks his car right at the traffic light. She buckles up and takes off. His eyes still follow her car when a man asks if there’s any problem. Krit says of course, there is…he still doesn’t know who she is.

Krit turns to the man and realizes he’s a traffic cop. He quickly greets him and gets in his car. He apologizes and leaves.

PhakBung gives Yo job details saying she’ll get 5,000 baht. She asks if it’s not too tough for her. Yo says it’s not, it’s only taking pictures on Graduation Day. PhakBung argues that it’s a whole day taking pictures, her thighs probably get bigger. Yo insists that she can do it.

PhakBung hands Yo another job which she will earn quite an amount, 30,000 baht for a pre-wedding photographing. Yo is delighted. PhakBung says the groom is all right but the bride wants a total of 12 sets. She jokes that probably to show it off to the guests from Jan to Dec. Yo says it’s fine but please let them love each other dearly or she won’t get paid like the last time when the couples fought in the middle of it and cost her her fees.

PhakBung says it’s the trend these days, people fall in love fast and break up just as fast. Yo dreamily wonders if there are some people out there who would love each other, live and grow old together until death sets them apart.

PhakBung chuckles and asks if she means the kind they would spend everyday saying ‘I love you so much…Love only you …Love you for all eternity.’ Yo quickly nods. PhakBung says it could exist in romance novels or lakorns. It’s not an answer Yo would like to hear.

Athin is having a press conference on Jantharapura and the stone inscription he found. He tells the reporters that the stone’s age ranging between 1,000-1,200 years and it could break a new ground that Jantharapura really exists. He personally believes that it contains the records of how the city was built. They are trying to compare what was written on it with written languages of different periods close to that era. He hopes that Jantharapura will not be just a tale but a crucial source of learning for the country’s civilization, history and races.

A reporter asks if there’s some other pieces which can also prove the empire’s existence. Athin says none at the moment, only this stone inscription on the table. Another reporter asks if it requires a huge amount of funding. Athin says frankly that they came back because they ran out of fund. He asks if there’s anymore questions.

Krieng sits at home watching the press conference on TV. He sighs and says, “Misery from bad deeds finally cross paths, and no one can get away from it.”

Kasin admires the broken bangle in his hand and makes a call to Krieng. He asks if he’s also watching the news. Krieng says yes. “It’s quite interesting, isn’t it?” Kasin barely contains his excitement. Krieng simply answers, “Yes, it is.”


In the kitchen, Athin says seeing this kind of soup, it reminds him of Yo’s mom, no one in this world could cook it better. Yo asks about hers. He says it copies her mom exactly. Yo says mom told her to take best care of dad, so it seems her work paid off. Athin says just spend her time looking after herself better and he won’t complain about it. Yo asks if it means there’s going to be someone else looking after him now. He explains that life is uncertain and may be tomorrow or the day after, he may no longer be with her. Yo tells him not to say such thing, he will live with her for a long time and she will cook for him every single day. He asks if she doesn’t plan to cook for someone else. She says probably not, no man in this world is as good as this man.

Mae asks Kwin why can they not eat out and not in the hotel (where they work) all the time. He says it’s convenient and they can check on quality of the food at the same time.

PhakBung’s laughter at the front desk catches his attention. He marches to her and calls her ‘Khun BaRaMee’. She greets him and corrects that her name is ‘PaRaMee’. He scolds her for having too-close relationship with a guest. She explains that the guest is their regular then tells him which room he always books and the kind of food he loves.


Kwin accuses her of laughing too loud and her laughter sounds so awful.

PhakBung is quite appalled and says she doesn’t know that before. Mae tells him to leave such small matters. He says he can’t overlook it when front desk represents the face of the hotel. He tells PhakBung she must correct her postures calling her the wrong name. When he turns around, PhakBung tells him that it is ‘PaRaMee’. He turns around and Mae has to pull him away before another round of fighting. PhakBung sighs and says she doesn’t gain her boss affections, her career surely isn’t a prosperous one. She pouts.

