Kiss Me Episode 20 (Final)

Oh my, his hair! Why didn’t it happen sooner?

Episode 20 “How many times have we kissed?”

Taliw holds King’s hand and says, “I love you, love you the most. No one has ever done things for me like you.”

She pulls her hand away from his and  he sees that his ring is now in his palm.

“Well, I…” she tries to explain.

He hugs her tight, which is what TenTen is seeing though the glass window outside.

“Don’t! Just don’t say anything yet!” King hugs her tighter. He pulls back and says he’s sorry if he hurried her too much for an answer, she doesn’t have to answer now and he can wait.


She cries and says she doesn’t want to see him hurt. She doesn’t want to be the one who makes him hurt. She hugs him and says, “I don’t want to be the one who hurts my best friend!”

TenTen sees both hug each other.

“Taliw, don’t cry. You knew that I don’t like to see you cry.”

He holds her face in his hands and tells her not to cry.

TenTen doesn’t hear what they are saying. He seems lost and tears fall from his eyes.

Taliw holds King’s hand and says, “King, I love you. I really do.”

King turns away tears falling. He has to sit down. She adds, “But our love aren’t the same. They are different kinds. I cannot love you the way you loved me.”

That’s hurt even more for King.

TenTen sits down on the sidewalk. Rain comes pouring down.

“I’m really sorry.” Taliw says. She walks outside with an umbrella in her hand.

Aww…love it! It’s subtly beautiful and sad.

Taliw turns to look at King and when she turns around, she sees TenTen sitting in the rain. She slowly walks to him.

The ring falls from King’s hand who is now in despair.


Taliw asks TenTen how he could be here. He says, “I meant to come to you, to tell you how I feel (he gets up), and I meant to beg you, but I don’t know if it’s already too late.”

She perks up.

“Taliw, I love you.” he says.

He wants to get closer but she steps back.


“I know that all this time I haven’t been nice to you at all. I never take care of you, never make you laugh even once (he grabs her wrist), but I love you so much. I truly love you!”

She tears up.

“Can you give me…one more chance?” he asks and tries to smile though his tears.

“I always gave you a chance but all the time you used that chance to hurt me in return. You’re making me feel like I’m a toy which you didn’t throw away yet, but you never love it. You did that so often, do you know that? You made me feel that so often!” she says and wants to leave.

He pulls her back.

“I don’t know whether or not you came too late, all I know is, I won’t give you another chance!” she declares and walks away.

TenTen realizes her rejection he’s getting.

That night, both let reality sink in and cry by themselves.

Next day, TenTen comes to see King at his new place. Despite the ‘CLOSE’ sign hanging on the door, he knocks.

TenTen invites himself in and sits down. King stirs awake and gets up immediately when he sees his unexpected guest.

TenTen says, “I’m very much jealous of you that you are capable of doing everything for Taliw and taking care of her…excellent job. I’m jealous that you can make her laugh all the time. I’m jealous that you do everything better than me for the things I can’t do for her. I came to give this picture to you. Congratulations to you both.”

King grabs it and takes a look.

“Please take care of Taliw, and congratulations.” TenTen says and gets up to leave.

King punches his face and shouts, “Are you jealous? Are you jealous of me? You’re jealous because I can be nice to her and make her laugh? Are you really dumb or smart?!”

“What do you mean?” TenTen asks.

“Taliw chose you! She chose a man like you! The man who made her cry all the time! I don’t know why, but she chose you!” King yells and shoves him away.

“Get out, I beg you. Just get out!” King says.

TenTen realizes what it means. He says, “Thank you!” and runs outside.

Taliw walks to the bench by the lake. TenTen comes behind and startles her.

She wants to walk away so he grabs her wrist. “Taliw!…can you please accept my letter?” he hands it to her.

Flashback, TenTen (the boy) gives a letter to the little girl, Taliw. “Taliw, here!” the boy tries to give her a big smile.

Present, TenTen says, “Please read it!”

“From now on, do not come play with me and do not ever come near me again!” the little girl says then walks away from the boy.

Present, Taliw accepts his letter and reads it out loud.

“Sawasdee, TeeRaPat. I have an important thing to tell you today. Well, I want to marry you, because since I was born until six years old, there’s only you I want to marry…”

Flashback, the boy continues reading the letter out loud, “…it’s very easy to be my bride, first, must eat a lot, second,…”

Taliw reads, “…must good at making batter-fried chicken, third, mustn’t love anyone else…”

TenTen (the boy) reads, “…, fourth, no matter what happens, I love only you…”

Taliw reads, “P.S. Do you remember the elephant at Khao Din Park? You said it’s so big and you never saw anything this big. I…”

The boy reads, “…love you more than that elephant.”

