Kiss Me Episode 17

Aww…King won me over!

Episode 17 “Let’s play a couple”

King walks in and sees Taliw so he asks why she didn’t tell him that she’s coming, he would come and help her. She says even if she didn’t call him, he could come to help anyway.

She apologizes to him about yesterday. He tells her to hang out together today, who would work on their day-off. She says all right, but let her play a housekeeper first, she’s almost done. He says sure, he will play with her too, so it will get done faster.

Nana is in a van with TenTen. She says it’s hot today. He says she will get used to it soon. She says does it not suppose to be cool during this time of the year. He asks if there’s a time for Thailand to have cool weather, probably not.

He asks if she will be able to live here. She asks, “Does Tennie want me to stay here?” He doesn’t answer that. She says she will need to observe his father’s company operations first then she will decide whether or not she can do it or like it. She says actually she doesn’t want to come live in Thailand, she wants to go elsewhere to test her capabilities, somewhere more challenging, but his father wants a partner and is in need of an assistant.

He says that’s good so that his dad will have someone to help. He says his dad’s work isn’t something he wants to do. She says she’s quite surprised that he wants to be a doctor. She tells him to tell her about it. He says it popped up in his mind of the situation where his loved one was in danger and he could do nothing.

He recalls that moment in the forest where Taliw got lost. He says, “So I thought I wanted to really be capable of taking care of someone, in every aspect. Isn’t that funny?”

“You are talking like someone in love. Do you know that?”

“Am I like that?”

“Tennie, you are in love, aren’t you?…Do you know why I agreed to try working here even though I can go anywhere in the world?…Because I gave you my promise. Truthfully, it surprised me that you didn’t appear very happy to see me. It’s not what I thought, not the same Tennie whom I thought he must be so happy to see me again.”

“I’m not a child anymore to express openly in such a way.”

“All right, let’s see.”

King says next month she will become a trainee. Taliw says she’s not sure yet where she’ll do it but it will be nice to be alone for a while. He’s upset to hear that. She says it’s just 15 months, not that long at all. He says he’s worried anyway.

He says, “Let me ask you, Paeo said TenTen come with a girl yesterday. Who’s she?”

“Well, must be someone who suits him.”

He holds her hands and says, “Taliw! Let’s play a couple. Since we become friends, we’ve never played this.”

“Very funny.”

“I’m serious!”

“King, I’m…”

“Taliw, do you think I’m a good friend?”

“Of course, you’re a very good friend.”

“Do you think I can be a good boyfriend?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s the point, it’s because you never been my girlfriend so how will you know whether or not I can be a good boyfriend?”


“But, once you play, if it’s not fun or you dislike it, you can just stop playing and I won’t try to keep you or pull you back ever again. We shall return to be friends like before.”

Taliw turns and walks away.

That night, she thinks about it alone.

Taliw comes down and asks Kaew where everybody is. She says Bomb went to the airport, Nana’s father is coming today and TenTen is going with them.

Kaew suddenly throws her knitting down the basket and asks if Han already told her when they would move out. Taliw says in 2-3 days. Kaew wants to cry. Taliw says she will come visiting her often. Kaew nods.

Taliw asks why she’s crying. Kaew says she wants her to be happy, to see her laugh and be able to smile. Taliw hugs her and tells her not to cry. Taliw assures her that she’s been happy living with her and Kaew has taken very good care of her.

“I’m sorry about Nana. I totally forgot that she and TenTen were once very close. When he moved to Japan, she was able to make him laugh.” Kaew explains.

Kaew says she felt sad for TenTen that he had to move here and there.

Taliw promises her that she will be happy, and there’s no need for her to worry about her and TenTen.

“All right. I do believe that, in the end, things will fall into its place like how it should be.”

Taliw nods and says yes. Kaew hugs her and tells her to come see her often.

At college, Dan runs to NamKang and says in 2-3 days, there will be members’ photo exhibition at the photo club. He warns her not to be startled, there are quite a lot of her pictures. She smiles and says all right. He says if she has time, he wants her to come see them, all photos he took of her.

“I’ll think about it. I’m afraid I’ll get scared.” she teases.

“Then…I’m going…see you again.” he says and waves his hand.

Both turn around and walk away from each other.

Days in college gone by.

Nana gets out of the van and greets Taliw. Taliw asks if she’s here for TenTen. Nana says yes. Taliw says for Tuesday evening, he’ll be a bit late. Nana says he also told her that so she’s waiting for him in the van. She asks Taliw if she’s heading home, they can go together.

