Kiss Me Episode 13

It’s time Taliw muster up the strength to fight for her dream.

Episode 13 “From now on…we are no longer connected.”

Taliw arrives at her dad’s restaurant and sees that Paeo has balloons tie to her wrists too. Taliw asks if they did it to her as well. Paeo says of course, Arm came to her house to give these balloons to her and wouldn’t let her untie them until her mood gets better. Taliw laughs and says seeing her like this is quite funny.

Arm walks over with more balloons. King and Arm tie them to both Taliw’s ankles. Paeo says she has them on so Taliw must too. Taliw asks how she will be able to walk.

Han tells Paeo to write down how she’s feeling inside so that she will know what burdens she’s carrying in her mind. Paeo refuses to do it at first but Han makes both girls write it down.

Paeo shouts out her frustration that she’s feeling sick of that exam. Arm says they want her to write it on the balloons not shout. They write such as “Tired”, “Frustrated”. King tells Arm to go help him in the kitchen.

Some customers walk in so Han tells the girls to help taking care of them. The girls get up and invite them to take a seat. They bump into each other because of the balloons. They serve food and even count banknotes.

Later, Arm asks both girls if they stop feeling disappointed about the exam already. Paeo says she stops feeling that but gets bored with these balloons instead. Arm asks if she’s sure about that. Paeo says of course. Arm says then let’s go to let them go up the sky. Taliw asks let go of what. King says the disappointment.

Taliw shouts, “From now on, we won’t feel disappointed.” Paeo adds that they won’t be bored. They take turn to shout such as, “Won’t give up”, “Won’t feel lonely”, “Won’t be fat” (Paeo adds)

King tells the girls to get ready then he counts, “One, two, three!” They let go all of the balloons. Taliw asks what about the balloons on their ankles. The boys  start stepping on them. The girls scream. King says now all the stress is gone.

YuYi shows up and says she bought some sweets for them. She asks them if she missed something. They won’t tell her.

King drops Taliw at home. They both are in a good mood. TenTen is sitting there. He says, “It’s no surprise that you didn’t pass the test.”

“Ha?” Taliw asks.

“You didn’t study like how I told you, did you?” TenTen asks.


“I asked did you not?”

Taliw says she did but when she felt bored, she read….TenTen says she exercised her cleverness, that’s why she failed. King gets angry so Taliw calms him down and admits to TenTen that she didn’t study according to his suggestion.

TenTen gets up and asks King can he not go outside for a bit, can he not see that they are talking. King tells him to talk to her nicely. TenTen says his being overly protective of her is the cause.

“All right. If you want to be just Taliw then it’s up to you.” TenTen says.

“What’s wrong with being just Taliw?!” King shouts.

Taliw stops King from punching TenTen. After TenTen walks away, King says he’s going home now.

TenTen waits for him by the bridge. King punches him and asks how he could treat a girl that way. He asks if TenTen realizes how tiring it was before he could make her laugh again. He asks if TenTen has a brain at all. King threatens TenTen not to let him see he treat her like that ever again.

TenTen punches King back. They end up on the ground exchanging punches. Both recall their frustrated moments in the past where the girl was concerned.

Taliw looks at the stack of books she should study. She looks at cartoon drawings which reads, “What are you doing, stupid girl? Hurry and study. I’m waiting for you.”

She cries and throws the papers in the air.


King and TenTen end up sitting down and talking. King asks if he knows that what he dislikes the most, it’s when TenTen makes Taliw cry. He says next time he will let her cry until she turns into hating TenTen, so that she will like him instead. However, King admits that he has never succeeded.

TenTen says he’s trying to make her dream come true. He asks King that if he doesn’t do it this way, he thinks she will be able to pass the test? He leaves King to ponder on it.

Taliw gets up early for some jogging. When she returns home, Kaew asks if she went for an exercise. Taliw says yes, so that her brain will be good.

Turbo says it wasn’t good from when she suddenly went out for jogging. Kaew warns him to be quiet. Taliw tells Turbo to help her study today looking through previous exam papers. Kaew asks if she won’t have breakfast today. Taliw says she will come down in a minute.

Taliw starts studying again. This time she follows closely how and what TenTen wants her to study. Both Kaew and Han feed her food while she’s busy studying. Turbo becomes Paeo and Taliw’s coach for them to stay physically fit.

Paeo says she has read everything, studied all she could, what if she fails the test again, what she’s going to do.

Taliw says then study again and take the test again. Paeo asks if she wants to study at the same place with TenTen that much. Taliw says no, she wants to go to this school because she likes it here, and she will make it happen…for herself. She says she will make everyone see that she can do it. She asks Paeo does she not do it for herself as well. Paeo says that’s right, now she kind of likes it, and who would think she will be a nurse.

Taliw says a dream must have someone lead them to it, and she will think of TenTen only as the person who brought her her dream. Paeo says Taliw loves to talk oddly. Taliw says that’s because she’s her friend.

Arm, Paeo and Taliw take the admission test again. When they come out, King asks Taliw if she could do it. She says it seems she knew what to answer in every question. Paeo and Arm turn to look at her. She says could be. She says whatever the results will be, she did her best.

She calls King closer and tells him she’s hungry. Paeo says she’s very hungry. King tells them to go for a good meal today.

At Han’s restaurant, the kids celebrate that the exam is over despite the results. YuYi says since the exam is over, she brought gifts for everyone which she made it herself. Both Han and King get a girly-looking aprons. YuYi says she proudly presents all of them.

