Soundtrack: Buram PramPra


Currently watching this lakorn, a fantasy with lots of CG.

It’s hard to understand the story at first but it kept getting better by the episode. The main plot is driven by parts and characters from the famous Thai literature, Phra Apai Manee.

SudSakorn, the little boy, jumps out of the literature world to the present day. He meets with SaenSamut and NubDao whose world flips back in time to something unusual once they meet the boy.

As the story unfolds, more characters from Phra Apai Manee show up in front of SanSamut and NubDao’s eyes, all of which speak in verse (which made this lakorn so special) and exhibit magical power.

The only way for SaenSamut and NubDao to have their normal luxury life back is, together they must find a way for SudSakorn to go back to the literature world, where he belongs.

Song title: Khae Pheng Mee Rao (only we have each other)

Artist: Gob Weerasak & Boss Paleerat

Official MV


Used to be alone

With me is only loneliness

Happiness seems so far away

No matter how hard I’m stumbling down,

No one is by my side

Only shadows console me


Until I meet you

You reach your hand out to me

Warmth, now I can feel what it’s like

The completely dark world

You make it all go away

I now walk along confidently by your side

(Man and Woman)

* [ The only thing my heart learns, only we have each other

Sufferings or happiness, won’t be scared

And will be ready to face it

No matter what happens, will be able to move on,

As long as we keeps holding our hands

Now ready to face with everything in this world

Only we have each other, we are at ease ]

The connection we had, it’s such a beautiful thing

Every bit of it, will be kept in my memory forever

I get to have a great time,

When you are next to me

Promise you with my heart, will never leave you behind

(Repeat [*] twice)

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