Kiss Me Episode 15

King is losing his screen-time. Poor guy.

Episode 15 “We don’t suit each other”

Kaew tells TenTen and Taliw to go change their clothes so that they will start a word-hint game. Taliw is delighted and says she’s good at playing this game. Kaew says Taliw surely will be the winner.

The game starts with Taliw showing TenTen a sign (she doesn’t see it) and he must give her hints what it says.

“Taliw(a spatula) and a pan are a pairing.”

“Balsam pear and chicken noodles are a pairing.”

TenTen fails to make her guess right. Next, he shows the sign “Bangkok” “is just hot”. Taliw gives him hints and he gives the right answer.

Turbo shows a sign which says, “1..2..123..1..2..1..2..1” “Hurray!”. TenTen gives him the hints and Turbo says the correct answer.

Kaew holds a sign which says, “Mom…mom…I’m hungry..” Turbo gives her clues and she gets the right answer. Then the rest joins the game.

Later, Bomb tells his gang to put candles on the birthday cake as many as their age. Kaew argues that it’s a small cake.


Meanwhile, TenTen and Taliw spend time in the garden by themselves. She comes behind him and jumps on his back. He smiles, and they kiss.


Their parents and Turbo sing them the birthday song and give them the cake. Bomb tells them to make a wish. Taliw wishes that TenTen’s kiss won’t be just a tease from him, from now on. They blow the candles together but the flame refuses to die down. Taliw smiles and says they are teasing them.

TenTen and Taliw walk together in the college. She thinks that after all they’ve been through, she won’t give up and will love him till he finally loves her as well.

Paeo and Taliw are in a class which uses corpses as teachers to demonstrate human organs.

Arm asks TenTen how many courses med students need to take. TenTen says around 8 or 9. Arm says that’s a lot when he needs to take only 7 and still he couldn’t meet that number. Arm asks if it’s too late to transfer now.

Dan gives NamKang coffee. She thanks him.

Paeo and Taliw walk into a lecture room. Taliw says no one is here yet. They sit down. Taliw asks what this class is. Paeo says baby bathing. Taliw likes it then says but they mustn’t drown the baby.

Arm greets them with a pat on Paeo’s back. Paeo says it’s him again. Taliw tells him to sit in for this baby-bathing class together. He asks if there’s a course on bathing adults. Paeo says that’s gross.

A group of students come in so Paeo asks them what class this one is. A girl answers that it’s Anatomy. Taliw asks if it’s for med or nurse students. A girl says for med students.

The three get up to leave the room, obviously they are in the wrong class. Arm laughs and asks if they will bath corpses instead. TenTen comes in and sees them. Taliw says they came to the wrong class and points at Paeo for bringing her here. NamKang comes in and sees them. She crosses her arm with TenTen’s and tells him to get going. They walk along together.

NamKang sits down next to TenTen at the cafeteria. Taliw and her gang sit down to eat with him too. Dan also joins them. They end up as a big group eating together.

“One Year Later”

It’s Graduation Day for Dan. Each of them takes turn to congrat him and take pictures with him.

Kaew tells Bomb to take a break from drawing, to have some sweets. Turbo is doing some kind of scientific experiment. Bomb asks what year the kids are in now. Kaew says TenTen is in his third year going to fourth, and Taliw is in her second year going to third.

Bomb asks if there will be a semester break coming. Kaew says only a short one during new year. Bomb says he thinks of going to Japan for around 10 days and asks if she wants to come or stay here. She asks why he’s going there.

He says to sell off shares and move all business to settle here, but he still isn’t sure if it’s a good idea. Kaew says it’s good and she loves to stay here. She says if they miss it there, they can just go there for holiday. She suggests he talk with their son since he’s studying med this far to be a doctor.

TenTen comes in to talk with his father. He sits down and says mom told him he had something to talk to him. Bomb asks how his study is going. TenTen says it’s good and he’s interested in Traditional Thai Medicine and thinks he will give it a try.

Bomb says he doesn’t want to pressure or force him, he only wants to hear TenTen’s opinion about his company. He says he will go to Japan next week to take care of so many matters. He says if TenTen is serious to continue on becoming a doctor then he may have to sell off his company’s shares.

Bomb says the party over there wants to make an investment in Thailand and his child wants to try working here. TenTen asks who that is. Bomb says it’s Nana. TenTen’s face turns stiff.

Bomb says she graduated this year and her father wants to make an investment here. He says if TenTen isn’t interested in his company then he will have to make it a joint-venture between him and Nana’s father. TenTen adds that it means Nana will come to work here. Bomb says she will be working with him.

Bomb says the problem is TenTen’s mom doesn’t know it yet, as well as others.

