Kiss Me Episode 11

A zoo, is it still a popular dating place?

Episode 11 “Dating partners on occasion”

Turbo calls Diva and says he told his mom that she knew where Pee TenTen was. He asks if she can pick him up to meet Pee TenTen, his mom gave him lots of sweets and food. Diva says no, TenTen will scold her for it.  She tells him to leave all things with her first then she will ask TenTen if he wants to see him or not. Turbo sighs and says okay. He tells her to meet him tomorrow at Rama VIII bridge, in front of Wat Phu Khao Thong. Diva says okay.

After Turbo hangs up, the group feel relived. Taliw asks if it’s good to do this for sure. Paeo says it is.

Next day, Turbo comes to give Diva the food. He asks can he not go with her. She says no way.

Diva makes sure no one will follow her then heads off. Three girls and one boy follow her. When Diva enters a coffee shop, Paeo asks if they should walk in there and says, “Oh, what a coincidence!” Taliw says they should wait out here first.

Diva comes out. YuYi says the bag (Turbo gave her) disappeared from her hand which means TenTen is in there. YuYi tells them to go in there. The group enters the shop. A waiter greets them and tells them they can go take a seat. They sit down. YuYi says why they don’t see TenTen here. Paeo asks if he left already, but they waited outside all this time.

TenTen comes out to take their orders. He notices them right away. The group turn around to see him standing there and get spooked by his sight and costume. He tells them to make orders at the counter instead. He asks his colleague for a half day off then leaves the shop. Taliw runs after him. Turbo wants to follow but Paeo stops him with her leg (LOL) to let the two talk it out.

YuYi asks Paeo since when TenTen become a wizard. Paeo says that’s crazy.

Taliw smiles at TenTen and says he looks a little skinnier. He doesn’t argue about it. She says it makes her happy to see him, he appears happy so it stops her worry. He asks how her study is. She says she studied a lot, and when she doesn’t understand it, she would ask Arm to teach her. He walks off. She says she could solve a lot of problems, and tells him to wait.

She gets in a taxi with him. He asks how mom is. She says she’s fine but missed him a lot. She tells him to go see her when he’s free. He says he thought of doing that. She says it will make his mom very happy.

She tells him about the cat that it doesn’t get bigger but becomes more stubborn. It loves to get into her room and uses its claws to scratch things inside her room, especially those balls of yarn. TenTen smiles and listens to her attentively.

He walks into Dusit Zoo. They get on a tram or mini bus. She asks where they are going. He says taking her to visit her relatives. “What? Do I have more relatives?” she asks.

They stop in front of five-colored langur cage. TenTen tells them their relative is here to visit them. He tells her to make face like theirs or they won’t recognize her.

At a giraffe cage, he says they shouldn’t be her relatives or just distant ones. He looks at her height.

“Ta-wan (sweet eyes), come here!” she calls out. He asks if they know each other. She says she’s giving it a name. They give Ta-wan food. They walk along until they reach a short-leg horse cage.

He says her legs are similar to theirs. She reaches out to touch it but can’t. He says that’s because her legs are short.

Taliw walks behind him and makes a wish that he turn to her. He turns to her. She asks if he could actually hear her. She takes something out of his hair and says his hair is so soft. She asks if his hands hurt so she will give them a massage. She says his hands are rough, they must have made him work so hard. She asks if they feel okay now. He nods.

He asks if she still wants to study at the same school with him. She nods. He says good, then hurry and go home, and study. She asks if she has to do it now. He says she must study really hard if she wants to get in the same school with him. She nods and asks what he’s going to study. He says medical school. She is happy for him. He asks if he’s a doctor then what she should become. “A patient!” she says.

He pokes her forehead and asks if she’s going to get sick all the time. He shoos her back home to study. She asks if she has to do it now when she’s spending such short time with him. He says now. She nods and waves him goodbye. She walks away but runs back to hug him.


“I missed you, TenTen. I missed you so much.” she says. She says she will become a nurse no matter what, just wait and see.

After she leaves, he stands there thinking.

At home, Taliw is busy studying. Turbo peeks at her and asks if he can get in there. She says sure. He asks how Pee TenTen is, also Pee Diva. “Pee Diva? Oh, Namkang! I totally forgot about her.”

He asks why so many books,  and if she wants to weight them and sell them off per kilo. She says she wants to become a nurse. Turbo is surprised to hear it. She explains that TenTen wants to become a doctor, therefore, she must be a nurse. She says she can do it, that time when YuYi was sick, she could do it. Turbo says wait, was it not because she must be the one to do it at that time. He says let him demonstrate.

“Here is a monkey and here is you. In the forest, if there’s a patient, of course, it would be you do a better job taking care of a patient.”



“No ‘but’, I will become a nurse no matter what.”

“Okay, but before becoming a nurse, you must (he bangs at the books) try hard.”

He says he will look for a tutor class for her on the net, and she can get specs done for studying. He wishes her good luck. She hugs him and says he’s so kind. He tells her to get up after hugging him. He will find a tutor class for her.

At night, Taliw thinks of the time TenTen was her tutor.

Kaew greets Taliw in the morning and says TenTen dropped by just now. Taliw is glad and asks where he is. Kaew says he left already, he came to have breakfast with his mom. She shows her his emptied plate. Kaew says he told her so many things and behaved so cute today. She says she will go to the market and cook, then will drop it for him. She says she wants to give him good nutrition since he wants to become a doctor. She thinks he must want to look after her when she turns old.

Kaew says all those boxes are hers from TenTen.

Taliw opens one box and there are studying materials inside. There’s a note from him which tells her to study and strictly follow the time-table, and see her in one year.

