Kiss Me Episode 16

King is back in the game!

Episode 16 “Happy New Year, everyone”

Kaew greets TenTen who is walking down the stairs. He sits down next to her so she asks if he’s hungry. He says not yet. Turbo asks TenTen if he’s going out today. TenTen says no then asks where everyone is.

Turbo asks if ‘everyone’ means dad and Pee Taliw. TenTen doesn’t answer to that. Turbo says dad went to the company, for Pee Taliw, he didn’t see her at all this morning.

Kaew tells TenTen to go call Taliw for breakfast so she can prepare the food once, and normally Taliw is a morning person but she seems to wake up late today so may be she’s sick or something. She tells TenTen to go check on her.

TenTen hesitates and looks at his brother. “Turbo…” he asks.

“No way! She ordered you, not me.” Turbo says.

TenTen opens the door to Taliw’s room. He sees that she already packed her things. He opens one box and found a letter she wrote to him but didn’t send it. He reads it (it’s that letter she wrote earlier when she just knew him).

King sees Taliw walk into the restaurant so he asks what happened. She says he always greets her this way, can he not say something else. King says let him think about it then says, “Hey girl, wanna be my girlfriend?”

She says he’s crazy. He asks why she came this early in the morning. She says dad said he wouldn’t be here today and she doesn’t know where he went, so she came to help him.

King says that’s good. He asks if today they should change dad’s restaurant into ‘their’ restaurant. She says it sounds fun and asks how to do that. He says just come up with a menu they want to eat, could be unusual dishes’ names.

Taliw writes on the board the dishes she wants to eat;

“1. Pad Thai with Hearts”

“2. Spicy Soup of Love-yourself Fish”

King suggests the third one “All-Kinds-of-Love Fried Rice”.

Customers start walking in. Two regulars show up and ask for Han’s Pad Thai. They want to leave when Han isn’t here today so King gloats that his cooking is also tasty, and points a big kitchen knife at them to take a seat. They end up sitting down and make orders.

Taliw serves many plates of All-Kinds-of-Love Fried Rice. The regulars want more water. King tells them to go get it themselves at the back of the restaurant.

King appears similar to how Han treated his customers.

King and Taliw are having a good time helping each other running the restaurant.

King breathes in this sweet time with her. She asks what he’s doing. He gets embarrassed and says he forgot something in the kitchen. King walks backward and bumps into the customers.

King gives Taliw a massage on her shoulder. Her muscles are so tense that he asks if Han made her carry rice sacks or something.

She says she’s now hungry. He wants to make something for her to eat. She grabs his hand and says she will make it for him. He hesitates to let her. She asks if last time her cooking didn’t taste good. He says last time he had to use the toilet 4 times.

She insists she will be the one cooking. King pulls her back before she can get to the kitchen. They push and pull, and she falls into his arms. She tells him to let go of her twice, but he tightens his hold instead. She says she’s getting angry so he lets her go. She tells him not to do this again, she won’t let him do this.

She turns around and TenTen is standing there.

“TenTen!” she says.

He stares at her then says, “Mom wanted me to check on you since you disappeared early in the morning.”

“Eh…” she tries to explain.

“Have a good time. I will tell mom not to worry.” TenTen says and gets in his car to leave.

In the evening, King drops her home. Taliw says she will go help him again tomorrow. King says if she feels uncomfortable then it’s all right, she doesn’t have to. She shakes her head and says it’s her restaurant so how she can let him do it alone. He says okay.

When she turns to leave, he calls her and apologizes for this afternoon. She says forget it, it doesn’t mean a thing. He says of course, there is, it means a lot to him. She says she means about Ten…

She says, “I’m so stupid. It’s been almost four years waiting for him to look at me, but he never did.”

She walks home.

King says, “But for me, It’s been almost seven years…”

Taliw walks back to the house. TenTen is in the garden looking at her.

TenTen walks to Han. Han thanks him for coming and tells him to sit down. TenTen asks if it’s aunt Nuan that Han is drawing. Han asks if he can remember. TenTen says she looks familiar and Han shouldn’t be drawing other woman.



