Kiss Me Episode 12

There’s a certain extent for us to go after something, I think.


Episode 12 “An impossible thing”

At Han’s restaurant, the group gathers there as usual. King calls the rest (beside Taliw) over and asks what each of them wants to study. Paeo says, “Tell you the truth, I still don’t know.” Arm says he still doesn’t know it. YuYi says she wants to make clothes, she wants to be a designer. King asks if she’s sure about it. When she nods, he shoos her back to the table.

King tells Paeo and Arm that they both are all right at studying, why not study at the same place with Taliw. Paeo says this is about studying and not going for a movie to just follow one another.

King asks if they can figure it out, if not follow one another. Paeo and Arm agree that it’s hard to reach a decision. King says in that case, they can study at the same school with Taliw and take care of her for him, moreover, they will have friends with them. King tells Arm if he goes there, Paeo will surely follow.

Paeo says she knew it, King wants them to take care of Taliw for him. She asks if it’s so similar, his worry for friends or manipulating them. King says not that, it’s called friendships and their group will remain close together like before. Arm says he still thinks it’s weird.

“What weird?” King asks.

“Have you ever seen a male nurse my size?” Arm asks.

King pokes his head and says he’s asking him to attend the same college with Taliw, not asking him to become a male nurse. Arm says what a relief. Arm says he will go inform Taliw then asks Paeo, what about her. Paeo says if she tells her mom that she chooses to become a nurse, her mom will probably light fireworks. King asks them to promise. They hold hands. Paeo asks if King feels better now. King says very. She says then let her go eat sweets already. King tells Arm to serve them some drinks so Taliw won’t be suspicious.

At Med School, NamKang runs as fast. Dan says today she’s late for 7 minutes, but luckily he has some fruits to eat while waiting or else he would be so hungry because they will eat at a place a bit far today. She asks where it is. He says they should change the atmosphere when they ate here for a week now.

He says it’s only half an hour from here. She tries to say she can’t go because in the afternoon…He teases that lying will make her go to hell, he checked and she’s free the whole day. He says let’s go.

He walks her to his car and invites her to get in. He stops her and says her seat is the driver’s seat and gives her the car key. She grabs it forcefully and gets ready to drive. He gets in the car and asks if she wants his help with her stuff. She dumps all of her belongings on his lap and asks for the direction. He says go out of the gate and get in from behind the waterfall. She backups the car and he screams. He yells, “Love it! I want more!”

They sit down at a table in a restaurant. He tells her not to worry about the food, he will order it because he knows the place so well. He orders three dishes, all vegetarian dishes, and two plates of plain rice. She teases if he wants her to get ordained tomorrow. He smiles and says he wishes her well (happy for her). He says it’s nice weather here. She nods.

He says when he doesn’t have class, he will drive here to take photos, visit a temple and find something to eat, and it’s fun. He asks if she really wants to become a doctor. She says why not. He says nothing. She tells him to say it now. He says he’s afraid that the patient may die. She gapes.

He says it’s true because she’s always in haste, fierce and stomps her feet just like now.

NamKang pretends to be sweet and calls his name. He says just like this, and when she makes a patient die, she can smile. He tells her to smile. She refuses to do it except he dies first. He acts like he’s dying. She tells him to stop it, it’s embarrassing. She laughs. He gets up and says, “See! Once a pretty doctor smiles, the patient will wake up right away.” She says he’s such a nonsense.

The food is served. She says it looks so tasty. He tells her to eat now. They have a good time eating together. They enjoy feeding sheep after the meal.

In the car, he gives her his camera to have fun taking pictures. She says she doesn’t know how. He says just do it, it’s easier than what she’s doing. She tries doing it.

At home, Bomb and Han are having a good time teasing Kaew. They wrap a bite and say it’s all for her, their love for her is in it, then put it in their mouths instead.

