Kiss Me Episode 8

It’s only 30-40 mins per episode and I was wondering how they could make something happen in such short time, but they did. It’s a nice change for me to tackle a series from a cable network. The tone is different but it’s something to look forward to and see how it will grow from here.


Episode 8 “Seriously, time flies!”

After the kiss, TaLiw lies down on her bed and wonders if it’s just a tease, he was teasing her for sure. She wonders how he really feels for her. She spends her time squealing.

TaLiw comes to Turbo’s school. She greets the kids and shows them the sweets she brought to boost their energy. June thanks her and says she’s happy someone came to replenish her energy. TaLiw sits down and tells them to eat a lot. She looks at Turbo and points at June, if it’s a she. Turbo nods.

June says it tastes so good. TaLiw says she can come to Turbo’s house, his mom makes great sweets. June asks Turbo if that’s true and why he never told her. Turbo says it’s true and she can come to his house. TaLiw can’t stop smiling how cute they are. She tells Turbo she will wait for him in front of the school. She tells him to come over a bit.

TaLiw gives him a card with dried flowers inside. She says she already wrote on it. He opens it and there is his face sticking his tongue out and she wrote,

“For you, June…Turbo”

He likes it and says it’s pretty. She tells him to put it in a book or notebook which she will see it clearly. He asks if he has to do it now. She asks when to do it if not now.

Turbo slips the card inside a book and smiles.

June talks on the phone that she can go back now. She tells her friends that she will go back now, Pee Mo is already here to pick her up. Her friend teases June that they are sweet to each other everyday. June says she’s crazy (to say that).

Turbo tells her to take her book too. She grabs it and his card falls out. She steps on it without seeing it. Turbo’s feeling crushed.

Diva waits for TenTen at school. He arrives on his bike. She says he came pretty quick today. He asks where her bike is, he can take a look and may be he can fix it. She says it’s all right, she will ask her dad to tow it tomorrow. She tells him they should get going. He nods and tells her to tell him the direction.

She asks him how to get on his bike when there’s no seat in the back. He says she can hold on to his back. She gets on his bike the same way TaLiw do it.

All the while, TaLiw is looking at them. Diva says, “TaLiw, I’m going. Drop Turbo off for me.” TenTen bikes away with Diva on the back.

TaLiw feels a bit upset by it. Turbo comes sit next to her with the card in his hand. She asks if he didn’t give it to her yet. He says it fell on the floor and she didn’t care, didn’t even pick up to look at it, and she stepped on it too.

He calls TaLiw a nonsense, what crazy thing she made  him do and no one even cares. TaLiw says may be June didn’t know it’s from him.

He asks, “So what? Even if she knew, as if she would like it. I knew it, how some dried flowers would make a difference.”

She tells him not to get discouraged, he can be the bottom-ranked one but he mustn’t give up (her father taught her that). He shrugs her hand away and asks, “Who is the bottom-ranked one? I’m not you. To compete when there’s no way to win, and turn into a loser, what a waste.”

“I can understand that.” she says.

“No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can. To compete with someone whom we will never be able to defeat, I can totally understand it.”

“How do you understand it?”

“I understand how it feels when he doesn’t look at me, doesn’t see me there. I understand how it feels when I’m in front of someone and have no meaning at all. I understand how it feels when I have to see him walk away with someone else, someone whom I have nothing to compete with.” TaLiw explains.

She turns to him and says she’s stupid and has no good qualities, that’s why she can understand this matter, but for him, he’s much clever than her and also cute, if he can talk nicer and doesn’t get annoyed easily. She asks if he believes her that some girl will come and fall for him.

“But I want to like someone I like, not someone who come and like me.” he argues.

“That’s why we must fight and mustn’t give up, so that one day we will be able to like someone we want to like. Let’s get some ice-cream. Come on, I will give you a treat.” she pulls him up and off they go.

King is choosing an ice-cream he wants to buy when he spots TenTen with Diva biking along the road. The vendor asks King what color he wants. King says white one.

TaLiw and Turbo are eating ice-cream. King walks over and asks why they sit and eat ice-cream here. She says to celebrate. King asks celebrate on what occasion. She says celebrate for the loser who refuses to lose. Turbo tells her to stop talking. King says in that case, he must eat with them too, because he’s the same kind of loser.

King kneels down and asks Turbo to let him join his gang. TaLiw says, “Sure, my subordinate!” King pays respect to them, calling them his senior apprentices. They eat ice-cream together.

King says this battle is huge so he must eat a lot to have strength to fight. He asks Turbo if he also has a huge battle to fight. He tells him to keep fighting.

King wants to tell TaLiw that he saw TenTen and Diva just now but changes his mind. They clink spoon to fight the battle.

At home, TaLiw asks her dad for his permission to let her go build a school. Han says no, with her abilities, she won’t be able to build one. TaLiw says she will change her question to, “Can I go help my teacher build a school?”

Kaew asks where and who arranges it. TaLiw says they will go by themselves, and it’s Khu Haeng who persuaded them, he said he would let them become those who do volunteered works, so they will get a chance to help others.