TenTen asks if he can remember her so well to draw without the need of her real photo.

Han asks if that’s so cool. “I said that’s so cool, it isn’t me, but Love. It’s Love which is so cool. Whenever we love someone without conditions, a cool thing pop up. We will want to become another person who is better, who is more capable. We will want to become a superman. (TenTen laughs.) We will want to become more than we used to be. And when someone loves us that way as well, we should recognize its preciousness, recognize the value of each other’s feelings. You understand, don’t you, what I’m talking about?”

“Yes.” TenTen admits.

“When I said to recognize its preciousness, it doesn’t mean you have to love that person back, but it means we must honor that good feeling and not making fun of it. You realize what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do….Uncle Han, I’m sorry.” (He wai-s Han.)

“You don’t have to apologize to me. I’m just a father of a woman who loves you very much, and I don’t like to see my daughter insulted. Don’t love her, I can understand that, but insult her, I won’t have it.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“I’m not angry with you. I’m saying this as a friend of your father, also as Taliw’s father. I’m not sure what you two are feeling for each other, but I want you to think carefully, then tell her the truth. Taliw may appear incapable, but the truth is, she’s very strong. Think it over carefully. Sometimes cleverness can’t be used when it comes to Love.”

Dan is pacing back and forth looking a bit nervous. Taliw greets him. He asks why she’s here. She says she came to handover a report. She asks how about him. He says he came to clear some photos at the club then he will leave. She checks his photos and says NamKang is all over in them. She asks if he likes her. He hesitates to say it.

She says he’s hesitating then it means he likes her for sure. She invites him to a new year party at her dad’s restaurant, there will be Arm, Paeo, TenTen and King, her friend. She says he can bring NamKang too.

He asks, “For real?”

She says of course, and actually NamKang knows all of them. She tells him to call her to confirm it.

She asks him the way out of the college. He asks how many years she’s here already. She smiles and says just kidding.

At Han’s restaurant, the gang is arranging the place for the party. Arm says everyone brings present for the lucky draw. He says he hasn’t bought it yet. He asks King if he has one already. King says he won’t tell him, just wait and see. Paeo says Arm gets excited like a schoolboy, just go buy it later.

Arm says he hasn’t done it for a long time, and no one cares to ask him to join the lucky draw. Paeo teases may be his friends don’t really love him since she’s joined the lucky draw every year.

YuYi tells Paeo not to say that when Arm is one in the gang. Paeo asks if YuYi asked him to join the lucky draw last year. YuYi admits she didn’t. Arm pouts. Taliw is the last one to tease Arm about it.

“Aww…Arm, your friends don’t love you!” they tease.

Arm says then he will just leave, to buy a present for the lucky draw. Paeo says she will go with him.

King asks Taliw if she’s hungry. YuYi asks if there are just the two of them here, she’s here too so he can ask her. King ignores her and tells Taliw that he will made a tasty dish for her. YuYi says he completely ignores her.

Taliw tastes what King made and says it’s tasty.


TenTen shows up and says his mom told him to leave these bottles of wine in their fridge. King tells TenTen to follow him. Taliw is stunned to hear TenTen’s voice again.

TenTen follows King while YuYi pats Taliw’s shoulder to give her a support.

King asks TenTen to taste his food. TenTen tastes it and says it’s delicious. When TenTen turns to leave, King says he made it for Taliw. TenTen says that’s good and she probably likes it.

TenTen leaves the place without talking to Taliw.

King hands a present to Taliw. She asks if it’s her new year present. YuYi teases him that he always makes it so obvious. King pokes her head with it and says it’s for the lucky draw. Taliw accepts it and asks where he’s going. He says his mom came today to surprise him and there are a lot of guests at his house, so he has to go back now, but he will hurry back to her.

Taliw asks if he will do that. He nods. YuYi teases him that between a girl and his mom, he chooses the girl.

King promises Taliw that he will hurry back to be with her for the new year countdown. “And I repeat, I will come back to you!” King stresses.

