Kiss Me Episode 18

Well, back to square one? Again?

Episode 18 “Love someone who loves us is the best”

TenTen comes down and sees that his mom is still upset. He grabs a toast then gets in his car and leaves.

Taliw is browsing at the photos in the exhibition. She reads the tagline at one photo which is blurred, “Waiting for the day to be clear”. She tells NamKang that this picture is sad. NamKang says that’s crazy, what’s so sad about it, it’s just unclear. Taliw says all of NamKang’s pictures are pretty and clear.

NamKang asks if Taliw saw her own pictures. Taliw didn’t expect that. They look at Taliw and King’s picture with balloons. NamKang says it’s cute and asks if that weird creature was King. Taliw nods and laughs. NamKang says in this picture, both of them are clear (not blurry).

“In the end, we’d better love someone who loves us, right? We both look like clowns. We tried so hard and suddenly someone else showed up. You’re better off when you don’t need to see him, but for me, I had to be in class with him everyday and had to keep my calm face everyday. It hurts so bad.” NamKang says.

“What about you? When can you see the man in that picture clearly?” Taliw asks.

NamKang just walks away.

A guy hands NamKang an envelope Dan left for her. She asks where Dan is and why he isn’t here himself. He says he doesn’t know but Dan said he waited for her but she didn’t show up.

She takes it and asks where Pee Dan waited. He says at the exhibition. She says but she went there just now. He says he doesn’t know, he wants to leave. She asks if Pee Dan said where he would go next. He says Dan said he would apply to study abroad next. NamKang is stunned. He says he doesn’t know which country Dan wants to go.


NamKang gets angry and says he’s crazy. She flips through the pictures in the envelope and recalls what Taliw just asked her, when she could see him clearly.


King arrives at the exhibition and found TenTen staring at his and Taliw’s picture.

“I guess, inside that funny costume, you must be smiling happily.” TenTen says.

“Of course…Is there any problem?”

“No, not at all. I just thought for fun that, in this picture, Taliw wasn’t smiling as brightly as she should be.”

King says of course, that’s because before that, there was an idiot who made her cry and cry really hard so she couldn’t smile as brightly.

TenTen says he doesn’t see a weird creature in this picture could really make her smile.

TenTen is about to leave so King says, “But one day, I will make her happy and will try hard to make her forget that idiot, so that she will smile again, and when that happens, I will make her smile even wider until it turns into laughter. I don’t know what you’re thinking or what your goal is, I just don’t care and all I know is, one day I must marry her and make her smile everyday.”

King smirks then leaves.

King walks into the hospital. Paeo says it’s good that he’s here, she will leave Taliw with him to submit another report. King asks Taliw to ask Pee Dan for his photo, the one where he was wearing a dog costume waiting for her. He says he wants to hang it on the wall of his restaurant.

She asks which restaurant. He points at himself. She is delighted that he’s going to have his own restaurant. She gives him a bear hug when he asks she’s delighted only that much. She pulls him along to tell her dad about it. TenTen sees them leaving.

In the van, Nana is busy talking on the phone about work. She hangs up and says it’s been two months straight she’s doing this. She asks TenTen if she’s aged. He says a little bit compares to her first day arriving here, could also be the way she dresses.

She says he looks tired today. He says he thought it must be her who’s looking tired. She says things will be in order soon.

He asks if she came to work here because of him. She says not totally and to think about the promise she gave him, she asks if he still wants her to keep it. He doesn’t answer.

She says she knew him enough when he’s confident or uncertain. She says he avoided to answer her question for the second time already and she wonders why.

She says around one month from now, she needs to go back to take care of something and it will great if he knows the answer by then. She says it’s unfair for her if it’s just her who wants to keep the promise by moving here.

He says he’s trying and wants to know for certain as well. He says truthfully, he’s very happy to see her but…

Nana interrupts and says forget it. She says she’s hungry now so let’s find something to eat. He nods and smiles.

Bomb asks Han why he has to move out when he came to play dominoes with him almost everyday. Han says it confuses him too. Kaew complains that they still meet as usual while she’s feeling lonely. She says when Taliw isn’t around, she has so much free time and TenTen dined with Nana every evening while Turbo would eat at the place of his tutor class.