He gets up and says, “TenTen, life sometimes pushes us to give an answer which we aren’t ready to give.” He pats TenTen’s shoulder.

TenTen sits by the pool and contemplates on it.

Taliw gets in TenTen’s car and apologizes for being a bit late. She gives him his specs. He thanks her. He says from now on, he won’t take his car to college and they can go (to college) separately. She asks why and if something happened.

He says after this, things will change but he doesn’t know yet how it will change. She says he looks stressful and asks if he wants to tell her something. He says not now but he will tell her as soon as possible.

Han gives the gangΒ  new dishes to try. Taliw says she likes both dishes. YuYi asks Paeo if she likes a different kind, whether or not King will make it for her. Paeo says it won’t happen for sure. They taste all dishes and like them. King asks if Taliw likes it. She says she likes it. TenTen sees how close King and Taliw is. He walks away.


He sits down on a sofa at home feeling exhausted. Kaew asks if he’s very tired today. She tells him to smile a lot so the patients won’t be scared of him.

He lies down on her lap. He asks if she’s a woman staying close to him, will she fall in love with him.

Kaew says she loves to be with a man who is kind and smiles a lot like his dad, she’s feeling good to be around him. She asks what happened, he never asked her like this before.

He says that’s because he never thought it’s that important to pay attention before. She asks then why suddenly it caught his attention. He says he’s only collecting data to process it. She says this kind of matter, he must use here (his heart) more than here (his brain).

TenTen thinks about it.

She asks if he’s hungry, she’d better go cook for him. She tells him to pick up his dad at the airport tomorrow.

Taliw brings her dad a cup of coffee. She looks at what he’s sketching and says it’s exactly the same. Han smiles and nods. She says she misses her mother. He nods and says this is the product of his missing her. He says he intends to have her mom’s smiling portrait hanging inside their house, so when both of them miss her, they can sit down and look at her together.

Taliw says TenTen said things change all the time. Han nods. She asks if he thinks there will be someone love her for who she is. Han says of course, there is such person, and she knows well who that person is, but from the way she’s asking him now, she’s talking about the one she isn’t sure whether or not he loves her. He asks if that is so.

She leans on his shoulder and says up till now, there’s nothing she’s sure about. Han suggests she sets an alarm clock. He tells her not to keep on sleeping like this, do wake up to face reality now and then.

She tells him to be her alarm clock. He says he can do that.

Bomb and TenTen come to Han’s restaurant. Han and Taliw sit down to eat with them. Han asks why Bomb is going to Japan. Bomb says let him suck this noodle into his mouth first, then says he’s going there to look for an assistant. He says his son will walk a doctor’s path so he must find an assistant. Han tells TenTen that he doesn’t have to worry now, now that his father is getting an assistant. TenTen smiles and says yes.

Bomb tells Han that early next year his partner will come here, he’s good natures. He says he will introduce him to Han and his daughter is very close to TenTen too.

Han says that’s good for him to have an assistant. He tells Bomb he will move out early next year, now he’s packing and time flies.

Bomb tells Taliw after she graduates, come nursing him, he’s coughing right now.

Bomb asks what she will do after that. TenTen says after she graduates, she can apply anywhere she wants. Han says she must want to apply the same place with Doctor TenTen.

Bomb says Han should get sick and he will have his son, the doctor, and Han’s daughter, the nurse, hover around him to make him recover.

TenTen says Taliw will graduate before him, so just apply for a job anywhere she wants. Bomb says she will just follow him since she’s been doing that up to now.

TenTen says that’s right, just quit following him so that she will stand on her own feet already. He says he’s feeling full now so he will wait in the car.

Bomb asks Taliw if she will go home with him, her father may go back late. She says it’s all right. Han says he needs to arrange things but he can ask King to drop her home. Bomb leaves with TenTen.

Han says to Taliw if she wants him to be her alarm clock then he will start waking her up right from this second.

In the car, Bomb asks TenTen if it’s because Nana is coming that he said things like that just now. He warns TenTen that a man must be careful when doing things and mustn’t make others feel bad because of things he said without thinking.

Taliw tells her dad that she will leave first. He asks how she will go back. She says she will hail a cab outside. He says he will go with her. She says it’s all right, she wants to be alone and once she’s home, she will text him.

TenTen sits by the pool with Turbo. He asks Turbo when Taliw feels really upset, what she’s like. Turbo asks about what matter then says frankly he never sees her give up on anything. He asks TenTen if she couldn’t cope with her study. TenTen says no then says he will go taking a stroll.

On her way home, Taliw bumps into TenTen.



She asks, “I pulled myself out from you once, and you didn’t allow it. I felt so glad then that finally you let me walk side by side with you, but suddenly today, you said you didn’t want me to follow you anymore. So what do you really want? If you been very smart then you should have selected me out a long time ago, and if you already selected me out then you should have the courage to tell me. TenTen?”

