Kiss Me Episode 6

TaLue and TenTen are getting along all right. I think  🙂


Episode 6 “Are you kidding me?”

Khu Muay tells Khu Haeng that overall, the test scores didn’t improve much. She says it’s only TeeRaPat (TaLue) whose scores improved, but still worse than students in other classes. Khu Haeng says let’s not compare students in other classes with his. She says his line of thoughts is the root of the problem, when in the end, all students will enter the system of college entrance exams.

She says they are thinking that Khu Haeng may be more suitable to oversee activity clubs, and for a teacher of a bottom-ranked class, it should be someone tougher to pump up the students’ capabilities. She says teacher committee will judge his performance again by letting students, whose test scores were below par, retake the test, and after the midterm, let’s look at the overall results again. He nods.

Arm and King overhear them.

Three girls shout, “Khu Haeng got fired!”

King says it’s not like that. He tells them to sit down and explains that Khu Haeng might be transferred to oversee activity clubs and not be their class’s teacher anymore. Paeo asks if they can help Khu Haeng in some way.

King says they said they would make them retake the test and the scores should come out extraordinary from last time. King says he means their test scores should be a lot higher.

Arm says he can help them, but some difficult subjects, he understands it but can’t teach.

King says why he said it then. YuYi asks TaLue why her test scores came out much better and what she did. TaLue says TenTen becomes her tutor every night and he’s such a genius. She asks if she should ask TenTen to be their tutor, too, such as for Math or difficult subjects.

“No! No way!” King says.

Arm asks if TenTen will do that.

“No! No way!” TenTen answers them.

Arm says he knew it.

TenTen explains that ‘no’ is for not going to teach them, and ‘no way’ is no way they will make it, it’s only two weeks before the midterm.

YuYi argues that TaLue could do it so they could do it. TenTen glares at TaLue. She begs him to help them or else Khu Haeng might be transferred or fired from this school. TenTen says it’s no use to want to get better now. He asks what they’ve been doing these past 4-5 years.

“TenTen, I’m begging you. My friends are much cleverer than me, so they can do it for sure. It’s just one hour per day.” TaLue begs.

TenTen says he spent one hour with her everyday and he’s going crazy, and now she wants him to spend time with her friends, too?

King tells him to talk nicely and why he loves to talk rudely to TaLue. TenTen says it’s because he isn’t him who thinks spending time talking with TaLue is so precious.

TenTen turns to leave so TaLue shouts at him to stop there.

“What did you say?” TenTen asks.

TaLue walks closer to him while loosening her necktie. She shows him his picture when dressing as a little girl. “Where did you get it?” he clenches his teeth. “Give it to me now!” he whispers.

“If you don’t help us, this photo will be on the school board for everyone to see. Think hard, TatRapee.” TaLue threatens.

TenTen gets angry and walks away.

YuYi pulls TaLue along and says she’s so cool and asks what she threatened him with that he appears conceded. King wants to check it out but TaLue says she can’t show it to them, but if TenTen doesn’t help them, they will get to see this picture for sure. She walks away.

TaLue is watering the plants while apologizing to them for coming late. TenTen pulls her over for a talk. She says she won’t talk and sprays some water on his face. He wipes it away and asks where she got that picture from. He asks if it’s his mom and tells her to return it to him now. She won’t give it to him. They push and pull and some thorn pricks his hand.

He suddenly grabs her hands and asks, “Will you return to me nicely or…do you want me to pull it out myself?”

She doesn’t let him touch her and says even if he gets this one, she has many more, and she will tell his mom that he’s unkind and won’t help his friends and teacher, talks rudely and has bad habits, and went out with someone and she had to wait for him for many hours.

“We went for ice-cream.” he says nonchalantly.

“See! You’re so cruel. You really are when you knew that I…” she stops.

“You what?”

“I…” she stutters. He moves closer so she tells him to move a bit further away. He holds her shoulders and says no. He leans over like he’s going to kiss her so she closes her eyes and waits. He suddenly boos her and says, “I will never do what you’re thinking, stupid girl!”

He leaves and she’s panting.

Han is sketching his new restaurant. Bomb says it’s simple and elegant. He says Han needs to brush up his skills because the lines he drawn are out of scale. Han says he didn’t do it for a long while. Bomb asks if he wants to start anew already. Han says he’s been doing nothing till now until he’s getting fat. Bomb asks if it isn’t because he doesn’t want to bother him. Han says they’ve passed that point a long time ago, he just wants to do it.