Kasin is examining diamonds to add to his collections. Krit walks in and asks if he already ate. Kasin tells him to wait an hour more before preparing the meal table. Krit teases that he just knows that dad is interested in diamonds more than gold now. Kasin says its weight is much lighter while its price is not. He suggests Krit get one too, a huge one not those tiny ones.

Krit asks what he would need it for. Kasin says of course, for his engagement proposal to a girl, a 4-5 karats would be quite nice. He tells Krit to ask Boem (the diamond seller) for it.

Krit turns to Boem and asks if he has a thing in yellow, honey-liked, this size. Boem asks if he means yellow diamond. Krit says no, a gemstone of honey-liked color. Boem thinks about it and asks if he means ‘BussaraKham’ (yellow sapphire). He says one with good clarity that size isn’t easy to find. Kasin asks why gemstones, diamonds are much better to play with. Krit says he doesn’t know why he wants a gemstone with that color.

Yo is working on her pre-wedding photographing. When the couple picks a fight, she’s horrified and turns to pray that they remain loving each other until she gets paid. The couple switches back to their loving mode which is totally unexpected for Yo.

PhakBung tells Yo that working freelance like her is much better than a salary girl like herself, especially when her boss doesn’t admire her. Yo says she sees PhakBung work diligently so why her boss won’t like her.

PhakBung says he said she laughed too loud. Yo asks if there’s such thing too. PhakBung says if she can’t take it anymore, she will…laugh even louder so that he will fire her, at least she will be compensated while she’ll get nothing if she quits herself. Yo suggests she come work with her better. PhakBung says she can handle it for now but wonders what bad deeds she’d done to her boss in past life that she has to pay back to him in this life.

Two girls walk back to the hotel. Krit arrives and gets out of his car. Yo says this car looks familiar. PhakBung says it’s her boss. Yo thinks it’s the boss who bullied her friend. Krit greets Yo and says it’s nice to see her again. PhakBung asks Yo since when she knew her boss. Yo says she will tell her another time, and beside a narrow-minded, he’s also an absent-minded.

Krit clears his throat and asks if Yo also knows Khun PaRaMee. PhakBung says she’s her best friend. Krit says what a small world. Yo asks why she has to tell him that.

PhakBung introduces Yo to Krit that she’s ‘YoSiTa’. Yo grits her teeth and says she doesn’t want to know him. He says it’s good that they are now formally introduced and his name is ‘KritThorn’. Yo refuses to shake his hand. He says he still doesn’t repay her. Yo says she already said there’s no need for it but if he wants to then treat her friend nicely, laughing too loud is such a nonsense accusation.

Yo goes on and on how he should treat his employee and says no one is perfect. PhakBung tries to stop her from talking. Krit remains calm and smiles good-naturedly. PhakBung tells Yo she has many bosses and this man isn’t the one she fought with. Yo stops short while Krit tries to hold back his big grin.

Back at home, Athin tells Yo just apologize and it’ll be fine. Yo says she didn’t get a chance to do that because he laughed at her and PhakBung joined him as well, it’s so embarrassing so she ran out. Athin chuckles so Yo accuses him of laughing at her too. He says face-related issue can easily fixed by apologizing. Yo says no need for that when she thinks they won’t meet again, it’s enough. Yo prays urgently. Athin says it’s up to fate.

In her room, Yo checks on her work then falls asleep. A voice keeps repeating the name ‘KateArpa’ so she wakes up. Her computer screen is showing pictures of the digging site by itself then a scary woman face shows up. Yo screams and runs out for her dad.


Yo runs to the living room shouting. Athin is on the phone. He motions her to stop making noise while asking since when they realized it’s disappeared. He insists that he didn’t move it since he got it from the site. He says he will be right there then hangs up. Yo asks what happened. Athin says the stone inscription disappeared. He says he needs to go there and check. Yo says she will go with him and will drive for him.

Krieng is meditating in his praying room.

