Kiss Me Episode 19

It’s never easy to hurt the good guy when you have to.

Episode 19 “It’s time to make the decision”

Taliw looks at the ring on her finger and thinks of what happened. Han knocks the door and says he wants to talk with her.

Han sits down on her bed and says this  morning, King came to ask for his permission to…Taliw nods and says yes.

“And?” he asks.

“And…we suit each other, don’t you think, dad?”

Han asks if that should be used as a reason for her decision. She asks is it not a good reason, “We should choose the person who suits us.”

“Well,…” Han hesitates to agree.

She says she told King that she accepted his ring and would try wearing it until she could figure it all out, and King was okay with it.

Han sighs and says he isn’t sure if that should be how a decision is made, all he wants to tell her is, if judging by suitability only, he didn’t, in every way, suit her mother (his wife) but she chose him.

Taliw argues that’s because mom loved him, so no matter how much they didn’t fit, it happened.

“Taliw, to make any decision, you must think carefully and mustn’t do it sarcastically. Feeling sad because you choose what you love and feeling sad because you have to choose what you don’t love, is totally different.” he says.

Taliw tries to think. He says he came just to talk about this and he will let her sleep now. He says good night and leaves.

Kaew sits down next to her son. TenTen asks if she has something to ask him. She asks if he met Taliw nowadays. He says he did, just yesterday. Kaew asks what Taliw’s answer is. He asks answer to what. Kaew says well, something like, how she is doing.

“She went there with King and…” he says.

Kaew pouts.

“…and they looked good together.” he continues.

“Huh?” she lets out.

Kaew and Bomb come to Han’s restaurant. Han says he heard the words ‘suit each other’ too. Kaew says she’s afraid they will just stick to those words. Bomb asks if it means Taliw is still thinking about it for now. Han says he thinks so, but she’s wearing the ring.

Kaew asks if they should tell TenTen, and he may realize something. Bomb tells her not to since their son isn’t stupid, and if it’s going to happen, he would have realized it long back. Bomb says it will be a mess to try to pull Taliw back, to figure all out about King is already overwhelming her.

Han says he agrees with him, let Taliw decide, but if it doesn’t look all right, he will pull her back a bit for them. He says King asked to only get engaged until his life become more stable, so it shouldn’t happen soon.

Both Kaew and Han let out a huge sigh of relief. Han continues as a matter of fact, this matter must…Taliw shows up so they stop talking.

Han says all Taliw’s favorite dishes and walks away to make them for her. Kaew says she will eat it too. Taliw says she’s hungry. Han says he hears her. Bomb and Kaew clink glasses.

At the hospital, Paeo sees that Taliw keeps staring at the ring on her finger, so she asks if Taliw realizes what it means.

Taliw nods and asks what she thinks. Paeo asks her the same question, what she thinks, what she’s feeling and how she come to the decision.

Taliw says she still couldn’t figure it out, she’s feeling confused and hasn’t yet decided.

Paeo says King loves her so much and if Taliw doesn’t choose him, he will be in so much pain, however, if Taliw has to choose him because she’s scared he will be hurt, then that’s not it.

“But, don’t we suit each other?” Taliw asks.

“To whom? (In whose eyes?)” Paeo asks.

Taliw can’t answer that so Paeo asks if she’s still in love with TenTen.

Taliw tries to answer but Paeo interrupts and says she can’t answer that for her, but what she knows is, as long as a person is still in love with someone, she/he won’t be able to say yes to marry others, no matter what reason.

Taliw slowly nods.

“Taliw, fighting!” Paeo says.

TenTen and NamKang spend time at a ward. Paeo and Taliw are busying with their training as nurses.

TenTen sees that the photo exhibition is over. He walks over and asks a staff if he can have that photo. The staff asks if he means Pee Dan’s photo, he can have it since Pee Dan wants to give it away anyway.

He asks TenTen it’s not him in the photo (King and Taliw). TenTen says he likes it, it’s pretty and please tell Pee Dan that he’s taking it. TenTen grabs the frame and leaves.

NamKang walks along taking in the sights of her photos by Dan. She’s stunned to see him walking toward her. He says he’s glad to see her again. She says he’s glad to see her but is he not going to tell her that he’s going abroad. He smiles and says it’s not certain yet, and he didn’t think she would be interested.

She calls out, “Pee Dan!” and stomps angrily. He turns to her and tells her to do it again. She does it and pouts. He says he likes it when she’s stomping her feet, but he doesn’t like it when she hasn’t been sincere with her own feeling, it makes everything harder, harder for herself and others.

She cries and admits that she’s like that, but, she really can’t do it. She says she has so many things to tell him but she just can’t say it out.

He puts that clown mask over her head and asks if she feels better now. She nods.

“I don’t know why, but I don’t like that you won’t be around. I don’t like when TenTen was mean to me and I would miss you every time. I don’t like that I don’t know what I want or what I feel, and all I know is, I don’t like that you won’t be near me, but…” she confesses.