Taliw comes to see TenTen at his college. She says the test results will come out in two days, and she had tried so hard, the hardest ever in her life. She tells him not to worry, from now on, she won’t let herself become his burden anymore.


“Today…I came to tell you that (she gives his cartoons back to him) you don’t have to wait for me anymore. No matter how the results turn out, either I pass or fail, from now on, we are no longer connected. Thank…thank you for everything for all this time.” she turns and leaves. TenTen doesn’t say anything.

It’s the day to hear the test results. Everyone gathers nervously in front of a laptop. Arm checks the time and suggests they take a look now. He scrolls down the names. Taliw suddenly closes the laptop and grabs it. She wants to look at it by herself.

She takes a look then cries. Paeo starts crying with her. Han walks to sit with her. He says it’s all right, she did her best. It’s all right if she didn’t pass the test.

“Dad, I passed. I did it!” she beams and hugs him.

Paeo and Arm are so happy for her. Taliw says they both passed, too. They cheer. Arm shouts that they now can study together.

TenTen looks at the results alone and lets out a smile, then turns a little sad.

At home, Bomb and Kaew give Taliw a surprise gift to congrat her. Kaew says she’s the best and even fell over and had food on her hair so many plates of it and she passed the test, that’s cool.

Turbo says four years from now, the patients must be very careful. Taliw says that’s cruel and pinches his cheek. He says Pee TenTen told him to congrat her too.

Kaew asks if TenTen won’t come to celebrate with them. Turbo says no, he won’t come back, even during a semester break, he will take a field trip. Kaew wants to protest but Bomb says she can do that later, but today, they must celebrate for Taliw first.

Bomb asks Han if he won’t say something to his daughter. Han says he feels overwhelmed right now, the same feeling the day she was born. Bomb congrats him on his daughter’s success.

Han thinks of today’s menu. It’s cloudy and a little chill today so the food should warm the body. He tells Taliw the dishes to write on the board. She misspells the names here and there so he needs to correct it.

He asks her when the school starts. She says in 2-3 months. He tells her that their house and restaurant are now settled, so he asks her to move in here, but he isn’t sure if she already gotten used to a pretty bedroom.

Taliw says it’s fine with her but she’s worried about Mom Kaew, she will be lonely since TenTen isn’t home. Han says they are worried about the same thing. He asks if she heard or saw TenTen at all and if she asked him when he would come home. Taliw shakes her head.

Han wonders why King isn’t here yet. She says she didn’t see him a lot these days so he must be busy. Han says being a cook is very tiring and the work is harder than others thought. A person who wants to become a cook, first, he must have a strong mind, it’s very hard to finish training to become one.

He says look at King, his hands are now ruined. That scares Taliw. He says he means King always comes back with wounded hands, all kinds of wounds such as burning wound from hot water or spilled hot oil, and last month, even his nail came off.

Taliw came to see King. She shakes hand with a mascot who is handing out flyers.


King sees her so he rushes to her and asks why she’s here. She says she came to give him a treat. He asks if she falls sick. She pulls him along to have a tasty meal.

Taliw tries to cook for him. She apologizes to him for all this time that she never asks how he’s doing and always asks for his help, and never returns hers. She’s more of a selfish friend.

He says he’s her friend and willing to do it for her, but he’s glad that she gives it a thought.

She gives him the thing her dad said he might need it, it’s cartoon bandages. She wraps them on his fingers. She gives him several medicine for his wound. Then she’s back cooking for him. King beams.

Taliw is folding a paper-star when TenTen’s face pops up in her mind. She tells herself not to think of that cruel man. She pouts when her cat doesn’t care about a paper-star she offers.


Things were progressing so slowly with lots of flashbacks, not sure why. King seems to grow up by the episode while TenTen remains aloof through and through. I hope TenTen will come out of his cave soon or else his fans may jump overboard  🙂

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  1. Can you do a drama called Kiss the Series Pink and Natural? It is a Thai drama in 2016.King plays in it. Pls do it. I am dying to find what is happening. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for a great recap! I love this episode for showing Taliw thinking for herself and taking charge of her future for her own sake, not for some boy. (Unlike in other versions)

  3. Thanks you so much for the recap , really appreciate the fact that you share all of this with us 🙂 it means a lot .i printed the text and i will read it while watching the episodes tonight (since i cant wait for the videos eng subbed).

  4. Thank U so much for the written update ❤ Eagerly waiting for epi 14's update as there were lot of Taliw and Tenten scenes. Pls update the preview as well.

  5. Thank YOUUUUUUU!!!!

  6. Thank you for such a quick update…

    Although, honestly, I really don’t get why some ppl are asking for so much… even asking for the preview… seriously.

  7. can’t wait for eng sub.. Thank you for your update

  8. i just rediscovered your site (i was a big fan of your cubic translations) and i’m so glad i found you again!! Thank you very much for the recaps. This version is really great ,the best of them all! Finally a girl with some self esteem who makes a difficult but the best decision to do it for herself and let the guy go. Tenten better step up his game or else he really can lose her.
    Thanks again for your time and effort to write this, now i don’t have to wait a week before i know what they are saying!

  9. Thanks so much for the time you put in to write these timely recaps! You save me, and many others I believe, from dying of curiosity as we wait for the subtitles to come out…which sometimes feels like eternity!

  10. thanx for the update…… preview?

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