Present, Taliw ends up finishing the letter sobbing.

TenTen says, “I meant to give you this letter since then, but you happened to know before that that I wasn’t a girl like you thought. At that time, you were so mad at me that you wouldn’t be friends with me anymore. I just want to tell you that…even though I didn’t write more than ten letters, I did write. Even though I never fold hundreds or thousands of stars, I never forget what between us even for a single day. What we used to play, where you fell down, what we laughed about…I do remember all of it. (He starts to cry.) The day you told me you wouldn’t be my friend anymore, it hurt badly…right here (he points at his heart). It’s exactly the same feeling when you told me you wouldn’t give me another chance. Taliw, I…”

She says that’s enough, enough already. He nods.

“I’m…not good at making batter-fried chicken.” she concludes.

He laughs and hugs her. He says forget about that, there’s one left. She adds…mustn’t love anyone else.

“And remember that…I love you, Taliw.” he says.

He kisses her.

“Can you remember where we first kissed?”

“Right here!”

He shakes his head and says, “No, it was over there.”


Flashback, in their younger version, the girl tells him not to sulk so he says all right and lets out a mischievous smile, then leans over and gives a peck on her cheek.


Back to present, TenTen asks, “Do you remember how many time we kissed?”

She says four times. He swoops in for a kiss. She says five times. He shakes his head and kisses her again. She says is it not six. He kisses her again so she says it’s five really. He kisses her again. She says that’s cheating. He kisses her again but this time a while longer.

“TeeRaPat…” he calls out.

She perks up.

“…Marry me.” he says.

She gapes so he flashes her a big smile.


Everyone shouts, “Getting married?!”

TenTen says that’s right, all this time, he really didn’t know what his feeling was, and perhaps, he doesn’t really understand Love. He says he admits that he was angry with Taliw when he was young, that suddenly she hated him, what about, mom should know. (Kaew blinks.) He says so he decided he wouldn’t care about her anymore, but he didn’t know that once you love someone, you will love that person forever. He says he wants to inform them (dad and mom) first then he will take care all matters with everyone involved.

TenTen walks down the stairs and tells his family that he’s taking the car. Bomb perks up to look at him and has to look again while Turbo gapes at his sight. Kaew is so amazed that she exclaims.

TenTen steps out of the car and greets Han.

Han turns to look at him and is stunned. TenTen is wearing suit and tie, and dark hair. He asks Han if he looks strange.

“Well, I want it to be formal. I want you to realize that I’m certain and serious about what I’m going to say.”

Han nods.


“First, I apologize to you for all the chaos happened. I already talked to my dad and mom regarding…me and Taliw. Well, I’m quite stupid when it comes to Love. I couldn’t handle myself when my mood was unstable. With other things, none would be able to stir me, and I always had a way to manage it. However, it never worked with Taliw. I tried to reject my own feeling by setting aside and paid no attention to it. I tried to think more about being suitable than actual feelings, until…”

“…Until you knew that King’s going to purpose to Taliw.” Han adds.

“That’s right.”

“Are you sure this isn’t about beating one another?” Han asks.

TenTen shakes his head and says there’s nothing about King he wants to defeat, and actually he gave him the chance to do more all this time, and if Taliw is going to love King, it should happen long back.

Han nods.

TenTen hands him an envelope. Han takes it.

TenTen says that’s all there is in his life, a certificate which guarantees his status as medical student, some shares in his dad’s company and a small amount of dividend.

“I want to be a doctor. A doctor who treats the poor so I won’t be posted in a big hospital and may receive small income, but I will do my best to take care of Taliw, just like how my father takes care my mother, and I will love Taliw just like how you loved aunt Nuan.” TenTen assures him.

Han says, “But she doesn’t cook well.”

“That’s all right. I’ll be the one doing it.” TenTen says.

“And she’s also slow to understand things so you must exercise patient to explain to her when she can’t understand.”

“About that, I’m getting used to it already.” TenTen smiles.

“Tell you the truth, I can’t think of why Taliw love you so much, but after I heard you say, now I get it. So what are you thinking of doing next?” Han asks.

“I want to get married…but if you are uncomfortable that Taliw hasn’t yet graduated then an engagement would be fine…but actually, I want to get married.”

“Well, (he gives the envelope back to TenTen) about this, I need to talk to your father first.” Han says.

“Yes, and for today, I would like to ask your permission to take Taliw out, and I will drop her here in the evening.”

“All right, you may do that.”


They go out with Han looking at them.