He walks away then turns around and says, “And I repeat…”

“To do the countdown together!” Taliw adds.

YuYi says just leave already, she’s Taliw’s friend too so she will take care of her for him. King leaves.

Paeo and Arm come back tagging along Dan and NamKang. They greet one another. Taliw introduces YuYi to Dan and asks how Dan could come here. Arm says he met him on his way so Dan took him and Paeo here (in his car) so they didn’t have to walk.

NamKang says the restaurant is lovely. Arm says the food is great too. He says let’s eat. Dan says, “Wait, take me to greet (Taliw’s) dad first.”

YuYi says Taliw’s dad is like her own dad so she can take him there. She asks Taliw what his name again. Taliw says Pee Dan. YuYi says, “Pee Dan, you can follow me.”

Paeo tells YuYi to take NamKang too since they came together. NamKang and Dan follow YuYi.

Later, Bomb and his family show up except TenTen. Han invites them in.

TenTen gets dressed at home.

That night at Han’s restaurant, Taliw serves the guests more food. She says this dish is King’s cooking. Dan says it smells and looks good. Taliw tells him to eat a lot but not to point that he’s full because there’s still ‘Cheese with Sauce’ coming. Paeo says she guarantees that it’s great.

Dan says he won’t be full today because he’s going to eat till new year. They laugh.

Han, Bomb and Kaew clink their glasses. Bomb says bottom ups or nobody go home. Han says where he can go when this is his house. Bomb recalls the time when Han and him hung out together.

Kaew asks where they went. Both men shut their mouths. Han says he can’t remember. LOL.

NamKang asks Taliw where TenTen is. Taliw says she doesn’t know that. Paeo says it’s already 10 p.m. and if TenTen will make it for the countdown. NamKang makes a call.

TenTen shows up with a girl. NamKang and Taliw see them. Turbo gapes and says, “Pee Nana!”

“Mom Kaew!” Nana greets her.

“Nana! You’ve grown up into a woman!” Kaew says. They hug.

Kaew glares at her husband and asks why he didn’t say Nana’s coming. Bomb says it’s for a surprise. Nana gives her a gift from her father, and another one for Bomb.

Bomb introduces Han to her. He says this is his best friend whom he talked about very often. Nana greets Han.

Taliw looks at NaNa and doesn’t know how to react.

Han tells Nana she’s pretty woman. Nana says Bomb told her about him very often, especially when bomb blasted. Han and Bomb laugh. Han says he recounted that incident to his friends many times too, it’s become their story.

Kaew asks Nana where she’s staying, and invites her to stay at their house. Taliw hears it and is stunned. Nana says her father is coming in 3-4 days and she already made a hotel reservation, but for herself, she wants to live in the city because she has to go to the company almost everyday.

“Go to the company?” Kaew looks at Bomb.

Nana says that’s right, she came to see if she can work here, and if work is okay, she may move here to live in Thailand.

“Move to Thailand?” Kaew turns to Bomb again.

Nana tells her not to worry then crosses her arm around TenTen’s and says Tennie will surely take good care of her. TenTen tries to smile and excuses themselves to introduce Nana to his friends.

TenTen and Nana walk over to the gang’s table. Turbo greets Nana.

“Hi, Turbie!” Nana says.

Kaew is nervous and asks Bomb what to do. Han tells her to leave it and let them take care of their own matters. Han pats Bomb’s arm and says he understand him.

TenTen introduces Nana to each of them, and them to her. Nana says, “Nice to meet you.” They both sit down. Paeo tells Taliw to sit down too. Nana also tells Taliw to sit down.


Everyone sits tensely.

NamKang tells Taliw to take her for a chill drink. Paeo stops YuYi from following them and calls Turbo to come with her instead.

“What, how, who is she? I don’t get it.” NamKang asks.

Paeo asks if NamKang doesn’t know that girl too. NamKang shakes her head. Paeo asks Taliw if she knows her. Taliw shakes her head. Paeo stares at Turbo and orders him to spit it out.

“Spit what out?” Turbo asks.

“All secrets!” Paeo says.

