Kiss Me Episode 10

Everyone has to grow up and it’s not easy how to start building the groundwork for the future ahead.


Episode 10 “I know where TenTen is.”

TenTen swoops in for a kiss on her lips. YuYi opens her sleepily eyes a bit. TenTen looks around if anyone seeing. He smiles and holds her close.

The uncle walks outside to where TenTen is sitting. He says the girl’s condition already gets better. He looks at TenTen and says, “Death is actually not far away from us like we think, especially in the forest. No matter how great we are, we can’t negotiate with death. Let’s wait until she wakes up and you can go home. I will drop you off at the village in the afternoon. What’s that girl’s name?”

“It’s Taliw.”

“Haha, Taliw? She’s good at taking care of people. She should become a nurse.” the uncle says and walks away.

Next day, TenTen with YuYi on his back and Taliw come back to the village. “Paeo!” Taliw calls out. Paeo jumps up and hugs them both. “Where have you been? I’m so worried! Please don’t do this again.”

TenTen asks Paeo where Pee Tai is, YuYi needs to see a doctor immediately.

TenTen touches Paeo’s back and stresses, “Paeo, YuYi-must-see-a-doctor.”

Paeo panics and asks what happened to YuYi. YuYi tells her to take a deep breath, she’s okay now. YuYi tells TenTen that she’s okay now and her arm doesn’t hurt anymore. TenTen tells her not to take any chances. He tells Paeo to go call Pee Tai. Paeo says Pee Tai told her to light the Red Hand Flare if she found them. Paeo tells him to do it and carries YuYi away.

Taliw is saying that it’s very dark in the forest. Paeo says that’s why when she walked a bit and felt lost, she should have backtracked. TenTen cooks them some food.

King and the rest run to them. He asks Taliw if she’s all right. She says she’s fine but it’s YuYi who got it almost bad. King asks what happened to YuYi. YuYi says she’s okay now. Taliw says uncle Mor (uncle doctor) said she got stung by a spider, might be that one at school. Paeo asks if it’s when they lifted that table.

Tai asks who that uncle is. TenTen says he’s an uncle around 60 years old. Tai asks if the man is quite stern but kind. Taliw says that’s right, he’s so kind. Tai says it must be ‘Mor Ya’. He says the villagers told him that he’s a herbal-med doctor who came to live here, and pick herbs for villagers to use, that’s why the villagers rarely fallen sick.

YuYi says she gets better and feels a little tired, but her arm doesn’t hurt anymore. Taliw says YuYi is so lucky.

Khu Haeng asks Taliw and YuYi if they got lost or walked out of the track. Taliw says should be both. He reprimands them not to do it again, not to be stubborn and leave the track, and in the forest, they must communicate with one another. He tells them not to be reckless. The girls apologize to them.

Khu Haeng says the school is almost finished so the boys will go with him to get it done, and the girls just stay here. Tai tells YuYi to get a good rest so she will get well soon, and she should cook soggy rice for him one more time before she leaves. He tells the girls not to go anywhere or they will get lost again.

YuYi apologizes to Paeo who says she has nothing to scold her beside worrying.

Paeo tells YuYi to take the med. YuYi tells her that she saw TenTen kiss Taliw. Two girls whisper if they should go and ask Taliw. Paeo asks if she’s very sure about it. YuYi says very sure but she wants to hear it from Taliw.

They march to Taliw and YuYi asks her if she’d been kissed.

“Eh…” Taliw says.

“See! Your ‘eh’ always means yes.”

“Eh…I’m thirsty!” Taliw wants to get up.

YuYi pushes her down. YuYi repeats the question and says she saw it. Taliw thinks of another kiss in the past.

“When?” Taliw asks.

“That’s not the point. The point is tell us about it.” Paeo says.


“Taliw! You were kissed by TenTen last night, weren’t you?” Paeo asks.

“Last night?”

YuYi confirms it to her but Taliw says no, she wasn’t kissed by TenTen last night. She says YuYi was too sick until she was hallucinating. She gets up and says in fact, both of them are hallucinating. Paeo is pissed at YuYi. YuYi insists that she saw it with her two eyes. Paeo pokes her head so YuYi protests that she’s still sick.

“Ban Khu Haeng School” starts functioning with a monk performing an opening ceremony.

“Welcome, Khu Haeng, the first teacher of this forest.” Tai congrats him.

Khu Haeng thanks Tai and his students to accomplish it. He says he’s tearing up and he has a surprise for a celebration.

King prepares many dishes for everyone. He gives one to Taliw and tells her to try it. She takes a bite and asks what kind of meat it is. He says frog meat. She drops the stick from her mouth. He says he’s joking, it’s barbecued pork with seafood and fresh milk sauce.