Athin reaches his office with Yo. He asks his colleagues who was the first one who realized that it’s gone. The man says a security guard, while patrolling, he heard noises. Athin asks what noises. The guard says it’s like someone is mumbling which isn’t in Thai. Athin asks what next. He says he looked through the window with his flashlight and there’s a person. Athin asks how many persons. He says not sure but it’s a person for sure, at first he thought it was Athin so he called out, when they didn’t answer, he knew it must be some thieves. He says before he could unlock the door and get in here, the stone was gone.

Athin asks how they could get inside. His staff says it’s strange because there are no traces of breaking in. Athin orders no one touch anything or come in here, they may need to report it to the police. He asks if anything else missing. A staff says no, not even gold bits. Athin says it’s strange to have intention to take just that stone.

Yo says there are CCTVs in this room. The staff says it has to be tomorrow afternoon before they can get the footage out to inspect.

Krieng is done praying. He turns around to talk to the spirit. He asks if it’s her ‘Busakorn’. Black smoke changes into a woman kneeling on the floor.

Athin and Yo come home. He is mad that someone dared to take away a nation treasure for his own, it’s just sad. Yo asks if thieves act on order. He says could be that. Yo asks if that stone could worth that much. He thinks that person must know that that stone is the heart of Jantharapura.

She asks if they try to find out, if it won’t be that hard. He says the tale of Jantharapura is known among a small circle only. Yo asks if it means they can put their hope up. He nods but says except the order came from outside the country. He says if it leaves the country, getting it back won’t be easy.

In the morning, Yo shows what was stolen to PhakBung. She takes a look and says it’s simply a stone to her. Yo says look closer, there are inscriptions on it and her dad thinks it recorded the building of the city. PhakBung asks if it’s that Jantharapura.

Someone laughs so Yo asks PhakBung why she has to laugh. She says she didn’t and asks how much it could worth. Yo says it’s unimaginable since it’s an important academic evidence.

Yo’s computer suddenly shut down. PhakBung says it may be broken. Yo is pissed that it’s another expense for her.

They walk downstairs. PhakBung says uncle Athin was right, collector circle isn’t big so it shouldn’t be that hard to find out. Yo says her dad is afraid that it’s sent out of the country. PhakBung says she can’t give Yo her words that she can help. Yo says she knows that the most they can do is checking around antique shops.

PhakBung says they can walk until their legs drop and no way they can find it, it must be penetrated. Yo asks how. PhakBung says they must get close to their circle then find out from there. Yo asks where and who they should start.

PhakBung says it’s her boss. She heard his family is an antique collector, not at a simple level too. Yo cups her face (her signature gesture) and asks if it’s that man. PhakBung says not Khun KritThorn but his father. Yo is relieved.

The camera footage shows the stone disappeared within 3 secs between frames without anyone in the room. A staff says how it could be, at least they should see the thief. Athin orders a playback. They look again and are stunned. Athin asks if everyone sees what he’s seeing. Everyone nods.


During the meal Kasin tells Krit to look for a photographer for him. Krit asks why he needs one. Kasin says Krieng helped putting what he collected into groups and the old house on the back isn’t in use much, so he thinks of renovating it and opening a museum. Krit thinks it’s a good idea to do it the professional way. Kasin says that’s why he wants a good photographer to keep records, put in table of contents. Kwin suggests a person who made the hotel’s brochure. Kasin agrees and tells him to contact that one right away.

Krit asks his father if they said that people who collect antiques are mostly people in the past reborn. Kasin says Krieng said that too but he didn’t get a chance to ask from which era a man like himself came from. Kwin laughs.

Krit says besides Feng Shui, he doesn’t know Krieng also into this kind of things. Kasin says more to a man with sixth sense.


At a park, Yo is on her job with pre-wed shooting. Krit is cycling by and sees her. She spots him and gets annoyed when he stops to stare at her and doesn’t leave. After she’s done, Krit steps in to help carrying her equipment. She insists to do it herself. He says this place doesn’t allow cars to enter so by the time she can carry all these to her car, her legs could grow big and her shoulders could fall off. She says she was able to do it on her way here.