Taliw says it’s all right, she’s heading to her dad’s restaurant. She asks where the two of them are going.

Nana tells her to call her ‘Nana’ instead of ‘Khun’ and says they don’t know yet where to go, she just told him she would pick him up after school, and when she asked, he would just nod and….

“…wouldn’t say a thing.” Taliw adds.

“That’s right! That’s so frustrating. What did you do when you asked and he wouldn’t answer?”

“When he wouldn’t answer then I wouldn’t want to know.”


“It’s strange, isn’t it? But that’s how I am. When he doesn’t want to answer then I just stop wanting to know. Whenever he says ‘Forget it!’ then I will just forget it.”

“That’s exactly someone who would suit him.” Nana says.


Nana holds her hand and says they should have a meal together someday. Taliw smiles and says she will leave now. Nana says go back safely. TenTen comes just in time for Taliw to see Nana take off his gown for him. He looks at Taliw and leaves with Nana.

King sits down and asks Taliw why she’s so quiet. He asks if she’s hungry. She shakes her head. He says he will make something for her to eat.

She asks what she needs to do to play a couple. “King, do you still want to play a couple with me?” she asks.

“Of course, I do!”

“Then, let’s play a couple.”

He nods happily. She asks what a girlfriend job is. He says nothing, just be the same. “I will be like I used to be and will do what I used to do, but you must remember that everything I do is because I love you the most, and from now on, if you want to love me back a bit, go ahead.” he says.

“Okay…then…now we’re a couple.” she declares.

He hugs her and shouts, “”Yes! Taliw is now my girlfriend! I’m so happy!”


She seems lifeless while in his arms. He thanks her and says now he will cook the first meal for his girlfriend. He’s on cloud nine hugging her again and again.

They spend days as a happy couple.

A costumed man, carrying balloons saying ‘Happy Birthday!’, waits for Taliw in college. She beams when seeing him. She hugs him. King smiles at her and wishes her a lot of happiness for her birthday. She thanks him.


(Man, my ship for TenTen is sinking.)

They are going to cross the street but Taliw tells him to wait for that van to pass first. The van stops so Taliw says it allows them to cross the street. They cross the street but King turns to shake his hip as ‘thank you’ to the van.

Inside the van, Nana tells TenTen to look at them, it’s Taliw over there, and who that giant doll is. TenTen says must be King.

The group crosses the street cheerfully. Nana asks if it’s Taliw’s birthday today, it’s the same day as his. Nana says it’s cute for King to dress up like that for Taliw, now she’s defeated because she only comes to pick him up for a meal, which is extremely basic.

TenTen smiles and says no, it’s not.

A sign is put up which says, “Happy Birthday, Taliw”

The gang is eating together at Han’s restaurant. King tries to eat with the costume on but fails. Han tells him to change his clothes first.

King comes back with a birthday cake. Han tells Taliw to make a wish whatever she wants.



Nana is telling TenTen to make a wish then blow the candle.

Both TenTen and Taliw blow the candles on their birthday cakes at a different place. TenTen recalls the time he blew candles together with Taliw and looks sad.

That night, Taliw comes home with birthday presents and balloons in her arms. She walks upstairs without greeting TenTen.

TenTen strolls in the garden alone. He smiles thinking of his time with Taliw in this garden. He perks up to see Taliw with a glass jar in her arms standing in front of him.


She says, “I intended to do this for you in a long time. It’s not something great, just folding stars. I wanted to give it to you many times before but didn’t get the chance. I wish you a lot of happiness. These stars are a token of my feeling for you. Since the first day I met you, I come back and started folding stars. My mom taught my dad this and he told me about it. On the days you were kind, the stars would be a little big, but the days you were mean, the stars would be smaller. Nonetheless, there’s not a single day you haven’t got a  star from me.”

She hands the jar to him but he turns his face away so she puts it on the ground and says, “TenTen, may you have lots of happiness.” She tears up and walks away.

Kaew is sobbing alone. Bomb, Han and Taliw look at her. Bomb says she’s drama-ing.

Kaew hugs Taliw then pushes her away.

“Darling!” Bomb says.


“They will just leave to live in Han’s house.” Bomb says.

“Not abroad.” Han adds.

“I know that! But I still feel empty, can’t you understand?” Kaew says.