She asks Han why he didn’t bring Taliw with him. Bomb says Taliw will bring food for them soon. Kaew asks if that’s true. Bomb nods.

Han says he has this question then asks if TenTen and Nana are…Bomb says he seriously doesn’t know, just like how Han doesn’t know what between his daughter and his son.

“My child and yours?” Han asks.

Bomb asks if he understands them. Han shakes his head and says he can’t understand teenagers, there’s nothing they are clear about. Kaew says that’s so true, they don’t decide one way or another, and now they seem very quiet like a storm is coming.

Bomb says at this time, he thinks it’s crucial and whoever makes a wrong decision, it could be a grave mistake. Han says he thinks so too and he feels bad for Taliw, it seems Nana has all the points and if it were him, he would also accept defeat.

Bomb says Nana and TenTen are very close and they knew each other since he moved there, Nana knows TenTen very well. He says even when TenTen fought with Kaew, Kaew had to ask Nana to talk to TenTen to reconcile.

Han says if that’s the case then that’s the end of it.

Kaew says no, it’s not, she’s secretly backing Taliw.

Han thanks her then says for this kind of matter, it’s up to their fate and he can only look at them from the distance. Bomb tells him not to think much of it.

Taliw overhears them then turns around only to see TenTen standing there. He walks closer and smiles. She says it’s good that he’s here, she will leave the food with him for her dad. He takes it. She tells him to tell her dad that she needs to hurry back to take care of some business. He reaches out to grab her arm but misses his chance.


That night, Taliw weeps alone in her room while TenTen is holding Taliw’s letter in his hand and his tears fall.

Han sees King at the house gate. He says he came so early and opens the gate for him. He asks where they are going today then tells him to come in for coffee.

“Eh…I would like to marry Taliw!” King shouts.

Han turns to look at him stunningly. They sit down and talk.

Han says getting married right away, not gonna happen, but getting engaged, he will leave it to Taliw to decide. King is relieved.

“Seriously, are you in a hurry?” Han asks.

King says it’s since Mor 3 (school grade) so it’s been 7 years, probably not in a hurry…much.

Han asks if he thought of marrying Taliw since then. King says yes. Han asks what about TenTen. He asks if he knows how Taliw is feeling for him. King says he doesn’t know and truthfully, he doesn’t care, it’s enough that Taliw loves him and he allows them to get engaged. He says he doesn’t know who belonged to whom in the past. He says now he’s going to have his own restaurant, and in two years, his life should become stable, so he thinks he can take care of Taliw with his own capabilities.

Han nods and says he’s very proud of him. He tells King the two just talk it over, and if Taliw doesn’t have any problem then it’ll be good. Han says he doesn’t know who belongs to whom but he will be so much at ease if it’s King, because he believes that his daughter will never feel sad because of him. King beams and says yes.

Taliw suddenly shows up and that scares King. She sits down and says he’s early today. King stammers that he wants to ask…

“What?” she asks.

“…Ask you to come with me to Dreamworld.” King says.

She says she loves to go. She tells him to wait a bit. She walks back over and over to say she won’t ride something high, or swing fiercely, or get wet. She walks back to say more. King adds…also a haunted house, she won’t get in. She says that’s right.

Han says then what left are carousel and Ferris wheel. King adds also electric tram. Han says chugging along. King says that’s right. Han laughs.

Han visits Bomb again. They are brainstorming. Bomb says it seems this man is so determined to have Taliw. Han nods. Kaew shouts, “Whatever, it’s too soon!” Han says she scares him.

Han says he doesn’t know what Taliw will answer King. Kaew asks why he didn’t stop him for now, 2-3 years more, plus, he should have given her a call to consult her, but he didn’t. She says she’s also her mother!

Han says he was startled and unprepared at that time, in all his life, no one has ever asked for his daughter’s hand face-to-face like this, so what he should do.

Bomb asks if King came alone without his parents. Han says they are in the countryside. He says he’s seen King since he’s a little kid and he always handled everything himself, that’s how he turned so capable.

TenTen comes down and greets them. Kaew asks if he’s hungry. He says no and he’s leaving right away, he and Nana will hang out together today.

TenTen looks at their suspicious facesย  and asks if anything happened, why they are looking so nervous. They all shake their heads. Han says there’s nothing.

