Kiss Me Episode 9

Bit late, I was out of town, but I hear ya!


Episode 9 “Could it be you’re just ‘TaLiw’ ?”

After Tai tells them what works need to be done, they disperse. King tells Taliw to take care of herself which earns him a glare from TenTen.

Tai tells Haeng that the kids are happy that they came, this playground is a wreck. Haeng says he will handle it here so he can go do other works.

Paeo and YuYi end up playing soccer with the kids so Khu Haeng reminds them to get back to work. Three girls try to lift a table from the floor and YuYi feels that she got stung by something. YuYi says leave it for now and she will apply balm later back at the house.

They try to lift the table again but YuYi says her arm is hurting. Taliw tells her to sit down while Paeo calls Arm to come help them instead.

King cooks the meal. Both Tai and Haeng praise his cooking. Tai says he noticed that boy since he arrived, he even had a spatula on his back.

Taliw comes sit with King. She asks what he’s doing this early in the morning. He says he’s making Thai fried eggs (kai-jeo) and asks if she wants it too. She says she will help but he says no, he’d better do it himself. She falls asleep so he’s looking at her lovingly.

Khu Haeng plays a guitar and YuYi sings a tune.

“Tonight my heart is feeling uneasy, it keeps showing your face

How could it be when we are only friends?

Can we meet, talk and be friends

Just like yesterday?

How would it be for me,

Let me keep it to myself

It’s love only, sings a tune in my heart

For me, I still don’t understand where this love come from

Wanting to run far away

I can’t hide my feeling inside, if I meet (you)

Because I’m still out of my mind

My love for you overwhelms my heart”

Taliw walks over to hand TenTen a bowl of drinking water. He accepts and drinks it. King doesn’t like it.

King is cooking again. Arm asks Haeng what they need to do today. Haeng says finish the paint job and store things back in place, then it’s done. Paeo asks if that’s all they have to do. She and Taliw are happy. YuYi doesn’t feel well.

Khu Haeng asks if they should go finish it now then they can celebrate. King asks for more time because he’s cooking rice and boiling eggs. He’s making fried rice with boiled eggs and will wrap it in small packages. Arm tells him he needs two packages to fill his stomach.

Khu Haeng asks King how long he will be done. King says around one hour. He needs to wait for the rice to be fully cooked then it’s done. Khu Haeng says some of them should go prepare for work first and the rest can bring food later.

Taliw says she will stay to wrap the rice, she did it before. King says Taliw can do it. YuYi asks Taliw if she can stay and help her here because she’s feeling tried and sleepy, not fully awake. Taliw tells Khu Haeng that YuYi will stay and help her here. The rest gets moving.

Taliw beams at TenTen.

“Are you sure you won’t get lost?” he asks. She nods so he moves along with the rest.

Taliw uses banana leaves to wrap the rice into packages. YuYi lies down looking at her arm. They walk along. Taliw says it’s great that they took a trip here together and she feels great that the school will be finished soon, and the kids here are lovely.

YuYi interrupts her and says she feels like fainting. Taliw asks if she’s hungry and she can eat this rice first. YuYi says no and asks if she remembers the short-cut route Pee Tai took them that day. Taliw asks if it’s the route walking pass the school. YuYi nods. Taliw says she isn’t sure. YuYi says she doesn’t have the strength to walk along this route. Taliw argues that she isn’t sure about that route. YuYi says it’s all right, she remembers the way which is full of bamboo bushes. Taliw says if she’s sure then let’s go. She tells YuYi to walk slowly.

Arm asks King if those two girls cook too much rice, why they haven’t showed up here yet. TenTen listens to them. King says that’s right, they should be here already. Paeo asks if they stall for time (instead of coming to work). Arm says for YuYi, it could be, but not Taliw. TenTen looks at his wristwatch. Paeo says let’s ask Khu Haeng.

Paeo informs Khu Haeng that Taliw and YuYi aren’t here yet. He says it’s almost noon now. Paeo says that’s right and she’s hungry. King says normally it takes them just half an hour to walk here. TenTen says it could take longer for those two girls.

Khu Haeng tells them to walk around for phone signals and try calling them. TenTen says on this end, they may have signals, but not sure about on their end. He suggests they walk around to look for them. Khu Haeng tells them to go look for them and meet here in one hour. Khu Haeng tells the kids to wait for him here.

They search for Taliw and YuYi.

Taliw tells YuYi that she thinks they are getting lost. She says they walked a long way but why they haven’t reached them yet, and if it’s the short-cut route then should they not have reached by now. Taliw tells her to walk back the same way and they may meet with their friends.

YuYi sits down and says she can’t take it anymore. She refuses to eat and says she’s so exhausted and it’s out of her control now and she may faint.

The boys come back to the same spot and say they didn’t find those two girls. TenTen says he thinks the girls lost the way in the forest. King panics and asks Khu Haeng what they should do. Khu Haeng says they must contact Tai then find the girls before dark or it could be a trouble.

Khu Haeng tells Jane and Paeo to stay here and the rest to come with him.

Tai tells them not to panic and divide into three groups. He gives each party a flashlight and a Red Hand Flare. He says this is a dense forest but not that wide to not be able to find them. He reminds them not to call their friends’ names when searching for them, only shout loudly is enough, the villagers here take it very seriously.