Bomb says of course, he understands but she shouldn’t drama-ing too much. Kaew tells Taliw to come spend the night when she’s free. Taliw nods and says Kaew can give her a call anytime when she wants her here, and when she herself misses Kaew, she will come to her right away.

Bomb wonders where TenTen is. Turbo says he went to pick up Pee Nana to go to the company since morning. Both Bomb and Kaew glare at him.

TenTen walks into the office with Nana and asks if she has a lot of work. She says it should take her the whole day. “Fighting! See you this evening then.” he says and leaves. She thanks him.

King presents his food to the judges. One judge tells him to tell them his inspiration for the dish. King says this dish consists of his girlfriend’s favorite dishes, he wants to combine all into one, and luckily it came out well-balanced to him.

The judge says such words must be said only by the judges. King says sorry then invites them to taste it.

The three judges taste it and write down their comments. One judge is telling King the verdict.

TenTen is discussing a patient’s conditions with his professor. NamKang asks him for a talk after making round of the ward. He nods.

Later, NamKang says she won’t beat around the bush and will ask him straight away two questions. First one, she asks if he knew all along that she likes him a lot. He admits he knew. Second one, she asks how he’s feeling toward her.

He sighs and says, “Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing myself when looking at you, and sometimes I believe you are the person who understands me the most, one more thing, studying with you is much more fun than with others…that’s why you are a friend whom I love to spend time with the most…I’m sorry.”

She turns and walks away.

Taliw is waiting for King. He walks over but she’s busy looking at her phone. He clears his throat and nags that she didn’t him walking by at all. She says she didn’t see him then asks how it was.

Flashback, the judge says he passes the test.

King shouts that he got it, the certificate. He says now he can do whatever he wants. Taliw is happy for him. King says actually he can open a restaurant anytime, but he wanted to get the certificate first, it represents standards, his skills, and rightfulness. He wanted to achieve the best.

Taliw says he’s great and looks like he’s now successful before all his friends. He puts on the hat and says it’s only for the chief. He suggests they call Paeo and Arm. She says YuYi too. He tells her to give him a treat to celebrate.

“Let’s go!…but, not at Han’s restaurant, all right?” King says.

Nana finishes the meeting late at night. She tells her staff to go home safely. TenTen walks in and asks if she’s exhausted. She asks if he’s asking her or himself. He says that’s true.

She says she just wrapped up the meeting and his father left before this. She says he said there’s nothing to worry about and left her to do it.

She says she’s so hungry. He asks what she wants to eat. She says she can’t think of what to eat.


They come to a place to eat. Nana says she’s so happy that now he’s back to the same TenTen. He asks if he changed a lot in her eyes.

He sighs so she asks if something is bothering him. He says he just doesn’t know what’s waiting ahead of them. She says in what sense. He doesn’t answer that.

She says she talked to Taliw days ago and she said she never felt offended whenever he wouldn’t answer her questions. She wonders how Taliw could do that.

She says people’s minds are hard to comprehend.


Episode 18 Preview

NamKang: “In the end, we’d better love someone who loves us, right?”

Taliw to TenTen: “I had a lot of fun!. Spending time with him in a day is much more fun than being with you for years!”

Nana: “Talking about the promise I gave you, do you still want me to keep it?”

Han: “Then, that’s the end of it.”

Kaew: “No, it’s not. I secretly cheered Taliw.”

King to Han: “I would like to marry Taliw!”


They still didn’t tell us what’s the deal with TenTen and Nana, but looks like Nana will be the one to crack the ice. I like King a lot in this episode. He’s such a kind and loving young man who doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s consolation prize. But, sometimes short time together is better than none, that must be what he’s thinking. Just take the risk even if there’s such a small chance to win, poor guy.

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  2. Thanks so much for doing this for us, I have come to count on you so much, haha, but don’t feel burdened. I just want you to know how you are helping to ease the intense frustration I have always waiting for the episode to be subbed a week later.. This ep wasn’t as heartbreaking as I thought it might be. I thought I might not be able to watch until his confession airs, then I would marathon.. but I couldn’t wait, ha ha…

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  8. thank you for you recap. always feels sorry for ‘king’ character, but in this lakorn, the feelings are multiplied, because the script made him more likeable and sweet (while in other version, they are a bit annoying) and the actor who play king is so cute! but alas…. like tsukushi for tsukasa….. there will be only one kotoko for naoki. hope the writers can turn our sympathy back to Tenten in 3 last episode, and give King a very happy ending.

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