At Dreamworld (amusement park), King and Taliw spend time together. King has a ring with him.

They sit down and she says it’s hot. She runs off for ice-cream. King practices purposing to her. She comes back with an ice-cream. He stammers that he wishes to ask her….then says to share her ice-cream. He snatches it from her hand. She says sorry she bought just one and gets up to buy one more.

TenTen and Nana also come here.

King and Taliw sit down on a bench. She says it would be great if YuYi and Paeo were here too. King asks if she wants to eat something. Taliw says popcorn, mixed flavor.

Nana asks TenTen the same thing and says there’s popcorn and someone loves popcorn. TenTen also chooses mixed flavor.

King gets up to buy it for her and tells her not to go anywhere or talk to anyone who approaches her. Taliw asks why she needs to do that. He says it worries him. She beams and says all right, but she’s a grown-up now. He says even that, it still worries him.

Nana tells TenTen to wait here and she will go buy it for him. Something irritates his eye so Nana tries to look into his eye. Taliw sees them.

Nana stretches up and blows on his eye. She asks if it’s fine now. Taliw sees them from the distance so it looks as though she’s kissing him.

TenTen says it’s fine now. Nana says she will be back.

TenTen sees Taliw sitting over there. She tries not to look at him.

King and Nana end up buying popcorn at the same vendor. She makes an order so the saleslady asks if they came together, they ordered the same thing, mixed flavor. King and Nana look at each other. The saleslady tells them to wait. A woman orders sweet popcorn. The saleslady praises her easy-to-make order and eyes at King and Nana.


TenTen walks over to Taliw and says he didn’t expect to find her here. She says it’s her more who didn’t think to see him at this place.

He says it’s Nana’s day-off so he’s taking her to have fun. She nods. He asks surely she didn’t come here alone. She nods. He says the two of them are perfect for this kind of place, just having fun day by day, and they should be having a lot of fun today.

She says that’s right, she’s having a lot of fun, being with King for one day is much more fun than being with him for years. She gets up and walks away.

King lets Nana get popcorn first. She thanks him.

King comes back and Taliw isn’t there. He gets nervous and calls her on the phone. He asks where she is, he told her to stay here. She says she’s sitting with a strangely looking man (a statue).

“What? A stranger? A ghost? Taliw, just wait there!” King says and runs to her.

He sees the statue and asks if that’s what she meant, a strangely looking man.

King stuffs popcorn in his mouth then hands it back to her. He tells her to eat it one more time.

She found a ring inside. She stares at him.

King asks if she wants to wear his engagement ring. He says it may look rather small but he will give it to her first. He asks her for 2-3 years more, he will save and buy surely a bigger one, and he will ask her to marry him.

“You don’t understand, do you? I’m talking about giving you a ring as a promise that the two of us will marry. Taliw, do you want to wear my ring?” he asks.

She’s reluctant to answer him then she sees TenTen with Nana. She says, “They suit each other.”

“Huh?” King asks.

Taliw recalls TenTen said, “The two of you are perfect for this kind of place, just having fun day by day.”

Taliw looks at King and says, “I mean the two of us.”

King hugs her tight thinking it’s her answer. TenTen sees them. King shouts that she said yes!


Episode 19 Preview

Nana: “Tennie, do you want me to stay here?”

Han: “Making a decision, you must think carefully and don’t do it sarcastically. Feeling sad because you choose the thing you love, and feeling sad because you have to choose the thing you don’t love, it’s totally different.”

Turbo: “Even Pee King asked Pee Taliw to marry him, didn’t you see?”

TenTen hears it and doesn’t see it coming.

At this point, I’m not sure if it’s fair for King if Taliw has a change of heart. However, marry someone is a big thing, better step back if uncertain. How many sad episodes have we seen already?

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  1. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks so much for your recaps. It’s so helpful especially now that the subbed episodes are weeks away. From the preview, that rain scene looks very different from past versions. Can’t wait to see how this show handles it.