She tries it and says it’s great. She asks how this sauce made. TenTen hears them and doesn’t look pleased. She shares it with everyone. Tai asks if there are enough for them and they can take it from here. He says everything is really tasty.

They are having a great time. They end up doing a local dancing with the locals.

Khu Haeng thanks everyone and he’s glad that they spent some time here together. It might be short but a very happy one for him. He tells them to go back and start thinking about their education and future. He wishes them meet with what they love, what they dream of. He says a happy career means a happy life, just like him, and if anyone wants to come back here and help, he opens his arms wide to accept them anytime. They laugh. Arm says let him think if he can live with a cell phone which sometime works and sometime doesn’t.

YuYi says no matter what they have to thank Khu Haeng. She says coming here is fun. She had a fun time, fell sick, also got lost in the forest. Paeo adds and did rice-cooking.

King apologizes for being misbehaved in the past, and he will surely miss him. Khu Haeng says he can be sentimental, too.

“We love you.” Taliw says and walks over to give him a hug.

A boy says he loves them, too. They hug the kids. TenTen thanks Khu Haeng for asking him to come. Khu Haeng says he knows that TenTen is highly capable, but sometimes people do have things they can’t figure out by themselves, and he thinks he should be able to help him. He adds that just let it be an easy one.

TenTen says he’s glad that Khu Haeng will stay here and he thinks he will be much happier with something he actually loves. Khu Haeng thanks him.

Tai says to King that he thanks them for coming to help, and it’ll be quiet (lonely) around here once they leave. King asks if it’s quiet or more peaceful. Tai says it’s similar somewhat, haha. He says he definitely will miss his cooking. King thanks him. YuYi asks if he won’t miss her rice as well.

Tai says since she’s leaving, he will tell her openly that a gibbon like her, won’t catch his attention (which implies that he’s gay). Both  King and YuYi are stunned. Tai says he’s just kidding. Tai pokes her head and says just leave. King asks if he’s that. Tai laughs and says that’s crazy. They bid him goodbye. Tai wishes them a safe trip.

In the van, they all sit quietly thinking how Khu Haeng told them to think of their education and future.

They are back at home. Kaew brings food to the table and tells them to put down books and games to eat. Kaew tells Taliw to eat a lot, she is thinner now. Turbo says Taliw’s weight surely is less than his. She pinches his cheek.

Bomb asks TenTen if he decided which college he will attend, or study in Japan. Kaew says that’s good and take Taliw too, she can take a language course.

Turbo says TenTen should go to the US, to NASA. Kaew says he can’t go to NASA since nowadays he’s not totally on earth, so she won’t let him go.

Han says he can become Thailand’s first astronaut. Bomb asks if he wants to come help at his company, TenTen surely can do it.

They argue louder and louder so Taliw gets up and asks them to listen to what TenTen has to say, when he didn’t answer anything.

Everyone prepares to hear him. TenTen says he wants to live by himself for a year. They are feeling sad to hear it. TenTen says he wants to be sure that he can take care of himself first, and about his education, he will search for what he truly wants to study then he will enter an exam for a scholarship on his own. He says he made the decision not to depend on the family’s allowance.

Kaew asks why he needs to live outside and trouble himself when they have it all here. Bomb tells her to listen to their son first. Han likes the idea and says teens these days can’t make this kind of decision, and he thinks TenTen will do well.

Kaew says it’s up to dad to decide, but she will say that she will be very sad, won’t be able to eat or sleep, how to live without her son.

Bomb consoles her that it’s still in Thailand and they can visit him. TenTen says he will leave for good, if nothing important, he won’t come back. TenTen says he actually wants to live abroad, but one thing pulls him back (he looks at Taliw), that he might be better out here.

Kaew cries and apologizes to TenTen if she did something to offend him, but if he insists to leave then she wishes he won’t be able to do anything everyday. Bomb hugs her and tells her to let their son decide. Taliw also tears up.

TenTen is packing his things. Turbo asks what he actually wants to study. TenTen says he doesn’t know yet but already looking at something. Turbo asks if he really won’t come back. TenTen says they can always call each other.

“What about Pee Taliw?” Turbo asks.

“Since when you called her ‘Pee’?”

TenTen asks where she is now, then says he will put her in his care. TenTen tells him if that girl starts to get too emotional then give him a call.

“I don’t want you to go.”

“It will be all right. Believe me.”

Turbo falls asleep and TenTen found the card Taliw made for June.

Taliw stands at the corridor looking at TenTen. She thinks, “Where will you stay?” He answers, “Not that far.” She asks what he will study.

TenTen says uncle Mor said she could become a good nurse. She asks if that’s true. He says she will the first one to know what he will choose to study. He tells her not to cry, when she’s like this, he doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to smile. She gives him a bitter smile.