Kaew asks if it means it’s in a countryside, and how many days she will go, and if it’s safe. TaLiw says there are many who will go together including YuYi, Paeo, Arm and King.

“King go too? Then you can go and it won’t worry me.” Han says.

TenTen perks up while Kaew makes face. She shrieks and says that’s what must worry him.

“TenTen, my dear?” she asks.

“Nope, I’m not going.” TenTen answers.

Kaew insists that he should do this kind of activities, it should be fun.

“No means no, and I repeat, I’m not going.” TenTen insists.

“TenTen, my darling.”


Kaew gets up and tells TenTen that he should know that she has his important things in possession.


“It’s so important that you went searching in the bedroom.”


She tells him to go clear this matter with her face-to-face at the back of the house. TenTen and Kaew leave for a talk. Han asks what happened. Turbo says face-to-face is a big thing and warns Han not to interfere.

At the back of the house, TenTen says she cannot do this to him, and she mustn’t!

He yells at her not to force him. She asks why she can’t do that, he mustn’t let TaLiw and King be in the countryside together for a ten-day trip or more. TenTen begs her that he will not go.

“You must go.” Kaew says.

“No, I won’t.” TenTen returns.

They argue back and forth and then,

“I must go.” TenTen says.

“No, you won’t.” she argues.

“All right, I won’t go then.” he says.

She realizes her mistake so she says all right, he doesn’t have to go but she will tell everyone that he had that pink bra on his chest.

He sighs and tells her to put those pictures in his room including the negatives, and if he knows there are some of them left in this world…he will run away from home.

She says let’s do a pinky swear. He says no, it’s not a promise but it’s a blackmail! In the end, mom wins.

It’s the day of the trip. TenTen arrives with Diva. He tells Khu Haeng that TaLiw said he wanted books so he and his friend gathered some here. Diva greets Khu Haeng and says she wants to go with them to do volunteered works too, but she has to go abroad with her father.

YuYi wonders if it’s abroad (muang-nok) or suburb (nok-muang). Diva glares at her. Khu Haeng thanks Diva. Arm arrives with sport gears from his dad’s company. Khu Haeng tells Arm to thank his father for him.

Arm asks what King brought with him. King says, “TaLiw! (spatula)” The whole gang cheers. TenTen doesn’t look pleased. Khu Haeng explains that King will be their cook for the whole trip so King brought his own spatula.

YuYi asks Khu Haeng if the place they are heading is close to town. Khu Haeng says it’s quite far from town and difficult to reach/to go to town, no hospital or public school. He asks if they are all here. They say yes. He says before they leave, he must thank everyone for joining together to do good things.

YuYi asks what they need to do. He says he will explain everything to them in the car. He asks if anyone won’t have carsickness. TaLiw raises her hand and says she won’t have it. He tells her to sit at the back of the car.

TenTen turns to Diva and says he will go now. She wishes him a fun trip.

Inside the car, Khu Haeng is saying that he wants to renovate this building to use for teaching the kids and everyone.

The van is heading up north where there are many whining roads. They have to make a stop for TaLiw to throw up due to carsickness. TenTen notices how sick she becomes but remains in his seat. TaLiw leans on King’s shoulder along the way.

They arrive at the place. Khu Haeng tells them to wait for the villagers first. YuYi asks if there’s a television here to watch. He shakes his head. Paeo says she should ask what kind of ghosts they have here instead with such dense forest. Khun Haeng pokes their heads for mentioning ghosts. He says no such things here.

Arm says he likes it here and asks if King likes it here. King asks TaLiw if she feels better now. She nods and says the weather is so nice. Khu Haeng says the weather is even better during the morning. He asks if they will wait till night falls, what about their things. He says it’s a long walk to the village. He tells them to get the stuff out of the car. YuYi asks Khu Haeng if they are going to sleep in there. He says that’s right, they will sleep with the villagers here.

YuYi shouts, “You guys, we are going to sleep with the villagers!”

They are heading to the village on foot. YuYi asks Khu Haeng if it’s still a long way to go. He says around two kilometers more. TaLiw asks if they need to walk the whole day.

They reach the village. Khu Haeng walks to a hut and calls out for Tai. No one answers so Khu Haeng thinks he must go into the forest. He tells them he will go look for him.

YuYi checks phone signals and there’s none. She says a place without phone signals really exists, so whom they can call for ten days. Paeo is disappointed that she can’t watch her favorite show online. YuYi says absolutely nothing she can watch.

A man shows up and says it depends on what they want to watch. He greets them. He says this area has many things they never seen before, if only they have eyes for it. He asks if they came with Haeng.

They say they came with Khu Haeng. He welcomes them and asks if they want some chill rain-water to drink. Paeo and YuYi say they would love to, but TaLiw says louder that it’s all right, they don’t want it. LOL.

The man asks if there’s someone who can cook among them. YuYi raises her hand and says she can. Paeo asks since when she knows how to cook. TaLiw says King can cook. The man says they will cook together.