“…But that’s all to it, isn’t it? You just don’t like that I won’t be around.” he asks.

“I really don’t know.” she admits.


He says he will leave this mask with her and whenever she feels uncomfortable or something happens, she can borrow and use it. He tells her to enjoy life and learn to enjoy the imperfection. He kisses the mask on the forehead and walks away. She collapses to the floor sobbing.


Nana tells TenTen there’s a big meeting tonight so he doesn’t have to wait for her. She says she has to return to Japan next week. She asks if he can’t remember that she said she needed to go back to take care of many things there.

He asks how work is here. She says somewhat making a progress. She says she likes Thailand. He nods. She says she likes it here because she has him next to her. She likes her work here because she has him next to her, so the conclusion is, if she’s going to live here, it will be because of him.


She puts her head on his shoulder. She says she doesn’t want to force him to answer but, at least, she should tell him in advance. She says now back to the question she previously asked, does he want her to stay here or not.

He tries to say something. She says it’s important so think carefully before answering. She says she wants his answer before she leaves for Japan, so that she can plan her life accordingly. She says she doesn’t have to stay here if everything doesn’t work out.

TenTen just sighs.

TenTen comes back to his room. He stares at Taliw in Dan’s photo.


Taliw looks out the window and says, “You know, when I face with this kind of thing, the person I want to ask the most is you, TenTen.”

Han is closing the restaurant for the day. King rushes to him. Han asks if he already had his meal. King says he’s not hungry yet and asks about Taliw. Han motions that she’s upstairs and says she didn’t talking much these past 3-4 days, and she seems stressed out.

King asks if he should…Han says give her time, it’s hard for this matter. King asks if he can stay here a bit longer. Han says of course, and if he’s hungry, find something to eat in the kitchen himself. King thanks him.

It’s breakfast time at Bomb’s house. TenTen sits down for breakfast while Turbo pops up and says good morning to all. TenTen asks Turbo how school is. He says he is in the same class with June this semester. They high-five each other.

Bomb tells Turbo then it’s surely heaven for him once school starts. Turbo says that’s right and he intends to be in the same class with her until Mor 6 (last grade in highschool) and then after 2-3 years, he will ask her to marry him.

Kaew asks is that not too soon. Turbo says no, even Pee King purposed to Pee Taliw, did they not see. TenTen slowly turns to Turbo feeling stunned.


The whole table turns into silence. TenTen gets up and says he’s done eating and walks away.

Kaew sits down next to Turbo and asks if he realizes what he just blurted out. She pinches both his ears hard.

TenTen gets on his bike and takes off. He thinks how King challenged him that he would make her forget that idiot, would marry her and make her smile everyday.

TenTen is deep in thoughts that he doesn’t notice a man crossing the street. He perks up and makes a sudden turn to avoid hitting him. His bike hits the sidewalk and he falls off.

Nana rushes to the hospital where TenTen is being treated. She asks how he is and what happened. She asks the doctor if he’s badly injured. The doctor says no, he only sprained his ankle and wrist, and his head didn’t hit anything so it’s fine. He says just rest for a day, he will be back in good shape.

She asks TenTen how the accident happened, did he not drive his car. She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t need to be admitted into the hospital. He says it’s all right, just minor injuries.

She says she will drop him home but he must promise to rest at home for at least 2-3 days. She calls her driver to bring the car to the front. TenTen seems weary listening to her orders and questions.

Taliw comes down so Han asks where she’s going today. She says she will go talk about her internship and will stop by to see King on her way home. She tells him not to worry, she may come home late today. Han smiles and nods.

She tells him not to call her because she won’t take her phone with her, and the topic she’s going to talk today is very hard so she needs to concentrate.

Han asks what it is about, he’s curious. She says she can’t tell him, she must tell King the first one. Han pouts. She says she’s leaving now.

“Taliw, I’m your dad, can’t I hear it first?”

“No, you can’t”

Nana is helping TenTen to get on the van. He holds her hand then stops short. He steps back and says, “I’m sorry.”


“I’m really sorry.” he bows to her.

“What does it mean?”

“I’m truly sorry!” he bows low again.


Nana seems to know what it means. The door closes and she leaves without him.

Taliw comes to the hospital and tells a nurse that she came to drop her documents to apply for her internship. Taliw signs her name and asks if that’s all. She thanks the nurse and leaves.

TenTen runs to the Nurse Department and asks for Taliw. The nurse says she dropped her documents and left just now. He thanks her and runs.

Han is sitting on a bench when two customers come ordering two ‘Pad Thai, Original Recipe’. Han says he’s not in the mood today.

The man says he’s like this often nowadays and puts his customers in trouble. Han says he’s stressed out. Another man asks if it doesn’t come to a conclusion yet. Han says looks like it’s going to be today, Taliw will meet King soon. Han sighs and yells, “I want to know so bad!”