Kaew asks Han why he doesn’t go to his restaurant today. He says he will go in the evening because he has a great helper. She asks who that is. He says it’s King, Taliw’s friend. She asks if he trusts him enough to let him watch over the restaurant by himself. Han says King is a good boy despite his rock manners. He tells Bomb that the boy wants to become a cook and even takes courses for it.

Han says King wants to open a small restaurant with renown recipes, and will sell its franchise. Kaew asks if he’s going to sell french fries. Bomb says french fries for her to fry and eat it, he means a franchise. Han says King’s cooking is good, even as good as his. Bomb says what a wise idea that boy has.

Kaew says just like their son. She says their son is studying in Med School while Taliw will study to become a nurse. She says her son will be a doctor, her daughter-in-law will be a nurse. She challenges all the diseases to come, and she won’t be worried. Bomb tells her to stop imagining it.

Han says, “Tell you truth, I haven’t seen your son shows any sign that he likes my daughter.”

Kaew laughs and says, “Han! What do you know?!”

Bomb asks why she’s so sure about it. She says she will put her pretty head on the line. She says if these two old men still don’t believe her, she will make a bet with all her pink dresses and all pink things in this house.

“TenTen loves Taliw! So sure!” she declares.

Taliw walks into the college where TenTen attends. She wonders if TenTen will scold her. She calls TenTen but the phone slips out of her hand to the ground. He picks up but no one answers so he doesn’t pay attention to it.

Taliw sees Dan so she asks him which way to Nursing Faculty. Dan says it’s back there where she’s coming from. He tells her how to walk there in detail and says she will reach exactly there.

She asks if it’s Exactly Faculty or Nursing Faculty. He smiles and says Nursing Faculty exactly. She says she’s kidding. She praises that he’s good to tell the way clearly in one shot. After she leaves, Dan’s friend asks who she is, so cute, an angel for sure.

Taliw reaches the faculty where it’s accepting new students. She gets an application form and sits down at a table. She fills out the form.

Taliw meets Dan and his friend again on her way back. She asks them for the direction to Medical School. Dan says now that it’s very difficult. He points at the building next to them.

NamKang sees Taliw so she asks if she came to see TenTen. Taliw asks if she came here, too. NamKang says she’s still as clueless as ever then says she studies here, at the same place with TenTen. She says of course, Taliw didn’t see him anymore, that’s why she doesn’t know it. She asks if Taliw wants to leave a message for TenTen with her, she will join him in the next class.

Taliw says tell him that she already applied here. NamKang laughs at her and says at this college, she needs to be good. She asks which faculty she’s dreaming to get in. Taliw doesn’t tell her so NamKang says she will tell TenTen that.

Before walking away, NamKang says, “It’s actually not my business, but I want to warn you that, may be in the end, what you’re doing won’t bring you anything. Could it be you’re wasting your time? An impossible thing will remain impossible, Taliw.”

TenTen walks by so Taliw calls out to him. NamKang runs to stand next to him. He wants to walk to Taliw and hears her out, but NamKang stops him and says he could be late for class, and does he not like being late. She pulls him away.

Taliw sits alone in a park. King rushes to her and asks what happened. He looks at her face and says she looks like she just fought with a dog. She says it must be so.

He asks if she already went to apply to the school. She nods. “Did you see that guy?” he asks. She cries and says she met NamKang, the two of them study together. She says it didn’t surprise her but more to hurt her feeling, deep inside here. She points at her chest. She says it’s when she saw them walk away together. She asks if he ever felt something like that.

Taliw says she just wants to walk with him side by side, but the more she follows him, the more the gap gets wider, and no matter what she does, they can never walk side by side.

King says it’s all right, she doesn’t feel it alone. She asks if he feels the same way too. He pokes her head and says how she can ask. She asks if it also hurts inside here as well with him. He says yes, even right now. He says he doesn’t want to see her cry, he dislikes it.