Haeng walks over and they hug. Khu Haeng introduces the man to them, his name is Tai. He tells the name of each of them to Tai.

Tai tells Haeng to go talk inside. He turns to ask which one of them said he/she’s a good cook. YuYi raises her hand but TaLiw says it’s King.

Tai tells them to wait a bit and asks who can cook rice. YuYi says she can do it, such easy job for her. Tai tries to explain how they will cook rice but YuYi says it’s very easy.

Paeo bumps into YuYi and says she must make it eatable because she’s so hungry now.

No one pays attention to TenTen and he realizes it. Paeo eats a banana but says she’s getting some rest.

The group starts cooking (manually) without electricity. King is very attentive to TaLiw and TenTen looks at them.

That night, the meal is ready and the rice is a bit soggy. YuYi gives them an excuse that the water was a little too cold. “So?” Tai asks. YuYi says so she put too much of it. Khu Haeng says he thinks it wasn’t because of that.

Paeo says it’s actually a concept ‘After an exhausted trip, eating soft rice will make you happy’. They all laugh.

TenTen doesn’t look like he enjoys eating. Haeng asks Tai what they will do tomorrow. Tai says he will  take them to fix the school’s roof, clean the playground nearby, connect water pipes, and fix the generator.

Tai thanks Haeng and his group for coming, the kids are very happy that a teacher came. Tai says he’s not sure when they will get a doctor here, it’s been many years without one.

He says luckily the villagers here are healthy, bitten by snake and they were fine. TenTen asks how that is.

Tai says he’s not sure if it really works, but he saw them grind some herbs and cover the wound with it, boil it and drink, and everyone who drank it, would be fully recovered in 2-3 days.

Khu Haeng says the name of a local herb. Tai says if it were him, he wouldn’t take the risk, they should use serum better. TenTen thinks about it.

Tai praises King’s cooking. King says just let him know what he wants to eat tomorrow, he thinks of making local dishes.

Arm tells Tai that King is very good at cooking, but for other things else…YuYi adds, “He’s plain stupid.” LOL

Tai says let’s cook boiled rice and make several dishes to eat with it. He tells YuYi to make boiled rice. YuYi beams and says all right.

Tai says he thinks she should do it well (judging by her soggy rice today). YuYi asks her friends if Tai just praises her or criticizes her. The gang says it’s a compliment, of course.

Four girls sleep in one tent. Paeo grabs a piece of cucumber from YuYi’s face and chews it. She says the dishes were very tasty. TaLue says that tom-yam (spicy soup) is from her dad’s recipe and King could make it very similar to her dad’s. YuYi says he’s good at something, too.

TaLiw says King is skillful and a good man. Paeo chuckles and asks why she doesn’t like him then.

“Of course, I like him, very much so. He’s such a good friend, and without him, I would have got bitten by dogs more than ten times by now. I’m sleepy. I’m going to sleep now. Good night.” TaLiw says.

“Paeo, I think I like Pee Tai. He’s so cute.” YuYi says.

“You like Pee Tai? Want my advice? Start with cooking boiled rice to be cooked rice first, then you can like him.” Paeo says.

“Thanks a lot!” YuYi says (sarcastically).

Paeo keeps eating her cucumber so YuYi hands the whole bowl to her. Paeo asks if it comes with a salad dressing as well. YuYi shoos her out to pick some veggies instead. The girls fight for space to sleep comfortably with Paeo keeps invading theirs.

Three boys sleep in one tent, with Arm in the middle.

“Wow, so quiet in here.” Arm says.

King and TenTen keep their mouths shut. Arm says all right, it’s nice to be this quiet. He says good night to both. No one answers. He chuckles and says nobody talks to him at all.

In the morning, Tai takes them to the school. He says the roof needs to be changed then painted. Khu Haeng tells the girls to clean up the area while he and the boys will ask the workers what they can help.

King takes good care of TaLiw. This time TenTen glares at him and King stares back.


I’m not sure if there’s any progress in this episode, but TenTen might find a purpose to further his studies from here. It makes sense for a nerd to find it challenging to cure or save lives since he may not get a positive result every time, no matter how good he is.

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  1. we can we expect ep 9 and 10 updates

  2. Thank you for your recaps! they’re the only way to understand the episodes ’cause the subtitles release are a bit slowly, they lack people. Thanks again for your gooood work!!! ^___^

  3. Will you be continuing with further episodes of kiss me?….we are waiting for next episode 9 🙂

  4. You are doing a fantastic job for all of us..thanks a ton!

  5. Thanks so much for the recaps. Really appreciate it.

  6. You know I’ve never liked “It Started with a Kiss.” Tried reading the manga and gave it up. Tried watching one of the drama adaptations and gave it up. And never bothered to watch any other adaptation. But I’m willing to watch this for the simple fact that I’m so in love and happy seeing Aom and Mike in another lakorn together. Loved them in the Thai Full House version. Blew the Korean version out of the water. Is this being subbed?

  7. thanx for the update

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