Bomb asks if he’s looking for any particular location. Han says he’s looking for it and wants the same size for easy maintenance and minimal budget. Han says he also wants to do something else when he’d stir-fried ‘Pad Thai’ for more than ten years already and now he’s bored.

Bomb suggests other dishes. Han asks if he said it because he wants to eat it. Bomb challenges him if he can cook it. Han tells him to go to the market for ingredients and cook it. They cheerfully go to the market together on a motorbike.

Turbo says Diva kept saying she would attend the same college with TenTen. He says with TenTen’s IQ, why waste time going to college. TenTen chuckles.

Turbo asks if he should become a doctor. TenTen asks why he wants to be a doctor, if it’s because he’s good grades.

“May be.” Turbo answers.

“What about the feeling of wanting to save lives?” TenTen asks.


TenTen says choosing to be a doctor just because he has good grades, then he may not turn into a good doctor, also not a happy one. He tells Turbo to take time thinking about it, and he has a lot time ahead, just look at him, he didn’t think about it at all.

Turbo says a genius like him can do whatever.

TenTen says that’s the problem, he doesn’t know what field to study. The boy asks if he’s going to wait until he comes up with what he wants to study. TenTen nods and says that’s very important.

Turbo asks him to go out for a game of basketball tomorrow together. “Sure!” TenTen answers.

Next day, TenTen tells Turbo that whoever lost the game must pay for ice-cream. He looks downstairs and is stunned to see the whole class sitting there. He spots his mom among them.

“Students, salute!” Kaew orders. They all says, “Good morning, teacher!”

TenTen gapes. YuYi tells him to have his meal first and they can wait.

“You can wait?” TenTen repeats after her.

Kaew says she’s so happy that his friends came to their house. TenTen tries to refuse but Kaew grits her teeth and says she thinks using his abilities to help his friends is highly useful. Kaew tells Turbo that they can go wherever, but only after TenTen finishes teaching them.

Turbo pouts so Kaew says let’s go to the market and she will treat him a balloon. Turbo protests that he isn’t a kid anymore.

TenTen glares at TaLue so she pulls out his picture to threaten him.

TenTen tries to teach the class but when he turns around, all of them are in a daze.

“Open the book. Let’s start again.” TenTen says.

He starts his lesson and later turns to them and asks if anyone has any question. A boy asks if he can begin with something easy, he recites the multiplication tables wrongly. His friend pokes his head.

TenTen bangs his head on the glass door.

Anyone who gives a wrong answer has to stand up with a pen in his/her mouth. They all end up standing up. LOL.

TenTen ends up moving around when each of them calling.

Turbo gives TenTen a massage afterwards. The boy says today their house looked like a farm of ignorant people. He asks what he’s thinking to do it when it’s like pushing a big mortar up a steep hill with such low possibility. TenTen sighs and lies down. He says he will find a way to do something.

That night, TenTen, a flashlight in his hand, comes to steal his pictures from TaLue in her room.

She gets up suddenly and asks what he’s looking for. She asks if he’s looking for some snacks, she loves to hide it in the cabinet here and there, too. She says he looks exhausted and asks if he wants her to cook him something to eat. He says it’s a good idea. She asks what he wants to eat, she can do several dishes. He says anything will do. She gets up and says okay. She turns on the light. He tells her to make a delicious one, and not to do it in a hurry. She says all right.

After she leaves the room, he quickly searches for his pictures. TaLue starts cooking in the kitchen. TenTen searches the room like crazy, but found nothing.

She finishes making a sandwich. “TenTen!” she calls out. He stops short and quickly puts things back in place with such speed.

“Your sandwich is here!” she says.

He says he wants to tell her that this room is so dirty. He asks if she cleans it at all. She says she just did it. He points at a spot and says it’s dusty there. He puts down one last thing on the end table and says that’s all he wants to tell her, and he’s going to bed now. She reminds him of the sandwich. He comes back to get it and says he forgot. She smiles.

Han is arranging his new restaurant. He thanks King for coming to help him everyday. He asks if he won’t join a tutor class with his friends. King says he won’t do that with TenTen. Han says he can understand him, it’s called losing face.

King asks when the place will be opened for business. Han says he waits for an auspicious date from Kaew who’s looking for it. He says he wants to open during the end of the year leaping into new year for good luck. He tells him to bring many friends here on the  opening day.

King asks if he ever thinks of doing something else. Han says he can do it but it’s not fun and it doesn’t make him proud. Han says food is important among provisions and cooking for others is even more important.

