Kiss Me Episode 7

I’m fine with something subtly delightful  🙂


Episode 7 “The shape of my love looks similar to you”

Tutor session is still on. TenTen says “Time’s up. Put down your pen and handover your exam paper to the front.” He says they can go home now.

*I just noticed it’s TaLiw in the opening credits, so will use as such.

TenTen gets some rest in his room with his earphones on. TaLiw comes in and notices the exam papers on his desk. She gets closer and asks him louder if he wants to join them. They are going to her father’s restaurant.

He asks if she won’t let him take a break from being with them at all. She thinks about it and says, “Oh, you mean you’re not coming. We’re leaving then. Thanks for helping.”

“I wasn’t helping. I was being threatened, can’t you remember? Stop bothering me already!” he motions her to leave.

She complies cheerfully and says she’s leaving. She secretly grabs an exam paper from his desk and closes the door. TenTen opens his eyes and smirks.

He gets into her room and starts searching for his pictures again. He found the huge pink bra and compares its size to his knees, he chuckles. He tries it on his chest and says it’s not it. Kaew enters the room and found her son with a bra on his chest.

“What are you doing, son?” Kaew asks.

TenTen tries to come up with an excuse. Mom panics.

“I told you not to read too many books. It could stress you out. You can rant it out on me. You can talk to me everything. How could your mind be swayed in that direction? I’m so sorry. It’s my fault for forcing you to wear girl’s dresses since you were young. It’s all my fault!”

“Stop right there, mom. What exactly are you thinking?”


“Mom, you picked up a disease from that crazy girl, haven’t you?”

“Then what are you doing?”

“Well, I….”

“You can tell me. I can take it.”

“I came to look for those crazy pictures which you let that crazy girl keep it!”

Kaew gapes. He says she’s his mom so how she could let that girl threaten him with those pics, and she said she got rid of it already so now where it came from.

She says she kept it, to look at it when she’s old. He asks if TaLiw needs to look at it when she’s old too. She says yes then says no. She explains that TaLiw cried so much that day so she let her take a look at it for a good laugh.

TenTen laughs then stops to say, but it’s not a good laugh to him. He tells her to quickly return those pictures to him before that girl threatens him again, if not, then don’t say that he didn’t warn her enough. He glares at her and leaves.

TaLiw walks to King who is helping at the restaurant. She gives him the example of exam paper for him to look at. She says TenTen said if they could do it, they should be able to do the real exams. King takes it and says thanks. She says he’s somewhat strange nowadays, it seems he doesn’t want to see her.

He says no, it’s not that. He says what he said to her (flashbacks, he tells her to leave some room for him, too), he really means it but he’s afraid he may make her uncomfortable, so he kept some distance from her. He asks if she’s feeling uncomfortable now. She says a little bit and when he kept avoiding her, it’s awkward.

King says from now on, he won’t make her feel uncomfortable again, and they are back as friends just like before.

Han hears them and smiles. King joins his friends at the table and they are back to a cheerful group again. Han smiles.

At home, TaLiw writes on a piece of paper. She narrates,

“Writing at your house, to you, TenTen; Time flies and so many things happened. (She chases after Turbo.) You made many things changed. (She puts a paper-star into a glass jar.) My house exploded and I got to live in the same place with you, be close to you. We were close friends when we were young, it’s unbelievable, and what’s more unbelievable is, you made bottom-ranked class get good grades. Even though it might not affect others much, it’s a good beginning for us (The class cheers after seeing their test scores). Even though it doesn’t guarantee we will pass the college admission exams, it gives us hope towards it. For me. I will do my best for the time remaining, so that, may be, I can continue my study in the same place with you.”

TenTen smiles from ear to ear seeing the test results of his friends. They see him smile and cheer.

The school is back to normal for the gang. During a swimming class, YuYi and Paeo go gugu kaka that they will get to see things very clearly (boys in swimsuits). TaLiw asks what they will get to see. YuYi gives her some clues so TaLiw thinks of TenTen in a tight shorts. She blushes. YuYi teases what she’s thinking about.

TenTen walks over fully clothed so Paeo asks if he doesn’t need to be in a swimming class. He kneels down and says he….(not sure) freestyle (swimming) for seven years in a role. He asks if he still needs to learn how to swim. He makes face, nah.

The girls are disappointed. Paeo says they couldn’t see even his anklebones.

TenTen spends time with Diva in a coffee shop again. She asks if he’s going to attend college. He says he doesn’t know yet. She says what she’s going to do then. He perks up so she says she intends to study in the same place with him.

He asks why she’s going to do that.

She says she thinks he will choose to study something hard, so if he can do it, she must be able to do it. She says she will follow him everywhere to compete with him. He says he let her win. She says that way it isn’t fun, she must win on her own.