He leans over for a kiss. When he pulls out, he says now she stops crying.

TenTen sits in the dark and thinks of his sweet moments with her.

TenTen is moving out. Kaew doesn’t come down to send him off. Bomb tells him to give mom a call from time to time. TenTen tells him to take care of his mom. Bomb says he always does or else he will get scolded. Han tells TenTen any day he doesn’t have money to buy his meal, just drop by his restaurant and he will make his dad pay for it.

TenTen tells Turbo to be a good boy and not to cry. Turbo hugs his dad and cries. He tells Taliw to study hard. Han tells him to get going. TenTen bids his mom goodbye and leaves.

Taliw is writing,

‘To TenTen,

How strange? When you were here, you didn’t talk much to anyone, almost didn’t leave your room, but we could feel that you lived here. At first, we all thought, it wouldn’t be that bad. But once you really left, the house turned strangely quiet. I studied hard everyday like how you told me without knowing which college I will attend. I wonder where you are. I really missed you, and everyone here missed you as well. I wrote a letter to you everyday without knowing where to send it. When will I get to see you…TenTen?”

Diva greets Turbo. He asks why she came here. She asks what’s up, how it’s going with Nong June. He tells her to lower her voice. She says the whole school knows it.

She says she came to relate TenTen’s news to him. He gets excited and asks where he lives and what his address is.

Diva found TenTen by chance at a coffee shop. She says it took her a long time to look for him that it’s tiring.

TenTen tells her it’s 85 baht. She pays for the drink and asks  if he won’t ask her how she could find him. TenTen says it’s not that hard for her. She says her next mission is, she must know which school he will attend and which field. He gives the drink she ordered to her. She wishes him a fun time with his new job. She calls him the wizard.

The guy tells TenTen to give her a member card so that she will come here often, she’s so cute. TenTen hands him a list what is out of stock. The guy asks where he’s going. TenTen looks at his watch and says his working hours is done.

Girls come to woo King. She asks if the restaurant is open now. King says not yet but they can sit inside. The girl tells him to come taking order at her table.

The girl says the place is cute and modern. King looks around and says, “Modern?”

She asks what his name is. He says his name isn’t on the menu so she doesn’t need to know. She says it’s on the board in the front, ‘Sai Bua Soup’ (Lotus Soup). She asks what it is. He says it will make one’s uvula stronger so one will speak clearer, also ‘Lotus Root Water’, she can take home or take a bath with it. The girl says okay. King shakes his head.

Taliw and Turbo come to the restaurant. He looks at the board and says there’s no ‘Pha-lo’ (boiled eggs and pork stewed in brown gravy) today.

Turbo greets Han and says he wants to eat Pha-lo. Han says Pha-lo must be sit over night after it’s done, and he promises he will make it for him tomorrow.

Turbo says he heard Pee TenTen’s news. Han asks if TenTen came and what he said. Turbo says Pee TenTen didn’t come but Pee Diva told him that Pee TenTen was fine and they could leave a message or anything for him with her, but she wouldn’t say where he was. She said Pee TenTen didn’t want anyone to know.

Han asks who Diva is. Turbo says she’s the girl who likes Pee TenTen and fits him more than Pee Taliw in every aspect. Han stuffs a piece of food in his mouth and tells him not to tell Pee Taliw, he feels bad for her. Turbo says of course, he knows, such a weepy like her, who would want to hurt her feeling. King asks him to promise. Turbo says they can trust him.

At home that night, Turbo hands Taliw a tissue to wipe her tears. She says why NamKang is the only one who knows. She says she wants to know where he is, how he is, and how long she will have to study. She says it’s boring to keep on studying and waiting like this.

She asks how NamKang knew about it. Turbo sighs and hands her another tissue. She tells him not to let NamKang know that she cries. He says of course, he knows that. She tells him not to tell anyone too. He says he knows that and she can trust him.

Paeo and YuYi sit down. YuYi asks Taliw if she’s okay. Taliw looks at Turbo. YuYi says she feels  bad for her. Paeo asks Turbo what’s with his brother. Turbo says how he would know what Pee TenTen is thinking, what he’s doing. Taliw wails. YuYi tells her to hold it. Paeo says she must know where TenTen is.

When asked how, she says secretly follow her. Turbo laughs and says with her big figure? Paeo says she will roll over him to death.

He says her plan won’t work, his plan is much better. He says just call Pee Diva and say mom want to leave sweets for TenTen, then follow her to see where he lives. Paeo and YuYi say it’s a good idea. Taliw asks if it’s good to do that. They both nod and says of course, it’s good.


More message in this episode, TenTen must be planing ahead rather than jumping into it a little premature. Let’s see  🙂

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