Soundtrack: PirunPramRak

Although this lakorn already ended last night, this song (Wan Fon Prum) keeps me humming all day.


A man showed up covering with blood while she’s walking back to her apartment. He kept refusing to go to the hospital so she fished him back to her place and tended to his wound (she’s a doctor and must be his handsome face which distracted her from reporting it to the police *wink*). He couldn’t remember his own identity so they spent time living together. One day he disappeared from her life nowhere to be found. She’s worried sick searching for him, only to find the same man under somewhat similar name with a son and fiancee by his side. He doesn’t recognize her at all, only this dream of a woman, face blurred, keeps him toss and turn.

We met on a day the rain drizzling

And you made me realize

The time you came into my life

Meant so much

* [ Wonder if it’s the rain or the sky brought us together

And made me fall in love with you

One thing I always hope for

Only that you would remember our everyday together

**[ While we were apart, did you miss me at all

Or everything between us already forgotten from your heart

The days I had you by my side, the days I had you next to me

I never forget and it’s never drifted away

With the rain ]]

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]

:0  Can’t say the lakorn was engaging but it’s a feel-good one.

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  1. me encanta este lakorn la he visto y aunque no entiendo el idioma estoy atenta a que la puedan subir subtitulada ya sea al español o al ingles.

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