He says he will study how to grow veggies then. She smiles and says she will wait to eat his veggies, it must be the perfect and most delicious one. She asks which school the girl, who lives in the same house with him, will choose. The question alerts him.

At home, TenTen sees his younger brother is spaced out so he asks why he looks upset and if he couldn’t do the exams. Turbo says he doesn’t even get a chance to take the test but looks like he already failed. Turbo puts on the headphones ignoring his brother.

TaLiw bikes Turbo to school. He asks why she drops him off. She asks if those flowers are pretty. He says so-so. She asks if they should pick some for Nong June. He hits her shoulder and tells her not to interfere and how he can give it to her like that, his friends will make fun of him.

TaLiw says they can put it in a notebook so it will become dried flowers. “How’s that?” he asks. She says put flowers in a heavy notebook. He says it’s called a book, there’s no such thing as heavy notebook. She says that’s it, and put it for 2-3 days, then put it in her book. “When she opens it, she will…aww!” TaLiw says.

Aww then what’s next?” he asks.

She says that’s it, girls love to aww. She says it’s the first step in a competition and he must not give up. He says all right and why she talks too much. She says let’s pick some flowers. He asks if they are going to do it now. She says of course, if they want to do something for someone, do it now. He asks her to help him because he’s afraid it won’t be pretty enough. She says sure, she will do it for him. He tells her that no one must know about it. She nods and they do a pinky swear.

Turbo tells her to walk him only to this spot. He tells her let’s meet at 6 p.m. today. TaLiw says okay.

Diva sees her so she asks where TenTen is. TaLiw says he’s at school. Diva sighs and says she means why TenTen didn’t come dropping Turbo himself. TaLiw says she volunteered to do the job.

Diva introduces herself that her name is NamKang, and she’s TenTen’s close friend. TaLiw says she already knows that. Diva tells her not to think that offering to drop Turbo here will be able to block her. TaLiw is confused and asks what ‘block’ means. Diva says to block her from TenTen. TaLiw says no, it’s not that.

Diva says it’s good that she comes dropping Turbo, because she will have more time to spend with TenTen, thanks to her. TaLiw says not at all. Diva says they are talking for a while and she doesn’t know her name yet.

“My name is TaLiw.”

“TaLiw? What a cute name. I’m going now, TaLiw.” Diva walks away.

King waits for TaLiw at school. When she shows up, he asks if she’s all right and why she came late. She says she’s fine, she only needs to drop Turbo at his school first. King asks why that guy doesn’t do it himself. She says it’s all right to give them a hand when she lives in their house.

Paeo and YuYi run to them and tell them that Khu Haeng quit.

Khu Haeng walks into the classroom and greets his students. He says two weeks from now they will graduate (from highschool). He says he’s happy that they did well retaking the test. He says he believes that if they really want to do it and are diligent, there will be nothing they cannot do. He tells them to do their best in the final exam.

King stands up and asks if he’s going to resign. Khu Haeng says the news sure reaches them fast. He says he meant to tell them but just couldn’t find the time. He says they are going to graduate and leave this school soon, and he has many things he wants to do. TaLiw begs him not leave them. The whole class also begs him. YuYi asks what he’s going to do when he said he had to do things.

Khu Haeng says he will still be a teacher but in a school which is located quite far. He says his friend, who is doing a volunteered job, asked him to help working in the northern region where many schools badly need teachers, so he thinks of going there to help teaching.

YuYi asks if they can follow him there. Khu Haeng says of course, during a semester break, they can go to him. He says he believes that one can do useful things everywhere one lives. TenTen perks up by that.

Khu Haeng says he wants to do something else too, such as teaching them to make this or that, or how to live their life. He says he thinks he will be happy to do things he never done before.

He says he’s free the whole afternoon, so anyone with questions can come to him, but for math, he has to ask TenTen to teach his friends. TenTen readily agrees to do it. Everyone is so amazed that they turn to TenTen.

Before Khu Haeng lives the room, Paeo stands up and says, “Khun Haeng, that’s so cool! Right?” she asks her friends. The whole classroom agreed.

TenTen is teaching his friends in front of the class. Not sure if his friends are happy or sad. LOL.

The whole gang is lying down. Paeo says time flies and now six years gone by. She asks if they will forget one another.  King says no, they won’t, but they won’t see one another as often. Arm says they may not see one another often, but they will become friends whom others think about so often.

Paeo wonders if she wants to meet them or be thinking of. YuYi says she is ruining the atmosphere.

King says what Paeo said is true. TaLiw says they mustn’t let it be that way. They can meet every week somewhere where everyone can come. Paeo says some might be busy or has to hang out with new friends, and in the end, they will be drifted apart nonetheless.