“I think we don’t suit each other. I don’t suit you and you don’t suit me. I can’t take care of you the way I should. I can’t be attentive to you like how you deserve it. At same time, you also can’t be what I want someone beside me to be. I barely made you laugh all this time. It we continue like this, you will not be happy.”

“Have you thought about it thoroughly? Are you being thorough? Have you thought every way possible?”

“I think…we really don’t suit each other.”

She cries and pushes him out of the way, and runs. He sits down on a bench obviously doesn’t feel good about it.

Episode 16 Preview

Han: I’m just a father of a woman who loves you very much, and I don’t like to see my daughter insulted. Don’t love her, I can understand that, but insult her, I won’t have it.”

Taliw: So many NamKang’s pictures, do you like her?

Dan: “Eh…”

Nana: “Mom Kaew!”

Kaew: “Nana! Aww…you’ve grown up!”

TenTen: “One person is a cook, another is Taliw (spatula), as though they were born for each other.”


I still don’t see why he needs to be so harsh, but that’s how TenTen is from the beginning so it isn’t something unexpectedΒ  *sigh*

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  1. Thanks so much,, subs usually aren’t up and complete for a week and I am way too addicted to wait to know what they are saying. You are so awesome! And reading this I feel a little different about Tenten than what I could guess from the preivews… it appears he is concerned about can Taliw really love him and can he make her happy? That’s different than he just has leftover or confused feelings about an ex. It’s still heartbreaking, and he is harsh, but I am not hating him quite as much now. Still, wouldn’t know any of this without you, thanks again. so much!!

  2. Thank u for the WU πŸ™‚ Am seriously hating Tenten πŸ˜€ oh my poor Taliw 😦 I dont understand why Tenten had a sudden change of mind. What i like about this version is Taliw seems more dignified than all the female leads of this version. Its evident in the dialogues between Tenten and her where she said i tried to stop loving you and its he asked her to follow him. I loved that scene. I dont want Taliw to forgive Tenten easily πŸ˜€

  3. Seriously thank you so much for this! After watching it RAW my emotions were all over the place! Excited and anxious for tomorrow.

  4. i feel like kicking tenten because he was so mean!!! i miss king 😦

  5. I feel bad for Taliw (TenTen is giving me whiplash)., but I also feel bad for TenTen because I don’t know if the reason he wants to break up with her is because of the promise with Nana or if he actually truly doesn’t think Taliw loves him? Because after listening to the mom and looking at Kings treatment of Taliw he is probably wondering if Taliw actually does like him because he is a jerk who makes her cry. If it’s the Nana thing, then that is lame, but if it’s because he doesn’t think he can actually make her happy and doesn’t really believe that Tawliw actually loves him, then I can understand. OMG can’t wait for tomorrow.

    • Therez so much to unraval in this show πŸ˜€ Seems they are keeping it for the final episode :/ I wonder when did Tenten started loving Taliw. Is it since childhood or after entering school?Then why his sudden change of mind. Its probably because of Nana.

      • I’ve been wondering about it too! Like, we know he liked her when they were younger, but when did he start liking her? Was it while they were studying, because he saw her with King, or because she said she liked him? And if it’s Nana then… that is not cool. Hopefully they tell us tomorrow or before the finale.

        • Discerning that moment when TenTen started liking Taliew is difficult, but for me, the moment they met in the school yard, was pivotal. He had instant attraction that moved him to enter a class that was clearly beneath him. And even after he realized who Taliew was (his first love/heartbreak), he still was affected by her; teaching her, biking her to school, teasing her: these all added up into liking, but the question is: Does he love her? He’s got major attraction but just cus one desires another doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna end up with them. And now that his old girlfriend is in the picture, maybe there was unsolved business between them before his family returned to Thailand. Did they actually break up? I think next week’s episodes are really going to highlight how different TenTen treats Taliew vs Nana. How much more so TenTen’s heart beats for his first love. πŸ˜‰ (I can’t wait to see how they twist Naoki’s jealously of Kotoko and Kinnosuke’s possible relationship.)

    • I think it’s eldest son’s responsibilities, insecurity and jealousy. All wrap nicely together πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you so much. Very happy when open this website. Coz i just can watch the first 18 minutes. After thats I can’t πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but really i want to punch tenten immediately. This version we can see clearly tenten feeling. From the preview really like her dad, he stand up for her daughter. Cant wait for tomorrow, maybe i just read from your web πŸ˜€

  7. Thanks for the recap πŸ™‚

  8. thanx for the preview also

  9. what does tenten say when they were in graden to taliw.i didnt understan that……that you very very very much for very quick update.i think i should carry my tissue box for tomorrow also

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