He says people nowadays don’t pay attention to detail when they eat. He explains that when he eats it and it’s just not it. King asks what ‘ it’s not it’ is. Han says wrong place, wrong climate.

Han says their country’s climate is tropical. He asks how he will feel to eat cheese. King says getting fat. Han adds that internal heat heats up too. He says his new restaurant has duck eggs as a main ingredient because it has cooling effect.

King likes his idea a lot. Han tells him that Thai food is the best, their ancestors put good thoughts into it, to not getting sick or fat.

King asks if he’s happy to cook. Han says he’s happy to see others eat more. He says he loves to look at someone who is so hungry and gets to eat tasty food, and because he’s cooking it so he knows that it’s good stuff he’s eating and good for his health as well, then he will gain back strength to do his duty in life, so food is crucial.

King says he never sees it that way before. Han says especially their loved one, they must cook good things for them. King readily agreed.

TenTen is more engaging in his teaching his friends. Turbo even takes turn to teach them. LOL.

At night, TenTen tries again sneaking into TaLue’s room. He looks around in the dark and suddenly TaLue sticks her tongue out at him. “You’re hungry, aren’t you?” she asks.

TenTen is so stunned that she’s clueless of it all. She pulls him into the kitchen and starts making something.

“What are you making?” he asks.

She beams and says, “The most complicated food of all!”

It’s instant noodles she’s making.

“Scissors, where is the scissors?” she babbles. He gives it to her. “Thanks.” she says.

TenTen looks at the dish she made for him and asks, “Is this a complicated dish for you?”

“Of course, it’s complicated. Noodles are noodles. Fried eggs are fried eggs putting on top of it, and there is seaweed absorbing the soup on top of it. So complicated.” she explains.

He takes a look at it and says if it’s that complicated then eat it herself. She pulls him back and says sorry, she might cook it too slow. She says if he’s hungry, just eat it, at least for 2-3 spoons, it’s really tasty.

He says he’s eating it. She takes pictures of him. He asks what she’s doing. She says it’s for keeps.

She asks if it’s tasty. He thinks about it and says it’s okay. He asks how about hers, she said she’s hungry just now. She says it ran out of stock, but it’s all right, she might get fat if she eats it.

“Here, let’s share.” he offers.

He puts it in her mouth. “It’s so tasty!” she exclaims.



“Why do they have to call fried eggs (kai-dao), fried eggs?”

“Is it something to wonder about?”

“Don’t you wonder?”

He shakes his head.

“Well, it doesn’t look anything like ‘Dao‘ (a star).” she says.

“TaLue is nothing like TaLue (spatula), too.”

“That’s true. Now I get it.”

“But, Pla-dao (starfish) has a shape of Dao (a star), too.”

“No, it hasn’t, like SaengDao (starlight) will be more correct. One more thing, SaengDao doesn’t have its (starfish) shape, it’s just a shape people invented.”

“Invented shape? Then, is it also the same with a heart?”

He keeps eating.

“A heart is also an invented shape.” she shows him a heart from her two hands.

“May be.” he keeps eating.

“Why do we have to invent shapes?”

“Because when we can’t see something, we will understand it better if we give it a shape.”

“Then what is the shape of Love?”

“How will I know?”

“I think I know. My love has its shape like you.” she beams.

He chokes on his food.

He gets up and runs. He comes back for his flashlight then flees.

TaLue is folding a paper. “Actually, you already got Dao (a star) today. But you were kind to let me share your noodles so I’m giving you one more.”

She draws several shapes in the air. “Kai-dao (fried egg), Pla-dao (starfish), a heart, and…Love (TenTen’s face).”

TenTen, in his room, draws TaLue’s face in the air. He thinks about it then smiles.


Aww…is he admitting he’s in love?

I have to say I was a bit lost at their last conversation. I mean, could it be TaLue is normal and TenTen is a nerd, or TenTen is normal and TaLue is a bit slow (aka dump, in a cute way, of course) ?!

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  1. May I know the title of the ending song in this episode where Tenten and Taliw are drawing in the night sky? Its kinda sweet and refreshing song. Thanks.

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  3. Oh my word, her love is shaped like him. So sweet! And then he bolts. Haha! Thank you so much for the translation!

  4. Thxxx so much i just love watching this drama but could not find eng subtitles thxx so much for writing it😘

  5. I was so happy to find your recap. Thank you, thank you! I luv this story.

  6. thanks for the update

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