Turbo says Pee Nana is a daughter of his father’s friend over there (Japan), when Pee TenTen first moved there, no one would be his friends except Pee Nana, and they knew each other for more than ten years, and they were once in a relationship.

Both Taliw and NamKang couldn’t believe it. Turbo says when Pee TenTen moved back here, he’s very sad and didn’t think he would see her again.

“They were in a relationship?” NamKang says.

Taliw walks to the back of the restaurant to be alone. Arm comes to her and says she can stay here if she doesn’t want to go out there, or she can go home now and he will drop her, she can leave by the backdoor and no one will see her.

Taliw asks why she has to hide when she didn’t do anything wrong, even if she isn’t the one, she didn’t commit any wrongdoings. She bravely walks back inside.

Arm calls King and says what he’s doing, just pick up. King’s phone battery ran out and his motorbike broke down. Arm wonders what he has a phone for.

Taliw serves them food and says this dish is awesome. Nana asks her the name of the dish. Taliw tells her the name and says, “It’s the recipe we came up together.”

“We?” Nana asks.

We means herself and her friend whose name is King. The two of them fit perfectly. One is a cook while another is Taliw (spatula), as though they were born for each other. ” TenTen explains.

Paeo wants to head desk. The whole table turns into silence.

“Isn’t that right?” Nana smiles.

Dan grabs the dish and says it looks tasty so he will take the whole plate.

Taliw runs outside.

King arrives and asks Taliw where she’s going. When she tries to walk away, he pulls her to him and asks what happened.

Taliw recalls what TenTen said just now, how she and King are perfect for each other.

“I don’t want to fit you perfectly. I don’t want to be your pairing. I don’t want to be your Taliw. I don’t want you to always take care of me!” she yells.

She sobs. When she sees his face, she says, “I’m sorry. I give up now. You told me not to give up and you wouldn’t too, but it doesn’t mean anything! No matter how much I tried, I will always be just Taliw.”


He holds her face and says, “Taliw, don’t cry. Any minutes now, it’s new year. Let’s not start new year with crying.”

He wipes the tears for her.

Suddenly YuYi gets up and rushes to tell Kaew that it will be midnight soon. Kaew shouts, “Kids, come here, it’s about midnight!”

They all come outside and get ready for the countdown. They smile to one another in good spirits.

Fireworks light up the sky. Nana says to TenTen, “Happy New Year!” then kisses his cheek. Taliw sees it. She hides her face in King’s arms and cries. King holds her close.

TenTen stares at them.

TenTen hugs his cat alone at home.

Taliw lies down in her room.

What TenTen saw, seems to hurt him deeply. He cries.

King also realizes how sad it was tonight. He cries.

In the morning, Taliw packs her things and gets ready to move out.

“To TenTen,

This should be the last letter I will write to you. Thank you for the short time we lived together. I’m still certain that you are kind, and very kind to me even though you love to tease me often. You teased me in the way which made me dream of so many things. My father said there should be a day we must wake up from the dream and face with reality. I must be dreaming for too long, a dream, which now looks like will never come true.”

Taliw bikes to the place she spent sweet time with TenTen.

“Even though I don’t want to wake up, I can’t leave myself in an empty dream. A dream which never once had you with me in it. Goodbye, goodbye, I will always remember you.



Episode 17 Preview

Taliw: “Now we are a couple!”

Taliw: “I wish you a lot of happiness, TenTen.”


Man, the editing and background music made this episode a really sad one. We still don’t know why TenTen had to break up with Taliw. I sure hope it won’t make me scratch my head when it’s revealed to us *fingers crossed*

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  1. episode 17 please..

  2. thank you so much ! keep begin till episode 20 , this episode make me cry too hahahaha

  3. Thanks so much for your great recap. I really love Taliw in this version-so strong. Next week will be tough to watch I think as both Taliw and Tenten try to make it work with King and Nana, but of course it will be a failure so sadness for everyone.