King gets an idea, whoever doesn’t show up, they will scold his/her mother real bad. Arm says give the mom a call and scold her. YuYi says it’s a great idea, it will work for sure.

TaLiw says her mother passed away, so how they could call her.

King asks if anyone’s father isn’t dead.

King says let’s promise to meet often and not to forget one another. They love the idea and whoever disappears from them, his/her father will get beaten up (verbally). Haha.

TenTen sees how close TaLiw and King is when they are playing a game at school. He notices it then continues walking.

TaLiw shows Turbo how to make dried flowers. He asks how long it will take. She says about 2 weeks, but some may put it in a car in the hot sun to quicken the process, or put it in a microwave. She asks if he wants to do it in the kitchen. He says that’s crazy, the whole house will know. TaLiw smiles and teases him.

She says let’s wait then. “Anything we have to wait, or take a long time, will be precious to us, you know.”

She says they can sit on the book too. He says it will turn into a butt-baked flowers then.

TenTen walks in and asks what they are doing. Turbo says Pee Taliw came to borrow his book. TenTen says but this room is TaLiw’s room.

Turbo says he said it wrongly, it’s the other way around. He came for her book. TenTen says mom told him to bring this. He puts down a plate of sweets. The two want to have some but refuse to move their butts. TenTen rolls his eyes and walks out.

Finally, they graduate.

TenTen pulls TaLiw to the glass house to talk. He tells her to say goodbye to all the plants here, and when she’s no longer here, they may not pay attention to this place much. She says that’s true. She whispers to the plants that she now graduated so they won’t see each other often anymore, so take care and think of her, too.

TenTen says the way she has been talking to the plants is actually nice. She asks if he heard her too. He says he also has ears. She asks if he doesn’t think it’s weird.

He says there’s research saying talking to and gently watering plants, it will grow better than normal, some even let them listen to music. She asks if that’s true. He nods. She says he should have told her about it. She starts singing. He tells her to quit at once or the plants, all of them, will die.

She sings a tune. He looks at her and says he, too, will miss this place. She says time does fly. He says that’s true. She says from now on, he will go study somewhere hard (to get in/to study). He doesn’t answer her.

“TenTen, I think I will follow you to study there.”

She asks why he doesn’t laugh at her. He says there’s nothing funny about it.

She asks if he thinks she can do it. He says he only said there’s nothing funny, and what that has to do with she can do it or not. She says he knows well that she isn’t that clever, so how she will be able to catch up with him.

She says later, they won’t see each other often, won’t go to school together, and surely he will forget her.

He says it’s her more who has forgotten him. She says it was him who made her fall head down. He smiles.

She asks if she can go home with him today in case it’s last time they will go home together. He says she keeps babbling. He tells her to get going. She waves the plants goodbye. She bumps into him so he holds her hands in his.

He says while waiting, just study more, and once he knows for certain what he wants to study, he will let her know.

“But who is going to be my tutor?”


He leans closer and says, “For a stupid girl like you, who else can teach you?”

They sit on a bench having ice-cream. He asks if it tastes good. She nods and says it’s her favorite flavor. He asks why her shirt is filled with hand-writings. She says everyone does it, a memento, and when they miss their friends, they can read it.

She says no one wrote on his shirt at all, in that case, she will do it for him. He wants to walk away.

She writes on his shirt (her name with a heart). He looks down and asks if this is called a hand-writing. She says sorry and wails that nothing she did is good.

He says he’s kidding. He apologizes to her. She turns around and sticks her tongue out. She asks if he believed it when she’s only teasing and can he not see it coming, then how he can be so clever. She teases his IQ200, and says why get so serious when she’s only teasing.

He kisses her on the lips. When he pulls away, she’s stunned. He teases her IQ-zero and can she not see it coming. He walks to his bike and turns to say why get so serious when he’s only teasing. He leaves. She collapses on the bench, still in a daze.


I didn’t think they would leave highschool this fast. I also feel like something were missing but can’t say what it is, could be the bonding which led to that kiss wasn’t done well. Anyway, friendships rules!

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  1. Thanks for the recap. This version is quite different than others I’ve seen. Definitely see more emotions from TenTen and he doesn’t seem to be as cold as in other versions which I like.

  2. Thank you so much for making the recap so fast.

  3. i think tenten is the person who tells his father where taliw and her father lives because in the 2 nd episode tenten asks taliw that where will she stay at night and where currently she lives.

  4. thank you very much for the fast update.actually he expresses more compared to other versions but i like kiss me than other versions.i reallly love it

  5. I love you for making a recap so quick! You don’t understand the torture when there’s no eng sub.

  6. i think this is gone be different from the other versions, he expresses more, he actually speaks moves faster than normal

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