Krit says he couldn’t understand why she kept refusing other people’s help. She says she couldn’t understand as well why he kept pestering her. He says he isn’t pestering but having a business proposal for her. She asks what business. He says there’s a coffee shop over there, let’s talk there. She says she has work to do next. He says then they can talk while walking.

Thunder storm and strong wind suddenly appear. He suggests they look for shelter, looks like it’s going to rain. A big tree trunk falls down on her, Krit saves her in time. They fall onto the ground together.


Now that they are under a roof, he asks if she gave someone her words and didn’t keep it, that’s why the sky and rain are punishing her. She says she doesn’t think it’s funny. He says now that she is safe because of him, should she not say thank you. She turns to say thank you then goes back to wiping  her wet equipment dry.

He says now that they are even saving each other, let’s talk business. She turns to listen. He says he wants to hire her for photographing. She complains that it’s a pre-wed again. He asks why that face. She says the past two months, she accepted such job for 5 events. He says she must be rich by now. She says the first one, did it for free, it’s for her friends, another three, the couples fought and broke up so who she could ask for payment, and just this one today that it seems smooth. She apologizes and tells him to look for someone else because she could be his unfortunate luck, and if he couldn’t find one really, she will introduce one for him.

Krit says no, he wants her. She says she will have to decline because she wants no more of pre-wed photos. He says he believes now that she had a nightmare. She says the rain stops already so she will leave. He says the work he wants to hire her isn’t a pre-wed photographing. She turns around and asks why he didn’t say so. He says she will get to take pictures of artifacts, antiques of his father which he has been collecting for all his life.

She asks if he means ‘Khun Kasin’. He nods.

They walk to her car. He says it’s strange, within this close distance, there’s no sign of raining here. She tells him to tell her more about the work he wants her to do. He explains that his father wants to open a museum and all they need now is a good photographer to put records and add details. She says she’ll take the job. He asks if she won’t take 2-3 days to ponder on it first. She insists she’ll take it. He says she might get sick of it because just a category of Buddha images, there are hundreds of them ranging from every period and era.

He asks how much she wants for the job. She says whatever he wants to pay. He says she can ask for it and he will be ready to pay. She says money isn’t a big deal. He says but it is a vital issue. He suggests she see what she has to do first before asking. He asks when she wants to start. She says tomorrow. Krit snaps his fingers saying that’s perfect.

He looks around and says he came out carrying nothing, he asks to use her phone. She gives it to him and gets in her car. Krit returns the phone to her and says his number now in there, if she has any problem, she can call him 24 hrs. Before she can protest, he rides his bike off after saying see her tomorrow.

Krit comes home having a dark cloud trailing behind. BusaKorn’s face is among the cloud. She moans that he doesn’t know how long she’s been waiting for him, then why he has to meet that woman first, before meeting her.


Athin tries on new shoes Yo bought for him. It fits perfectly and is comfortable too, he says. He asks how much she bought if for. She says she won’t tell. He says it’s a waste to buy expensive thing. She argues that paying more to get better qualities which lasts longer, is worth it. He says money doesn’t come easy.

She tells him not to worry since she got herself a new job. He says she got lucky. She says even luckier because her new boss is Khun Kasin. He doesn’t look pleased to hear the name. He asks if she means the one who is the hotel’s owner. She nods. He asks what he would hire her for. She says he’s opening a museum and she will get to take pictures all of his collections. She says she thinks they could find some clues about that stone.

Athin says it won’t be that easy. She says he told her before that of all antique collectors, Khun Kasin is among the top. He nods quite reluctantly.

Krit tells his father that he found him a photographer. Kasin argues that Kwin already got him one. Kwin says that one will give him his answer tomorrow, he needs to check on his schedule first. Krit orders Kwin to call him up and cancel him, it’s better to use the person he found.