  4. Thank you so much for the review πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you so much for this beautiful ep. summary… TT__TT i cried on the New Year scene part… so much angst in this episode… its the first time I see TenTen and King cry… I really love this version of ISWAK/Playful kiss ^_^

  6. Thank you so much for your recaps! I follow along while I’m watching the show πŸ™‚ BTW, does anyone know what the last song is that played during this episode?

  7. Where to watch the preview for ep 17? I can’t find it😭

  8. Taliw doesn’t deserve King. King deserves WAY BETTER than Taliw and TenTen. How cruel of Taliw to say all those “I don’t want to be your pair”. Pissed me off. She’s crueler than TenTen.

    • I agree! King deserves wayyyyyy better person! and he will get one! i mean according to the manga latter a girl comes who loves him almost like love on first sight!
      Lets hope for the best!! πŸ˜€

      • They will definitely have a better love life than TenTen and Taliw I feel bc they won’t be afraid to show their affection. Whereas TenTen seems to care a bit about his pride. I love the main couple but seriously chill on the cruelty.

    • She’s not cruel, you have to understand her.. She’s in love with TenTen, and he says that another man is a better pair, don’t you know how much it hurts ? I agree that it was harsh to tell King that, but I kind of understand her anger πŸ™‚
      I think that Tenten and Taliw can only see each other, their love is really strong (even if Tenten doesn’t show it) and whatever others (king or Diva) try to be noticed by them, it won’t be possible.. Tenten only sees Taliw, Taliw only sees Tenten

  9. Thank you so much for the detailed description :)))))

  10. I just watched the raw ep 16.. In the previews at the end it looks like Tenten and Taliw are celebrating another birthday sperately, so evidently that means they have spent a year dating someone else?? I wonder….

  11. can i know who is taliw referring to in that line “now we are a couple!” ?

  12. Oh man, you are the best. Thanks for getting this up so we can know what’s going on.. I do think in ep 15 he pondered could he really make her happy… still, nice to see him suffer, haha I LOVE how empowered Taliw is.. She confronted him last episode and said I tried to let you go and you wouldn’t let me, what’s up… and she now writes a goodbye letter instead of mooning and crying and stalking… I just love this Thai version so much.. thanks again, you are actually helping to keep people sane:)

  13. Thank you for the update. πŸ™‚ Another tear jerker epi.. i cant take it , am so miffed lolz.. I hope i get to know Tenten’s reason to abandon Taliw as soon as possible. What was that precap about? :/ Couple!!! May be its Tenten Nana and Taliw, King..

    • They sing the birthday song to Taliw and TenTen again in the preview, which means another year (or more) gone by? They both blow candles, not sure if they are in the same birthday party though.

      • After watching the preview many times i found that Tenten was happy seeing Taliw ( as if hez seeing her after a long time) but turns back by seeing something unpleasant. In the birthday party Taliw seemed happy and Tenten was lost. I think its the same party. Then she talked to King and followed by Tenten ( which i dont understand what she told them hi..hi) Tenten looked unhappy with the fact that Taliw has moved on in her life ha..ha *evil laugh*

        • I am not sure they are at the same party… and in the scene with King having their ‘couple talk’ they are wearing different clothes and takes place at a different time I think, earlier. I think Taliw is celebrating her birthday with her friends and the birthday scene with Tenten has such a tiny cake I feel he is alone with Nana.. Also, Taliw is wearing something different when she gives her gift of all the origami stars to Tenten so that’s either a birthday gift, or a gift for an announcement of his marriage… 😦 too many sad episodes now….. and I have to wonder how long it will go on since we will only be at eps 17 and 18

  14. You know I love you, don’t you?! ❀
    Is it possible that Tenten observed Taliw around other people and that she is always happy and laughing whilst he himself is not able to make her laugh and be merry as he would like her to be? Is it possible that he really believes she would be happier with King and he actually sacrifices himself for her happiness???
    You know, smart people can be really stupid sometimes…

  15. Thank you for the recap. I’m dying when watched the raw. But really surprise when the preview taliw said we are a couple. Did all the itazura na kiss kotoko said like that to kinchanπŸ˜“

  16. Thank you! Now to wait until next week! The torture!! 😦

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