She wipes her tears and apologizes to him. He says no need for that, “No one is at fault here. We make our own choice.”

He wipes the tears on her face. She leans on his shoulder and asks, “King, an impossible thing which comes true in the end, does it exist?”

He says he doesn’t know, but they will be exhausted for sure.

Taliw cries alone in her room that night. Kaew knocks the door and asks, “Hello, my daughter, want some milk before bed?” Kaew walks in the room and hears that Taliw is crying. She asks why she’s crying, who did anything to her, just tell her. Taliw says nothing. Kaew says what  noting when her eyes are swollen like that.

Taliw gets up and says, “Mom Kaew, I’m exhausted.” Kaew asks what about. Taliw says, “Everything. I’m lacking. I’m incapable, not wise, not pretty, not tall, don’t have long legs. There’s nothing good about me.” She hugs Kaew.

Kaew asks if she can see her, take a look at her. Kaew asks if she’s pretty, tall, has fair skin or long legs at all. Taliw hesitates so Kaew says just say it without lying. Taliw shakes her head.

Kaew asks if she loves her. Taliw nods. Kaew says Bomb loves her, also her friends and everyone. She tells Taliw that people love from inside. She says a good person with good heart, there will be somebody loves that person no matter what, despite her/his looks.

Kaew says if she’s exhausted then take a break, and get up again tomorrow to fight, and the benefits of it, no one will get it but her. Kaew tells her to rest. Taliw lies down and tries to sleep.

Kaew gets in the kitchen and paces back and forth. She picks up the phone and says, “Now it annoys me.” She calls TenTen. He picks up and greets her. She asks how he is. He says he’s fine. She tells him to come home and have a meal together. He asks what happened. She says she just misses him. He agrees but asks for 2-3 more days. She says all right then hangs up.

King comes to see Taliw. Kaew greets him and says he came so early in the morning. He says he brought some soup for Taliw. She accepts a thermos from him and asks what kind of soup. He says he takes a Chinese-cuisine course, so he made a soup which helps nourish the brain for Taliw since she’s studying hard nowadays. He asks her to taste and see if she likes it.

He’s about to leave when Turbo greets him. Turbo shouts to Taliw that Pee King came. Taliw shouts back that she will be down there. Turbo says he will go eat at the restaurant today. King says sure. Taliw comes down and asks Kaew to let her study at her dad’s restaurant today. Turbo says they will have ice-cream for losers next. King says there’s no ice-cream for losers anymore, only for fighters. They walk off.

Kaew is disappointed to see them leave together. She calls TenTen and screams at him that it’s been two days already, he must come here today. She hangs up on him. LOL.

Kaew and TenTen walk into Han’s restaurant together. She asks Han where the kids are. He says they went to buy some textbooks. Han asks why she shows up here today. She says she wants to eat his Pad Thai. Han says he will make it for her. He looks at TenTen and says she even came with her son today. Han tells them to take a seat first.

TenTen stares at his mom like what’s with her. Kaew asks her son if he likes Taliw. TenTen sighs and says she’s asking the same old thing over and over. He asks if it doesn’t make her feel  bored at all. Kaew says he doesn’t have to answer her, like or doesn’t like her, because he knows it inside, but she just wants to warn him not to be so sure.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“Hey, we should have a certain point to concede or let go. Taliw isn’t a girl who no one sees her worth. Someone is taking good care of her, and if you think or feel for her, you must do nice things to her too.”


“One day, if she sees another person’s good sides and sincere heart more than yours, you may lose her. You know, TenTen, love works with the heart and not the brain.”

TenTen ponders on it.

Han serves them his Pad Thai. Kaew tells TenTen to squeeze lime juice over it for her, too. Han says they can have more if they want.

Han asks if they need anything. Kaew says a heart. Han tells her to go get it from Bomb, there’s none with him. LOL.

King is enjoying his cooking class.