Kasin laughs and asks if that person is that good. Krit assures him and the person comes with excellent tolerance. Kwin asks about the person’s profile, past job experience. Krit says wedding photos. Kasin asks if he’s crazy to have a wedding cameraman capture his artifacts. Kwin just laughs. Krit insists that this person is very good at the job and Kasin will love the work, and he’s willing to put his head on the line.

PhakBung is hearing the good news from Yo. Yo says it’s like luck just jumps on her so she calls her right away.

Yo says one thing PhakBung must keep a secret, that she’s a daughter of an archeologist named Athin. She’s afraid that chickens might get spooked. PhakBung says she gets it then asks when she will start. Yo says tomorrow. PhakBung tells her to take good care of herself. Yo thanks her then hangs up.

Busakorn looks at Yo from Yo’s bedroom window. Yo turns to see her so she runs to her room. Busakorn shouts at Yo that her hope will never be fulfilled, whether it’s this life or other. She calls Yo ‘KateArpa’. Yo screams when Busakorn gets too close.

Athin rushes to Yo and asks if she’s all right. She says she thought there’s a thief breaking in but it’s nothing. He says he will go check the backdoor downstairs if he’s closed it. Yo looks around her empty room.

Busakorn shows up in Krit’s bedroom looking at him lovingly. She creeps closer to the edge of his bed and thinks that he’s returned to her now and asks if it means he feels for her now.  She’s been waiting for him like eternity, but no matter how long, her heart remains loyal to just him.

She slowly reaches out to touch him but Krit stirs awake and asks who’s there. He opens his eyes to see just a glimpse of her before she disappears. When there’s no one there, he starts to close his eyes again.

A hand grabs his leg scaring him yet again. When he sees that it’s Kwin, he asks what is this crazy prank. Kwin teases that since he was born, only today to see Krit’s face turn pale. Krit says he’s haunted by a ghost.


Kwin says there’s no ghost in this world. Krit says their dad collected so many antiques, surely some are around here. He says just now he saw a woman wearing ancient costumes. Kwin asks if he’s trying to fool him. Krit says it’s up to him if he doesn’t believe it. Both men look around the room and slowly walk out. Krit grabs Kwin’s shoulder and it spooks him bad. Krit says just to get back on him. Both men run out.


Yo calls Krit at the house gate that she’s here. The gate opens to let her enter. Krit comes out to greet her. She wai-s him. He says she doesn’t have to wai him. She says she has to since he is her boss. He asks if she’s afraid that he won’t pay her. She says once she takes a job, she will get it done. He nods. When she wants to take her equipment out, he tells her to wait because his father is waiting to see her, moreover, he thinks she may only take a look at all artifacts for today and may not be able to look all of it in a day.

He invites her inside and tells his dad that a photographer is here. Kasin comes down to greet her and says Krit didn’t tell him that it’s a she, so he’s quite surprised. Yo says most people think it’s a man job but women can do the job just as good. Kasin says he doesn’t mind the gender because he would judge by his/her work. She thanks him for giving her a chance.

Kasin eyes his son and says if Krit is confident then why would he not.

They sit down in a living room. Krit tells her to have some coffee first then they will go take a look at where to work. Kasin asks her name. Yo says it’s YoSiTa. Kasin says it’s a beautiful name. She thanks him. Kasin looks disturbed by the name.

Kasin shows Yo the room and says since he was young, he studied and took part-time jobs and the money he earned, he would use it up buying antiques. It’s his happiness and he hopes she can understand. Yo says she thinks she understand.

Kasin says he keeps collecting until there’s no place to put it, thanks to Krieng who helps grouping all of them. Krit tells her that Krieng is his father’s advisor and highly knowledgeable in history. Kasin says now she can see why he wants to open a museum. He says if he wants to put down all the burdens, he can  simply hand it all to government agencies, but as we all know, things in state museum, sometimes disappeared  or it’s a fake one showing.