Han wakes King up. He says he went to his home but he’s not there, so he’s here. Han asks if he ate anything. He shows the food he bought for him. He says they are all his favorite dishes. Han lists all the names of the dishes but couldn’t finish.

King says that’s all right and thanks him. King accepts his food. Han just pats his shoulder. King turns away crying.


TenTen brings Taliw home and sees that Nana is waiting. He refuses to let go of Taliw’s hand.

Nana says she was wondering where he was so he’s actually with Taliw. Taliw suggests TenTen that she should go inside first and walks inside.

Nana walks closer to TenTen and says actually there were so many questions she wanted to ask him, she intended to come here to ask and intended to make him answer all of it, but what she’s seeing just now already answered all her questions.

“I’m sorry.” he says.

She holds back her tears and leaves.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone, mom.” Taliw tells Kaew.

“It’s all right. It’s like this about Love. It’s between two persons only and no more. Don’t worry, they will meet someone which works out for them one day.” Kaew says.

We see Nana crying, Dan and NamKang’s feelings lingers, and King is still trying to cope with it.

It’s the big day. Han proudly gives Taliw’s hand to TenTen.

TenTen thanks everyone for coming. He says his intention today is a small engagement ceremony with only his and Taliw’s loved ones present, and he wants everyone to be the witnesses of what he’s about to say.

He turns to Taliw and says, “I would like to apologize to Taliw for all the things in the past which caused her to feel sad or cry, or hurt her feelings. I love Taliw and will do everything for her with my best efforts. No matter what happens, I will protect her myself, and I promise I will take care of her the best way a man can do.”

He puts a ring on her finger and she does the same to him.

YuYi gives Taliw a bouquet. TenTen turns to Han and asks, “Uncle Han, allow me to kiss my fiancée.”

“No, you can’t…just call me ‘dad’ first.” Han teases.

“Yes, dad!” TenTen lets out.

He kisses Taliw on her cheek and she does the same to him. Everyone cheers.


At home, Bomb and Han put down two tents on the coffee table. Kaew says now it’s ready for their try-out honeymoon like after the wedding. TenTen says, “Mom!”

Kaew says it must be annoying for him. She says they only are engaged, kissing is all right but not sleeping in the same tent. She says Han is so generous to let them practice going on a honeymoon in advance.

That night, TenTen asks, for example, if they get married, no, not an example, if they really get married, where she wants to go for their honeymoon. She says well, she doesn’t know, anywhere is fine.

He scoots closer and asks what if he becomes a doctor who is poor and has to live in the forest having none, no TV, phone or fridge…

She asks if it’s like when Khu Haeng took them there. He nods. She says then she will think she’s a nurse who is poor and will stay with that doctor having none, no TV or pizza…

He asks how about no burgers. She says that’s fine and she will keep rabbits as her pets too . She says actually she can live anywhere in the world but what must be there are: first, TenTen; second, TenTen; third, TenTen.

He asks if four, five, six, seven also TenTen must be there. She nods. He grabs her hand and asks, “For eight, nine, ten…can I have TenTen, the junior?”

“You’re crazy! Isn’t that too soon?”

“Three boys.” he says.

“Four girls.” she adds.

They laugh. He kisses her forehead. She touches his lips and says he’s like her dream come true.

“Remember this, no matter what happens, I want you to remember one thing only…I love you.”

“I…love you too.”

“Taliw!” he calls out.

She turns to him and he kisses her. They seem awkward spending the night together. He slowly pulls her into his arms.


It ended with TenTen telling Taliw to remember that he loves her no matter what happens, which suggesting what may come in season 2 (next year).

I read many comments about how this version didn’t keep the leads’ characters in tact with the original. I have to agree that TenTen seemed kind and expressed more. However, the manga was written many years back and there are many versions available, if strictly follows the original, some may raise the question of why a woman needs to stalk a man, who apparently has no interests in her from the beginning.

This version filled the gaps that other versions didn’t explore while left out the obvious which we could think in between what happened (for true fans), which is smart IMO. Also, I like how it didn’t try to send out the message using just dialog but allowing the acting to do the job such as the scene where Han tried to console King, no words spoken but we felt the message sent across between two men.

All in all, this version held its own quite nicely but something left to be desired. What made the original famous, I believe, is the bickering between the smart boy and not-so-smart girl and how he couldn’t help falling for her. I didn’t see much of it in this version, but strange enough, I come to love every character and looking forward to season 2  🙂

*All pics (from previous till last episode) cr Pantip

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  10. Thank you so much for the recaps! I really really appreciate them.

