Kiss Me Episode 5

For a slice of life series, if isn’t done well, one can get bored watching pretty quickly. I’m happy to report to you that this one isn’t the case, at least not yet.


Episode 5  “Leave some room for me, too.”

TaLue kisses TenTen from under the glass table and smiles. TenTen opens his eyes and quickly gets up to lie down on his bed. He covers his face with a pillow. Talue asks if he has a headache and says she will go get some pain-killer for him.

After she leaves, TenTen uncovers his face looking panic (sort of), and he covers it again when she comes back. TaLue wants him to take the med but he insists that he’s fine now. She feels his temperature and says looks like his body is heating up. She asks if it could be because her hands are cold. He readily agrees that that must be it.

TenTen tries to catch his breath still, but then she lies down opposite from him. She touches her cheek against his which makes his eyes gone wild. She does it again and again, but this time he turns to her and asks what she’s doing. She says measuring his temperature.

She wants to use her forehead to feel his temperature instead of her cold hands, but he stops her and says, “No, I’m fine.”

She tries to make him take the med but he pushes her away. They both fall from the bed and end up facing each other in such close proximity. She’s panting so he asks if she’s all right. He says she can’t even solve math problems of Por 5 (elementary grade) and she dares to measure temperature of other person. He asks if she knows the temperature someone with fever should have.

“38.5 up!” she says.

He calls her several kinds of dumb and dumber. She says okay then scoots herself away from such weird position. LOL.

In the morning, TaLue is limping while walking to school so TenTen asks if her leg is still hurt. She stammers that it’s not. He tells her to hop on his bike. She walks to the back but he says her leg is hurt so how she can get on from there. He pulls her to sit in the front in his arms instead. They look at each other then off they go.

Khu Haeng is telling his class that they seem somewhat be more enthusiastic about math. He tells TenTen that it’s a bit boring for him but just do it. It’s math exams, he suggests his students not to submit an answering paper with “I love you jub jub” or “Thank you, teacher” or some cartoons. He picks up a cardboard box and says anyone who has any kind of cheating equipment with him/her, hand it out now.

The students line up to drop it in the box, with King being the first one. Khu Haeng is amazed and is quite proud how they could come up with such handy stuff.

Khu Haeng says there’s another important thing. He puts a mat around TenTen to hide his answers from anyone peeking. LOL. Khu Haeng tells TenTen that he understands he must be feeling uncomfortable but please endure it. He tells all students to start doing the exams now.

While most are trying to take a peek at one another for correct answers, TenTen asks if it’s all right that he’s done. The whole class is in shock. One student says he just finishes filling out his name. Khu Haeng says TenTen can leave the room to take a break now, and please return the mat to him, too. TenTen rolls the mat while TaLue says he’s awesome.

Paeo and YuYi sit outside exam room looking unhappy. King asks why Talue hasn’t come out yet. YuYi asks if they noticed that TaLue is quite strange these days, like she’s trying to study hard. Paeo says, “Well, she normally studies hard but she’s just…dumb.”

YuYi says it’s the feel of she’s being able to understand more of the lesson. Paeo asks if she means TaLue gets cleverer. YuYi says not that, it’s just strange.

Arm comes out of the exam room looking weary. King asks if he didn’t prepare well. Arm says the exam this year was so difficult and he now feels dizzy. King says tomorrow is social-studies exam so he should hurry back and study, and he must fill out all the answers before the first hour tomorrow so that he can copy it. YuYi tells King to copy it in the first hour, and she wants the last half hour of the last hour to copy it.

Paeo tells Arm that their future is now in his hand. Arm says okay, he will leave now.

YuYi says he’s so adorable. Paeo says after they graduate, they should buy flower garlands to pay respect to Arm. She says she feels bad for Arm that he has to hurry and study for tomorrow’s exam.

King says let’s have some ice-cream. Both girls are in agreement. He asks two girls for help.

TaLue is heading home. Paeo, YuYi and King are trailing behind her in a secret mission. TaLue turns around and sees no one behind her. She stops at a tuk-tuk and tells the area she wants to go to the driver.

YuYi tells King to standby and be ready to dump his bike here. King asks if she’s crazy when his bike isn’t cheap. Paeo asks if he’s choosing his bike or a girl, and if his choice is his bike then they will head home now. King pulls them back and says they said friends would never leave one another behind.