Yo is busying looking around when Kasin asks if she can handle the job. Krit has to repeat the question to her. She says she can handle it and loves to take the job. Kasin tells her to walk around and take her time. He tells Krit to come with him. Krit is busying looking at Yo that Kasin has to call him twice to follow him and give her time on her own.

When alone, Kasin asks where Krit found this girl. Krit says in the middle of the road. He tells him how Yo picked up his briefcase on the road, she’s so kind so he should return her kindness. Kasin laughs saying it’s probably Krit’s own excuse. Krit asks if he means he’s a little careless.

Kasin says he doesn’t mean that,  only that Krit never brought any girl home before. Krit says that’s true but for this girl, he doesn’t know how to describe how he feels. Kasin tells him to take time getting to know her, people who didn’t do good/bad deeds together in the past (life), surely won’t cross path in this life. Krit asks if he believes in such thing. Kasin says he has no ideas but it’s what Krieng told him very often.

Yo looks around and finds a room. Krit shows up and asks if she wants to take a look at things inside that room, if so, he needs to get a key from his father or Krieng. Yo says it’s all right, may be another day.

He asks how long she thinks to get it done. She says she can’t tell. Krit says that’s good. She says no, it’s not good, work which can’t determine when to get done, it’s a worker’s pain. He says if she means money she will earn then ask enough to cover her working hours or ask per piece, it’s fine with him.

She asks if all are in this room. Krit says Krieng has worked on coding and keeping details of them for two years and still hasn’t done yet. He says some are in that room and some are in the main house for decoration.

Krit takes Yo in the house and introduces her to Krieng. He tells Krieng she’s the photographer who will be taking pictures of his father’s collections. Krieng says he’s working on putting a code and keeping info of each piece. Krit asks if there are many pieces in this room. Krieng says yes and those newly acquired are also in this room such as this one. He shows Yo the broken bangle and waits for her reaction. She cups her face and exclaims, “Jantharapura!”

Krieng asks how she could know that. Both men stare at her. She says she read about it. Krieng says those who studied would normally say it’s from ‘Dhavaravati’ era so it’s a surprise that she mentioned Jantharapura. She says she just guessed.

Yo tells Krit she will start on it tomorrow. He’s delighted to hear that and asks if he should prepare anything. She says it’s all right, she’d rather do it herself. She says she works well when no one is close by. He says she just leaves no room for him to ask to become her assistant, to learn how to capture images.

She asks if she has to ask someone to come and go in this house. He says the housekeeper knows her now so she can come and go 24 hrs. Their hands touch when he wants to help open the car door for her. She has to start the engine twice before she can drive away. Krit looks at her leaving and beams.

Mae asks Kwin if they should go to Hong Kong next week. He asks why go during sale festival, too many people shopping and fighting for place to stay and eat, it’s so annoying. She asks if he doesn’t think of getting relaxed at all. He says this is his way of relaxing (exercising in a gym). She argues that it isn’t fun for her and is just him having fun. He says because she just sits there and not getting fit together. He says he’s busy next week and if she wants to go then ask her friends to go with her. She isn’t happy to hear that.

Yo tells her dad what she saw could be another half of the bangle, only that another half has setting meant for a gemstone. Athin says they can’t go by feelings only and asks if she asked them how they got it. She says she’s too startled to ask but she’s sure that they are getting closer to that stone inscription. He says he isn’t sure without seeing with his own eyes.

Yo says it means Khun Kasin collects Jantharapura artifacts. She thinks it must be Khun Kasin who ordered the stone be stolen. There are still many rooms she hasn’t gone in, the stone must be in that house.

Kasin asks Krieng that besides those academics, who he thinks is familiar with Jantharapura the most. Busakorn shows up behind Kasin. Krieng answers that he thinks there’s none. Kasin is disappointed that only name and its tale are what’s left of this empire. Krieng says it’s the way of the world that nothing lasts, it reaches its peak then falls down.