  3. First, thanks so much for these recaps.. I am sure you know all web sites are running weeks behind in subbing, it’s completely frustrating, so you are such a savior for all of us who love this version.
    I have loved this version so much.. Taliw had dignity, Tenten has emotion, the mom and king characters aren’t cartoons… Only too much Namkang for me… I also feel there wasn’t enough Tenten in the story, would have liked at least one date scene like when he saves her at the movies , but I won’t complain, love this series too much.. But I really need to have a big romantic finish .. I like that Taliw won’t give in, in the rain scene, and Tenten might have to convince her a little… but I really hope they follow the original story ending for part 1… keeping my fingers crossed… It will be so hard to wait for season 2, but maybe I can lose a little of my obsession, it’s been mildly unhealthy haha

  4. Thanks for the recap. I can’t wait for episode 18 and season 2, it was already confirmed. TenTen keeps getting jealous. ๐Ÿ˜ He got jealous and sad when Taliw was hugging King. It looked he was going to confess. Although TenTen has a broken arm. I wonder what happened. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  5. โ˜…ยฐหšฦญั’ฮฌฯžฦ™ หฬ—ฬ€๎œ“หฬ–ฬ โ™ˆoฮฐหšยฐ๏ฟผโ˜… for your recap. I’m looking the raw and the sub but my handphone not support the video. I’m very curious with this Itazura Thai version and wondering how Tenten will give up and confess to Taliw. For the first Itazura Na Kiss Japanese version is so fastest ending. And it’s keep me thinking about my own version with the same ending. I’m looking for two last eps recaps. Fighting *\(^.^)/*

  6. Thank You for the update.. now the spoilers are out and i cant wait the finale epi ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. am i the only one shipping King and Taliw???i dont like Tenten…

  8. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for the translations!
    Looking forward in seeing King’s Christine. Tho i don’t ship him with nana. lol.
    i don’t know what to do if ever there’s going to be a scene where Taliw is wearing a wedding gown and King is the groom. </3

  9. thank you for the update

  10. same with me,, hopefully that nana will be king’s future girl…

  11. This is reality version of itazura na kiss.. I. Really loved this version cause their concepts are very different from all the versions I saw already..and it makes me think how the story ended??can’t imagine.. I’m totally in shocked cause I never ever expect that King is the one asked Taliw for marriage. Its makes me insane.. Is there a happy ending or not?? Arggg!!.. 2 episodes left?? So sad.

  12. thanks for translation

  13. Turbo telling ten ten about the proposal could this be leading to the confession in the rain scene like ISWAK etc ?

  14. Agreed! Like, this is not fair to King! I think she is in too deep. Like, it’s all fun and games until you find yourself at the alter getting married to a man you don’t love. She is too deep and doesn’t know how to stop it. ANd TenTen needs to get it together. I like that in this version Taliw already start or works at the hospital. It shows that she is actually capable of working without TenTen. Can’t wait for season 2 (hopefully)

    • I feel a little bad for King but not a whole lot. We know Tenten has an EQ deficit, but now I think he may not be the only one. King gives Taliw what, two weeks to recover from her split with Tenten before he pops the question. He asked her when she was still emotionally vulnerable. Having just scene Nana, he has to have known that Tenten would be in the vicinity and he asks her then? He just proved he was not the crayon in the box.

      • But King has never seen or met Nana. Paew told him a girl came with TenTen, but King never saw Nana. Also, I get the not feeling sorry for King, I still feel bad but he is also kind of digging his own grave. He know Taliw still love TenTen but he still proposes like, that is literally a heartache waiting to happen.

  15. Taliw is innocently cruel. Poor King.

  16. So fast!! Thanks so much!! I just watched raw , now I can find out what’s going on:)

  17. Nana and King also shared a nice little moment when their hands touched. Makes me wonder if she’ll be his Christine, or maybe he’ll end up with Yu Yi. I just want him to have his happy ending, because there’s only one person Taliw and Tenten are seeing: each other. Thank you! I was dying wondering what they were saying.

    I don’t know if I can wait until next fall for season two :/

    • I think the same about king and nana. He look for her in a different way. I’m really ship them hard #nanaking

    • I hope so. They look really cute. I have a feeling that King will probably start to like a foreigner and Christine knows Japanese and since Nana is from Japan, maybe King will marry her. I hope so. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. wow, finally i can read this recap so i can sleep very well ๐Ÿ˜„
    thank you so much for your recap. two episode left until next week. will miss this lakorn..

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