Paeo asks if he’s choosing his bike or a girl. King says a girl, but let him properly lock it here first. Paeo says this is so-called one-sided love. King says he doesn’t have a one-sided love, he only wants to be more than her friend. Paeo scratches her head by that.

TaLue gets on the tuk-tuk and leaves. YuYi tells them to hurry. The three jump on another tuk-tuk and YuYi orders the driver to pursue that car.

TaLue arrives home while her three friends peek behind a corner. King asks what to do, that tuk-tuk disappeared into that house. They go gugu gaga that the house is so huge. Paeo says TaLue has such wealthy relatives but why doesn’t tell them.

TenTen, on his bike, rounds the corner. He sees them so he changes the way he’s heading. YuYi tells him to stop. King asks, “Don’t tell me that your house is here.”

YuYi tells TenTen to tell her now where his house is. Paeo threatens to fall on top of his body if he won’t tell. A van arrives and Han greets the three of them, “Hi, kids!”

“Uncle Han?!” the three shout.

“What?” Han asks.

The gang of three sit in the house’s courtyard. King intercepts TenTen and asks if TaLue lives with him all this time. TenTen doesn’t answer that. King tells him not to worry, he will do his best to find a way so that she doesn’t have to endure to live with a man like him anymore. He says he knew TaLue well and she must be having a hard time for sure.

TenTen says if he really knew her so well then he must know that his father and uncle Han are close friends and love each other so much, and perhaps, TaLue may have to live here forever. He throws a piece of veggies into his mouth and chews it.

TaLue brings food over to them cheerfully and greets her father. While King is staring, TenTen calls TaLue to try this veggie and feed it in her mouth. King is stunned to see them be this close.

YuYi pulls King to sit down. Kaew comes and gives them sweets. YuYi looks at both happy families and says, “So, a friend’s father and a father’s friend are the same person.” LOL

Paeo gets up to sit next to King. She says she thinks he’s in bad position, “Take a look, handsome, has rich father, grew up together and now live in the same house. It’s so like in a novel.”

YuYi asks King if he’s so stunned. “I’m busy thinking.” King says. He says he won’t give up, whether it’s a father’s friend or a friend’s father, is it not the same person. “Handsome, has rich father? That’s too perfect. Have you ever watched a lakorn where nang’ek loves to say, ‘You’re too good. We can’t be together.’ ?

Paeo asks if he’s being bias towards himself. King stops her from talking and gets up. He’s leaving. “You tell TenTen that I won’t allow it, and also tell TaLue to wait for me.” King tells his friends and leaves.

YuYi says, “King is so freaking handsome.”

King walks home alone. He thinks of his days with TaLue and how he saw her with TenTen just now. He starts running.

Han sits down with Paeo and YuYi. He says all the sweets are from Kaew, and those spicy dips are from Bomb. He asks where King is. Paeo whispers to him that King’s heart is hurt. YuYi stops her from saying. Paeo changes to his stomach hurts.

TaLue comes to give them some popcorn. She asks, “Where is King? Restroom?” Paeo’s mouth is too full to answer. YuYi says must be he has a bad stomach. Han calls his friends to come and eat.

That night, TaLue sleeps peacefully.

The next day, it’s the exam day again and TenTen is behind a mat. Arm tries to help King with the answers. Khu Haeng pokes his head. TenTen says he’s done. King makes face.

King comes out faster than usual. YuYi asks why he came out so soon and it gave her a bad shape. King apologizes and says he changed his mind and wanted to do the exam himself. Paeo asks if he fell down and knocked his head last night. King says no, he just encourages himself to fight. YuYi argues that he let out a huge sigh in there, how’s that fighting?

YuYi asks if he wants to fight about his study or TaLue. King says it has to be both, he must get better and something must become better in himself.

King says he watched a movie already. Paeo goes huh?

He says it’s ‘Harry Potter’, his group, in the end, the girl didn’t become Harry Potter’s girlfriend, she chose a bit dumb one who truly loved her. King asks if they can see that not every girl likes the famous boy.

YuYi asks if he thinks TaLue will watch the same movie with him. Paeo agrees.