Kasin says if those academics can read the inscription on that stone, they will learn a lot about this empire. Krieng says that’s right, unless it isn’t the record of city building. Kasin says how could it not be. Krieng and Busakorn look at each other. Kasin looks behind him and calls out to Krieng who seems lost in thoughts.

Kasin asks if he thinks the moon is quite important for this empire. Krieng nods and says yes, it must be.

Kasin and Krit are talking about a piece of land next to the sea. Kasin argues that it’s too close to National Park, the title deeds could be fabricated. He tells Krit that dealing with illegal things is only a waste of time and reputation. Krit agrees with him.

Kwin walks in so Kasin asks if Mae won’t join them dinner. Kwin says he already dropped her home. Krit asks if they fought again. Kwin says no, they didn’t fight but she’s sulking, not sure about what. Kasin tells him to talk it over with her nicely. Kwin says may be it’s good to stay apart for a while, may be she’s bored with him. Kwin walks upstairs.

Kasin says may be they got engaged for too long, better get married and be done with it.

Krieng is meditating at home talking to Busakorn. He tells her to accept the truth and the pain in her mind will subside. She asks what truth. He says the truth that she and him are in different world now. She smirks and says even if they are in different world, now she gets to meet him, this is the truth, the work of the wish she made. He tells her not to run from the truth and lie to herself.

She argues that she never lies to herself and the truth is he is hers, hers only. Krit opens his eyes while she disappears into the stone inscription.

Busakorn comes to see Krit in his bedroom calling him ‘Ariya’. He wakes up and sees her. Krit quickly turns on the light and she’s gone. He rubs his eyes to make sure.

In the morning, Krit asks his father since he started collecting antiques, has he ever encountered strange things. Kasin says yes, 20 years ago he got a set of golden enameled receptacle for betel, every piece was there accept ‘Song Plu’ (a case for betel leaf vine), and just last year he got a whole of it.

Kwin says there’s nothing strange about it. Kasin says things meant to be together, it will find its way back to stay together no matter what. Kwin argues that it’s a thing not a human. Kasin tells him not to forget that a person who made it had thrown in his love, his heart, his patience and effort. It’s the intention of the creator, what meant to stay together, will meet again no matter what. He asks Krit what he had encountered. Krit says nothing, must be that he thought too much or ate too much until he had a dream. Kwin says that’s called unbalanced body elements or indigestion. Krit says could be that.

PhakBung asks Yo how she’s sure that it’s the same bangle. Yo says she grabbed it herself when discovered it. PhakBung says it’s hard to say and when they put two pieces together, it could end up being a different bangle. Yo says she will find a way to take picture of it for her to see, and she’s so sure that the stone is in her boss’s house, just wait until she catches them.

PhakBung says they are good people and make a huge donation each time. Yo argues that they could do it to cover it up, it doesn’t prove they are good people. Yo angrily says people who steal national treasures deserve to be exposed.

Episode 2 Preview

Athin: A full-moon night like tonight, all creatures are granted extra power.

Busakorn to Mae: Go away, do not bother him, who’s mine, ever again!

Prince Ariya to KateArPa: A nightmare usually turns to be fortunate things.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting story. The back story should be very interesting. Will you be recapping this whole story?

    • Hi there! It’s Mark *wink*
      The way they talk in the back story is something to translate since it’s a fictional era (I think) with their fictional god. They use a lot of ‘Deva’ which doesn’t sound just as smooth, could be due to acting. Not sure will do more. It’s 2 episodes per week, 11 episodes in total (I think) Surely some kind souls must be subbing this 🙂

      • 😀 at the Mark comment.
        Deva in Indian languages means God(Lord) or Demi-God. Like we say Surya Deva (or Aaditya Deva for the Sun (also called the Sun God); Chandra Deva for the moon (also called Moon God; Agni Deva for fire God or even Brahma Deva for Lord Brahma etc etc.
        I am even more intrigued now. I wonder what Deva this is. The episodes are 2 hours long :(. I wish they were shorter. I’ll try and see if I can watch the first episode over the weekend as you have so kindly translated this for us.

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