    I really loved this version of Itazura na Kiss, and my only real quibble with it is the pointless Nana storyline. That was in the original story, and in that context it made sense. But in this version, with TenTen being clearly into Taliw very early on, smiling at her, laughing with her, constantly kissing her, there was no reason at all that he would try to make things work with Nana. His dad didn’t tell him to date Nana, he didn’t care what TenTen did. So those episodes of angst were just silly filler. Similarly, in this episode when TenTen was talking about how Taliw made him emotional, we’d seen him absolutely not care about that. He’d been so flirty with her in the earlier episodes. The writers seemed to want to change almost everything but leave in certain aspects of the original, which is fine except those aspects didn’t fit in with the new and improved TenTen. It felt awkward, i guess.

    That said, I loved all of the other changes, as everyone else has said. A smiling kinder TenTen, a less dumb Taliw, a nicer little bro, a less intrusive mother, the first love thing. They all added to the story.

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    • * take out the much. Sorry for the mini-rant. I only watch romantic comedies for a reason ^_^.

    • I agree! i miss some great elements of the original piece! I liked this one as well but what i missed the most is that Naoki kisses her for the first time saying, “Try to forget me!” Oh my i loved that one of Itazurana Kiss!!! But this one doesn’t seem like remake, a drama itself!

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    In the Taiwanese and Korean versions, the rain scene was exciting to watch, but it always left me a little unsatisfied. In the other versions, it was always, “You like me,and you aren’t allowed to like anyone else!” followed by a passionate kiss that is forced on her. Call me a modern woman if you will, but I think in this day, I couldn’t stand being spoken to like that. And WTH, you’re going to throw your lips on me in this moment without giving me a proper say? I mean *rawr*, but step back.

    I appreciate the confession in the Thai version. I like that he was completely honest with her about his feelings. I remember in the older versions, he rarely expressed how he felt about her. I also appreciate how the writers took their time to develop TenTen’s character in this drama. The backstory is sweet. I have to also say that I like how Taliw and Kaew are not nearly as annoying! I think I laughed at the cuteness of the characters more in this drama than in the other versions.

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    Well, I would wait for the season 2. Hope it comes soon. Thank you for your hard work. Read you soon.

  31. Thanks so much, I have been reloading your page, I watched the raw version early this morning.. I loved so many things about this version.. and I am glad they changed some things, we have seen the story so many times before, but they also filled in some nice things for us. I feel as tho Tenten and Taliw didn’t have enough screen time together, like you mentioned their bickering.. He didn’t fall in love with her through her upsetting his life as in other versions, since he loved her from when they were kids.. I still would have needed more screen time with both of them, and while I LOVE Mikes expressive acting without words, he really had so little to say this whole drama..I missed his voice. I read somewhere he was filming something else at the same time and maybe that’s why they treated it this way? I feel as though instead of so many unhappy episodes at the end, they could have had in earlier an episode the impromptu date that happens in the other versions. My quibbles are small, meaning it wasn’t perfect, but what is ?, and I loved it so much and can’t wait until the second part. I hope there is more interaction between the two leads in it.. But truthfully,and this shouldn’t be last, I really appreciate you so much for doing these recaps…I counted on you once I found you:) and you delivered and made mine ,and everyone who found you, lives more fun and less frustrated:) I will keep you site bookmarked… I have put your link on several websites also, letting people know you were recapping and doing a wonderful job . Thanks again!!!!

  32. This episode was so beautiful! I have to say, I love this versions rain scene more than the others. I always felt like the girls always forgave Naoki way to fast (I understand, but seriously NO). To me, the saddest moment had to be the rain scene when TenTen walked towards Taliw and she backed up and then he hesitated. No dialogue was needed: TenTen hurt Taliw and she is so afraid of that, that she pulls back and he knows that he’s hurt her so much that he doesn’t force himself closer. The letter was also adorable, and my favorite part HAS to be the ending, they were so awkward and inexperienced, it was too cute lol TenTen tried and Taliw was didn’t know what to do. CAN”T WAIT FOR S2! Thanks for all the recaps!!!

    • As I was watching, Taliw was walking away from King and he was devastated, then she saw TenTen and stopped short. Then she slowly walked toward TenTen. The frame captured Taliw through the window walking away from King to TenTen, that was neat and painful to watch. King’s character was written well in this version, sadly they had to leave Paeo, YuYi and Arm on the sidelines, a great team they were!

      • Agree! That part was painful too, I like that this version had more emotion and dialogue, but also stressed that sometimes, dialogue isn’t needed. Hopefully next Season Paeo, YuYi, and Arm will have more lines and I would also like a love line between Paeo and Arm 🙂 and I want to see YuYi design and make it into the fashion world.

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