He warns them not to go alone and always keep a party with them. They may think they remember the way, but may be not and will end up getting lost as well. He tells them to meet here in two hours and not to forget to light the Red Hang Flare once they found them so that others will know.

It’s getting dark and Taliw tells YuYi to hang in there. The boys are searching for them. King keeps calling Taliw’s name.

YuYi becomes very sick with fever.

King keeps shouting Taliw and YuYi’s names. TenTen says Pee Tai said not to call their names. King asks if they don’t call their names, how they will know they are looking for them.

TenTen says the way King’s shouting, even if they return his call, no one will be able to hear. King says he’s worried about Taliw and if he doesn’t feel worry then go home study. Arm tells King to calm down and says Pee Tai really said that, people here take it very seriously.

A villager tells them to head back, it’s time. King asks him for half an hour more. TenTen decides to head out alone.

Taliw tries to keep YuYi awake. When YuYi asks for water, she searches her basket but there’s no water in there.

TenTen looks for their traces while searching.

Taliw tells YuYi not to fall asleep so they can walk some more. Taliw tells her to wake up and cries. She yells for help.

“Taliw!” someone shouts. She stops short to listen carefully. TenTen found her. She hugs him tight.

“It’s all right. I’ve found you.” he says.

He says, “I’m here. Don’t be scared. Did you hurt yourself anywhere?”

She shakes her head then says it’s YuYi.

Tai asks if now they lost TenTen too. He asks Haeng what to do, now they lost three persons. Khu Haeng says for TenTen, it doesn’t worry him much, he has good memory so he should be able to get out of it, but it worries him more about Taliw and Yuyi. He says he secretly hopes that TenTen already found them. Tai says if that’s the case, they will not know since the Red Hand Flare isn’t with TenTen.

King suggests they go search for two girls and they may find TenTen on the way. Tai tells them to go in groups and not to separate with the villagers or they will get lost, and meet here in two hours. Khu Haeng tells Paeo and Jane not to go anywhere and worry him more.

TenTen lights a campfire. Taliw asks him what happened to YuYi. TenTen checks YuYi’s legs and arms and found a wound on her arm which is now swollen. Taliw says she got stung by something this afternoon. She asks him what to do to help her. He is stunned himself when saying he doesn’t know.

Taliw asks how he can not know and if such thing exists. She tells him to try to think. He hears a sound so he asks, “Who’s there?”

A man walks out and tells them not to make loud noise in the forest at night. TenTen carries YuYi to his shack. The man tells Taliw to get a cloth to wipe her friend’s body and tells TenTen to follow him.

He tells TenTen to fan the fire to bring water to full boil for 10 minutes then leave the fire there.

He checks YuYi’s wound and says it’s a spider. He asks about YuYi’s symptoms. Taliw says she said she was tired and felt thirsty, and she felt hot then cold.

He gives some herbs for TenTen to put in the pot. He tells him to fan the fire while keeps grinding what’s in the mortar into really fine paste.

Taliw asks TenTen who that uncle is. He doesn’t answer her. The man asks TenTen if the paste is fine enough.

He applies the mixture on the wound while telling Taliw to keep wiping her friend’s body upward and toward the heart, and not to wipe downward. He tells her to keep wiping until the fever goes down, and not to let the mixture fall out of the wound’s surface. TenTen and Taliw look at each other.

Khu Haeng asks Tai what they should do. Paeo starts crying. Tai says he’ll have to wait till tomorrow, nothing they can do in the dark. He says he can only hope nothing bad happen to them. He assures them that all his time here, nothing bad happened so don’t worry, it’s only they haven’t found them yet. He tells them to get rest for tomorrow. Khu Haeng thanks him.

Tai tells the villagers to go rest and will start again tomorrow.

Khu Haeng tells his students not to panic, he’s confident that TenTen already found Taliw and YuYi but he doesn’t have the Red Hand Flare with him, to let them know. He tells them to be at ease and rest for now. He tells Jane to take Paeo to get some rest. He begs King not to go out there alone. King says yes.

The man tells TenTen to bring the med pot to the spot his friend’s head is lying, then fan its smoke toward her head. He tells TenTen to get the med package and put it in the pot. TenTen isn’t sure what he’s seeing. The man tells him to hurry.

The man  pours the med into a small bowl and asks Taliw if she has a watch. She says yes. He tells her to make her friend drink it every hour until her fever is gone. He tells her to be careful because it’s hot. He calls TenTen over and says press at the wound so the mixture won’t fall off.

The man walks over with a tray of food. He tells them to eat it if they are hungry. Taliw thanks him. She asks where he’s going. He says to sleep.

Taliw asks TenTen if they can stop wiping her body once in a while. He asks her why. She says she’s hungry. He reaches for food and feeds her instead. They bite and share the same piece of food.

When she falls asleep, he lets her rest her head on his shoulder. TenTen recalls how frightened he was while looking for her that he actually called out her name. He looks at her sleeping then turns away, only to turn back which looks like for a kiss.


I love how this series let us absorb and comprehend what it tries to tell us instead of adding more dialog. It surely brought us back to our beloved teachers and friends, beside poppy love, of course.

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