She looks at the time-table and it shows which subject to study at what day and time. She opens one more box and there are books inside. “Who can finish reading these many?!” she shouts.

She spends time studying alone.

“Six Months Later”


The freshmen of med and nurse students are getting a welcoming treat from their sophomores, juniors and seniors. Diva is among them. A man in the front tells them to circling around themselves three times then say their names and come to get their name tags from his staff, and they mustn’t lose it or there will be a punishment.

A girl next to Diva isn’t feeling well so they talk. The student in the front asks what they are talking about and tells them to come out here. Diva and the girl walk to the front. The student says they are good-looking but lack manners. He tells her what to do and say her name, and say she won’t be out of manners again.

NamKang does the circling and says, “NamKang, Medical School, freshman year, I have manners!”

NamKang says her friend is sick so it worries her. The student asks which one and what name. Diva can’t say it so he asks if she doesn’t know the name when they are friends. He orders a punishment and tells her to ask the name. Diva does it and asks the name of the girl. She says it’s Paeng.

The student tells Diva to do that circling around herself again. This time Diva won’t do it. He increases the number of round from 5 to 15 to 20. A student having a mask on volunteers to do it for her. Diva tries to do it herself but she falls down so the man wearing a mask does it for her. After he’s done, he takes a picture with her then hangs a sign around her neck which says her name, a freshman of Med School – Pee Dan’s dating partner.

Diva doesn’t like how she’s treated but has to go along. TenTen looks at her from further away. At night, the welcoming ceremony went by peacefully with the students in other years beside freshman give blessings to all newcomers.

A student helps NamKang pick up her books from the floor. He looks at the sign hanging around her neck and reads aloud, “NamKang, Medical School, freshman year, Pee Dan’s dating partner”

She says it’s so stupid she has to stay with this name for weeks. He says it’s not that bad and more of a fun and memorable time. She shrugs. He says Med School is that way and asks if she wants him to help her carrying those books. She says it’s all right then asks him if they need to be serious about the freshman’s welcoming rules.

He says it’s not life and death kind but she will be remembered in a way she can’t speak out. She says it’s such a nonsense thing in all her life and she couldn’t believe there’s still such thing as freshman’s welcoming ceremony, also comes with unreasonable punishment.

He says he can understand that. She asks what ‘Pee Dan’ is like. He says in all his years he known him, he never stepped up to save a freshman like this before, also he has good personalities and girls scream after him.

She asks what ‘Lunch Dating Partner’ is. He says it means she must pick up Pee Dan at the faculty and treat him the meal. She must buy him food, drinks and sweets until he’s satisfied, then take him back to the faculty. He tells her to keep doing that until the time is served. She asks if she has to pay for it. He  nods. She says that’s so manly.

She asks if there’s a way out of it like cleaning toilets or reading to elders instead. He says no and many got it done without any problems and ended up having more spirits. He wishes her good luck and leaves.

A student teases NamKang by reading the sign on her. She asks if he knows Pee Dan. He says he’s his close friend. She asks if he has his picture. He says he doesn’t like taking photos with guys, but if it’s a pretty girl like her, he will be willing to. He asks if she sees her own pictures. She asks what pictures.

Diva walks to a board to look at her pictures during the welcoming ceremony. TenTen walks to her and says when she’s like in the pictures, she looks kind of cute.

She pretends to be surprised and asks if he’s studying here too. He smiles and says she doesn’t have to pretend that. She asks why he didn’t attend the welcoming ceremony. He says he didn’t want to. She asks if they can choose not to attend. He says one document from a doctor got it done for him, and for a welcoming ceremony, no one would force anyone to attend. She pouts. He wishes her good luck with her lunch. He reads the sign on her and leaves.

NamKang runs to the faculty and looks around.

“I’m now hungry!” a man says. She turns around and smiles to see him again. He says for their first date, let’s eat at the canteen. He confirms to her that he’s Pee Dan. She gets frustrated but says let’s go, Pee Dan.

At the canteen, Dan tells her several dishes he wants to eat today and explains each one in detail. She grits her teeth and buys all of it for him. He reminds her that a rule is a rule, a dating partner is a dating partner, and if asked if he’s uncomfortable with it, somewhat, not totally none.

NamKang sits down with her own food. He looks at it and says he wants one too. She tells him not to try to impress her in a weird way, it won’t affect her in any way, and if he also feels really uncomfortable then try to make it go smoothly.

He says he doesn’t try to impress her, he’s only greedy that the dish of another person looks more tasty. He tells her not to think much and gets him one.

NamKang sees TenTen so she greets him and says she’s Pee Dan’s dating partner. She points him to see Pee Dan. He looks at Dan and wishes her good luck.

Later, Dan says he isn’t familiar with her friend she met at the canteen just now. She says he’s TenTen. He laughs at the name, 10 out of 10. She says his IQ is 200 and he didn’t come to the welcoming ceremony because he’s the kind who doesn’t like things which….

“Stupid?” Dan asks.

She asks if she said that. He says her gestures easily suggest it. He says it seems that she admires TenTen a lot while he seems pretty stern. He asks if she thinks so. She doesn’t answer so he thanks her for today, he’s so full and it’s fun. He waves and says, “See you later, my dating partner on occasion.”

NamKang greets TenTen at an elevator. He asks if it was fun dating. She rolls her eyes and says  no, don’t want to talk about it. He asks for how many days. She says for 2 weeks. He chuckles and says, “Welcome to the world.” She says that’s not funny.

Taliw is studying hard at home while TenTen and Diva attend the same school.


Not sure if that’s how you want to become a nurse, but for Taliw, she could turn out a gentle nurse later, but to pass the admission exam and training is another story  🙂

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