TenTen rushes inside. He asks Han if Taliw is here and he wishes to see her. Han hesitates so his two customers say she’s not here. TenTen asks where she is.

Han hesitates again so the two men say she went to see King. They tell TenTen King’s address in detail. Han closes his eyes. TenTen leaves in a hurry after saying thank you.

Han pokes both heads calling them nosy, and they even told TenTen the address in detail. He says if they are being nosy then do it all the way, go call TenTen’s parents here to come takeover the matter. The guys ask where his telephone is. Han says it’s on the counter.

King is busy arranging his new restaurant. TenTen arrives.

Kaew and Bomb show up. Kaew asks Han what happened and she heard her son had bandages all over so what happened to him.

Han says he doesn’t know. Bomb chuckles. Han says he doesn’t know what had gotten into her son, whether he was struck or he struck someone. Han says as soon as her son heard that Taliw went to see King, he left right away walking with a limp.

Kaew shouts her satisfaction. Bomb says this is serious. She says no, it’s very romantic and she’s so happy that finally, her son would realize what his heart wants.

Bomb says it’s too late, calling her a grandma. She asks who is a grandma. Bomb sighs and says why Love is hard to understand these days.

Taliw comes to see King. TenTen watches them from a corner. King says why she didn’t tell him that she’s coming so he would go pick her up. She says that’s all right. He tells her to sit down and says he already named his place, ‘Sam-wai Gub Ai-toop’ (young girl and a dog), like in that photo where he’s wearing dog costume holding her hand. He says he will get her some water. She grabs his hand pulling him back.


TenTen sees them through the glass window. He walks closer and sees that they are hugging. He recalls his youth with Taliw where the little girl told him to go away and not to come near her from now on. He sits down on the sidewalk and recalls when Taliw told him not to wait for her, they were no longer connected and thank you for all this time.

He recalls the time he told her that he mostly never made her laugh and if they continued like this, she wouldn’t be happy and they really didn’t suit each other.

He thinks of when she gave him the stars and wished him a lot of happiness.


Episode 20 Preview

Taliw: “I won’t give you another chance!”

TenTen to King: “Congratulations.”

King grabs him and punches his face.

King shouts: “Are you jealous? Are you jealous of me?!”


They really kept us hanging till the last episode. I hope they won’t do that with the ending scene. TenTen and Taliw broke up for how many years already, it’s unfair for the girl to get back together easily unless he shows her what she really means to him *wink*

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  1. Man I am so exited to watch this episode on!! Thank u, thank u, thank u so much!!!!

  2. oh there is a wedding… and honeymoon

  3. Thank you for the recap. Now I really want to see episode 20. I thought episode 19 had the part where TenTen is waiting for Taliw in the rain. And Taliw says she won’t give him another chance but it wasn’t. It’s ep 20. 😞

  4. Thank you so much 4 all da updates…just love it….waiting 4 da next update….

  5. thank you sooo much for the recap 😀

  6. Thanks for another great recap! Can’t wait for Episode 20!

  7. Will there be another season or is production stopping here?

  8. Thanks so much for your fast recap.. I actually checked in the middle of the night here, ( I was already up haha) but I was counting on you and you came through.. They really are waiting until the last episode for some romantic closure for us, so I hope it’s good…
    I have loved this Thai drama so much , sad to see it end and hard to wait for part 2 next year.. I would have changed a couple of things only.. More Tenten and Taliw time ( would have liked Taliw helping P’Dan watch Tenten and Namkang and Tenten whisking Taliw away for that impromptu date that never happened in this series.) Would have liked less Namkang. And a little less episodes of them just mooning over each other in heartbreak. Still, the things I love about this version are too numerous to write here, so I will say EVERYTHING else I just loved.

    I hear that there won’t be a wedding , but rather an engagement ceremony.. I am glad I found out early, I think I might have been more disappointed waiting for the wedding if I didn’t know..

  9. Thank you for your recap. Finally understand what the parents said 🙂

  10. BRAVO!!!! I agree! I hope they just don’t up and get married, I need him to like ask for forgiveness and all that stuff. She shouldn’t take him back. I can’t believe tomorrow is the end
    😦 when does S2 come out?

  11. Thank you sooo much for recapping this series!! I wasn’t expecting the recap to be posted this soon – what a pleasant surprise!! It’s been difficult to find subs for this drama, and I’m at a stage where waiting is becoming torturous, so you’re a complete lifesaver in that respect! I watched last week’s eps alongside your recaps, haha!

    This is my first ever Thai drama, and it’s been such a great experience! The Taiwanese version of ISWAK remains to be my fave but boy is this a strong contender. Although it’s not a faithful adaptation of the manga, I find the changes utterly refreshing, in that it allows me to watch the drama that’s been done to death from a fresh perspective.

    And after recently tuning into Thai version of Full House I completely get the hype behind Aomike now!! What a delicious pairing. They’ve certainly done justice to the role of Naoki and Irie – a great interpretation of character, and very well acted.

    I look forward to the final ep!

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