Arm says he totally gets it and will help him. YuYi tries to warn King. He says he knows he will never have the top scores or have IQ700-800, but at least, he must get better, and he’s serious this time. He doesn’t want to be such a huge different from that guy. Arm is impressed and says King is his kind of idol. Two men clasp hands firmly.

YuYi says she’s glad that he’s sincere and serious with TaLue. Paeo tells him he’d better take good care of himself. King turns to her abruptly. She says she means he can do it.

Arm tells them to study for now, there’s two more hours to go before another exam. They touch hands and say fighting.

It’s another exam and TenTen finishes first again. TaLue comes out and tells King that the exam was tough. She asks if he could do it. King says he tried but not sure if he’s too slow. She says the same with her. TaLue says but if they put their minds on doing something, it shouldn’t be too hard. King smiles and says it must be so.

TaLue teases him asking why suddenly he wants to be good at studying, and if it’s because of someone. She guesses he must make a bet with YuYi. King tells her to leave now. She asks how much the bet is.

NamKang shows up at TenTen’s school. She greets him and says she came to treat him some ice-cream. He asks since when they made an appointment. She says right now. She says she has something about her college to consult him.

King and TaLue come out. He asks her for whom she wants to be good at studying. She says he’s crazy, it’s for no one. TaLue spots TenTen with NamKang.

NamKang sees TaLue so she asks TenTen if he needs to drop the girl who lives in the same house first. TenTen turns to look at TaLue and says no. He tells her to go have ice-cream together. They leave.

TaLue looks uneasy seeing them leave. King says he will drop her home. She says it’s all right, it’s far and he will exhaust himself biking there. King says he isn’t scared how far or how he will be exhausted. He tells her to wait here and he will go get his bike and her stuff, so don’t go anywhere. She nods. She looks over and pouts.

King bikes her home. He suddenly stops on the way. She asks if he’s exhausted.

“TaLue, do you really like TenTen?”

She nods and asks, “We aren’t fit at all, are we?”

King swallows his sadness and says no, it’s nothing to do with it. He says people are like that, they normally like someone whom doesn’t fit them that well. She nods and begs him not to tell anyone about it.

TaLue tells him to drop her here. She thanks him to bike this far and asks if he wants to get inside the house for some sweets. He says no, he will head back right away.

King tells her not to give up because of that girl. She nods. He says he won’t give up because of that man of hers as well. “What?” she asks.

King stands in front of her and says, “TeeRaPat, I love you. I won’t give up because of that man of yours. No matter how tough this exam is, how far your house is or how exhausted I am, I want to ask you not to love him too much just yet. Leave some room for me, too.”

He gets on his bike and leaves, and we see that his face isn’t as confident as he showed her. All the while, there’s no response from TaLue.

That night, both TaLue and King are pondering on what happened. In a coffee shop, TenTen seems to be teaching NamKang something or may be they are just having a conversation.

At school, Math exam’s scores come out. TaLue is delighted to see her rank moved up. It seems TenTen is looking for her scores, too. Their eyes meet so he turns away. She says, “Thanks a lot.”

After turning his back to her, he lets out a smile.


There are gentleness, sweetness and simplicity in this series, just like the teens’ minds. It has simple dialog but beautifully thought of. Whoever wrote the scripts and directed this series knew well of first love, and first heart-broken.

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  1. Thank you for taking so much time to translate for us. Luv this story!

  2. Okay this is a stupid question: how did TaLue hurt her foot? I don’t remember seeing her injury it…

    • LOL, I thought the same thing and my guess was she fell down the bed while trying to feel TenTen’s temperature. Hehe.

      • Ahhhh. That explains it. 🙂
        Also, thank you for recapping. Trying to find this English subbed has been futile. There is one site that has volunteers subtitling (which is awesome) however, the videos aren’t available though I’m on a computer. Thanks again for taking the time to recap.

  3. Thank you so so much! I’m surprised they introduced the love rival (who is equivalent to matsumoto it seems?) so early on in the drama. It looks as if TenTen already likes Taliw? or maybe he’s just always liked her since they were kids and never really stopped liking her. Idk

  4. Thank you for the great recap. It is really helping me to enjoy the drama.

  5. thank you very much.i always eagerly wait for subtitles to understand the drama better…but after reading this written update i am not waiting for subtitles anymore.

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