King gives Taliw a bowl of soup, a special recipe for the studying-hard ones. Arm teases YuYi to put the spoon away and lick it.

“Fighting!” Taliw says. She puts a nurse’s hat on her and studies.

They take college’s admission test. The results for med and nurse students are announced.

Turbo looks at it online with Taliw. He scrolls down slowly searching for Taliw’s name. After 2-3 times, she says just leave it, if she’s on it, they would see it by now. Turbo closes the laptop and says they must accept few students with so many applicants. Taliw says what to do, she didn’t pass the test. Turbo tells her to take more kinds of exams available. She nods.

Turbo says, “Don’t give up yet. Go all the way to the end of it first, and if you really don’t get it, just cry then. All right?”

Taliw cries alone in her room. Han calls her and asks if she’s free today, can she come help him here. She asks him if she’s so incapable. He says if judging by the test scores which says pass or fail, she fails, of course, but there’s more into life than this, the word ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ can’t possibly judge their worth on other things.

He says she’s always ranked at the bottom, but she mustn’t give up. “You can be the one at the bottom, but you mustn’t give up. Don’t forget that.” She nods. Han says he will send King to pick her up.

Taliw walks down the stairs. Kaew asks if she’s heading out now. She says yes.

King waits for her with balloons. She asks why he brought them. King says for her to let go. She asks let go of what. He says of the disappointment. He ties them around her wrist and asks if she can move around comfortably with them. She shakes her head. He says let’s go. She asks if he won’t take them off her wrist. He says no, leave them there. They take off with balloons trailing behind.

TenTen, in a taxi, looks at them and recalls his mom’s advice, that he may lose her one day.

Episode 13 Preview


“If you want to be just Taliw (spatula) then it’s up to you.” TenTen says.

“What’s wrong to be just Taliw?!” King shouts

“Thank…Thank you for everything, all this time.” Taliw says and turns around to leave.


It’s unfair for TenTen to let Taliw go through all these alone. Sorry to say, but King appears a true hero for me, for now  🙂

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  1. Thanks, this helps a lot while waiting for the eng subs… I love this version so much, I hope they don’t let it lag into a lot of unhappiness and angst in the second half.. and if I have to watch Nam Kang and Ten Ten, then I want more of King and Taliw ( of course with Ten Ten knowing about it, haha) But really , the real threat is coming, it’s not Nam Kang and we know that… It will be a girl from Japan, I am sad already… Again, thanks for this recap, it means a lot to us eng speaking fans!! Thanks for your generous gift of time.

  2. second lead syndrome , iam going to tell you something for love and giving you need stable heart, you need confident .although king is poor and not that smart he knows that he loves tawiln he is sure about being chief , he has already answered all the main questions in his life but ten knows nothing he is just woking in the darkness himself ,

  3. thank you for detailed description of the episode! i watched the episode without the subtitle so this really helped me understand and appreciate it more. thank you!!! 😀

  4. In this version I wish she could kind of date someone else before her and Ten Ten get together. At this moment, I am rooting for King or anyone who is not TenTen and will treat Taliw right. Maybe then Tenten will learn

  5. Thank you so much for your review. Honestly, I really like this version more than the others. Seems like Taliw has more pride than Kotoko, Oh Ha Ni and Xiang Qin. And I really like that. This version is actually more realistic for me. I saw the long preview for episodes 13 and 14, and…. CANT WAIT!!! 😀

  6. Even I agree with you….king is much more of a hero….starting was nice but now it’s getting bored…I hoped this version will be better but it’s more of dragging going on.

  7. thank you very much for the update.thank you soooooooo much for updating preview also .

  8. I want her to be with TenTen, but the way he treats her isn’t right. King treats her so much better and gives way better advice than Tenten. About actual life.

  9. Thank you so much for the written update 🙂 Taliw King scenes were really adorable and i agree King seems to be the real hero here. Loving the way story is progressing..but i want more Tenten Taliw scenesssssssss

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